30 Creative Instagram ideas to increase engagement

Instagram has a leading role in digital marketing. Suppose you are one of the users who use this platform professionally. In that case, you need to keep sharing creative Instagram posts and have new Instagram ideas to be ahead of your competitors. In this article, we’ll show you the top Instagram ideas to grow your audience.

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How can I be creative on Instagram?

To run a successful Instagram page, no matter what business you have or how many followers you have, you need to be creative on this platform. To do that, you need to always keep an eye on the latest trends and viral posts to get ideas. This way, your Instagram feed posts can go to the explore page in front of more potential users, and you can maximize your engagement rate. In the following parts, we’ll show you things to post on Instagram to get viral. 

What is Instagram engagement?

Your Instagram account engagement rate is not just about the number of followers and likes you receive. It shows how much your audience interacts with your content based on the number of likes, comments, shares, saves, mentions, DMs, etc. While you can interact and engage with your audience on your website chatbots and pop-ups, social media is a great addition to do everything more productively

 Based on Instagram’s algorithm, having a high engagement rate helps you boost your posts on the feed page. So, it’s essential to keep an eye on your engagement rate and increase it. 

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How to measure Instagram engagement?

Measuring your Instagram engagement rate helps you understand the amount of interaction you earn relative to your content reach and followers. There are different ways to calculate your Instagram account’s engagement rate; You can measure using your reach, impressions, and your followers. The most used method to calculate the engagement rate is by the number of followers and each post’s reach of an account. 

Here is how to do it:

Engagement rate= (Likes+ Comments)/ followers*100

20 Creative Instagram ideas to increase engagement

Now that you know the importance of Instagram engagement in social media marketing, it’s time to know how to increase it. In the following, we’ll show you ideas for Instagram accounts and things to post on Instagram to grow your audience and boost engagement. 

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1. Get to know your audience

The first step to get post ideas is to know your audience, find out what type of posts they engage with, and what content they are looking for. You can use insights from Instagram analytics to find some information about your followers’ age, gender, and region. Also, keep on your posts reach to find out what type of content( photo, videos, igtvs) gets the highest reach in users’ feed and the explore page. 

2. Share high-quality posts

Instagram is all about visual sights, and for engaging Instagram posts, you need to make sure to share eye-catching and high-quality content. You can use free slide templates and tools from Canva to design your feed grid, free photos from Unsplash, and different Instagram and VSCO filters. Even if you are not a pro photographer, you can create an aesthetic feed page using these tools.

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3. Design a visually attractive feed

As we mentioned in the previous part, to share the best engaging Instagram posts, having an attractive feed page is essential.

If searching for different templates, finding related pictures, and editing took so much from you, don’t worry! 

AiGrow is an Instagram growth service with solutions for all of your Instagram concerns. Some of its main features are content scheduler, dedicated account manager, organic growth tool, content creation service, etc. The content creation service provides you with unique templates and designs provided by AiGrow experts. Here are examples of the best Instagram post and feed designs made by this service. 

Aigrow content creation designs

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4. Keep sharing posts consistently

Based on the latest Instagram algorithms, you can reach the followers’ feed page and increase your reach by sharing posts consistently. Especially when you are a new user and want to grow your business page, try to share at least every to increase your followers. An Instagram scheduler helps you make sure you have Instagram content ideas every day to interact with your followers. 

5. Schedule your posts in advance

As we mentioned, by using an Instagram scheduler, you can schedule posts, Stories, and IGTV videos for weeks ahead. AiGrow has a powerful and automatic scheduler tool that allows upload all kinds of content, setting your publishing dates, and they’ll be shared automatically. Here is how to use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow account and select “Manage”.
  • Open the “Posts&Scheduling” tab and select “Schedule”.
  • Choose “Feed” for scheduling an Instagram post.
  • In the opened tab, you can upload up to 10photos and videos to create an album or add the link of a YouTube video to share it in your feed without downloading.
  • Add your post details, including hashtags, captions, location, etc. Finally, add your publishing date(s) and click “Submit”.  

Schedule an Instagram post

6. Promote feed posts on Instagram Stories

One of the ideas for Instagram accounts with a low engagement rate is promoting the latest posts on Instagram Stories. When you have a low engagement rate, most of your followers can’t see your content on their feed page; So, you can increase your reach this way. 

After sharing the post, all you have to do is view it on your profile, tap the paper letter icon under your post, and select “Add post to your story”. This is also very helpful when you are out of ideas and don’t know what to post on Instagram Stories.

Share a post on Instagram stories

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7. Write good captions

If you are looking for Instagram post inspiration and want your Instagram content ideas to reach more users, as much as high-quality photos matter, strong captions matter too. You can use up to 2200 characters on your captions to show off your brand, add a call to action, add up to 30 hashtags, etc. Also, ask me a question Instagram ideas are perfect for writing engaging captions. 

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8. Share UGC posts

If you are out of content ideas for Instagram and are looking for Instagram post ideas for business, sharing user-generated content is one of the best Instagram post options. If a user tags your product in one of their posts, you can share it as a post or Story to build trust for your brand. You can also collect many ideas for creative Instagram posts from UGC posts. 

9. Repost top content from other users

Reposting is one of the main features that Instagram doesn’t provide for its users. When you are too busy to create your own creative Instagram post or out of Instagram ideas, you can repost top Instagram content ideas from other users. AiGrow’s repost tool allows you to help you repost photos, videos, and stories in a blink. Here is how to share engaging Instagram posts with this tool:

repost content on Instagram

  • Select “Feed” to re-share a post from other users.
  • You can find the post by searching hashtags, locations, usernames or adding the post URL to view and share it without quality loss. 

repost posts on instagram

10. Create reel videos

If you have trouble with what things to post on Instagram, creating reel videos is one of the best options for sharing a creative Instagram post. Instagram Reels is a copycat of TikTok videos that went viral in a short time. With this feature, you can create short videos, up to 30 seconds, set to soundtracks. You can view the reels explore page for Instagram post inspiration to create fun videos. 

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11. Create an IGTV series

In 2018 Instagram rolled out a new feature that allows users to share long videos up to 10 minutes for users with less than 10k followers and up to 60minutes for users with a larger audience. With this feature, you can create your own series to show your brand, products, and services to increase your brand awareness. Here is how to create your first creative Instagram post-IGTV series:

  • Log into your Instagram account and go to your profile.
  • Tap the + icon on your feed page to start sharing a post.
  • Open a video longer than 1 minute from your gallery.
  • Choose “Long Video”.
  • Add your video cover and tap next.
  • In the “IGTV series” tab, tap “Create IGTV series.

creating igtv series on Instagram

12. Find the best times for sharing posts

The next content idea for Instagram that can help you boost your engagement and reach is finding the best time to share your posts on Instagram.

Based on the region where most of your followers are located, there are different hours when most are online. Try to schedule your posts and Stories to get the highest engagement and reach the Instagram explore page. 

13. Increase your followers

One of the most important ideas for Instagram accounts is gaining organic followers interested in your service. AiGrow’s Instagram growth service has made it much easier for you to find potential users. This service helps you target users with a powerful AI engine to find the ones interested in your content. This way, you’ll get more than 300 new organic and real followers every month. Here is how to use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow account and select “Manage”.
  • In the “Growth” tab, start with targeting users. You can target by hashtags, locations, and competitors’ accounts. The more details you add, the more targeted followers you’ll receive.

target users with AiGrow

  • Scroll down to the “Activities” box and turn on”Follow” and “Unfollow”.
  • Click “Start Growth”.

Grow followers with AiGrow

After a few seconds, the AI engine provides you with a list of users. The next step is scheduling a meeting with your dedicated account manager on Whatsapp to review the list for getting the best results. After that, your manager will take care of the rest and safely grow your followers without getting banned, shadowbanned, or action blocked. 

Note: AiGrow team sends you daily reports about your account’s growth and performance. 

14. Use IGTV ads

IGTV ads are a new feature added to Instagram to help creators monetize their content. These ads are short videos, up to 15 seconds, that appear at the begging of IGTV videos. This can be one of the best Instagram post ideas for Instagram accounts to earn money from their content by allowing ads on their posts.

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15. Go Live

Another content idea for Instagram is starting live videos once in a while. When you start a  live video, your followers will get a notification and you can attract their attention. You can use this creative tool to talk directly to your followers, answer their questions, and share news.

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16. Use hashtags

Hashtags work like keywords to a search engine and can put your content in front of more audiences. Since 2016, Instagram users can follow hashtags and view the posts on their feed page without following the owner. You can use this opportunity to bring your content on top and be a step ahead of your competitors. Try to use at least 10 hashtags under each post; Also, it’s a good idea to add different kinds of hashtags such as trend hashtags, event hashtags, branded hashtags, etc. 

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17. Find trend Instagram hashtags

As you know, Instagram trends are changing consistently, and once in a while, something new becomes viral. If you want to maximize your reach, you need to search every time you want to share a post for top searched and used tags. AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool helps you find your top niche hashtags in a blink. Here is how to use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow account and select “Manage”.
  • Open the “Posts&Scheduling” tab and select “Listening&Repost”.
  • In the “Hashtag Monitoring” tab, click “Add Hashtags”.

Monitor Instagram hashtags

In the opened window, write a keyword related to your content and click “Search”.

Now you can see a list of top hashtags sorted by usage. You can add the ones you like, view their growth, and use them in your posts whenever your want. It’s also perfect for Instagram post inspiration by viewing most liked posts. 

18. Use different Story tools

 More than 500 million users check their Stories every day, even the ones that don’t check their feed page. It makes a perfect place for you to increase your reach and interact with your followers. If you don’t know what to post on Instagram Stories, there are different tools and stickers to make them fun. Here are some options for you, you can try:

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19. Share links on Stories

If you have more than 10k followers or a verified account, you can add link stickers to your Instagram Stories and drive your followers to other social media platforms. It’s perfect for showing your products, announcing new products, linking Stories to your blog page, increasing your YouTube reach, etc. 

add links to instagram stories

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20. Respond to questions and comments

Answering your followers’ questions in the comments of best Instagram posts can help you increase your engagement rate by interacting with your audience. Also, especially for businesses, you make your customers feel seen and heard and engage them to leave comments more.  

It doesn’t need to answer all the questions since it might take so much time from you; Just answer a few and pin the comments so everyone can see them. 

10 Instagram content ideas for business

Now that we have talked about things to post on Instagram for increasing engagement, it’s time to show you top Instagram post ideas for businesses to get more customers. Here are the top ten Instagram ideas for businesses. 

1. Use a business profile

If you want to use Instagram professionally to grow your business, the first step is changing your personal profile to business. This way, you can use different tools, look more serious, access Instagram analytics, etc. Here is how to switch your account to a professional:

  • Log into your Instagram account and go to your profile. 
  • Tap the three-line icon in the upper right corner and open “Settings”.
  • Select “Account”. 
  • Scroll down and tap “Switch to Professional Account”.

switch to professional Account

Note: Make sure your Instagram account is public so you can switch to business. 

2. Host Instagram contests and giveaways

run instagram giveaways-min

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4. Use Instagram promotions

Instagram ads and promotions help you increase your content’s reach with targeted users to increase your followers organically. With this feature, you can convert all kinds of content including posts, Stories, and highlights to paid ads. You can target Instagram users by location, gender, age, and interests to receive the best results. The following article shows you how to use this Instagram idea to grow your audience. 

5. Complete your Instagram bio

Your Instagram bio and profile is the first place your page visitors check. If they find the information they are looking for, they start following your account. Here is some bio Instagram ideas you can try and use to engage more users: Add contact buttons such as email and phone number, add a clickable link in your bio to redirect users to other platforms, introduce yourself and your brand, etc. 

6. Create your landing page

You can add only one clickable link on your Instagram bio to drive your account traffic to other platforms. For brands, businesses, and influencers who run different campaigns, have a website, blog, and YouTube channel, it can be annoying. That’s why AiGrow came with a solution named bio-link. This tool helps you create and design your landing page for free and includes all your links and buttons. 

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7. Apply for a verification badge

Instagram verification badge

Instagram blue checkmark, or the verification badge, is proof for your official business or influencer page. By having this badge for your Instagram page, you can build trust for your brand, and your followers can be sure they are following the real page of your business. No matter how many Instagram followers you have, you apply for this mark whenever you want through the mobile app. 

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8. Create branded hashtags

Using branded hashtags helps you categorize your posts to make them easier to find for your followers, find the posts created about you by users, and increase your audience. According to a study, more than 70% of most used tags on Instagram are branded hashtags created by different brands and businesses. So, try to create, use, and ask your followers to use them too.  

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9. Use shoppable tags

If you are eligible and have an Instagram shop, you can use up to ten product tags on each Instagram post. This is one of the best Instagram post ideas for businesses to help your customers purchase immediately using their phones. You can link each tag to the product page URL in your website and increase your website traffic.

use shoppable tags

10. Partnership with other brands

Another tip and Instagram post ideas for businesses are establishing partnerships with other brands and companies. This can help you build value for your brand, gain new potential followers, and boost sales. You can also use the partnership label or just mention their page in the caption and tag them. 


If you want to use Instagram professionally, you need to keep creating new Instagram ideas every day. In this article, we showed you the top tips and ideas for creating a creative Instagram post. Also, we talked about what to post on Instagram stories to increase your reach. To sum up, AiGrow, with different tools and features, including the content creation service, makes your growth much more accessible.

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