Why are Instagram hashtags not working? + List of banned hashtags

Why Instagram hashtags are not working_ + List of banned hashtags



Believe it or not, Instagram hashtags are of prime importance when it comes to getting more eyes on your Instagram posts. A post with at least one hashtag has 12.6% more engagement than posts without a hashtag. That’s why Instagram hashtags not working errors can be a nightmare.

Due to the fact that using Instagram hashtags is an effective way to categorize your posts, improve your engagement rate, and more importantly, find a new target audience, you’d better find a way to not only help you with Instagram hashtag not working problems but also facilitate the process of using hashtags.

In this article, we’ll provide a full guide to help you find out why some Instagram hashtags not working issues happen. Besides, we’ll introduce you to the hashtag generator of AiGrow to make use of hashtags with ease.

What is the importance of hashtags on Instagram?

The Hashtag is a phenomenon that is an integral part of digital marketing since it has been about 15 years that users have been making use of it on their social media posts, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags play an important role in the process of helping Instagram users discover your profile, which ends up increasing the opportunity to obtain more followers.

When you use hashtags in your Instagram posts, your content gets included among other posts that relate to your niche or industry.

It should be noted that the more relevant targeted hashtags you make use of, the likelier you are to build a big community around your brand or Instagram account.

Note: You can use up to 30 (40-50) hashtags on a post and 10 on Instagram stories.

Moreover, hashtags are used as a way in order to connect social media content to a specific topic, theme, conversation, or event. And as we mentioned earlier, they also facilitate the process of discovering posts around those topics, because Instagram hashtags organize and categorize your photos and videos.

To wrap up, using the relevant, targeted hashtag on your post and stories is a great strategy that leads to more engagement, more followers, and maybe even more customers for your business.



Instagram hashtags not working? Here are the possible reasons!

There are several reasons why your hashtags may not work. But don’t worry, because it doesn’t mean that Instagram hashtags not working issues are not permanent and can be fixed very quickly.

In this article, we will let you know the common reasons why your hashtags aren’t working and how to fix them. Let’s stay tuned!

Reason1 –Instagram hashtags not working: You are using banned hashtags

Some hashtags containing inappropriate content (for example related to pornograpphy, rude speech, violence, terrorism, etc) are permanently banned by Instagram due to its regulations. On the other hand, there are some seemingly innocent hashtags (for instance #book, #desk, #happythanksgiving, #lean, etc.) that are blocked temporarily due to the high level of spam associated with it.

The status of reported hashtags which are blocked temporarily because of generating a lot of spam may change from day to day. Therefore, you’d better research your hashtags before using them.

Using banned hashtags increases the likelihood of having your account shadowbanned. Luckily, the process of figuring out whether a hashtag has been banned is pretty easy. All you need to do is to look up the hashtag using the Instagram search bar in real time since, as we said, some hashtags may be banned temporarily.

First of all, search the targeted hashtag on the Explore page; after that, from the search result list choose the one you want, next click the Recent tab. Once you see the message below, you can make sure that the hashtag is banned.

Note: Besides, if you search a hashtag and it doesn’t appear, then it’s banned for sure. 


Note: we’ll give you a list of banned hashtags later on below.

Reason 2- Instagram hashtags not working: You are using irrelevant hashtags in your posts

One of the simplest hints for preventing the problem of Instagram hashtags not working is trying to make use of a hashtag that is relevant to your post as well as your niche and completely matches the subject of the photo.

Don’t ever try to use popular or trending hashtags that are not related to your posts just in order to be more likely to increase the reach of your post and appear on the Explore page.

This tactic not only works anymore but also Instagram detection tools can recognize you and shadowban your account.

Note: Avoid using unnecessary hashtags (for example, #the, #we, #you, etc.). Despite the fact that there are millions of posts under these hashtags, few users might search for or follow them. So they won’t improve your engagement rate and reach.

Keep in mind that if the users see that your hashtag doesn’t match your photo, they may either report to Instagram that this content is appropriate, or they can hide your photo using the Don’t show for this hashtag from the hashtag view.


Reason 3- Instagram hashtags not working: Your profile is shadowbanned or flagged as spam

One of the reasons why Instagram hashtags not working issues occur is being shadowbanned on Instagram. Basically, an Instagram shadow ban means that the platform restricts your content reach and visibility. 

There are some different reasons why Instagram detects your posts and content as spam and causes Instagram to shadowban your account. These few common hashtag mistakes are as follows. 

  1. If you use only a specific hashtag for every post
  2. Using banned hashtags
  3. when you make use of popular and trending hashtags that aren’t relevant to your post

Once you make one of these common hashtag mistakes whether intentionally or unintentionally, you will be shadowbanned for sure. It means your content will not appear on anyone’s Instagram feed unless they follow you. It simply means you won’t be able to target and reach new followers using your hashtags.

How to know if you’re shadowbanned on Instagram?

You can check these two in order to make sure, first of all, to check if your posts appear on the hashtag feeds of the person who isn’t your follower or not. Then to view your Instagram insights every day and pay careful attention to the number of followers that you get. If there is a sudden and sustained drop, then unfortunately, you are shadowbanned!

How to fix the shadowban issue?

Don’t worry! There are some simple ways to get rid of Instagram shadowban. All you need to do is to give the following actions a try to fix the issue.

  1. Stop posting for a couple of days.
  2. Remove any banned or misused hashtags from your posts, even the previous ones.
  3. Contact Instagram and report the problem
  4. Don’t use too many hashtags
  5. Put your hashtags in your caption not in the comments
  6. In the end, if none of these strategies seem to fix the issue, the only way is to create a new Instagram account.

Reason 4- Instagram hashtags not working: You are overusing the same set of hashtags every time

Another Instagram hashtag not working problem happens If you only copy and paste the same hashtags for every post, Instagram takes notice that you are just using hashtags to improve your numbers rather than creating valuable content to share with Instagram users who follow the hashtag.

Instagram considers this spam, and you will end up being shadowbanned. To solve this problem, it would be a good idea to switch up your hashtags. You can easily mix up the order and combination of these hashtags with each post.

Reason 5- You are using too broad hashtags

Depending on your goals, your hashtags can be as broad or specific as they need to be. Although broader ones are more likely to reach more audiences, using specific ones that are closely relevant to your niche and industry can obtain new followers and increase your engagement simultaneously.

A list of alphabetically ordered banned hashtags

As we said earlier, Instagram has banned some hashtags due to some reason that we talked about above. We will provide a table of banned hashtags in 2021 below in order to let you be aware of them and not to use them to end up being spammed.

Alphabetical orders                        List of Instagram banned hashtags
            A #alone- #assday- #always- #armparty- #adulting- #americangirl- #asia- #attractive- #ass- #assworship- #asiangirl- # abdl- #affricanexpeditions- #addmysc-#adultlife- #allbreasts- #afourchamberedheart
            B  #beautyblogger- #boho- #besties- #bikinibody- #brain- #babe- #bbc- #beautydirectory- #beyonce- #books– #babyrp- #bacak- #badbitcztwerk
            C  #costumes- #curvygirls- #customers
            D  #date- #dating- #desk- #dm- #direct- #dogsofinstagram
            E  #elevator- #eggplant- #edm
            F  #fuck- #fishnets- #fitnessgirls- #followforfollow
          G  #girlsonly- #graffitiigers- #gloves- #goddess
          H  #happythanksgiving- #hawks- #hotweather- #humpyday- #hustler- #hardworkpaysoff
            I  #ilovemyinstagram- #ig- #iphonegraphy- #instababy- #instasport- #italiano- #ice
            K  #killingit- #kansas- #kissing- #kickoff 
            L  #like- #leaves- #likeback- #lean- #likeforlike- #lingerie- #livinforalivin- #loseweight- #lulu
            M  #master- #models- #mustfollo- #milf- #mileycyrus- #mirrorpphoto
            N  #nasty- #newyearsday- #nude- #nudity- #newyears- #nudism


            O  #overnight- #orderweedonline
            P  #parties- #petite- #pornfood- #pushups- #prettygirl- #publicrelations- #pupppydogmondays
            R  #rate- #ravens- #raves
            S  #samelove- #selfharm- #skateboarding- #saltwater- #shit- #shower- #single- #singlelife- #skype- #snap- #snapchat- #snowstorm- #sopretty- #stranger- #streetpphoto- #sunbathing- #swole- #sexy- #streetphotos
            T  #tag4like- #tanlines- #teens- #thought- #tagsforlikes- #thighs- #tgif- #todayimwearing- #treasurethesemoments- #twerk
            U  #undies
            V  #valentinesday
            W  #workflow- #wtf- #woman- #womancrushwednesday- #women
            X  #xanax


How to find the best Instagram hashtags?

Due to the reason mentioned above, using hashtags is one of the strongest weapons you have to target new followers and increase your reach. That’s why finding the best Instagram hashtags is of great importance.

Unfortunately, taking advantage of hashtag strategy is not as easy as it may seem. Hashtag generator tools help you best in order to find and use the top trendy hashtags wisely.

Here comes AiGrow, a top Instagram management and growth service with its amazing features to help you with your Instagram account.

Luckily, one of AiGrow’s features is its powerful Hashtag generator tool to find and use related trendy hashtags for your posts.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool to use the hashtag strategy in the right way and even get rid of Instagram hashtags not working issues forever.

How to use AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool?

You can use AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool provided in two tabs in its dashboard; the first one is Listening & Repost, and the other is Scheduler. Read on to figure out how you can use these two to generate and monitor your hashtags without facing Instagram hashtags not working problems!

Listening and Repost feature of AiGrow

  • Sign up on AiGrow for free. 
  • Once you finish signing up using your email address, click Add Instagram Account.

Note: You can add more than 80 Instagram accounts here to manage them all together by choosing the one you’d like.

  • Choose Manage Account. ( an account that you would like to use hashtag generator tool for)

AiGrow-dashboard-add/manage- account

  • From the left dashboard, click Listening & Repost.
  • Tap Hashtag Monitoring icon and then tap Add Hashtags to let our AI search the hashtags using the keyword you have entered.


  • When you enter a keyword, the AI engine provides a list of relevant trendy hashtags. Choose the ones you need and click Add hashtags.

AiGrow-hashtag generator-add hashtag

  • Now you’re simply able to see the top posts of each hashtag and repost them or use them in your posts.

Scheduler feature of AiGrow

This is another feature by AiGrow which lets you schedule your feed, story, and IGTV automatically, in addition to providing a search engine to generate your targeted hashtag for your content. Let’s see how it works!

  • As we said before, the first step is to log into your AiGrow account and click Manage Account.
  • Open Post & Scheduling tab and then choose Schedule.
  • After selecting Schedule, you can choose whatever you would like to schedule, for example, feed, story, IGTV. Choose Feed for sharing an Instagram post.

Scheduler feature of AiGrow

  • In the opened window, you can upload the photo or video you want to post from your computer, YouTube, Unsplash, and then add its caption just right there below.

  • Scroll down to the hashtag box and click Search Hashtags to look for the appropriate hashtags, as we discussed.
  • Enter a keyword and start searching. Now you can see a list of relevant hashtags to your keyword ordered by Usage or Name.
  • Select the ones you’d like and then tap Add Hashtags.

  • When you are done with hashtags then there are other details below you may want to pay attention to, such as location, post on stories, post on multiple accounts, schedule a particular time to auto delete the post, etc. 
  • When everything is set and done, you can either post it immediately or schedule the post.


The good news is that you are able to schedule 5 posts for free to test this feature. Whenever you make sure that you want to use this feature finally choose one of the plans below and buy it.



As you may have noticed, hashtags have an undeniably major impact on your reach and engagement rate. It should be noted that, actually, not all hashtags work to do so. So in order to gain new followers, increase your reach, etc., you need to use the right hashtag, which is trendy and relevant to your content.

This article introduced you to a top Instagram management service AiGrow and its hashtag generator tool.

 Let’s give AiGrow a try for free now!



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