How to use Instagram stories to grow your business in 2021?

How to use Instagram stories to grow your business in 2021_


If your business is not on Instagram nowadays, you might be missing millions of opportunities to grow business on Instagram. There are a lot of people who take advantage of this platform in order to make their brand a great success.

For the past few years, Instagram has been used for businesses to engage with their audience, boost sales, and build brand awareness. To do so using Instagram stories is of great importance since nearly 500 million people use Instagram stories every single day.

Instagram stories-grow business

It is not as complicated as it might seem. We’re here to get started and explore everything you need to know about Instagram stories in order to benefit your business.

Let’s dive in!

What are Instagram stories?

An Instagram story is a short story in a creative way that combines photos, videos, text, or stickers. It lives for 24 hours, and it disappears if it is not downloaded or saved in the archive or Highlights.

Stories are the first glance that your followers will see, and they appear at the top bar in the mobile app. They can be viewed for a maximum of 15 seconds at a time so that your followers don’t need to spend a lot of time and attention.

Here’s how to use Instagram stories to grow business on Instagram and achieve considerable success, step by step

Not only Instagram itself is the reality TV show of your business, but also stories, on the other hand, are where you can give your followers a glimpse into the realities of what goes behind your feed. Honestly, by taking five minutes to share something in your stories, you’ll start to build up a deep rapport with your target audience.

That will turn them into potential loyal and paying customers, If not at that moment, then in the near future. If your follower isn’t ready to buy from you today, use your stories to make them think they’ll need your products or services as soon as possible.

You need to know what to share on your Instagram stories to create a sense of trust, interest, etc., in your followers to engage them, since the engagement, in this case, means the first step to grow business on Instagram.

It’s time to let you know how you can use your stories to increase this engagement. Yes! That’s easy.

What to share on Instagram stories to grow business on Instagram?

Believe it or not, it is of prime importance to choose a kind of content that is engaging enough to share on your Instagram stories. Here are five top tips and ideas to make your stories engaging.

1.Behind the scenes of your Business

This shows your followers that you are a person, and people like buying from people. (A lot of the time, a business’ social media can be impersonal.)Take your audience into the day-to-day activities of running your business, every individual in your team, etc., to let your followers make sure that you are real.

An employee takeover is another great idea to show there are real people behind a brand. Of course, they might have some stuff to share. You can easily take advantage of your employees in this case by letting them take control of Instagram stories for a day. It may seem exciting to your followers to share them what your employees’ average working day is like. Showing them your work space, what they are working on and how they feel about working at the company and the whole journey of your business in general is engaging.

2. Teach your followers

Instagram stories allow you to teach your followers anything. Depending on your industry, your options to teach are endless.

You can even test your audience’s knowledge afterward by using the quiz feature on Instagram. Using Instagram stories stickers is a fun, free, and easy way to increase engagement with your followers.

3. Start a series

Depending on your industry starting a series on your Instagram stories might be worth considering because your followers may find your regular content interesting, and they’ll check your stories to expect and look forward to it. The more you try to encourage people to follow your content, the more likely you are to grow business on Instagram.

4. Share events

Attending events at some point has always been a part of the business. It’s all worth sharing. Boomerangs, pictures, and videos of the venue, people, your team, as well as any knowledge you gain at the event. Keep it in your mind; to reach more new people and increase thy engagement, it would be a great idea to tag the location and use the event hashtag.

5. Set up context

Sharing something with zero context would be one of the biggest mistakes an online business owner makes on Instagram stories, because if the follower doesn’t know what they’re going to be shared and even why they should care for the information, they’ll end up exiting the story.

Follow this step-by-step framework each time you post your story

Step 1- Introduce whatever you’re about to share

Step 2- share all the content related to the story

Step 3-  End with a call-to-action ( CTA ) like the emoji slider poll or the traditional question and answer ( Q & A) poll.


There may be some small businesses looking forward to growing their businesses fast on Instagram. We’re going to have a quick look at 10  tips to successfully grow and market your business on Instagram.

How to grow small businesses on Instagram?

There are so many important factors in the process of growing small businesses on Instagram to pay careful attention to. We will provide you with some of them below.

1.Use a business account

When joining Instagram, you can select whether your account will be a personal or business account. The latter is ideal for businesses because it allows you to use a variety of benefits available to boost your business.

2.Your bio

Use this 150 character space wisely by including hashtags and a link to your website. Don’t forget to update your bio from time to time.

3.Create and plan your content

Create and plan the themes for the types of content you plan to post, at least on a weekly basis. Put all your effort into making your posts look professional and eye-catching.

4.Monitor hashtags in your market

By exploring and keeping an eye on relevant hashtags, you can grow your in-app connection. It increases the possibility for people who don’t follow you to discover your content.

The good news is that AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service which provides you with unique tools to manage and guarantee your business growth on Instagram.

If you consider the process of finding and using relevant and trendy hashtags a big deal, it’s time to give AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool a try.

5.Use Instagram stories

Stories should be an integral part of your Instagram marketing strategy to grow business on Instagram, as we mentioned before.

6.Be real and don’t be shy about direct messages

Do your best to build a better real relationship with your customers. You can thank them for praising comments, taking their concerns seriously, using their direct messages wisely. Moreover,  another useful way is even responding to comments.

7.Post at peak times

Knowing when is the best time to post depends closely on your specific audience. Experiment to see what works best.

8.Announce new posts in your stories

Your customers who might watch all of your stories may not be able to see all your Instagram posts in their feed. By this strategy, you can easily increase engagement on a post.

As we mentioned earlier, AiGrow has super beneficial features to help you with your Instagram account. One of its features is Scheduler which works best to post your content(story, feed, IGTV) either at the time or schedule it to be posted in the future at the time you set.

9.Post about current events

Whether you are a big brand or a small business, posting about current events is one of the top Instagram marketing strategies.

10.Organize a giveaway

Instagram giveaways are limited-time promotions in which brands promise to give away a product or service to one or more lucky followers. Actually, this process is done according to a specific criteria. Ask your followers to tag their friends, people like free products, services, or coupons. That’s why this strategy will help increase your exposure and subsequently your engagement.


All in all, the content on Instagram stories has to be engaging and eye-catching. Besides the more you create that personal connection, the more loyal followers you get to help you grow your business. Try out these tips and ideas given in this blog to grow your business by Instagram as soon as possible.



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