Instagram DM CRMs that you should check out in 2022

Instagram DM CRMs that you should check out in 2020

Since the dawn of civilization and industrialization, people have been sending messages to communicate. In the past, they used birds, and today they are using social media like Instagram messages. Sending a direct message (DM) on Instagram is a popular way to send a message these days.  This article will teach what Instagram DM is and which CRM Instagram tool you should check out in 2022.

What is Instagram DM?

Instagram DM or direct messaging is a private communication between two people who use Instagram for sending DM. When one uses DM on Instagram, they know that only themselves and the recipient can see the message. You can send a video, GIF, photo, voice, post, profile, location, and obviously text. 

Where to find DM on Instagram?

DM is found in both Instagram mobile app and desktop, on the top right of the feed page. You can also access DM by swiping the Instagram feed directly to the right on the Instagram mobile app.

Why is DM important?

When you start running a business or an artist who has many fans or an influencer, DM is the best way to communicate with your clients, fans, and followers to enhance your business. Actually, all your customers and all the money you can gain is on the DMs. Indeed, Instagram DM provides you with a great opportunity to grow your business and keep in touch with your followers.

As far as many people send a message, it is tough to manage all messages, while some of these messages are from your clients and fans, and others just ask a question. Hence, you need a tool to help you manage your messages. Thus, you need Instagram CRM to take control of your direct messages.

In what follows, we are going to introduce the best Instagram CRM tools.

What is Instagram CRM?

CRM is the abbreviation of  Customer Relationship Management. Generally stated, CRM Instagram tools enable you to manage your relationship between your customers and fans and lets you store your customers’ contact and information in one central location. In fact, CRM helps you grow your business and organize your activities.  

All should use CRM at the beginning of their business. Although they do not have many customers, they can manage their customers’ data by a CRM Instagram service.

When you use a CRM platform, as soon as you run a business, your data would be organized and arranged; thus, it saves your money, which you would have to spend on an annual fixing in the future.

Top Instagram DM CRM tools

In this modern world, and because of the Covid-19 situation worldwide, most people start their online business, and 75.3% of U.S. businesses will use Instagram in 2021.  DM is the first and most important way to communicate with your clients and followers on Instagram. The number of these DMs is so huge, you send and receive hundreds of messages per day. Therefore, you need help to manage your DMs.

A DM CRM Instagram tool plays a prominent role in managing your direct messages and growing your business from one central location. I mean, from your web interface. 

To be more specific, suppose your business is related to selling the product. Your client would ask the same question about the pricing over and over again. DM CRM Instagram services manage all these messages and reply to them as soon as they ask.

Do you want to know how? In what follows, we will introduce some of the best Instagram DM CRM you can try for managing and growing your Instagram and your business, and we are going to explain how they work.

If you search for the best CRM for Instagram DM, stick with us to get your answer.


To us, using a third party app, conjures up three fundamental questions:

  1. Is it safe? 
  2. Is it really useful? 
  3. Is it worth the cost? 

And here is why DMpro outranks other services on our list.

To begin with, you are not required to reveal any of your passwords to DMpro. Another advantage that distinguishes this app is its unique feature to use paraphrase alternatives in your preset messages so that Instagram won’t flag you as a spammer. 


Let’s get to using its features on Instagram CRM for individuals and companies that DMs are the essence of their marketing strategy. 

  • Manage all your DMs via email for your Instagram CRM optimization

DMpro has developed a state-of-the-art feature that enables you to receive and respond to all your Instagram direct messages without opening the app itself. All you need to do is simply assign your email to your Instagram profile. Here is how.

Sign up on DMpro for free

  • Then, click on “Add Instagram account” to connect one or multiple Instagram profiles with your dashboard on DMpro. 

Add your Instagram profile to DMpro

  • After that, choose the Instagram account you wish to work with and click “Manage” to access features on your dashboard. 

Manage your direct messages on DMpro

  • Now, go to the “Direct Messages” tab and select “DM to email”.

Select the “Direct messages tab” and go to “DM to email”

  • There is a list of IG accounts that you have already added to your dashboard. Select one or multiple accounts to forward their Instagram messages to your email. Moving on, assign a new email to your Instagram profile in the box on top of your list.

select an Instagram profile and assign a new email to it to forward Instagram messages to email

  • Finally, hit the “save” button, and there you are; you can now gain access to all your DMs and reply to them all through your email. 

One of the biggest advantages of this feature is how significantly more easily you can manage your DMs that prevents you from missing any of your potential customers’ messages. Eventually, this will also build up a closer relationship with your audience that is attainable without the consistency and assistance of a tool such as DMpro. 

  • Use the bulk DM tool 

Setting up a mass DM campaign on DMpro will result in the effectiveness of your Instagram DM CRM. The thing is, you need to send lots of DMs if you plan to draw more attention to what you are doing on Instagram. 

As mentioned earlier, DMpro enables you to send DMs in bulk without the risk of getting tracked by Instagram as a bot. The following is a simple step-by-step guide to using this feature and paraphrased alternatives in your bulk DMs. 

  • Having signed up for free on DMpro and adding your Instagram account or accounts to its dashboard, click on “Manage” to work with your preferable Instagram account. 
  • After that, go to “bulk DMs” in the “Direct Messages” tab. 

Select Bulk DM in the Direct Messages tab

  • Turning to your DM leads, you will be provided with a list of all your contacts in your Instagram inbox. Either choose the accounts you wish to send them a DM all at once or click on the “USERNAME” option to select all the contacts on your list.

Choose multiple names or all the names on the list to generate massive sales using Instagram DM.

  • Now, it’s time to create your preset message by clicking on the “Write a message” button. The following example will guide you to using multiple syntaxes in your message and how it will work once you send your DM in bulk. 

To use multiple syntaxes as an alternative to one another, use the model below in braces. 

{ paraphrase 1 l paraphrase 2 l paraphrase 3 }

Add as many alternative paraphrases as you wish. 


{Hi l Hello} @username 

We are {honored l privileged} to introduce our new service in the link below.

[place the link]

You can also be one of the first 50 users who {purchase l buy} this package and enjoy a 30-day free trial. 


Hi Barry

We are honored to introduce our new service in the link below. 

[the clickable link to a post on your feed or IGTV]

You can also be one of the first 50 users who purchase this package and enjoy a 30-day free trial.  


Hello Dave

We are privileged to introduce our new service in the link below. 

[the clickable link to a post on your feed or IGTV]

You can also be one of the first 50 users who buy this package and enjoy a 30-day free trial. 

Create your preset message

  • To begin sending your DM in bulk, click on “send DMs”.

Click send DMs to start using the bulk DM tool

  • Respond to messages automatically

The more powerful your DM database gets, the better your Instagram CRM will get. After assigning your email to manage your DMs and using the bulk DM tool, creating a preset message as an auto-reply is yet another step to take. 

A simple message to thank your audience for engaging with your profile through DM and letting them know that you will get to them as quickly as possible might sound like a small move but has already proved to be very rewarding. 

Follow the instructions below. 

  • Go to “auto reply” in the “Direct Messages” tab.

set up the auto-reply feature

  • Then use the “Auto Reply to Direct Message” box to create your preset response. Personalize your message by adding “@username” and paraphrased syntaxes like the example above. 

Create your preset message

  • Finally, click on the “start auto reply” button.

Start auto reply to finish setting up the auto-reply feature

Note that you can also use your DM inbox on DMpro’s dashboard to organize your messages. In this way, simply filter the unread messages to reply to your DMs as soon as possible. 

Use “DM inbox” in the “Direct Messages” tab to organize your messages.

  • Reach new followers by targeting different groups of Instagram users

Targeting your audience by your choice and sending them DMs in bulk is a unique opportunity to make the most of your Instagram DM manager. The how-to-do guide below will demonstrate the steps and advantages of using it. 

  • Go to “DM” in the “Direct Messages” tab and create your message in the “Direct Message” box. Keep in mind to personalize your message with features provided. 

Create your preset DM

  • Go to the “targeting” section and choose your audience according to your marketing campaign. 

 Here is the list of your possible target audience to choose from:

Current followers – An effective approach to promoting a new service, offer, discount, and any other type of communications you wish to have with your followers. 

New followers – A VIP treatment to welcome those who have just followed you. 

Followers of an influencer – A promising list of potential customers. If they are interested in an influencer who promotes services related to your niche, they are highly likely to be interested in you. 

Hashtag users – A great way to save a huge amount of your time and effort to find people who search hashtags related to your niche manually. DMpro will find them all and send them a message automatically. 

Excel list – If none of the targeting options above suit your marketing strategy at the moment, you must have provided a list that you wish you could send them a message in bulk. Voila! Upload your list and let DMpro do the rest for you. 

Use DMpro to target a wide range of audiences

DMpro’s pricing

Let’s go back to our fundamental questions. DMpro is a reputable tool and definitely a safe one. On top of that, it provides you with unprecedented opportunities to optimize your Instagram DM CRM. Also, it offers 3 packages, a free package, the “Pro” package that costs $50 monthly, and the “Advanced” package that is worth $95 monthly. 

DMpro’s pricing


IGDM application should be downloaded first to use, so you have to be conscious to choose the correct website for download.

IGdm Pro-homepage

This application offers rudimental and basic features such as delete conversation, unsend message, search user, and message. These capabilities are in the Instagram mobile app too.

You can get started with this application by paying €10 per month.

3.Grow Social

Grow Social-Homepage

If you are looking for a CRM Instagram tool to automate your account, gain more followers, and grow your business, Grow Social is one of the best choices. With its Instagram CRM tool for direct messages, you can send a welcome text to all of your new followers, interact with them, and increase your visibility.


AiGrow is a meticulous Instagram growth and management service to grow your Instagram organically with numerous features focused on scheduling and sharing a great variety of posts and reposts, optimizing your bio by sharing multiple links to it, dedicating a team regarding the growth of your account, and last but not least, managing your direct messages.

Instagram growth service

Here is how to use AiGrow’s CRM Instagram DM features: 

  1. Send a message to a wide range of audiences by your choice. 
  2. Set a preset message to reply to your audience automatically. 
  3. Use the bulk DM tool to run a mass DM campaign for the contacts in your inbox.     

AiGrow’s pricing plans start at 23$ to 159$ per month.

AiGrow-Growth service pricing packages

Try AiGrow for free

5. Instavast


Compared to the rest, on Instagram DM feature, INSTAVAST offers limited options such as:

  • Auto message
  • Adding clickable link in your DMs

You can use Instavast by paying $10 per month.

6. Gramto


GRAMATO offers various features, and Instagram DM is one of them. Gramto Instagram DM CRM provides you with auto messaging and customizing your messages. It has different pricing packages, starting at 10$ per month.



Flume is an Instagram management platform designed for mac users to help them check their Instagram page from the desktop. Flume allows you to send DMs, receive and manage them on your mac. You can also turn on its notifications to know every time someone sends you a message, even if the flume app is not open.  

8.Stim Social

Stim Social-Homepage

Stim Social is an Instagram and TikTok marketing service that promises to bring more followers to your account. This platform provides you reports, analytics, and insights to help your account’s growth. Another good feature that Stim Social provides for its users is automated Instagram DMs. With this tool, you can select your followers and send them a pre-written message in bulk. But be careful if you choose too many users, you may get banned by Instagram. 

Final thought 

After reviewing top Instagram CRM tools, we would recommend AiGrow as the advanced solution and the best CRM Instagram DM tool because it provides Instagrammers with the best comprehensive features in Instagram DM CRM. You can use it now and experience the fastest way; check the link below out.

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