Top 20 Instagram Growth Services in 2022 [100% Authentic]

Top 20 Instagram Growth Services in 2022 [100% Authentic]

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms with over 1 billion active users. It is important for businesses as well as individuals to have a strong Instagram presence to connect with their customers or followers.

In this article, we will go over the top 20 Instagram growth services in 2022. These services can help account owners grow their Instagram followers and boost engagement.

How Does an Instagram Growth Service Works?

To answer this question, we should first review different types of Instagram growth services. When you search for these terms “Instagram growth” or “Instagram growth service”, or even “how to get more Organic Instagram followers” there are only a few services that come with Instagram follower growth packages. 

So, most of the search results belong to websites that;

  • Sell fake Instagram followers
  • Are free coin apps that use a simple follow-for-follow method 
  • Growth tools that only help you schedule your Instagram posts, search better hashtags for your posts, or even some Instagram feed planners. 

So, you’ll find only a few results that provide REAL follower growth services.

So, let’s take a closer look to understand different types of Instagram growth services so that you can choose the right Instagram service based on your requirements:

What Types of Instagram Growth Services Are There?

Top 20 Instagram Growth Services in 2022 [100% Authentic, Guaranteed Organic Followers]

From our research, more than 20 types of Instagram Growth services are active in the market right now. These Instagram marketing services introduce themselves as the best Instagram growth service that can help you get more followers on Instagram organically. 

Let’s review them one by one and see which one makes the most sense for you. 

1. Instagram Growth Service With A Real Account Manager That Engages Daily With Potential Followers

There are lots of Instagram management services that say they can help you get more followers, but only a few of them have “Instagram Account Management packages” that offer worry-free management of your Instagram account.

Yes, this means completely hands-off, ZERO bots, real human interaction to grow your followers. 

The Instagram management service comes with a dedicated Instagram account manager that grows your account just like a professional Instagrammer. Your account manager will:

  • Build a community with your followers
  • Engage with qualified Instagram users that will visit your page,
  • Use proven methods to draw them to your page,
  • Convert Instagram followers into loyal customers
  • And finally, grow your business on Instagram organically.

So basically, your account manager brings attention to your page, and once they see how great you are, they will follow you for life 🙂

But what’s the best Instagram management service that you can really rely on?

AiGrow: The Best Instagram Growth Service on The List (That’s Us!)

AiGrow: Top Instagram Growth Service in 2022

AiGrow helps you grow your followers, boost Instagram engagement, and generate more revenue. So, it’s one of the best Instagram management services that can help you grow your business on Instagram organically. 

Check this YouTube video below to see how it works.

How AiGrow Works As an All-in-one Instagram Growth Service

You can simply go through the steps below and see how AiGrow can help you get more followers on Instagram:

  • After the free signup, AiGrow will ask you to configure your targeting settings like hashtags, influencer accounts, and locations.
  • The AI-powered engine will generate a list of qualified Instagram users.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated growth expert who will get to work on engaging with those users.

So, you basically don’t have to do anything on your IG account. Just select your niche and the type of followers you want (you can choose your desired locations as well), and AiGrow’s team will do the rest. 

With this Instagram growth service, you’ll Get 300-500 new real organic followers each month, starting at just $199 / month with some packages making it as low as $109/month! 

Why should I use AiGrow as an Instagram Management Service to grow followers?

  • It’s fast (instant followers delivery)

AiGrow’s system and the team will get started right away, delivering new followers within the first 2-3 days. It’s like having a whole group of dedicated people working for you at the same time.

  • It’s hassle-free and safe for organic Instagram growth

You no longer have to browse hashtags or track down users to follow, unfollow, like or comment on. Let AiGrow do the heavy lifting.

And it’s safe because it’s an Instagram management service managed by real people who will not get your account locked or compromised. 

  • It’s smart in Instagram marketing

The AI algorithm will find the most suitable Instagram users based on hashtags, popular accounts, and even locations. The right people translate into real leads and real performance.

Extra Growth Tools to Speed Up your Instagram Growth

  • Powerful Post Scheduler Tool: Download, post, and/or repost to your Instagram Feed, Stories, IGTV + YouTube Converter to share YouTube videos on Instagram directly without downloading.
  • Smart Instagram Giveaway Picker Tool: Automated system to let users share your posts to gain rewards. A smart way to run Instagram giveaways and contests with ease.
  • All-in-one Bio-Link Tool: Create multiple links to web pages, feed posts, and more.
  • Smart DM marketing Tool: Automate your Instagram Direct Messages to send bulk DMs, auto-response & auto-reply DMs, DM to email that help you check your Instagram DMs from emails.
  • Bulk Delete Tool: This can help you a lot when you want to change your niche. So, this feature lets you delete all your Instagram posts at once and start again.
  • Instagram Analytics Tool: Let AiGrow instantly analyze your page and report how you measure up against 100,000+ Instagram accounts today.
  • Social Monitoring Tool: Listen to hashtags and monitor your competitors on Instagram, detect all mentions, find relevant and interesting content for your Instagram Feed or Stories and repost with just a click.
  • PostMate Service: With the PostMate program of AiGrow, you can get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly Instagram content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

In Conclusion: Review of AiGrow as an Instagram growth service

It seems that AiGrow, with 280K running Instagram accounts and over 48M follower growth delivered, is one of the safest growth tools that you can find in the market right now. They are so confident with their AI targeting and expert team that they are offering 7 days of manual growth activities for just $10. 

As AiGrow guarantees real follower growth if you aren’t satisfied with the number of new followers or their service, then simply cancel your subscription by the 7th day – no contracts or hassles. It’s that easy!

AiGrow Pros:

  • Real people managing your account
  • Safe
  • Quality followers due to AI and real people
  • A suite of marketing tools included – the whole package
  • Offers a no-risk trial

AiGrow Cons:

  • If using bots or self-serve is your thing, then having to get on board with their team will take 30-45 minutes of your time.

2. Instagram Growth Service With DM Marketing Service

Direct message marketing, also known as DM marketing, is another way to get more followers, build professional relationships, and grow your business on Instagram. So, it’s simple, just send direct messages to Instagram users (individuals or brands) and ask them to visit your page or follow you. 

SimplyGram – IG Growth Service that Works Through DMs

SimplyGram: an Instagram Growth Service in 2022

SimplyGram believes that you can get 5000 followers per month, only by sending DMs. But is it really possible? Well, we all know that DM marketing is an effective way to attract more followers. But why should someone pay for follower growth packages that only send a specific DM to everyone? Is it risk-free to send that amount of DMs? Let’s have a closer look to see how SimplyGram works as an Instagram growth service:

How SimplyGram Works As An IG Growth Service

  • After free signup, you have to provide SimplyGram with some of your competitors’ Instagram accounts and hashtags related to your niche.
  • SimplyGram will use 25-100 reserved Instagram accounts to send hundreds of spam DMs each day and talk about your Instagram profile.
  • Based on their calculation, people will see those DMs and visit your page. (and maybe they follow you)

SimplyGram Pros: 

  • Free trial

SimplyGram Cons: 

  • You need to share your credit card details for the free trial
  • In comparison to their offered services, their pricing is too much
  • Fake testimonials
  • Outdated growth methods

Final review of SimpyGram as an Instagram growth service

So, based on our experience, SimplyGram should be called an Instagram Auto DM service that can help you grow your Instagram exposure by spamming Instagram users with DM. 

If you want to grow on Instagram by DM marketing, there are better tools like 

  • In some cases, you may destroy your exposure on Instagram by spamming users
  • There is no guarantee that people will visit your page and follow you
  • You will gain more low-quality followers because influencers and brands don’t have enough time to check your page by anonymous DMs
  • The price is too high. $99 per week, just for sending hundreds of DMs? If you check DMpro or IG-DM, you’ll see that you can save some money and get the same product.

3. Instagram Growth Service With Growth Bots

An Instagram growth bot is any program, service, or application that acts like a real human by automating basic Instagram functions. The quality of automation depends on the growth service that you choose. But generally, this Instagram automation includes three main parts:

  • Instagram follow – unfollow bot
  • Auto engaging with posts by auto likes and comments
  • View Instagram profiles, Stories, and more (automatically)

Nitreo – Instagram Growth Service That Works Through Automation

Nitreo – Instagram Growth Service That Works Through Automation

Nitreo is one of the Instagram growth services that grow your followers using automation. It’s like having an Instagram account manager that automatically engages with posts by auto likes and auto commenting system. Also, Nitreo claims that their Instagram bot is a safe way to get more followers on Instagram organically, using follow for follow method. Although considering the latest Instagram announcements, using an Instagram bot is not an effective way to increase your followers and will definitely result in getting blocked or even losing your account! If you want to take the risk, it seems that Nitreo is one of the best options you have. 

How Nitreo Works As An Instagram Growth Bot

  • After signing up, add relevant hashtags and Instagram accounts related to your niche
  • Nitreo will follow relevant accounts similar to your niche
  • The auto engagement system will help you engage with others Instagram accounts by auto comments and likes
  • Auto Story and profile viewer will help the Instagram algorithm not shadowbanning your IG.

Nitreo Pros: 

  • Quick setup
  • Location/hashtag/gender targeting

Nitreo Cons: 

  • No free trial
  • No refund
  • Delivering irrelevant accounts
  • Putting your account at the risk of being banned

Final review of Nitreo as an Instagram growth service

Nitreo claims that their platform is not an Instagram bot that gets you ghost followers, but in fact, it is! And it’s not risk-free.  It’s actually super high risk as you can lose your account. As we said before, the Instagram algorithm is more sensitive to bots nowadays. So, if you want to grow organically and stay safe on Instagram, you shouldn’t let bots control everything on your behalf. Even if it’s Nitreo! But if you still want to use Nitreo as your Instagram growth tool to get more followers, Nitro’s plan starts with $49 / month.


Buzzoid: an Instagram Growth Service in 2022

Buzzoid is an Instagram followers service that you can rely on to guarantee your IG growth. They have fast followers and like delivery. All orders are delivered within an hour of purchase, or you can get your money back. Buzzoid helps users buy Instagram followers, likes, and views that are delivered instantly and safely. It should be noted that Buzzoid does not offer organic Instagram followers.

Buzzoid Pros: 

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Clear and Concise Package and Pricing

Buzzoid Cons: 

  • You have to leave your credit card info
  • The growth isn’t organic
  • It’s quite expensive
  • Getting banned or even permanently shut is probable
  • The followers are not all authentic
  • No free trial

Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta-Homepage

Mr. Insta provides you with its Instagram marketing service free trial – at least for two days. Using Mr. Insta you can buy Instagram followers, likes, and more. 

It offers an easy IG growth plan, selling Instagram likes, Story views, and more. With this bot, you can not only grow Instagram but you can also have services for other social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and more.

Mr.Insta Pros: 

  • Wide range of packages
  • Easy order placement

Mr.Insta Cons: 

  • Some likes and followers seem to be from fake accounts
  • Questionable if positive reviews on review sites are real
  • Some followers and likes disappear
  • Not live chat
  • Payments from PayPal not accepted

More Organic Instagram Growth Services

As we explained earlier, there are countless Instagram IG growth services out there. But the best Instagram growth service is one that brings you organic Instagram growth.

Organic growth means generating real followers who are actually interested in you, your brand, your account’s niche, etc. These followers are gained through interacting with others and manual processes. 

An organic Instagram growth service keeps your account safe, and it doesn’t use bots or any automation to grow your followers.

Here we are going to introduce you to the 16 best organic Instagram growth services 2021 to help you facilitate and accelerate the process of gaining more and more organic Instagram followers. Read on!

1# Social Sensei

Social Sensei-Homepage

Social sensei is another Instagram marketing service offering clients key features like fast and safe organic Instagram growth, dedicated account manager, and, more importantly, follower growth through promotional giveaways. 

Social sensei uses dedicated profile managers who learn about your account and your goals to deliver thousands of followers to each client. Its growth strategy is to use loop giveaways. Giveaways that users enter by following a list of certain accounts (including yours). Then within a week of the giveaway being live, clients can see a sharp rise in the number of their followers. 

Social sensei Pros: 

  •  Email/phone form on their contact page
  • Https Secure Website 

Social sensei Cons: 

  • Questionable reviews
  • Lack of verified payment system
  • The cost can be much for most users
  • Still need to post and manage content on your own

2# Ampfluence


Ampfluence, like other top Instagram growth services, prides itself on being a human-based service. It ensures organic Instagram growth and real followers, not fake accounts. 

As soon as you sign up with this top Instagram growth service, you can start with a consultation to learn more about your account, goals, and target, etc. Then Ampfluence’s team starts engaging with your target accounts (competitors, industry leaders, influencers) to grow your followers and your engagement rate through interactions organically.

Ampfluence Pros: 

  • User-friendly interface 

Ampfluence Cons: 

  • Interact with fake accounts
  • Expensive plans
  • Your phone number and address is needed while signing up
  • There is a high possibility to get banned or blocked
  • Bot activity

3# Upleap 


Another popular Instagram service that claims organic Instagram growth is Upleap. You’ll get a dedicated account manager to manage and grow your organic Instagram followers when you sign up with Upleap. 

With Upleap you have a list of real engaged followers, thanks to its smart targeting feature. They even offer users an automatic Story watching feature to make your account look more active and engaged.

Upleap Pros:

  •  Dedicated account manager
  • Safe login process

Upleap Cons: 

  • Poor Trustpilot reviews
  • No free trial
  • No live chat
  • No 24/7 support

4# Combin

Instagram followers generator-Combin

Combin is not only one of the best organic Instagram growth services out there, but also it is a scheduler tool offering you content planning solutions.

This top Instagram growth service offers clients targeting filters to only target accounts that are interested in your content and are more likely to follow you back and engage with you.

The audience management feature of Combin lets you see who doesn’t follow you back and bulk unfollow them.

Combin Pros: 

  • Easy to communicate with other users through the programme
  • They use verified payment gateways

Combin Cons: 

  • Combin is not an automation tool that you can use in a web browser. You have to download software to use it
  • You have to join their email list in order to try it out
  •  The free trial has limited features.
  • You can only manage five accounts through the dashboard.

5# Instamber


Instamber is an Instagram follower growth service and also a reliable growth tool for Twitter and TikTok. Their service has an intelligent targeting system to target the right audience for your account that can result in more engagement. 

As an Instagram marketing service, the tool can target your demographic audience on your behalf and be your top-notch marketing assistant.

Instamber Pros: 

  • Https secure website
  • Clear pricing

Instamber Cons: 

  • Too many tricked customers
  • Refund issues
  • Customer support isn’t available all the time
  • May get you banned
  • Lack of reviews/testimonials on or off the website

6# Social Buddy

social buddy-Homepage

Social Buddy is one of the best organic Instagram growth services and it claims it can attract real followers, no bots, or fake accounts. Social Buddy uses advanced targeting to let accounts know that your page exists and uses targeting strategies to encourage users to visit your page, give you a follow, and even engage with you. 

It should be noted that Social Buddy uses the info you give them, like niche, hashtags, and competitors, to target real people. It also offers users the follow-unfollow method and an account manager.

Social Buddy Pros: 

  • Secure site
  • FAQ and help page

Social Buddy Cons: 

  • They lack around the cloak customer support
  • The reviews mighty be fake
  • Refuse to issue refunds
  • Expensive tariff plan

7# Instarazzo


Instarazzo is another organic Instagram growth service that can boost your Instagram marketing efforts. It uses organic growth strategies to target accounts in your niche, so you are more likely to have followers interested in your content, give you a follow back, and increase your engagement. 

This organic Instagram growth service likes, follows, and comments on your behalf to increase your engagement rate.

Instarazzo also offers auto direct messaging, post scheduling, and comment management.

Instarazzo Pros: 

  • Authenticated payment system
  • Secure website 

Instarazzo Cons: 

  • No FAQs on the website
  • Failed the real reviews test
  • No 24/7 customer support
  • No contact form

8# Flock Social 

Flock Social

It is a reliable Instagram marketing service since they promise no bots, fake accounts, gimmicks, or ghost followers. They actually try to grow your fan base to drive more leads, engagement, sales, etc.

Flock Social Pros: 

  • Visible pricing
  • FAQ and help page

Flock Social Cons: 

  • Targeting filters don’t work
  • Fake followers and likes
  • Reviews on their website don’t seem to be real and genuine
  • There is no accountability form to fill out at the beginning

9# Firing Table

Firing Table-Homepage

Firing Table is an Instagram growth service that helps you organically grow your account. The platform’s website isn’t clear about how exactly it gains you new followers. All we know is that depending on which plan you choose; they provide you with services such as leaving comments on your behalf and DMing followers, etc., to engage with them and let them know you exist. 

Firing Table Pros:

  •  Easy to find and understand pricing
  • Verified payment gateway

Firing Table Cons: 

  • No email contact info
  • Powered by a basic bot
  • No active customer support or service
  • No real onsite reviews
  • No dedicated Help or FAQ page

10# Growthoid


Growthoid is one of the best organic Instagram growth services out there that you can’t go past. They use special advanced targeting strategies only to attract the right kind of people to your account.

Growthoid Pros: 

  • Targeted features
  • Great customer support

Growthoid Cons: 

  • No phone or email form to fill out
  • No refund
  • No free trial (being charged before the trial)
  • No targeted followers

11# Growthsilo


Growthsilo is an organic Instagram growth service that promises its clients real engagement without bots or fake accounts. They interact with those audiences who care about you and your brand so that they are more likely to become a potential loyal community member and customer.

Growthsilo Pros: 

  • Secure HTTPS website
  • Email contact form

Growthsilo Cons:

  • No free trial option
  • Many negative reviews on Trustpilot
  • High prices compared to competitors
  • Not a one-off payment, re-occurring every month

12# Trusy Social

Trusy Social-Homepage

Trusy Social is a relatively new organic Instagram growth service. Although they haven’t had the chance to prove themselves yet, they have powerful industry knowledge and expertise on their side.

Trusy Social Pros: 

  • Decent customer support
  • Quick delivery

Trusy Social Cons: 

  • It provides fake followers and engagement
  • It may get you locked or banned
  • No free trial
  • So expensive

13# Sprout Social 

Sprout Social -Homepage

Sprout Social is a powerful all-in-one Instagram management service that unlocks your Instagram full potential. This means that you can focus not only on your marketing strategy but also on every aspect of your brand is on Instagram. 

Sprout Social Pros: 

  • Great support team
  • Simple user interface

Sprout Social Cons: 

  • Automatic weekly mini-reports are not very useful
  • Subscriptions are charged per user/month, meaning adding a team member translates to increased cost
  • The steep cost for packages, especially for premium

14# Social Captain

Social Captain

Another solid choice for anyone looking for a reliable organic Instagram growth service is Social Captain. They use automated Instagram marketing (automatically sending DMs to your new followers) and targeted Instagram marketing (targeting the accounts, competitors, hashtags, and locations you give them) to increase your follower count and create positive relationships.

Social Captain Pros: 

  • Lots of selection and filtering choices
  • Great reporting

Social Captain Cons: 

  • They keep charging even after you cancel your subscription
  • There isn’t enough relevant info on the FAQ page
  • So Expensive
  • It might put your finances at risk

15# Kicksta


Kicksta is the last Instagram growth service that helps users get real organic Instagram followers without using bots.

After creating your account, you need to provide Kicksta with some info about the sample accounts you’d like to target. 

Then they target accounts that follow your competitors, niche-related influencers, complementary brands, or other targets by interacting with them. So, those accounts are more likely to follow you back and engage with your content.

Kicksta pros:

  • No downloads are required
  • Includes a FAQ and help page
  • Visible prices

Kicksta cons:

  • There’s no free trial
  • Live Customer support is only for those on the Premium plan subscriptions
  • The only growth strategy used is “likes.”

Our Final Review of Instagram Growth Service

Nowadays, many services, apps, and agencies in the market claim to help you with follower growth on Instagram. But only a few of them let you stay safe while growing on Instagram. In this article, we reviewed twenty different types of growth services and introduced the best growth service in each category. 

In summary, AiGrow is the safest and most completed follower growth agency you can rely on as a combination of AI and humanity. 

Guarantee your Instagram organic growth with AiGrow!

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