Why am I losing followers on Instagram? +Solutions

why am losing followers on Instagram

Losing Instagram followers is a real nightmare, especially when you have no clue why. Imagine you’ve been pouring countless days, weeks, and months trying to post amazing content, engaging with your audience, and gaining more and more new followers each day, but one day you wake up and experience a sudden drop in your daily follower count. You have no idea what is wrong! “Why am I losing followers on Instagram” would be a question you keep asking yourself for sure.

In this article, we will shed more light on the reasons why you might be losing followers. Also,  We will help you figure out what the solutions are to put your Instagram growth back on track. Stay tuned! Before getting started, let’s see if losing followers is something normal or not.

Is losing Instagram followers normal?

As you know, people unfollow accounts for a variety of reasons. A small falling follower count is completely normal and can happen to every account. For instance, it usually happens when you stop posting and taking action on the platform for a while. It ends up having less engagement and consequently fewer followers.

But once you notice that you are losing followers rapidly, you definitely need to take quick action. This is not natural, and it must be caused by something else.

What is worrying most is that a huge sudden falling follower count can affect your engagement. These two factors, engagement and followers count, work hand in hand. So the more followers you have, the more engagement you gain, and of course, the more likely you are to gain new followers thanks to the high level of engagement rate.

1# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You may have been shadow-banned by the platform.

Sometimes you take actions either intentionally or intentionally that are against Instagram rules and guidelines. Violating the rules of Instagram can put your account at the risk of having your account shadowbanned. 

When you are shadowbanned, you are not completely shut down and caught, but Instagram limits your access and visibility. For example, your content won’t be categorized by subject tags because it won’t be shown under the respective hashtags.

Simply put, by being shadowbanned, you are virtually invisible on the platform. In this case, it is not surprising that you start losing your followers rapidly. When there is no visible content to your followers, there is no reason for them to keep following you.

Although the sudden drop in followers should be a red flag, Instagram doesn’t send you an official warning when/why you have been shadow banned. Here are some of the reasons why your account might be restricted.

  • Using bots to get more comments and likes
  • Using banned hashtags
  • adding repetitive hashtags under all your posts
  • Taking advantage of third-party apps that violate Instagram terms of use
  • Having your content reported by other IG users
  • Overusing hashtags

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In order to prevent losing your followers as a result of a shadow ban, stop using repetitive, banned, and broken hashtags, and don’t add too many hashtags to your posts. Besides, if you are using bots or unauthorized apps to grow your account, stop using them as soon as possible. More importantly, you’d better stop sharing posts that are inappropriate or copied in order not to be reported.

2# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You may have bought fake or bot Instagram followers.

Instagram is pretty sensitive to bots and fake followers. As time goes on, Instagram is getting more and more popular. Users are looking for fast ways to grow their followers on the platform to make a fortune out of it. That’s why fake follower networks are getting to be a huge issue on Instagram.

Thanks to Instagram algorithms and detection methods, this platform not only can identify these accounts but it can also start cracking down on these fake networks. 

Instagram fights with spam and bot networks and cracks them down every couple of months, causing you to lose followers suddenly.

Although your followers’ rate decreases in this process, it is to your advantage. Because there will be all your real active followers left who can increase your engagement.


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Stop using bots and purchasing fake followers. By having a bunch of fake followers, you won’t get much value since they don’t engage with your content, don’t visit your website, don’t buy any of your products, etc.

Instead, if you are looking for a safe way to increase your followers organically within a short period of time, use AiGrow (a top-quality Instagram management and growth app).

AiGrow’s growth service uses dedicated account managers to help you grow your account through taking natural actions (likes, follows, unfollows, etc.) and targeting your audience using hashtags, location tags, and competitor accounts.  

This app guarantees your account growth by promising you to add 300-500 new real followers per month. The point is that all these followers are gained organically without making use of any bots.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how you can make use of this service in detail. 

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Note: You have the chance to give AiGrow and all its features a seven-day free trial. Once your trial is over, you need to purchase one of its packages if you’d like to keep using the app.

3# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You have incorrect post frequency (too many or too few posts)

why am I losing followers on Instagram-incorrect post frequency

Despite the fact that having a consistent presence is important on Instagram, you might lose followers if you post too frequently. This may cause your followers to be annoyed and have a hard time seeing other types of content in their feed.

On the other hand, if you haven’t interacted with your Instagram audience or released a post for a long time, your followers might think they’re following an account that is no longer existing or functioning. So they will click the unfollow button because all your followers are looking for is getting the latest news and inspiration from your account in addition to great and high-quality content.


On Instagram, posting every other day (about 3-4 times a week) is recommended. But this may not always work. Deciding whether you are posting enough or not depends on the engagement that you get on your posts. You yourself can realize it through trial and error.

Another thing that is worth paying attention to is that if you are going to have a busy time in your business or daily life and you won’t be able to spend more time on social media; you’d better schedule your posts in advance to keep your consistent presence on the platform.

Read more: Here is a blog to dive deeper into how you can easily schedule your contents on Instagram using AiGrow’s Scheduler feature.

Let’s watch the YouTube video below to get more information about AiGrow’s Scheduler feature.

4# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? It’s an Instagram glitch.

Instagram glitches may result in Instagram followers disappearing from IG accounts for hours and sometimes for whole days. Whenever a bug or glitch is causing such an issue, there will be news around the Internet. If you doubt whether a bug or glitch causes it, google Instagram glitch to confirm that this is indeed a glitch.


You can’t solve this issue as a user. All you can do is be patient and wait for the Instagram team to resolve the problem. Once the problem is solved after a while, you will see the follower numbers going back to their normal state.

5# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You don’t use the right hashtags.

use Instagram hashtags strategically

Nothing can put your content in front of a new audience all day long as hashtags do. Using relevant hashtags not only makes your posts more discoverable, but also lets you target your niche-related audience.

Bear in mind that you have to choose the right hashtags; otherwise, you will be randomly losing followers and won’t gain any new followers on Instagram by using irrelevant tags.


Make sure you use related hashtags. Hashtags are of two kinds: specific ones and general ones. Although general hashtags generate views, they bring low engagement to your account. That’s why you should take advantage of both, especially specific ones, to boost your engagement as well.

Be aware of banned hashtags in order not to put your account at the risk of being blocked. Search for trendy relevant hashtags and check whether they are not broken or bane before using them.

6# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You are posting outside of your theme.

why am I losing followers on Instagram-posting outside of your theme

Most people follow you because they are into the content you share. Imagine an account starts posting outside of the subject that it is known for. What do you think might happen? People who followed that account for the content in that niche will unfollow the account.

Losing a few followers every once in a while is fine. But if you notice that you’re losing a large group of followers, stop straying from the path you laid down when you initially started your account.


It is of prime importance to ensure that you are not posting completely outside your theme. For instance, if you always post about cinema, movies, actors/actresses, etc., once you start posting about music, some of your followers will definitely click the unfollow button. Because they are following you is being into the topic, you are promoting and sharing (your niche).

You’d better decide whether or not you wish to change niches. If you feel the need to change your niche, it is good to start another IG account to share your new content.

7# Why am I losing followers on Instagram? You’re publishing low-quality content.

high quality content-increasing IG followers

Visuals and photography are everything on Instagram. Due to the fact that Instagram is a visually-oriented platform, your images are more important than any other kind of content you can post.

Nobody enjoys watching dark, blurry, and low-resolution photos on the platform. Instagram users are all seeking to be inspired by new content ideas, have fun, etc., but they will overshadow everything when you publish such low-quality images. 

Therefore, take the time to create high-quality content by taking advantage of whatever you have, such as camera, photo, and video editing apps.


In order to be able to share high-quality images and videos on Instagram, you’d better make use of a high-quality camera or smartphone. Another important thing that can really increase the quality of your photos/videos is lighting direction. 

Moreover, another good idea is to take photos from different angles and choose the best angle. In the end, you can also use photo/video editing apps to add filters, effects, etc. to them and make them as attention-grabbing as possible.

Final words

The number of followers is one of the very first things that people consider when deciding if your account is authorized or not. So the number of your followers has a straight impact on your popularity, success, etc., especially if you are a business holder. 

In this article, we discussed some of the reasons and solutions why one may lose Instagram followers. So, whenever you feel you’re losing yours, check this article and use its tips to solve the problem.

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