How to grow Instagram followers organically in 2022?

How to grow Instagram followers organically in 2021

Today Instagram is not just a photo-sharing app; With more than 500 million daily users, it plays a leading role in digital marketing. But growing an Instagram page between many competitors seems hard for many users. In this article, we’ll show you how to grow Instagram followers organically as easy as pie. 

If you are looking for an Instagram growth service to increase your followers organically, AiGrow is what you need.

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Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

How to grow Instagram followers organically?

If you are using Instagram professionally and want to grow your business on Instagram, you need to know how to grow Instagram followers organically and be a step ahead of your competitors. In the following, we’ll show ten solutions to know how to Instagram followers organically. 

1.Share content more often

The easiest answer to how to grow Instagram followers organically is to keep sharing posts consistently. This way, your followers will remember your page; Also, you have the chance to go to the explore page and reach more users. One of the best tools that can help you share posts and stories every day is an Instagram scheduler such as AiGrow.

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with all the essential features you need to grow your account, including an automatic scheduler. With this tool, you can upload your content, set the publishing dates, and they’ll be shared automatically. Here is how to use this tool step-by-step:

  • First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free using your email address and log into your account.
  • Select “Add Instagram Accounts” to connect your Instagram page to AiGrow.
  • Click “Manage Account”.
Manage Instagram Accounts
  • Open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab and select “Schedule.”
  • Choose “Feed” to schedule an Instagram post.
schedule posts with aigrow
  • You can upload photos, short videos, or convert a video from YouTube in the opened window.
  • Add your Hashtags, location, caption, and publishing dates.
  • When you are done, select “Submit” to schedule the post.
schedule feed posts

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2.Post at your best times

If you want to answer how to grow Instagram followers organically, you need to find the best times for sharing your posts. The best times are when most of your followers are online and active. If you have a business profile on Instagram, you can access analytics and each post reach. After that, try to schedule your posts based on your followers’ region and most reach you’ll get. 

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3.Use Instagram promotion

Instagram promotions are similar to Instagram ads and can increase your reach and engagement rate quickly. Remember that if you want to use Instagram ads and promotions, you need a business profile. Here is how to change a personal profile to business:

  1. Open the Instagram app and log into your account.
  2. Go to your profile and tap “Settings”.
  3. Tap “Account”.
  4. Scroll down and select “Switch to Professional Account”.
switch to business profile

5.Share a post and tap the promotion icon under the post.

6.Insert the wanted information step by step and run the promotion.

Instagram promotion

4.Work with influencers

Instagram influencers play a leading role in digital marketing these days, and their powers in growing businesses are not hidden to anyone. If you are offering a service on your page, you can work with influencers as an advertising strategy. If you think famous influencers cost too much and can’t afford it; you can start with micro-influencers with 30 to 100k followers. 

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5.Optimize your profile and bio

Your Instagram bio and profile are the first places visitors check; So, if you want to attract them and make them follow you, you need to consider customizing your bio. You can use 160 characters on your bio to introduce yourself and your service. Also, you can add a clickable link to drive traffic to other social media platforms. 

If you have multiple social media profiles such as YouTube channel, blog, or website, you can’t add more than one link there; This is a big problem for influencers and business owners. That’s why AiGrow came with a solution named bio-link. With this tool, you can design a landing page filled with multiple links and buttons. To use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow’s account and select “Manage Account”.
  • Open the Bio-link” tab and claim your URL.
AiGrow's bio link tool
  • From the right toolbar, add button, links, theme, etc.
  • You can also add your feed posts to your landing page.
  • When you are done, publish the URL in your bio.
Bio-link landing page preview

6.Host a giveaway

The best answer to how to grow Instagram followers organically is by running Instagram contests and giveaways. By running a successful giveaway on your page and setting good conditions, you can instantly increase your followers. 

You can ask participants certain rules as the giveaway entry, such as: 

  • Tagging a friend
  • Liking recent posts and leaving comments
  • Sharing your posts on stories, etc.

After the contest time is over, choose a random winner from qualified users and announce it on a post or story. Checking that if participants have done the conditions or not might take so much time. That’s why AiGrow came with a solution named the Post & Reward tool. With this tool, all you have to do is upload the giveaway posts, set conditions, and schedule the post. After that, AiGrow checks everything for you and, when the giveaway time is over, picks a random winner from qualified users. To use this service, follow these steps:

  • Log into your AiGrow’s account and select “Manage Account”.
  • Open the “Posts & Scheduling” tab and then open “Post & Reward”.
  • Select “Schedule a Contest”.
aigrow post and reward tool
  • In the opened window, upload your posts, add hashtags and caption, and conditions.
  • When you are done with details, set your publishing date(s) and schedule the post.
schedule instagram contest

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7.Share creative content

Instagram is all about visual sights so, to engage your followers and attract new users, try to share creative and high-quality content. You can use different content such as IGTV videos, Instagram lives, Stories, etc.

Also, you can run QAs in your stories, create reel videos, and more to make your content more fun.

8.Use Hashtags under your posts

Since 2017, Instagram users can follow hashtags to view their posts on their home feed page. This means by using top hashtags, even users who are not following you can view your posts. So, by using top and trendy hashtags under your posts, you can increase your reach. To find top hashtags related to the post you are sharing, you can use AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool. Here is how to use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow’s account and select “Manage Account”.
  • Open the “Post & Scheduling” tab and select “Listening & Repost”.
  • In the Hashtag Monitoring tab, you can find and add top hashtags and monitor them.
  • Select “Add Hashtags”.
Hashtag monitoring
  • Write a keyword and select Search.
  • After a few seconds, you can see a list of related hashtags sorted by usage.
  • Select the top ones and monitor their growth in the Hashtag Monitoring tab.
monitor hashtags with aigrow

Now you can see top hashtags sorted by usage. Select the ones you need and add them to your caption. 

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9.Use Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the newest feature added to this platform which is a copycat of TikTok. As you know, TikTok went viral in a short time so, the same thing may happen for reels. With this feature, you can create fun short videos set to soundtracks. Here is how to do this:

  • Open the Instagram stories and from the bottom bar, scroll to reels.
  • From the left menu, tap music and choose a song from the Instagram music galley.
  • Record your video and add filters.
  • Share it as you always share stories.
Instagram Reel videos

10.Grow your account with AiGrow

As we talked about before, AiGrow has a full package for growing your Instagram page. Besides all the tools we mentioned in the last parts to grow your Instagram followers, AiGrow has a specific growth tool

With this tool, you can target users and follow-unfollow them to grow your page. These followers are entirely targeted and organic so you won’t get any fake accounts. Also, AiGrow doesn’t use any bots or spammy actions that cause getting banned or shadowbanned. In other words, a group of dedicated Instagram managers works on your Instagram account to grow it organically. Here is how to use this tool:

  • Log into your AiGrow’s account and select “Manage Account”.
  • In the growth tab, start targeting users by Hashtags, Locations, and Competitor Accounts. The more details you add, the more targeted followers you’ll get.
  • In the Activities tab, turn on “Follow” and “Unfollow”.
  • Click “Start Growth”.

After a few seconds, the AI engine will provide you with a list of potential followers interested in your service. By purchasing one of AiGrow’s growth plans, your dedicated account manager starts following and unfollowing them safely to grow your followers. These plans are priced from 99$ to 199$ per month and can bring you more than 300 new followers monthly.

growth plans-aigrow


If you want to run a successful Instagram page and be a step ahead of your competitors, you need to know how to grow Instagram followers organically. In this article, we showed you the top ten tips to grow an Instagram account in 2021 that everyone should know. Also, we introduced you to AiGrow, which makes it easier for you. So, if you are ready to increase your followers, sign up on AiGrow for free now.

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