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Best Instagram growth services in 2020 ranked and reviewed by real people!

Finding the best Instagram growth service is not a dream anymore!

There are a lot of Instagram tools and services that help Instagram users grow their account.

Actually, it would help if you are careful of the service you use to grow your account since all the services that claim to grow your account might not get you what you want.

Choosing the wrong Instagram growth service may get you fake followers or end up your account in a temporary or permanent ban.

What is the purpose of getting followers?

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram is not something that matters for users looking to increase their engagement rate or businesses that want to convert their followers to customers.

In other words, by using Instagram growth services, we mean using a service that can get real Instagram followers who interact with your posts and increase the engagement rate.

What is the Instagram growth service?

Literally, Instagram growth means increasing the traffic and engagement rate to an Instagram account.

However, the growth might have a different meaning for each person. But generally, Instagram growth stands for getting real followers, like, comment, and a high engagement rate.

Why do you need an Instagram growth service?

At first glance, getting real Instagram followers might seem like a cherry on top of a tree, which is hard to take!

But every goal on Instagram is reachable by using the best Instagram growth service!

Well, not all Instagram users need an Instagram growth service. In other words, users who just use Instagram to have fun, spend their free time, check their friends’ posts and stories, and share a post once a week may not need an Instagram growth service!

Using an Instagram growth service or Instagram marketing tool is a must for businesses, brands, affiliate marketers, or users who just want to earn money from Instagram.

For sure, AiGrow’s VIP service is what you were looking for; an Instagram tool that gets real Instagram followers who engage with your posts and stories as well as scheduling your posts, stories, sending auto direct messages, and monitoring your account, and more!

The best Instagram growth service in 2020

Have you ever used an Instagram growth tool that makes you say, “Wow, that’s it!?”

If not, you will say that by using AiGrow! Reach your Instagram targets by choosing your goals on AiGrow’s dashboard.

As you know, Instagram bots don’t work anymore because of the change in Instagram’s terms and algorithms. So, what would be the best option to grow an Instagram account without wasting time?

  1. AiGrow

That’s the time AiGrow comes in! The VIP service of AiGrow is made of a whole group of dedicated and real people working for your Instagram account at the same time. They work based on Instagram’s algorithm, so you will never face an action block or ban on your account.

So, there is no bot action on AiGrow.

The VIP service guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month. It follows the users relevant to your niche; they will follow you back and engage with your posts.

After a short time of using the VIP service of AiGrow, you will have:

  • Real Instagram followers
  • Followers who engage with your content
  • An Instagram account that grows every day safely

The pros of using AiGrow:

  • Organic growth
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Affordable price
  • Wide range of features and packages
  • Lots of satisfied users

How is AiGrow different from other Instagram growth service tools?

At first glance, you may think that AiGrow is the same as other Instagram growth services, but as you go deeper, you’ll notice that it is way different from other tools.

To mention some, we should note that AiGrow isn’t a bot at all, and it consists of a group of dedicated people who work on your account, considering Instagram limits and algorithms. AiGrow guarantees to get 300 – 500 new followers each month who engage with your content.

So, there would be no concern about losing your Instagram account.

How does AiGrow’s growth service work?

After signing up on AiGrow, you will see the “Growth” tab on its dashboard. Then you should select your targets as you see below. After that, you should schedule a live meeting to review the setting and have your dedicated manager start growth activities.

Here are some examples of targets you can choose to grow your Instagram account.

Finally, tap on the “Start Growth” button and watch your account’s growth after a while.

AiGrow reviews

Obviously, one of the best ways to find out whether a product or service fits you or not, is knowing about its users’ experiences and ideas about the service.

Therefore, reading Instagram growth service reviews is a big help in making up your mind about using it.

Let’s read AiGrow’s reviews on TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and Software Suggest review websites. You can search for anything on any review website to read the user experiences.

AiGrow review on Trustpilot

Clearly, all the reviews are left by real people with satisfying experiences. The majority of users are happy with AiGrow since they get good results and watch their account’s growth.

AiGrow reviews on SiteJabber and Software Suggest

You can also read more reviews to know more about user experiences. Then, you can make up your mind about using an Instagram growth service.

AiGrow coupon code

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The pricing starts at 129$ a month, as you see below.

  1. HypePlanner

That’s another Instagram growth tool that can grow your Instagram account and get you followers. Their Instagram experts claim to be able to grow their client accounts with a lot of new followers each month.

Same as AiGrow, HypePlanner is run by real humans, and there is no bot action on the platform.

As you see below, the pricing starts at 99$ a month.

HypePlanner review on Trustpilot

Here is the general overview of HypePlanner on Trustpilot. To know more about its users’ experiences using this Instagram growth tool, you can check the Trustpilot reviews.

Final thought

Using the best Instagram growth service, you will be a step ahead of your competitors, and you would reach your social media goals quickly.

If you have any questions about the AiGrow Instagram growth service, feel free to contact our support team to get your answer.

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