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Instagram Growth Hacks

How to Write Instagram Captions to Boost Sales

When the pandemic hit the world, everyone was forced to adjust to a semi-online existence. For most people, their lives, businesses, and jobs all ended up moving online- smartphones and technology have never been more important. In this age of technology, social media apps like Instagram and Facebook have been vital in helping small businesses grow and gain traction.

Tips to Write Instagram Captions to Boost Sales

If your Instagram posts about your product and business aren’t reaching the right people, or aren’t bringing you any sales, then you’re going to benefit from the advice we give you today. Hang tight and keep reading for some tricks that help you boost your sales! 

1.Captions Are Important!

You might be inclined to ignore this part of your Instagram posts. Why use a caption for your Instagram posts at all? Instagram is a picture-sharing platform. There are other places for all the text- like the blog on your business’s website or your Facebook page. 

But the thing is, people do read the captions as well. They’re important because they enhance the photo content and bring value and personality to your account. Most jokes aren’t complete without the punchlines, and Instagram photos look lonely without a great caption. 

As an experiment, open an influencer’s Instagram account and look through all their posts. Now imagine if you’d seen this post without the caption, you’ll notice that as soon as you do it, the photo itself would start looking drab and dull to you. 

Facetune, one of the best blogs for Instagrammers out there, talks about the importance of selfie captions in their 3-step guide for captions for selfies talks about why captions are important: “…what connects people to people are the experiences, the details, and the stories that we share. The same way editing apps like Facetune2 help you personalize your selfie visually, a caption helps you personalize it with words.” 

There you have it, folks. Don’t underestimate the power of a good caption.

2.Include a Link in Bio and Tell People About It

The whole point of your Instagram page is to drive attention to your product. Every time you post on your page, you’re telling people that you have something you want to sell, and you want them to look at it. 

It’s incredibly important that you put a link to your official business pages in your bio, and you remind people to follow it in almost every post. Be careful not to overdo it, but remember that it’s important once in a while. 

Another useful tip is to include links to different products and services in your bio and then post about it. It’s okay to make a post just asking people to follow the link in your bio and tell them about what they’ll find there in the caption.

As long as you’re not using underhanded marketing tactics like clickbait and actually deliver what you claim, it’ll be worth it! 

3. Long Instagram Captions

This one might seem strange to you, but if you’re adding value to the lives of your followers, they will definitely read your long captions. In fact, if you grab their attention and engage them enough, it would be great for your business. 

Instagram is watching your page, and it notices how long people spend engaging with your posts. Yes, even how long they spend looking at them! So if you post a longer caption made of a few paragraphs once in a while, the chances are that Instagram will pick up on it and decide to reward you by showing your posts on top in more feeds. 

You can talk about your most recent product or create suspense about some exciting news announcement on your website. You can even talk about a blog post that you think people would like and ask them to check it out on your website. There are various creative ways to get people clicking on that link, all you have to do is pay a little attention!

After that, it’s simple maths. The more people look at your posts and social media, the more they’ll be likely to buy something from you. 

4. Behind the Scenes

Your business may be professional and working like a well-oiled machine, but in order to get people to like you and your product, try showing them a human side to it. 

Share some valuable behind-the-scenes tidbits about your manufacturing process in your Instagram posts, or try telling them the story of how you discovered a great way to get things done quicker. Show them how you make what you’re making and share some of the mistakes that you often make before you come up with a great end product.

People love to buy from places they like, places they can identify with or maybe even want to be part of. So show them what your office looks like; if you work with a team, post a group photo and introduce everyone to your followers in the caption. Maybe take them through a trip of your kitchen! 

After you’re done wowing your audience with a glimpse on the inside, bring attention to your business and your products and services. They’ll be very likely to check them out. 

5. Ask Questions

Your Instagram page is one of the best ways you can interact with your audience and your customers. Reply to comments, have them like your posts, and answer DMs. It goes without saying that your Instagram captions shouldn’t always be a one-way conversation. 

A great tip to use would be to share something on your page and ask your followers a question related to it. Maybe show them a particularly complicated-looking thingy and ask them to guess what it is, ask for their opinion over trying out a new flavor of ice cream or a new kind of cake in the bakery, or if they think it’s the right time to expand! 

You have to make many decisions when running a business, but you can get some general advice about a few of those in your captions. Not to mention that the engagement and the comments would help bring your post up the ranks of the algorithm and definitely make some of your followers curious about your website and your business. 

6. Keep Your Brand Identity in Mind!

It’s well and good to engage with your audience and be relatable, but you should always keep in touch with your brand identity. You can’t be a divorce lawyer talking about your services on Instagram and be joking or humorous about it, and it would be unwise to act all unhappy when you make toys for children or sell comic art and crafts. 

Whatever your brand identity is, you need to keep in touch with it and find a balance between maintaining that image and seeming relatable and “cool.” 

7. Don’t Post Too Much!

It’s important to post regularly, so you remain in the algorithm’s good graces, but two things happen when you post too much. 

One, you seem desperate, and sometimes people will just look at your posts and think, “oh God, another post?” Then they’ll just skip it altogether. Or worse, unfollow you. You don’t want to seem pushy or annoying, and it damages your professional reputation. 

Two, chances are that the quality of the content you’re posting several times a day is mediocre at best. Keep your posts informative and to the point, and your captions should only include things that your customers would value from knowing! 

Final thought

If you’re building a platform for yourself on Instagram, be a useful, write catchy Instagram captions, relatable, and engaging page that utilizes its captions to the fullest. It’s a chance for you to further engage with your audience. Don’t waste it! 


This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 5:45 pm