IGTV monetization tips and tricks in 2022

IGTV monetization tips and tricks in 2021
Instagram marketing is of prime importance for businesses and creators when it comes to achieving online success. As time goes on, Instagram adds new features to the platform to be qualified enough to compete with booming video sites like YouTube and TikTok. The good news is that creators can now make money off IGTV videos. Yes! IGTV monetization is the new feature that Instagram has rolled out.

So now, as of May of 2021, we are seeing more and more creators get the feature regionally. Bear in mind that not all IGTV videos are eligible for monetization. We’ll discuss it below in detail.

Tip: The platform will also be adding a digital badge for Instagram Live that users can buy to support their favorite influencers.

What is IGTV monetization?

IGTV monetization lets Instagram content creators make money by playing short ads along with their IGTV content. All you need to do is to agree and follow Partner Program Monetization Policies to be able to have the opportunity to take advantage of this feature.

We are all accustomed to seeing ads while consuming content. Nearly most social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc., run ads in feeds, videos, etc.

Developing monetization opportunities results in bringing more influencers and even their followers to the app. That’s why Facebook and YouTube that are already using ads and monetization opportunities for their content creators, have more than double active accounts compared to Instagram with 1 billion active users.

Tips you definitely need to know about IGTV monetization

Last year, Instagram started testing IGTV ads to a number of US creators. Now IGTV ads feature is rolled out to more creators in the UK and Australia, and by the end of the year, it will expand to further regions and creators.

So why not earn from IGTV ads as a creator? We are going to discuss everything you need to know below. Let’s dive in!

1- How to become an eligible creator for IGTV ads?

IGTV monetization-being eligible

The question is what Instagram’s requirements and criteria you need to meet in order to be qualified as a creator to take advantage of IGTV ads. Here are the possible qualifications:

# Facebook’s videos monetization policies to get a general idea of becoming eligible for IGTV ads 

Surprisingly, Instagram has not yet released a list of requirements/criteria. Due to the fact that Facebook owns Instagram, we can guess what these requirements would possibly be by looking at video monetization policies for Facebook pages as follow:

  • having at least 10,000 followers
  • Creating three-minute-long videos
  • A minimum of 30,000 one-minute views for videos in the past two months
  • Meet Facebook’s Monetization Eligibility Standards
  •  Being located in countries where these ads are made available

# Facebook’s videos monetization policies to see the general video quality standards

Bear in mind that in the process of getting accepted into the program, not only do you need a popular Instagram account, but you also need a kind of video that meets the general quality standards.

Once again, we can turn to Facebook’s video monetization policies to see the general quality standards you need to meet.

  • Original content

That simply means avoid infringing on copyrights or trademarks. No matter how much you like the content (music, videos, images, etc.), don’t repost them from other creators without their permission.

  • Non-controversial content

Your content needs to follow their community standards. Hate speech and violence are obviously forbidden. Also, excessively sexual content, drug usage, fake news, and excessive partying are disallowed.

  • Objectively inaccurate content

Content including rumors, scandals, misinformation, etc. might get views. But be careful, because if you say the wrong thing, it will hurt your chances of getting approved for monetization.

  • Authentic engagement

Don’t try to game the system by using bots or buying fake followers to boost your engagement and views. 

  • Be established

What really matters is having an authentic, established presence on Facebook as a creator. Simply put, you have to have been on Facebook for at least 90 days.

2- IGTV monetization revenue-sharing terms

According to Instagram’s COO, Justin Osofsky, those eligible creators will receive a 55% share of all advertising on IGTV. So it is a kind of 55/45 revenue sharing split in which creators earn 55%, and Instagram takes 45% for the platform’s management. This split is exactly the same rate as what YouTube offers.

The earning calculation will depend on how much advertisers pay and how many monetized views each video receives. It is worth keeping in mind that the type of content you are sharing won’t affect your revenue split.

3- How to make use of IGTV monetization once approved?

The amount of revenue you earn depends closely on the views you get. To put it in simple words, the higher number of views, the more revenue you’ll earn. Once Instagram approves you for IGTV monetization, pay careful attention to the top tips below to be able to increase your views.

  • Post consistently

Having a consistent presence on social media platforms is of prime importance. Believe it or not, social media users hate it when their favorite Instagrammer, Youtuber, etc., disappears suddenly for weeks. The same goes for IGTV. 

It may put you at the risk of losing your followers and consequently your views rate. So posting often will not only keep your current followers, but also gives you the chance to attract new followers.

Sometimes keeping the consistency in posting your content (IGTV) may not be possible because of some unexpected daily works, etc. it would be a great idea to schedule your IGTVs. Here’s how you can schedule your IGTVs with ease.

#AiGrow’s Scheduler feature

AiGrow is one of the top quality Instagram management and growth apps you can find out there. It provides you with all the professional features you may need while managing your Instagram account.

Let’s see how you can schedule your IGTVs via the Scheduler feature of AiGrow.


1- Sign up on AiGrow’s website for free using your email address.

2- Once you access the dashboard, click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your Instagram account to the dashboard. AiGrow allows you to connect as many Instagram accounts as you want to the dashboard and manage them all together.

3- From the dashboard, choose the Scheduler tab on the left, then pick the account you intend to manage. After that click Scheuler.

IGTV monetization-AiGrow's scheduler

4- from the opened window, choose the Schedule button. Then from the drop-down menu, choose IGTV.

IGTV monetization-AiGrow's IGTV scheduler

5- Now you can add the video you want to publish from your computer drives or YouTube. As you may know better, you need to download a video from YouTube to be able to post it on Instagram. But AiGrow gives you the possibility to simply copy-paste the URL link of the YouTube video to post it without needing to download it first.

IGTV monetization-uploading content-AiGrow IGTV scheduler

6- By scrolling down, there are details you need to pay careful attention to, including Title & description, clickable link, hashtags, multiple accounts, and dates and times.

Tip: You have the possibility to either post your IGTV at the time or set specific dates and times for your IGTV to be published on.

IGTV monetization-AiGrow's scheduler-setting dates & times

7- Once you are happy, click Submit at the bottom of the page.

Let’s watch the related YouTube video below to figure out how the Scheduler feature of AiGrow works in detail.

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing plans

AiGrow offers you three pricing plans for this feature including: Scheduler- Pro:  $39 (per month) / Post- Plus: $15 (per month) / Essentials: $7 (per month)

AiGrow's Scheuler pricing plans

  • Provide high-quality videos

High-quality content on IGTV means that it should be about relevant topics; you should pay attention to background, lights, the tone of the video, the length of the video, etc.

  • Use proper hashtags

Using the right and relevant hashtags plays a huge role in maximizing your reach and organic followers. Instagram lets you post 30 hashtags. Bear in mind that some hashtags are banned by Instagram, so once you are posting your hashtags try to use the relevant ones and avoid the banned hashtags

  • Promote your IGTV channel outside of the app (on other social media platforms)

Sharing the link to your IGTV video over other platforms will help you bring in new followers and more views. You can take Facebook as an example. While you are posting your IGTV, you can click the share to Facebook option to share your whole IGTV video on your Facebook account.

  • Post at the right time

By looking at your Insights, you can see when most of your followers are online and post your IGTV at peak times to boost your engagement. Knowing when is the best time to share your content is essential when it comes to getting more views, likes, etc.

All the above mentioned tactics help you in the process of growing your IGTV channel. Growing your IGTV channel gives you more chance of being allowed to take advantage of IGTV monetization. In fact, the more popular your IGTV channel is, the more likely you are to get views, and getting more views means more revenue.

And there is one more thing, as a creator, you have to be creative. Creativity allows you to become a unique influencer with millions of followers.


As newer apps like TikTok are quickly becoming popular, Instagram does everything within its power to make sure that those big accounts with big followers join and stay on the platform. So that’s why Instagram rolls out new features from time to time. This time, its new added feature is IGTV monetization. Using this feature you, as a creator can run IGTV ads and get money. In this article, we discussed some tips on IGTV monetization. Also, we introduced you to a unique Instagram management service, AiGrow.

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