12 Killer ways to promote your business on Instagram

Killer ways to promote your business on Instagram

Nowadays, the general population, mostly the younger generation, seems enamored with social media platforms, especially the visually-oriented one, Instagram. With this amount of active Instagram users, there are plenty of great opportunities to make a fortune from the platform, especially for businesses. That’s why in this article, we are going to share killer ways to help you promote your business on Instagram.

Recently, Instagram marketing has gained popularity as an exciting way that brands use Instagram to target audiences and turn them into potential customers and market their offerings. So for making your Instagram marketing a big success, you definitely need hacks and tools.

Let’s dive in!

How to promote your business on Instagram?

Instagram is the second most popular social media network, after Facebook. So with thousands of businesses competing on this platform, you need to work hard to stand out. But, there is no need to worry! Promoting your business on Instagram is not a big deal, thanks to so many Instagram tactics and tools available. For example, you can create a logo and use it on your Instagram posts for a brand boost.

We will give you 12 killer ways and actionable techniques for promoting your brand on Instagram.

How to promote your business on Instagram? 1# Use AiGrowAiGrow-Hoempage

AiGrow is a top-quality Instagram growth service that centers around Instagram account management that takes over your Instagram growth.

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AiGrow offers you many beneficial features and services to accelerate and facilitate the process of managing your Instagram account. One of its unique features that are absolutely needed when promoting your business on Instagram is the VIP growth service.

This service guarantees your organic growth on the platform. Besides, it promises to give you 300-500 real targeted followers per month.

What AiGrow is proud of is that the service doesn’t mess around with bots and fake followers. On the contrary, there are a group of dedicated account managers to be paired with you for growing your account and promoting your business on the platform on your behalf.

Do you wonder how the Growth engine of AiGrow works? Do you want to dive deeper into this process? Then, watch the YouTube video below!

How to promote business on Instagram? 2# Participate as much as you can on the platform

It really matters to be an active participant who is involved. You shouldn’t be just a content publisher. It means you need to boost your engagement by following other people such as bloggers, influencers, and brands.

Also, you need to join the conversations; users are starting in the comment section of your posts or others’. Simply put, the more you interact with the content users are producing, the more likely you are to increase your brand awareness and end up promoting your business.

Moreover, you can publish some prospective customers’ content and mention them. And don’t forget to join those talks either in the comments or in your DM inbox to respond to your audience’s questions, concerns, praise, etc.

How to promote business on Instagram? 3# Use a branded theme

Your Instagram theme matters as much as your content does. The better your theme (Instagram grid layout) looks, the more interaction you’ll have on the page. As you know, when you create a theme and stick to it, you make your business account photos recognizable, and you can gain attention immediately.

Just imagine your audience is scrolling through their feed, and they can recognize your recently shared content by its theme at a glance. So then you are more likely to get a like, comment, etc.

How to promote business on Instagram? 4# Go with the trending topics in your posts

promote business on Instagram-trending topics

If you are looking for a way to get a serious leg up when it comes to brand awareness and engagement, then go with the trends. For example, by creating holiday-themed messages, you can take advantage of these days to engage more and more customers. You can also lead website visitors to your social media. If, for example, you have a podcast platform, make sure to follow podcasting trends to gain more interest and engagement

Note that you skip topics that are better to be left alone. For example, when a tragic event occurs, you’d better avoid it to prove that you’re not trying to capitalize on the misfortune of others. Moreover, always ignore controversial topics. 

How to promote business on Instagram? 5# Use branded hashtags

promote business on Instagram- branded hashtags

One of the great ways to get your Instagram posts viewed on the platform is using branded hashtags. Hashtags not only make your content categorized, but they also give your content the opportunity to be more discoverable.

A branded Instagram hashtag is one that is unique to your business. It can be the name of your company or one of your products, a tagline, etc. 

How to promote business on Instagram? 6# Use a hashtag contest

Instagram hashtag contests to promote business on Instagram

Instagram contests are great when it comes to encouraging Instagram users to follow your Instagram page, taking actions such as liking, commenting, tagging others, etc., to boost your engagement, and submitting a photo via the use of a hashtag in return for an incentive.

Thanks to the Instagram hashtag contest, you have the chance to drive traffic to your business website, drive new followers as well as getting user-generated content (photos or videos from your customers or followers showcasing your products).

How to promote business on Instagram? 7# Give people a behind-the-scenes look

promote business on Instagram-behind-the-scene

Nothing can connect you as a business on a personal level with your community like sharing your business behind the scenes does. Using behind-the-scenes content, you can show your followers what’s happening behind the brand they are following, like the culture, manager, employees, workplace, and everyday workings of the business.

People connect with you more and more once they make sure you are approachable and more human. That’s why your business promotion on Instagram should be both product focus and brand stuff (behind-the-scenes, lifestyle, etc.).

How to promote business on Instagram? 8# Know your audience

Researching to figure out who you can target through Instagram marketing is one of the keys to success. For instance, you need to know who are your most active Instagrammers, where they live, which city/country is the largest Instagram market, etc.

By considering the above-mentioned factors, you can simply define your target market so you can create a kind of content that your audience finds interesting.

How to promote business on Instagram? 9# Include a link in your bio

Your business Instagram profile is the only place where you can put a clickable link. Clickable links are less likely to be tapped in photo descriptions or comment sections, but everyone can tap them when they are put in your Instagram bio. So don’t miss this opportunity.

As you may know, Instagram only allows you to share only one link in your bio. What if you want to share more links, details, and information with your followers? The answer is definitely using a bio link. 

Simply put, adding a link in bio gives you the possibility to link to more pages and content. For instance, you can link to your homepage, a dedicated landing page, a page with the newest products and sales, etc.

How to promote business on Instagram? 10# Use different types of high-quality content

Don’t stick to only one kind of content. Be creative and take advantage of different types, including carousel posts, videos, photos, Stories, Reels, lives, and IGTV videos. Keep in mind that all these contents need to be of high quality.

How to promote business on Instagram? 11# Set up an Instagram shop

promote business on Instagram- set up an Instagram shop

Having a business profile gives you the possibility to set up an Instagram shop. With this feature, you can simply create your online Instagram store. 

After setting up our shop on Instagram, you’ll get a View Shop button on your Instagram profile page. All your fans need to do is tap and go through your shop.

How to promote business on Instagram? 12# Use Instagram advertising

promote business on Instagram- Instagram ads

 Advertising on Instagram can increase brand awareness, bring you better customer satisfaction, etc. But, more importantly, ad targeting allows you to put your ads in front of the right people.

There are several Instagram ad formats such as

  • Stories ads 
  • Video/photo ads 
  • IGTV ads 
  • Carousel ads 
  • Explore ads 
  • Collection ads 
  • Instagram shopping ads

Depending on your business goals, you can use one or more Instagram ad formats. One more thing, don’t forget to add a call-to-action to your ads.

How to advertise on Instagram?

There are two ways to set up your ads on Instagram. The first and easier way is to simply promote an existing Instagram post within the Instagram app. The second way, which seems to be more complicated, offers the most customization options. This way is to create your Instagram ad using Facebook Ads Manager. 

Let’s see how you can use each of these ways below.

Advertise on Instagram right from the app

You can simply start advertising on Instagram using the app itself. Just choose one of your existing posts performing well, getting a lot of engagement, and then promote it with the app.

It should be noted that you need to have a business or creator account on Instagram to be able to do so. After that, you navigate to the desired post and click Promote under the post.

Advertise on Instagram using Facebook Ad Manager

As you may notice, Facebook and Instagram are both well integrated. So you can use Facebook Ads Manager to create ads that run on Instagram. 

First of all, set up a Facebook page. Then it’s time to connect your Facebook page and Instagram account to Facebook business manager. Finally, it’s time to take steps to create your first Instagram ad.

How to get more followers on Instagram for your business?

With more than one billion monthly active users, Instagram is one of the best free tools for reaching your target market. The more popular it becomes, the more individuals and businesses compete to have a leg up on the competition.

Having millions or thousands of followers is of great importance, especially for businesses. One of the very first things that your audience considers to decide whether or not you are an authentic business is the number of people who are following you.

Here are some hacks to help you gain more Instagram followers for your business and make a fortune.

1# Optimize your Instagram profile

Believe it or not, your Instagram profile makes the first impression. If you optimize it like professionals, you can encourage visitors to tap the Follow button at first glance.

Firstly, make sure you have an Instagram business profile, and secondly, use the following tips on optimizing your profile:

  • Choose a simple, recognizable, and easy-to-remember user name
  • Select a business name that is easily searchable
  • Choose a branded profile picture
  • Write an informative Instagram bio
  • Include a call-to-action
  • Add a bio link
  • Highlight your stories

2# Repost local content to strengthen your businesses’ reputation and followers

One of the first things that can strengthen your Instagram community is to repost content published by your local Instagram followers, such as any local celebrities, brands, and businesses.

These individuals whose content is featured by your business will feel great and satisfied with you and your business. Besides, it will also make their followers notice your business which will help you reach their followers and even more people, and that’s exactly what a win-win situation means.

In other words, your audience enjoys it when they think you enjoy interacting with them. Make sure that your business doesn’t feel like a business after-sales. 

3# Create compelling content

Instagram is a visually oriented platform, so all content you share should be of high quality to grab the users’ attention. We don’t mean you need to be a professional photographer with professional photography equipment but at least make sure that your photos and videos are sharp, well-lit, well-composed, clear, and eye-catching.

More importantly, post something which is exciting and engaging to your Instagram followers. If you have no idea what to share, take a look at some ideas below.

You can share:

1) behind-the-scenes 

2) Your short and long-term goals 

3) Your Morning Routine 

4) Reposts from fans and followers 

5) Quotes and text-based images 

6) share UGC(user-generated content 

7) tutorials/instructional posts

4# Write a great Instagram caption

Although we said that Instagram is a visual platform, it’s not all about visuals. Don’t neglect the importance of captions due to the fact that your brand voice is as important as your brand look.

Instagram allows you to use 2200 characters in your captions. 

Note: Since most people scan captions rather than read them word-by-word, you’d better include all the important information in the first two lines. (Instagram only lets those first two lines of your text appear in the news feed without tapping More

5# Use hashtags

Instagram Hashtags have always been of great importance on Instagram. Using relevant, targeted hashtags on Instagram not only categorizes your posts but also helps you get discovered by new audiences on Instagram. And these two will definitely translate into more engagement, followers, potential customers, brand awareness, etc.

6# Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

The impact of cross-promoting your Instagram account on other platforms to grow your Instagram following is huge. There are so many popular social media platforms out there, such as YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. 

Many creators and brands take advantage of these platforms to increase their Instagram following by addressing their followings on other platforms on Instagram.

Read more: Why you may lose followers and how you can gain more and more followers. 

The last word

To sum up, promoting your business on Instagram is of prime importance nowadays because it can showcase your products and services to a huge community. The more followers you have on Instagram, the more revenue you will get. That’s why in this article, we shared 12 killer ways to help you promote your business on Instagram, in addition to 6 ways to get more followers for your business.

We recommend using AiGrow to get targeted Instagram followers for your business.

Sign up for free on AiGrow!

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