7 Writing Tips for the Perfect Branded Content for Instagram

Writing Tips for the Perfect Branded Content for Instagram

There is more to Instagram than posting aesthetically pleasing visuals. This popular platform allows you to reach a wide audience and establish a connection with them through expressive content. 

Use Instagram to tell users who you are. Branded content can help you with that. 

You need content that is characteristic for your brand if you want to stand out among the competition, build stronger relationships with customers, and overall, improve your sales.

7 Writing Tips for the Perfect Branded Content for Instagram

Don’t underestimate the power of written content on Instagram. The words you put together can be the lead magnet you need. 

Do you want to know how to write the perfect branded content for Instagram? Then, keep reading as some great tips are waiting. 

1. Express Your Personality

If you have a unique brand style and voice, express it. If not, find it. You need to have a brand personality that your target audience can relate to.

To create unique content that the audience will want more of, you have to give it a personal and original touch. The content needs to feel friendly, approachable, and relatable.

In case you already have an established identity on your website, keep that consistency. The audience should have a round-up picture of who you are as a brand.

Take Dollar Shave Club as an example. Their target audience is men. The brand’s approach is to win over its audience with humorous, raw, and direct content. They express their brand’s personality through every Instagram post. Here’s an example:

Express Your Personality

A notable brand personality can be a great asset. Use it. 

Speak your customers’ language while expressing your uniqueness at the same time. That’s the best formula for captivating brand personality.  

2. Address Your Customers Directly

Using “you,” “your,” and “we” can add a touch of personalization to your posts. It strips away the formality and adds to that “we are all friends here” feel.

Posts that speak directly to customers are more personal. Your followers will get the impression that you are solely addressing them. Therefore, your text will make a more memorable impression.

Here’s how American Eagle does it. They don’t shy away from being direct with their customers.

Address Your Customers Directly

The “you” factor makes the post less mass-oriented and more reader-oriented. That kind of personalization can help users resonate with your content. 

3. Get Up Close and Personal

There’s no stronger connection than one that is built on an emotional level. Evoke your audience’s emotions, and you’ll be on the right path to situating yourself in their hearts. 

The brand that successfully wins over people with emotional content for decades is Dove. We can learn a lot from this brand. Their posts have meaning. They help people look deep inside. Dove’s posts inspire, motivate, and encourage a positive change. Just take a look at the following post:

Get Up Close and Personal

Do you need inspiration on how to pull the emotional strings with content? Here are a few examples:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Be honest
  • Introduce your employees
  • Share content on “real people” (customers, inspirational leaders, etc.)
  • Motivate and inspire

4. Keep It Casual

Instagram is a casual and engaging platform. The text you write should be in line with that. 

Of course, you don’t need to change your brand’s personality to accommodate the casualness of Instagram. Simply try to avoid technical terms, jargon, and complex language.

Even if you create educational or informative content, you can write in everyday language. Let’s say that you want to create an educational text on a historical topic. You go to https://subjecto.com/essay-samples/, a free essay and flashcard database, to read an essay for inspiration and then rephrase the topic’s essence in your own words.

Take LinkedIn as an example. LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and entrepreneurs. However, they use everyday language in their Instagram posts. A language that everyone can understand and relate to.

Keep It Casual

5. Encourage Interaction with CTA

The comment section is where the magic happens. If your audience starts leaving comments, you’ll know that you are onto something good.

However, you want to provide some encouragement. Leave nothing to chance. Include in the caption a call-to-action (CTA) that will give people a reason to interact with your brand.

The CTA depends on your goal. Do you want to boost engagement? Learn more about your audience? Increase sales? Boost awareness? Adapt the CTA to the post’s purpose.

Some examples of CTA that are suitable for Instagram description are:

  • Tag a friend
  • Tag us
  • Let us know what you think
  • What is your favorite____?
  • Visit our website/ Click the link in the bio to learn more.
  • Leave a vote in the comments

The CTA should be the last sentence in the caption. Thus, it will attack more attention and end your text on an actionable note. 

Encourage Interaction with CTA

Make sure that the CTA keeps up with the text in the description. It mustn’t ruin the flow of your content.

6. Use Branded and Niche Hashtags

Do you want to make your posts more discoverable? Then use hashtags. 

You want to aim at branded and niche hashtags primarily. Niche hashtags will bring a relevant audience to you, while branded hashtags can establish your brand identity.

We all know Nike’s #justdoit. That’s how far a good slogan turned into a catchy hashtag can take you. To create catchy slogans for free, you can use Dukaan’s Slogan Generator.

Use Branded and Niche Hashtags

Branded hashtags can help you raise awareness. Use the opportunity to add another unique characteristic to your brand personality. Come up with a memorable branded hashtag and let the sharing start. 

7. Provide Value

An Instagram caption isn’t just a nice addition to a post. You can give power to it if you use it wisely. 

Use the caption to share valuable information. Give your followers a good reason to look forward to your posts.

Some of the ways in which you can provide value with your Instagram content are:

  • Share benefits
  • Include specific product/service features
  • Share the customers’ typical pain points
  • Specify the problem’s your product/service solves
  • Provide useful and practical tips
  • Share facts and data

Levi’s effectively applies this approach. Here’s an example:

Provide Value

The Instagram text doesn’t need to be all fun and games. You can use the Instagram caption to share valuable information. Valuable content can ensure you the followers’ attention.

Wrapping Up

Instagram can be an impactful tool when you team it up with branded content. Give your followers something to look forward to. Write content that they would like to read. 

The above-mention tips can provide you with foundation and guidance. However, the rest is up to you. Put these actionable tips in motion and write captions that will help you grow your brand. 

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