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Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to have more than one link or URL. So, What’s the problem? The problem is not for non-business individual accounts. But, for those with links from their business websites, Facebook, or other related links, it is certainly a problem. So, What’s the solution? Of course, it’s a free link in bio Instagram tool, and we are going to show you the best ones. If you want a fast solution, use AiGrow to have the best application for your links in your bio on Instagram.

Try the AiGrow link in bio tool now

1. AiGrow

If you want to have a full free link in bio tool for your Instagram account, Use AiGrow surely. Because it’s safe, web-based, and user friendly. So, you don’t need to install anything to use most of its features including putting links in your bio. Let’s see how to do it.

How to Make Your link In Bio For Free On AiGrow

After signing up for free and adding your Instagram account in the dashboard, you can see the Bio link tab. As you can see, there are multiple ways to get to the Bio link section. Then, you should mark, “Put this link in my Instagram bio”. This job removes whatever you put as your bio and puts this instead. After doing this, you are ready to use the famous all-in-one bio link feature of AiGrow. Here you see you can easily put any URL or action button to your specific URL as your bio. For example, you can add your other social platforms accounts or any arbitrary website or button for your website. After that, there are a lot of ways for you to check how this bio looks like.

One simple way is that you can click the green preview button on the dashboard. As a result, you would face something like the following picture. Another way is to check your Instagram profile. Since you add your special bio link by marking the recent button, you would see one URL on your Instagram bio. So, if you click on it, another window opens and you would see your profile with all other stuff that you’ve already added. Just guess how much time these instructions take from you and deliver a beautiful URL package to your bio. Of course, you would agree that AiGrow has done a wonderful job on this. So, it’s not irrelevant if it should be a top choice as a free link in bio Instagram tool.

Other Features

AiGrow has not only the all-in-one bio link feature, but also a lot of features around growth and scheduling. So, you have more than a free link in bio tool for your Instagram account. The list below contains only some of the features of AiGrow.

  • Organic growth – using dedicated account managers
  • Hashtag, location, competitor, and influencer targeting
  • Hashtags and accounts monitoring
  • Scheduling feed and stories
  • Listening and reposting
  • Special giveaway posts scheduling
  • Receiving and sending DMs through your email inbox
  • Social calendar – helping you to prepare yourself for special events
  • All-in-one bio link analytics

In order to get familiar with how AiGrow Growth ability works, watch the following video.

Packages and Pricing

AiGrow has various packages to give you more options to buy yourself a suitable package. If you go for the free plan, you can have only 1 social link, 1 button, and 3 linked posts. But, if you want unlimited multiple links of any kind and nothing more, you can use the 7$-monthly package. In this case, you won’t get many additional features of AiGrow. Finally, if you want more, you can use pro packs especially the long term ones. Because they are discounted up to 45% in comparison to 1-month usage. To see all pricing methods, see this.

2. Linktree

Linktree is a very famous Instagram tool helping you put your link in bio for free. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any other specific feature out of link in bio for you. However, it’s fairly good only for links in your bio. Let’s get to know it and what to do with it.

How to Make Your link In Bio For Free On Linktree

After going to the Linktree website, you should select the, “get started for free” button in the middle of the website. Then, you should create an account using your email, and the process is really simple. And Finally, you have the Linktree dashboard to add your links or URLs to it. The procedure is very simple. For example, you select to add links, and then you give a title and URL to it. Fortunately, the number is not limited, but there are other limitations. For instance, you are not allowed to have buttons if you don’t buy its pro plan. This means your bio looks a little rigid.

Packages and Pricing

However, its pro plan is not an expensive plan, and it costs you only 6$ monthly. Apart from pro and free plans, you don’t see any customization on plans. And it’s not strange because they don’t have very distinctive features. In the following picture, you can see some of the things you can do with the pro plan.

3. Campsite

Campsite is a fine and sweet free Instagram tool to decorate the link in bio. Unlike AiGrow, Campsite is not a tool for growth or scheduling on Instagram or any other social media. However, it’s one of the best ones which concentrated on this feature. So, Let’s learn how to use it.

How to Make Your link In Bio For Free On Campsite

After going to its website, you should click on the, “Get started for free” button. Then, you can comfortably sign up for it using your Google or Facebook account. To complete the process, you should verify your account via your Gmail.

they were just for initiations, however, after that, it will be smooth as silk. You can add new links by the button of the same name. Then, filling the title and the URL will finish the job. However, you cannot use many features on the free plan. So, nothing is free on Campsite.

Packages and Pricing

Campsite hasn’t made its packages complicated, because it’s simply a free tool for link in bio on Instagram. So, there is only one more package beside the free package, and it’s only 7$ monthly.

4. Shorby

Another free Instagram tool you can use for the link in your bio is Shorby. Similar to Linktree and Campsite, Shorby does not have any feature around scheduling or growth on Instagram. So, it focuses on Instagram bio links and has some features about them. Firstly, we need to know how to work with it.

How to Make Your link In Bio For Free On Shorby

After signing up, you can add your links, boxes, or social links like the picture below. So, nothing is hard to use, and everything is smooth and simple. It was all good so far, but it’s not always like this. Firstly, it’s very disappointing when you understand that Shorby’s free plan is only for 5 days. After that, you can’t use any feature of it, even very simple links and URLs. Secondly, The packages are not relatively affordable.

Packages and Pricing

There are rocket, pro, and agency packages and they cost 15$, 29$, and 99$ per month respectively. However, if you want to purchase them annually, there will be subtle differences.

Fairly, there are many features including kinds of metrics and link elements in the agency plan. To check it, see this. But, overall, Shorby is not a pleasant free tool for a link in bio on Instagram.

The Cheapest or The Best?

Whenever a desired feature comes with more than one tool, decision making will come to your way. So, which tool is better? Of course, the cheaper the better. So, in this case, the 3 first tools are in the same rank. On one hand, the feature for AiGrow is limited, though it’s unlimited for the other two. On the other hand, those two lacks plenty of features that AiGrow has. So, if you look for a complete ship with the best captain for your Instagram account, AiGrow would be your choice. However, if you just want a sailor in this storm of Instagram marketing, you can choose otherwise. If you want a fast solution, use AiGrow to have the best link in the bio tool.


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