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How To Use Instagram For Your Business? 8 Strategies

These days, Instagram with 1 billion monthly users has turned into one of the most popular social media platforms. More importantly, roughly 90% of these users follow at least one business. So it’s of prime importance to know how to use Instagram for business if you want to use Instagram for business promotion. 

Using Instagram for business is a no-brainer. While a website is a great place for your business to start, businesses also need to exist on social media in order to stay relevant, build a community around, and spread the word about their products and services. What can help you do so and increase opportunities for customer growth more than a professional Instagram account? 

In this article, we let you learn how to use Instagram for business by putting together our top Instagram for brands strategies to end up promoting your business on the app.

How Can Instagram Help Your Business?

It’s no lie that Instagram is a powerful tool for building a brand. No matter what you sell, post, or market on the platform, Instagram is one the most important and effective ways you can make an impact on your prospective audience and potential customers. Here are some ways Instagram can help out your business. 

Get More Exposure

Exposure for a business on Instagram is vitally important since it is one the keys to building a brand that people want to be a part of. Take advantage of everything you can to add exposure such as using high-performing hashtags, getting engaged on the app (liking and commenting on posts that caught your eye), etc.

Note: Finding the right strategies to see how to start an Instagram business for getting more exposure, engagement, sales, etc. is a really tedious and time-consuming process. It also needs a lot of expertise. There are countless IG third-party apps out there to give you a hand. One of the top-quality IG management and growth apps you can use to your benefit in order to facilitate and accelerate your IG growth is AiGrow. Wonder how AiGrow can help you? Read on!

AiGrow- A Professional Instagram Management & Growth App

As we mentioned earlier, AiGrow is a professional all-in-one Instagram third-party app that centers around Instagram management and organic growth. Using AiGrow’s growth engine, you are assigned to a dedicated account manager who takes actions (likes, follows, unfollows) on your behalf to boost your engagement and bring you more followers, 300-500 real organic followers per month.

Plus, you can give your personal account manager a list of hashtags, geotags, and competitor accounts to target your audience. There are no bots and gimmicks on AiGrow. So there is no need to worry about fake accounts and being banned.

Growing Instagram for small businesses is tough. If you are one of those small businesses looking for the safest way to get your first 1K followers fast, take advantage of AiGrow and see explosive growth.

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Sign up on AiGrow for free and guarantee your IG organic growth!

It’s super easy to successfully create business Instagram and grow it with our app and everything is in your control. First, you’ll have a live walk through in order to review your strategies and goals with your manager. Then you’ll receive daily activity reports, social monitoring, monthly check-ins, and a dedicated account manager who is always available on Whatsapp.

Looking for the best way to grow and manage your business on Instagram? Don’t miss the following YouTube video! 

Highlight Company Culture

Instagram business lets you show your audience the things that you aren’t necessarily supposed to. Your audience really enjoys seeing your quirk and charm, pictures of you and your employees at work, and generally speaking whatever is happening around the office.

Being able to get an inclusive, inside look into your Instagram business gives your followers a sense of belonging in your brand’s tribe.

Build Community

By combining the exposure and company culture tactics of the business pages on Instagram, you have the chance to build a loyal community. In addition, you can also gather your website community and bring them to your Instagram page. If you implement appealing visuals, speed up WordPress, and provide a great user experience, your site visitors will also be intrigued by your social media presence.

Drive Your Sales

Instagram shop

Instagram for companies can be a huge game-changer. Instagram’s new features like shoppable posts, video ads, and tagged links for IG Stories provide window-shopping opportunities for your followers. This way, you can even encourage traffic back to your site and convert loyal followers into loyal customers.

How To Use Instagram For Business?

Your Instagram business account is a worthwhile investment for marketing purposes. By creating business pages on Instagram, you’re able to market your products to a more targeted and engaged audience.

If you wonder how to use Instagram for business, you are at the right place. Let’s delve into 8 strategies you’ll need to employ to get the most out of Instagram. 

Pro tip:  As you may know better, the very first step to create a business Instagram is to start a new account by switching from a personal to a business account. 

1# How To Use Instagram For Business? Add Value With Your Content

First and foremost, Instagram is a visual platform. One of the first things that can make an impression when people think of how to start an Instagram business that stands out is definitely your content. It’s critical you spend time creating high-quality, thoughtful, and inclusive content.

What you need to attract an audience and encourage them to engage with your business on Instagram is to delight your customers while staying true to your brand.

In some cases, you can not only post images of your products but you can also post relevant memes and funny quotes that appeal to your audience. Finding the content that works best for your Instagram business takes trial and error. The point is, to guarantee your long-term success, businesses on Instagram need to add value to Instagram’s community rather than using the platform for advertisements alone.

Note: Don’t stick to only one Instagram content type. You’d better explore other formats such as carousel posts, Reels, IGTV videos, and Live.

2# How To Use Instagram For Business? Maintain A Consistent Theme

You’ll need to create a cohesive theme to maintain an audience’s loyalty. I mean theme in a broad sense, as it relates to everything including hashtags, Stories, captions, and photos. First, you have to specify your niche and stick to it. Then you’ll need to create a consistent tone of voice and a unified aesthetic theme. 

Simply put, the more specific and consistent you are with your posts, the more likely you are to create stronger, more genuine connections with your most authentic followers.

Consider MVMT as an example. By taking a quick look at the feed you can see the similar filters and color palette, the emphasis on darker, edgier images, etc. the feed is consistent for sure. Their consistency is also obvious in their captions and hashtags.

Instagram profile of MVMT

3# How To Use Instagram For Business? Optimize Your Instagram Profile

Optimizing your Instagram profile is a must while using Instagram for business. Your profile is where people go to learn more about your brand. By considering the following tips, you can encourage your profile visitors to visit your website, make a purchase, or even book an appointment.

Instagram shop of lornajaneactive

Write A Stunning Bio

You have only 150 characters to describe your brand and showcase your brand voice. So, use them wisely to hook curious profile visitors in and give them reasons why they should follow you.

Here are some quick tips on how to create an effective IG bio:

  1. Cut straight to the point
  2. Organize your bio with line breaks
  3. Include emoji
  4. Add a CTA

Choose a unique eye-catching profile picture

While using Instagram for business, most professional Instagram accounts use their logo or any photo which is uniform across social media platforms to aid recognition.

Create a bio link landing page

Instagram only allows you to add one clickable link in your bio. If you’re using Instagram for business, including one link in your bio can’t help you that much. By designing a bio link landing page, you can direct your followers/customers to multiple destinations such as your website, your latest blog posts, your new products/services, a current campaign, or anywhere else.

Learn more on “share a link in Instagram bio

Include Relevant Contact Info

When using Instagram for business, it’s critical to hook your profile visitors in. One of the best ways to do so is providing a way for people to contact you directly from your profile. It can be your email address, phone number, or physical address. 

Configure Action Buttons

Another useful feature business pages on Instagram are provided with is including action buttons onto their profiles. Call to action buttons allow users to call, text, email, or get directions to your business.

Highlight Your Stories & Add Covers

You can leverage your Instagram business account by adding Story highlights and covers. Using Instagram Story highlights, you can organize Stories into saved collections on your page. After highlighting them, add some polish to your profile with highlight covers.

4# How To Use Instagram For Business? Engage With Your Audience

Engaging with the audience is an integral part of growth for Instagram business accounts. It helps your followers feel valued and, as a result, more connected to your business. There are plenty of ways to engage with your audience. You might reply to comments, reply to their DMs, run contests or giveaways, use Instagram Story Polls feature, go live to answer their questions, and many more ways. 

Halo Top Creamery does a fantastic job of engaging with their audience. They post cute ice cream pictures from time to time and ask people to tag a friend who they’d like to eat the ice cream with. It simply helps them grow their business on Instagram.

Engage with followers

5# How To Use Instagram For Business? Take Advantage Of Instagram Influencer Marketing

Using Instagram for companies is highly recommended since it gives them the opportunity to spread brand awareness and drive sales. Now imagine, you can leverage the power of an influencer, who is already connected with thousands of audiences, and seen as a trusted source of information. Yes! This way you can even double the success of business pages on Instagram. 

Because current clients trust the opinions of their favorite influencers as much as their friends and family, this sort of promotion is highly advised.

The cost of collaborating with a potential influencer is determined by a variety of parameters such as engagement rate and the number of followers. So, before you contact out, double-check that the Instagram influencer you’ve chosen is inside your marketing budget. You can work with one of three sorts of influencers, depending on your aim and budget: nano-influencers, micro-influencers, or mega-influencers.

6# How To Use Instagram For Business? Use Instagram Ads To Get In Front Of Targeted Audience


Use Instagram Ads

Professional Instagram accounts using Instagram for business use Instagram ads for two main reasons: to spread brand awareness or increase sales. So whatever your reason is, it’s critical to focus on one of the goals.

Create Instagram ads with rich product information, a clickable link, and a strong call to action to assist interested visitors in quickly making a purchase decision.

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7# How To Use Instagram For Business? Create & Share Shoppable Posts


Shoppable post on Instagram

InOne of the most important strategies you need to consider when thinking of how to start an Instagram business no matter if you use Instagram for small businesses or larger ones is utilizing shoppable posts.

stagram’s Shoppable Posts feature makes it easy to sell on the platform. You’ll be able to make posts that allow users to have a smooth purchase experience right on the platform. The benefit is that there will be less friction when it comes to converting your followers into consumers.

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8# How To Use Instagram For Business? Promote Your Instagram Account On Other Channels

As the time goes on more and more people use Instagram for brands. People not only use Instagram for companies but also they utilize other popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to take their business to another level.

If you have a large following on other social media platforms, tell them about your Instagram business account.

Make sure to let them know what kind of content you’ll be posting on your Instagram profile so they can see why it’s worth their time to follow you on several platforms.

How To Get More Followers On Instagram For Your Business?

After finding the right answer to the question “How to use Instagram for business, it’s time to figure out how Instagram business accounts can get more and more followers. Here are some ideas on how to get more followers for Instagram business accounts. 

Post Consistently

Maintaining a consistent posting schedule allows you to appear in the timelines of your target audience. Instagram aims to offer each user the content they’re most likely to love, thus it looks for recent and relevant content to each user’s interests.

You can remain on top of your content by bulk scheduling posts so your account doesn’t go black while you’re busy. Furthermore, scheduling allows experimenting with publishing times much easier. While there is no one-size-fits-all best time to post on Instagram, there may be optimal times to reach the majority of your followers. With AiGrow you can schedule your feed posts, Stories, and IGTV videos.

Don’t miss the following YouTube video to see how to schedule posts, Stories, and IGTV videos with AiGrow.

Experiment With Different Content Types

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. There is now a huge range of content types on the platform, including Reels, video, Stories, IGTV. create business Instagram and then start sharing a mix of high-quality content types to get more engaged followers.

Introduce A Branded Hashtag

What can really help those who use Instagram for small businesses and want to increase their reach is making use of a branded hashtag. Nothing beats generating branded Instagram hashtags to grow your audience and spreading the word about your business. Do you have any idea what a branded hashtag is? It’s one that’s specific to your company. It might be something as basic as your company name, the name of one of our products, or the name of one of our events or campaigns.

You can encourage your followers to use the hashtag to be featured on your Instagram and website.  Also to use the hashtag on their own posts to be entered to win a prize.

Furthermore, as you may be aware, user-generated content has the potential to significantly increase your sales while also assisting in the development of a loyal community around your company. As a result, tagging UGCs with your branded hashtag counts as user-generated content as well.

Share User-Generated Content

One of the best ways to successfully create business Instagram which is reliable is to share UGCs. It is a must for those who use Instagram for company promotion.

UGC contents give your brand legitimacy by providing unique viewpoints on your products and services. They strengthen your brand image by providing audience-trusted insights into your company’s sincerity and integrity. Using the collected content from customers, the company generated a successful video.

Share Community & Employee Spotlights

If you are one of those who use Instagram for brand promotion, sharing spotlights is one of the greatest Instagram post ideas for giving your staff and community members a chance to shine.

Sharing mini-interviews and quotes from inspiring community members is a terrific approach to repay your audience’s kindness and show that you care about them.

Furthermore, providing staff spotlights (selfies, photos of them at work, short video interviews) not only expresses your gratitude and appreciation but also connects your customers to your company on a more personal level.


If you wonder how to start an Instagram business that stands out, you definitely need some tools like AiGrow to manage the process and some strategies. In this blog post, we provide you with all you need to create business Instagram strategically.

This post was last modified on November 24, 2021 4:06 pm