Is Your Instagram Engagement Down? Top Solutions in 2023

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The popularity of Instagram has grown, and so has the number of people and brands on the platform. However, Instagram recently redesigned its user interface and added new features to combat spamming, which has led to a decrease in Instagram engagement across the platform as a whole.

If you too are experiencing a drop in engagement and want to know how to increase engagement on Instagram, keep reading; this guide is for you!  

There are many reasons why you have low engagement on Instagram but don’t worry, we’ll cover them all. And by the end of this post, you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve to increase Instagram engagement.

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What Is The Instagram Engagement Rate?

Instagram engagement rate is a measurement that shows how much your audience interacts with your content. You can calculate it by considering the number of your followers, likes, and comments or by using a free Instagram engagement rate calculator. If you have an Instagram engagement down issue, you need to be careful since it may result in losing many followers and customers.

How To Calculate Engagement Rate On Instagram?

How to calculate Instagram engagement rate in 2023 and determine if it’s increasing or dropping? As we mentioned in the last part, one option is to use free Instagram engagement rate calculators that can be found by searching on Google. Alternatively, you can calculate it yourself using simple math. There are two main ways to do it:

(Likes+Comments)/ Followers*100

or, if you have a business profile, you can try this:

(Likes+Comments)/ Instagram Impressions * 100

Read this blog post on how to calculate Instagram engagement rate in more detail.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate On Instagram In 2023?

good Instagram engagement chart

Now that you understand the importance of monitoring your engagement rate, do you know what a good engagement rate on Instagram is? Here is the answer:

  • Less than 1%: Low IG engagement rate
  • 1-3%: Average engagement rate 
  • 3-5%: High engagement rate
  • More than 5: Very high

Why Does Instagram Engagement Matter?

Instagram engagement matters for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it plays a vital role in determining whether you are following the right social media strategy or not. Your Instagram engagement shows how people are reacting to your content. The more your audience relates to your content, the higher your engagement. 

Secondly, the Instagram algorithm considers engagement to be an essential ranking factor. 

Instagram loads its feed based on what you are most likely to interact with. The Instagram algorithms change the order of your feed and surface the posts from accounts and topics you regularly engage with at the top of your feed.

Generally speaking, the more engagement your content gets, your followers are more likely to see it. So, when you know how to increase engagement on Instagram, you have the chance to increase Instagram followers. Here, we’ll discuss how to get engagement on Instagram more efficiently in the following sections.

Why Has My Engagement Dropped On Instagram 2023?

Suppose you have faced low engagement on Instagram, and are wondering why my Instagram engagement has dropped. Read on to figure out whether it is because of Instagram algorithm changes or if there might be other reasons.

Instagram engagement down in Instagram insights
Why is my IG engagement so low?

As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in 2023. This means that they always look for new rooms to evolve and upgrade. Every once in a while, the Instagram algorithm changes due to these factors.

Before we talk about the new changes, let’s talk about Instagram CEO Adam Moseri’s statement about facing the recent Instagram engagement down issue.

1- Instagram’s CEO Adam Mosseri’s Statement

A while ago, he did an Instagram Q&A, and he addressed this huge Instagram engagement drop. As an answer to the question, “Why has my Instagram engagement dropped?” He said that Instagram had a bug in Instagram’s code that caused posts not to show up in people’s feeds.

The bug caused Instagram reach to drop down in the first four hours that a post of any kind was published. 

So, sometimes the answer to the question “Why is engagement down on Instagram” can be Instagram bugs, or any other Instagram down issues (You can use real-time problems or an outage detector, such as the Downdetector website, to see if Instagram is down on a specific day or if everyone’s Instagram engagement is down.

He also said they started working on it as soon as they found out about the issue and now everything is fixed. This is again one of the first times ever that somebody from Instagram authority admitted to having some bugs in their code. A bug that could result in an Instagram low engagement.

Besides, The Wall Street Journal recently reported that, with Instagram Reels seeing a significant drop-off in user engagement, Instagram engagement is also declining.

Let’s address what we think about why these Instagram engagement down issues usually happen. To understand it, you’ve got to know what the Instagram algorithm is and how it works at the moment.

2- Instagram Algorithm

If you are wondering ‘Why did my engagement suddenly drop on Instagram?’, then it is most wise to start with a concise recap of the algorithm. The Instagram algorithm takes into account various factors simultaneously.

For example:

The first 30 minutes of a post going live track different values.


  • Number of likes that you get
  • Shares that you receive
  • DMs that you get from this post
  • And the Comments 

They look at all the values, track the velocity, and then try to put all of these things together into some sort of net that connects them all.

At last, they try to find similar accounts with similar people performing similar actions and compare all these things together. Now, they can decide which post is better, “A” with a matching net of people or post “B” with a similar net of people.

3- New Features

If you are wondering why no one sees my Instagram posts you need to know that Instagram has added several new features over the years that enable users to filter out unwanted posts and ads from their feeds. 

These features, such as muting accounts or turning off suggestions, could be influencing more users to clean up their feeds in order to see only the content they want the most.

These new features could potentially be the reason for your Instagram engagement down.

4- Providing Users With Low-Quality Content

Instagram is also reducing the visibility of low-quality content, which includes unoriginal material from other sources with little to no additional value.

The more original, high-quality content you share on Instagram, the more you can expect to boost Instagram engagement.

5- Removing Bots

Instagram has been going through some changes in the past couple of years. One of those changes is that they’ve been removing bots and other accounts they believe are spamming their platform. And that might be one of the reasons why Instagram engagement is down in 2023.

If your account was followed by or frequently engaged with spam accounts, you may notice a drop in your follower counts.

Instagram has requested certain users, whom it suspects of engaging in spamming activities, to verify their identities. Users who fail to comply with this request may experience limited visibility of their accounts in the home feed or even have their accounts disabled.

6- Buying Engagement & Followers

Buying followers and likes to grow Instagram accounts can negatively impact your engagement. As mentioned above, Instagram not only deletes fake accounts but also penalizes users who purchase followers and likes to get more engagement on Instagram.

Best Instagram Engagement Hacks: Fix Instagram Engagement Drop In 2023

Have you ever asked yourself questions like: “Why am I suddenly getting fewer likes on Instagram?”, ” Why is my Instagram engagement so low?” “Why is my Instagram reach so low”, or “How do I increase my engagement on Instagram in 2023?”

Did you find the reason and solution? If not, then you are at the right place. 

We are here to help you if you want to know ‘Why has my Instagram engagement dropped’. Here are some quick tips to help you if your Instagram engagement is down or needs improvement.

1. Do An Instagram Audit

One of the first steps is to audit your Instagram account and content, and use the Instagram analytics data to find out which content pieces are bringing you lower engagement. This will help you create a better content strategy for your Instagram account. 

2. Get Help From An Instagram Engagement Service

If you don’t have enough time and energy, or you simply like to focus on other parts of your business, Instagram Engagement Services is just what you need to see how to get more Instagram engagement.

Such services are experts in Instagram management and growth and can be a real boost to your growth. There are hundreds of services on the internet, but if you are looking for the best Instagram management service, there are some essential factors to consider.

The service we recommend is AiGrow, and it’s for a good reason. Let’s see why, shall we?

AiGrow Instagram Engagement Service

AiGrow homepage
How to fix low engagement on Instagram using AiGrow

AiGrow is among the best services because it’s an all-in-one package of everything you may ever need. Apart from addressing all the aforementioned questions, the service provides solutions to them as well.

Here are all the features that AiGrow provides you with:

  • A Dedicated Account Manager
  • Manual Growth Activities
  • Multiple Link In Bio Tool
  • AI-generated hashtag/location research
  • Weekly and Monthly analysis of your growth

What makes AiGrow’s growth service distinctive from similar Instagram engagement services out there is the fact that there is no bot activity on this platform.

On AiGrow, a group of professional managers works on your account to grow your account safely without exceeding Instagram limits and putting your account at risk of being banned.

2. Increase Your Followers With Potential Users

Many users ask themselves, ‘Why is my engagement so low on Instagram?’ and are looking for a way to fix it. When you have a low engagement on Instagram, there is a possibility that you lose followers.

The first thing we recommend when you are asking yourself ‘Why is my Instagram engagement decreasing’ is to get more followers who are engaged with your content. But how to find and target users and make them follow you? AiGrow, with a dedicated team of Instagram experts, is here for you.  

The VIP growth service of AiGrow assigns a dedicated account manager to perform every action (like, comment, follow, etc.) on your behalf to help you with your declining account engagement and grow your account organically. Let’s see how to get more engagement on Instagram using this service.

How Does AiGrow Work?

Here is How AiGrow works in a few simple steps:

Pick A Plan 
AiGrow pricing

AiGrow provides you with a variety of plans to fit your needs and budget. Whether you want to grow your following, schedule posts in advance, or boost engagement on Instagram, there’s an AiGrow plan for you. See all plans here.

Meet Your Dedicated Account Manager

Signup for a plan; you are required to fill out a questionnaire about your goals, then schedule a strategy session with AiGrow. During this meeting, they will develop an expert plan for your page to enhance Instagram engagement.

AiGrow Team Gets To Work Right Away

AiGrow’s content strategists initiate the planning process for your Instagram engagement increase plan immediately, and they ensure that your first plan is up and running by the end of the day!

You Will Be Informed Every Step Of The Way
AiGrow analytical report

AiGrow team sends you daily activity reports to keep you updated on what’s happening on your account. You’ll also receive a weekly report with more detailed Instagram analytics.

If you have any questions, you can always send them a WhatsApp message – at any time!

How To Get Started With AiGrow

 Simply follow these three easy steps to get started with AiGrow:

  • Sign up for AiGrow by providing your name, email address, a password, and click “Create my account.”
signing up on AiGrow
  •  From your dashboard, click “Add Instagram Account”. You can add as many Instagram accounts as you’d like!
  •  Click on “Save & Continue” after selecting your targeting options.
AiGrow sign up
How to boost engagement on Instagram using AiGrow
  •  Set up a live meeting with your account manager so you can review and analyze your target list. You’ll need to be onboard before they can begin any activities.
AiGrow dashboard
How to boost Instagram engagement using AiGrow
  • After your walk-through, your account manager will generate activities following your Instagram growth strategy. The process will be documented in daily and weekly activity reports. Watch the video below on how AiGrow can help you increase Instagram engagement:

Got any questions? Book your walk-through session here!

3. Instagram SEO

A drop in your engagement might mean that your discoverability is lower. Users need to find your profile when they search for a keyword related to your account. 

To do this, you should optimize your profile for search. 

By including keywords in your profile, you increase the likelihood that people will find you on Instagram.

An Instagram SEO strategy will help your account be more discoverable, which in turn can lead to increased engagement over time.

4. Create Shareable Content

One of the best ways for increasing engagement on Instagram is to optimize your content

Different types of content are shareable and can save you if you have an Instagram engagement down issue.

Here are some of the best examples:

Funny Posts

One of the ways to see how to increase engagement on Instagram is to share more funny posts. What type of content was shared the most during the Lockdown? Exactly! Funny posts.

We ask you to create relevant posts about your field of work that are funny. Memes are a great example of this category. If it’s funny and your audience can relate to it, sooner or later, your content is going to go viral on Instagram. And this means you have a great type of engagement that is shared.

Educational Posts

educational post on Instagram
How to get Instagram engagement more using educational content

Is your Instagram engagement down? then, educational posts can be a great help. 

They are types of content that get the most saves and are excellent in case of shareability. The more users share and save your content, the more likely you are to increase Instagram engagement.

How many times has it happened to you to save educational or academic content? And by academic, I don’t mean a full breakdown of Quantum Physics! It can be anything relevant to your field that solves a problem or answers a question that your audience might have.

Motivational Content

How to boost IG engagement with motivational posts

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of positivity? Especially in these times!

Try AiGrow’s content creation plans now!

User-Generated Content

How to get better engagement on Instagram using UGC

User-generated content is your best solution to increase Instagram engagement if you’ve recently asked yourself why my engagement on Instagram is so low’.

The User Generated Content or UGC is any type of content published on their social media pages in your name. It can be for a prize or simply because it’s fun. By following Karenxcheng on Instagram, you will gain valuable insights as she excels in creating user-generated content (UGC). 

Bonus tip: There is no doubt about the significance of influencer marketing in today’s business landscape and its potential impact on your business. So, it’s not a bad idea to explore influencers suitable for your niche and partner with them.

5. Longer Engagement = More Reach = More Engagement

This is an important hack to keep in mind while you want to create your content. 

It’s logical to reward the types of accounts that make users stay longer and see more ads. So just like YouTube, it would be fantastic if you keep people remaining on your page, or at least on the platform itself.

Quick Tip: To have better interaction on Instagram, create content that people interact with more and are mostly longer such as videos, IGTV posts, or even gallery posts (Posts that people will swipe through and through).

Just be careful; not all your posts have to be like this; instead, try to find the sweet spot and a balance.

Also read: How to get more followers on IG.

6. Be Consistent

One of the effective ways to increase engagement on Instagram is to have a consistent presence. No matter how large your audience is, if you don’t post consistently, Instagram lowers your reach, leading your engagement to drop down. Try your best always to keep your account running. Don’t fret! keep your brilliant ideas in your Instagram drafts for rainy days!

7. Take Advantage Of Instagram Stories

Even though statistics from your Instagram Stories aren’t included in the engagement calculation, they are key factors to increase Instagram engagement especially due to their strong storytelling characteristics.

Every story has a shelf life for the audience and the Instagram algorithm itself. Not using your stories correctly might be why you have an Instagram engagement down issue.

8. Discover The Best Time To Post

Instagram global engagement 2023
Instagram global engagement 2023

Is your Instagram engagement down in 2023 and you are wondering ‘When should I post on Instagram?’ Then, bear in mind that although it’s essential to post regularly enough on the platform, the time you post your content matters as well. 

One of the quickest wins to get rid of the Instagram engagement down issue is to discover the best time to post when your audience is most active. Additionally, knowing the worst days to post on Instagram can be helpful. Although many studies have looked into the matter and reached somewhat different conclusions, some trends stand out:

  • During the weekend, Instagram is usually pretty slow. 
  • If you must post on a weekend, early morning is the worst time.
  • It’s worst on weekday afternoons.

9. Use Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are essential on Instagram since they are searchable keywords and can be followed. By using trendy niche-specific hashtags, you have the chance to increase your engagement rate.

Instagram Hashtags can help you get more likes and Instagram followers and assist you in reaching a broader audience.

Note: Not all hashtags work! banned hashtags put your account at risk of being blocked.

Use AiGrow’s hashtag generator now!

10. Interact With Your Followers

Let us be honest with you; if you want to know how to get more interaction on Instagram, you have to do the same. But how to engage with Instagram followers?

Like their posts, leave comments, answer their DMs fast, and things like these. This is a great tactic that people often forget to help them increase Instagram engagement.

Also read: AiGrow Instagram engagement pods in 2023 got updated

Why Has My Instagram Reach Suddenly Dopped In 2023

Why is my reach so low on Instagram 2023
Why is my reach so low on Instagram 2023

Maybe you have been experiencing an Instagram reach down in 2023 and are looking for reasons and solutions. There are several possible reasons why your Instagram reach has gone down in 2023:

1. There is more competition

Instagram is more popular than ever before. With over 1 billion monthly users, it’s vital that you stand out if you are facing a sudden drop in Instagram reach in 2023.

2. Seasonal Changes

One factor in the drop in reach is the season. Winter is a time when people are indoors more, so they spend more time on their phones.

3. “Original content” now gets a higher reach on Instagram

An Instagram algorithm change in 2023 caused many users’ reach to drop. The algorithm now favors posts that are unique and original to Instagram.

4. You’re using the wrong hashtags

Why is my IG reach so low

Make sure to use a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags to reach the widest, but most targeted audience possible.

5. There’s a problem with your posting schedule

You should try posting at times when your target audience is most active on Instagram to increase your reach on Instagram.

6. You’re not consistent

If you don’t post regularly, your reach will likely decrease over time. Consistent doesn’t have to mean posting multiple times every day. Start with something you know is 100% manageable for you. If you can do three posts a week, then start there!

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What Is A Good Reach Rate On Instagram

If your brand has a large following, aim for an average Reach Rate of 12% for Instagram posts and 2% for Instagram Stories. If you have a smaller following, try for 32% of your audience through posts and 8% through Stories

How To Increase Reach On Instagram

Here are the best tips to improve your Instagram reach:

1. Be patient

A few weeks of low Instagram reach may not be a cause for alarm in the long run. If you look at your 30-day and 90-day overall insights, however, you can see that the drop in reach is a continual trend. Here’s what you can do next.

2. Review your current engagement strategy

What actions do you take to improve your account reach right now? Do you engage with more users? Do you post more? What content is the best? Make a list of what you currently do and then make a list of what you could possibly do. Mark everything on both lists that’s relevant for the next three months (at least).

Why Are My Likes Going Down On Instagram In 2023

If you have noticed an Instagram likes down in 2023 and are asking ’Why am I getting less likes on Instagram?’, here you will figure out why. There are many possible reasons for this, depending on your type of account. Instagram can also make algorithm changes. The most common ones are as follows:

  • Your engagement with followers isn’t enough
  • Posting irregularly
  • You don’t use any other social networks
  • Captions aren’t part of your social media strategy
  • You’re not using Insta’s new features
  • You don’t make good use of hashtags
  • You haven’t been creative with your posts
  • Algorithm changes

Identifying the reasons why your likes drop can lead to improvements in your following.

Instagram Reel Views Suddenly Dropped in 2023, Why?

Possible reasons for the sudden drop in Instagram Reel views in 2023:

Algorithm Changes: Instagram’s algorithm updates can impact Reel visibility and reach.

Content Relevance: Your Reels may no longer resonate with your audience or align with current trends.

Saturation and Competition: Increased competition can make it harder for your Reels to stand out.

Timing and Frequency: Inconsistent posting or suboptimal timing can affect views.

Engagement and Interaction: Low engagement levels can impact Reel visibility.

To address the drop in views:

  • Review and adjust your content strategy to align with current trends.
  • Post consistently and at optimal times.
  • Encourage engagement through interactive elements and responding to comments.
  • Stay informed about algorithm updates and adapt accordingly.

What Does High Reach Low Engagement on Instagram Mean?

“High reach, low engagement” on Instagram refers to a situation where your posts or content are reaching a large number of people, but the level of engagement (likes, comments, shares) on those posts is relatively low. In other words, your content is being seen by many users, but it is not generating a significant level of interaction or response from them.

This situation can occur for various reasons, such as:

  • Relevance: Your content may not be resonating with your target audience, causing them to scroll down without engaging.
  • Quality: The quality of your content, including its visual appeal, informational value, or entertainment factor, may not be compelling enough to encourage users to engage.
  • Call-to-Action: You may not be effectively prompting or encouraging your audience to take action, such as liking, commenting, or sharing your posts.
  • Algorithm Changes: Instagram’s algorithm may be affecting the visibility or reach of your content, making it less likely to be seen by your followers.
  • Saturation: The Instagram platform may be saturated with similar content, making it challenging for your posts to stand out and capture attention.

To address the issue of high reach and low engagement, you can consider the following steps:

  • Review your content strategy and ensure it is relevant, valuable, and interesting to your target audience.
  • Enhance the quality of your posts by focusing on compelling visuals, engaging captions, and informative or entertaining content.
  • Include clear calls-to-action in your captions, encouraging users to like, comment, or share your posts.
  • Stay informed about any changes to the Instagram algorithm and adapt your content strategy accordingly.
  • Analyze your audience insights to better understand their preferences and interests, and tailor your content to match their expectations.


Still wondering, ‘Why is my engagement on Instagram so low?’

If you are facing an Instagram engagement down, it’s probably because of the new algorithm update.

You can do nothing about it, so you have to give the algorithm time to adapt itself to everything.

There are also so many factors that you should be careful about, and you can read them on Instagram community guidelines.

But if this hasn’t happened to you at all, then there is a good chance that your Instagram management just needs a boost.

Try to use the tactics mentioned in this article, and this will probably increase your Instagram engagement.

But, if you don’t have the time to invest in analyzing Instagram’s algorithm frequently or spend more time on your account management tactics, there is an ultimate solution.

Find an Instagram engagement service like AiGrow; they are experts and know everything about Instagram.

Sign up for AiGrows’s VIP Growth service and boost your engagement.

FAQs On Instagram Engagement Down

Here are a few questions you might have regarding Instagram engagement going down in 2023:

1. How to Fix Instagram Reach Down?

To improve your Instagram reach:

Create high-quality content.

Use relevant hashtags.

Post consistently.

Engage with your audience.

Utilize Instagram Stories and Reels.

Collaborate with influencers or brands.

Analyze insights.

Consider paid advertising.

By following these strategies, you can enhance your reach on Instagram.

2. What Does Accounts Engaged Mean On Instagram?

According to Instagram, the total number of accounts that interacted with your content in a given time period is called ” Account Engaged.”

3. How To Get More Exposure On Instagram?

Here are some tips to make you stand out and get more views on Instagram:

  • Create a captivating bio
  • Use hashtags
  • Post regularly 
  • Use the explore page
  • Use stories feature
  • Use the location feature
  • Post at the best times
  • Have a unique style
  • Be relatable, funny, and entertaining
  • Engage with followers regularly

4. What Does Account Reached Mean On Instagram?

Account reach on Instagram

The number of people who saw your Instagram post or story on any given day is called ” Account Reached.”

5. What Will Happen To Instagram In 2023?

Are Instagram users declining? There are 1.3 billion Instagram users worldwide in 2023; emarketers predict the number in the US will continue to rise.

Us Instagram users predictions

From a functional perspective, Instagram is always trying to improve the user experience by making changes every year. Here are four important updates to expect in 2023, each with its own impact on your Instagram marketing strategies:

  • The user experience
  • Intensified focus on Instagram videos
  • Content creators and influencers can monetize their content
  • The security and control of information

6. Why Does My Following Count Keep Changing On Instagram In 2023?

Your Instagram follower count may fluctuate for a number of reasons. Most commonly, Instagram is removing spam followers from the platform.

 It might also happen when Instagram systems take a long time to update one’s account followers count, or as a result of the ‘follow/unfollow’ game that many accounts foolishly choose to play.

7. How To Find Live Videos On Instagram 2023?

To find random live videos on Instagram, you need access to two different Instagram accounts on your phone. Here are the steps:

  1. On your phone, tap the Live button.
how to find live videos on Instagram
  1. As you go Live, tap on the airplane icon and send it to the other account.
  2. End and discard the video, then go to the second account to your DMs.
how to find random live videos on Instagram
  1. On the message, tap on watch more Live videos
watching random Instagram live videos

8. Why Is My Instagram Engagement So Low All of a Sudden?

There are a few possible reasons for your sudden decrease in Instagram engagement:

  • Algorithm Changes: Instagram’s algorithm updates can impact the visibility of your posts.
  • Content Quality: Ensure your posts are visually appealing, informative, and engaging.
  • Timing and Consistency: Post consistently at optimal times when your followers are most active.
  • Hashtags and Captions: Use relevant hashtags and compelling captions to attract more users.
  • Audience Preferences: Tailor your content to match your target audience’s preferences.
  • Changes in User Behavior: Stay updated on trends and topics relevant to your niche.
  • Competition and Saturation: Find unique ways to differentiate your content from competitors.
  • Engagement Strategies: Actively engage with your audience through comments and conversations.

Continuously adapt and learn from your audience’s feedback to improve your engagement on this media.

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