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Instagram SEO: Best tactics to boost your exposure

By Andie
October 5, 2021 11:10 pm

Do you want to increase your Instagram engagement and drive your organic growth every day? all you need to do is implement SEO strategies for your Instagram page.  

We might all think of SEO as for web pages and Google search engines only, but it’s time to consider Instagram as another additional search engine.

This article will share what you need to know about Instagram SEO 2021 and how you can expand your Instagram engagement with Instagram SEO.

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How does SEO work on Instagram?

Think of Instagram as a search engine; SEO and search engines are all about keywords, so if you keep that in mind and use it on your Instagram account, then your steps ahead of the game. 

Since Instagram changed its algorithm, things became complex.

To get on the Instagram explore page or even your followers feed seems to be a lot of work.

Time to think outside of the box and use SEO techniques to get additional Instagram traffic to be on top of the search list, not only on Instagram but also on Google. 

Follow these steps to grow your Instagram with SEO. 

Best SEO tactics on Instagram

Use keywords for your Instagram @username & Bio

Your username acts like a critical “keyword.”

Some people like to use their name as their username or personal brand, and that’s fine but if you are choosing a name for your brand, then consider adding your

specialty/industry/passion/location as your Instagram @username. 

For example, if you are a Traveler, try to add keywords such as travel, traveler in your username, and name. This way, your chance of appearing on top of the search list is higher.

The same strategy goes for your Instagram name: the bold word in your Instagram bio plays a significant role in search engines. 

 Look at what the Instagram search list shows when you search the word Travel: 

Try to add hashtags in your Bio.

Add keywords related to your niche as hashtags; in this case, if your niche is about travel, you can add keywords such as traveling, trip, vacation, travel to your Bio.

If a user searches for the word vacation, possibly your account will be on top of the search list. 

Therefore treat your Instagram hashtags as your main keywords. 

Optimize your Instagram posts

  • Post-high-Quality Photos – Instagram uses a technology called “image recognition” This technology can “scan” your photo to figure out what’s on it.

By doing this, IG is going to search automatically for new people to show your photo to.

All you need to do is keep your photos clear, simple, and of good quality. This way, the technology will work in your favor.

  • Add Keyword hashtags on each post

We all know you can add 30 hashtags for each post, but is it a good idea to use all 30 of them? The answer is No; if you use too many hashtags, Instagram might find it as Spammy.

Try to add at least 9 and at most 11 variant hashtags on each post that describes your photo best and hashtags related to your niche. 


Add Alt text to your photos for SEO

What is the Alt text, and what is it used for?

Each photo on Pinterest and each website has a tag; adding Alt text to your photos gives Instagram more data to work with, and your image will be categorized to find new users to show.

Your Alt text should describe precisely what your photo is. 

Adding an ALT tag is essential for your Instagram growth. The platform wants all its users worldwide to use Instagram, such as people with visual impairments.

Thanks to Alt texts, people with visual disabilities can use this feature to enjoy social media more.

The Alt text is also a feature for places with a poor internet connection, so for example, if your followers happen to have a lousy internet connection, the Alt text gives them an idea of your post’s content.

ALT text is a vast SEO strategy on websites

If you want your photos to start ranking on Google Image searches and if you wish the Instagram algorithm works in your favor, begin using Alt text and witness your account coming to life! 

Here is a step by step on how to add Alt text to your post?

  1. First, upload a photo or video
  2. Click on “Advanced settings”
  3. Select “Write ALT text”
  4. Write your Alt text, choose a group of keywords that describe your photo.

Say goodbye to black hat SEO techniques

Since Instagram changed its algorithm, the possibilities to get shadowbanned is higher. Shadowbanning is the act of blocking a user’s content on social media sites. If you’re shadowbanned on Instagram, your content won’t appear on anyone’s feed unless they already follow you.

For your Instagram account to get on Instagram explore and not be shadowbanned, you need to avoid the following common mistakes: 

  • Don’t buy followers.
  • Prevent all kinds of bots!
  • Don’t follow or like too many accounts at the same time.
  • Don’t steal content.

Increase your Instagram Traffic

While page ranks are essential to SEO, it’s not the only purpose.

Utilizing links to your Instagram account, such as a website or Twitter and any social media platform, is a massive win. 

How to drive more traffic to your Instagram? 

  • Add a link to your Instagram Bio.
  • Add links to your Instagram stories.
  • Use the swipe up feature ( if you have more than 10,000 followers. )
  • Add links to Instagram Direct Messages.
  • Try to add links to your IGTV description.

These actions are enough to bring you high visibility on Instagram that may also cause your page/content to appear on google as well. but if you are looking to do things perfectly you can also ask for third-party companies to aid you.

for example, there are companies such as digichefs that is an SEO agency in Mumbai, with many happy customers that guarantee a good placement on the first page of google.

To summarize Instagram SEO

Instagram SEO is an excellent way to get on google search engines and increase Instagram followers, SEO tactics such as optimizing your Instagram username, using the right keywords and hashtags, and the importance of Alt text role on SEO that we covered in this article. 

If you’re baffled by Instagram’s algorithm, Get SEO-friendly using the mentioned tactics in this article one step at a time, and see the triumphant results for yourself.

At last please share with us, if you use any Instagram SEO technics in the comment section below!

This post was last modified on October 5, 2021 11:10 pm