How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram

How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram

It might have happened to you that you want to revive the past memories with a person on Instagram, and you read your chats. On Instagram, if you want to see old DMs, you need to spend many hours to scroll down your inbox. It seems frustrating, and nobody would like that. So, how to see old direct messages on the desktop without scrolling?

How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram on Mobile

Before explaining any alternative method to “How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram”, remember that you can always check your old direct messages on the Instagram official App for mobiles. Without considering your operating system, Android or IOS, simply open your Instagram app and in the top-right corner of your main feed tap the message icon. 


Then, scroll the list of messages in your inbox to see the least recent. Simply tap any message or conversation you want to read. Then scroll your screen to view your old messages. Also, if you are looking for a specific person, you can search for their name and then open your conservation with that person. Since scrolling and reading these messages on the computer would be much easier than on your phone, we’ll tell you how to see old direct messages on Instagram on PCs. 

How to See Old Direct Messages on Instagram on PC

Unfortunately, there isn’t any official feature for Instagram direct messaging on the web version. Moreover, this feature is still unavailable on some powerful third-party Instagram management platforms, like Iconosquare.  But fortunately, we found a complete, free desktop DM solution for Instagram. It’s called AiGrow.

With AiGrow, you have the ability to manage all your DMs, respond to them easily, send DMs with attached images and videos, search for messages from individual channels, and filter the inbox to show read, unread, or sent messages. 

The best part is that unlike other desktop messaging apps, AiGrow is a complete, free desktop tool. It doesn’t require any download and works on all operating systems.

To see your old direct messages on Instagram, simply visit their website. Create your account, add your Instagram account, and you are done! 

After you have added your IG accounts, hit “Manage Accounts”.  Now, there are two features you can use to manage your dms on Instagram.

With Inbox, you have full access to all your direct messages. Simply scroll your DMs to find your favourite message from who you want. You can also search for their name and then you open up your chat with that person. 

After opening your favourite message, simply click on load more to see all of your old messages, even the first one.

Also, if you have a message that you want to send to a large group of your followers, you can automate the process. Simply create your message, choose the people you want to send the message (current followers, new followers, or a custom list of followers), and press “Start”. AiGrow will start sending out your message automatically until it is sent to all recipients. 


There is no feature to see old messages on the official web version of Instagram but fortunately, there is a complete, free desktop tool for that called AiGrow. It allows you to check DMs on Instagram from your PC, send DMs, receive DMs, auto filter your DM inbox, and even simply manage your old direct messages. 

Start using AiGrow for free by clicking here.

Post by Annika Daugherty

Annika is the chief editor for AiGrow. She has been working in the Marketing industry for more than 10 years and is the perfect Instagram Management Service advisor for you!

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