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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Rules and Regulations in 2022

December 19, 2021 9:08 am

Have you ever read Instagram rules and regulations?  Are you aware of what is not allowed on Instagram? 

If you haven’t, then welcome to the club! No one actually reads those Instagram rules and policies agreements.

A survey found that more than 90% of people accept terms of services and policies without reading them, and Instagram is no exception.

We just might know that there are some Instagram guidelines, and we find them annoying; only when we violate one of those Instagram rules and face consequences then they become important to us.

The fact is there are some strict Instagram rules and regulations, and if you want to win in the world of Instagram marketing, you need to stick to them.

So let’s take a look at these Instagram rules and restrictions and how we can avoid violating them.

The Key Elements That Impact Instagram Rules and Regulations

Before walking through Instagram rules, let’s see the key elements that impact these rules and limitations.

Instagram rules aren’t the same for all types of accounts, it depends on many factors, and one of the most significant ones for Instagram to give credits to your account is the Instagram account background. it includes:

Instagram account’s age

This factor directly impacts Instagram rules and regulations; these rules would be stricter for new accounts. If your account is older than three months, Instagram considers it an old account and allows you to do more activities on the platform. 

The number of followers

The number of your followers on Instagram affects your credibility to Instagram. Meaning that you will experience fewer restrictions towards your account if you have a lot of Instagram followers. Though by that, I mean real followers you gained from real engagement

Account engagement and activity

The engagement rate on Instagram is one factor that shows how valuable your account is; that’s why with a higher number of activities like share, save, likes, comments, and organic Instagram growth, you can reduce the risk of Instagram restrictions.

What are Instagram Rules and Restrictions?

Instagram guidelines have strict rules on forbidden content, daily action limits, and some other spammy behaviors that you need to be aware of to avoid getting banned. Let’s go through them:

Instagram Action Limits:

Even though we can’t see anything on Instagram guidelines, there is no official statement of Instagram’s daily action limits. Still, based on our experience, we’ve found that Instagram has some limitations on following, unfollowing, like, comment, direct message, using Instagram hashtags, and posting.

As I’ve mentioned above, these limits vary from one account to another one, depending on the factors like your activity, engagement rate, number of followers, and account being new or old.

So now, let’s go on these Instagram limits in detail; it will help you be more mindful of your activities on Instagram.

Instagram Rules and Restrictions on Following/Unfollowing

You are allowed to follow/ unfollow up to 200 accounts per day, though keep in mind if you are new on Instagram, the figure must not exceed 150 accounts per day. Besides, it’s better to wait for at least 30 seconds between each follow/ unfollow since it needs to look natural to Instagram.

But do you know how many people can you follow on Instagram?

According to Instagram guidelines, you aren’t allowed to follow more than 7500 accounts to prevent spam.

Instagram Rules and Restrictions on the Number of Likes

You are permitted to like up to 1000 posts per day in 2022. Still, like the number of following/ unfollowing, if your account is relatively new and you don’t have many followers, don’t hit 300-500 likes per day.

You might find this limit annoying If you are working as a business account and by liking posts, you want to get people to notice your account and like your posts.

However, some Instagram liker hacks and apps to get more likes on Instagram, find trustworthy ones, and use them; after all, the number of likes is still a part of your engagement rate.

It’s quite different from buying fake followers since most of these apps use AI systems and Instagram managers to increase the number of likes.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Comments

You can leave 180-200 comments per day. It also depends on your account history; the older it is, the more freedom to leave comments. 

Try not to leave duplicate comments or only emojis, as Instagram can distinguish it, and you may look like a bot; that’s when you might end up facing we restrict certain activity Instagram error pop up.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Direct Massage

Nobody knows the exact number of direct messages Instagram allows you. But it’s assumed that 50-80 is acceptable, though if your account is new, don’t hit these figures.

Instagram rules and regulations on Stories

Good news! Even though there are some restrictions on the number of stories you can post, it is still more than enough! Instagram allows you to post 100 stories per day, and the lengths of an Instagram video should be under 15 seconds.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Hashtags

You can put up to 30 hashtags on your posts and 10 hashtags on your Instagram Stories. If you use more than that, your content won’t be posted.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Tag and Mention

You are permitted to tag up to 20 accounts on your posts, but you should not use more than 10 per post for mentions.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Giveaways or Contests

Instagram giveaways and contests are great to increase brand awareness and followers. Still, you need to follow some rules to make sure that you are running legal ones. Here are all you need to follow to stay within Instagram rules and regulations on giveaways or contests:

  • To avoid misunderstanding, you need to use the terms “giveaways” or “contest” clearly.
  • Inform people about the brand or company hosting the giveaway or contest
  • Give clear instructions to enter the giveaways (the entry should be free)
  • Give people the exact time of starting and ending the giveaway.
  • Make it clear that Instagram does not sponsor your giveaway.
  • Include any restrictions to participate in your giveaway, like age or location restrictions
  • Give details on announcing the winners like when and how you will choose them ( you need to select them randomly and announce publicly) also information about delivering the prize.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Name and Username

You can put only 30 characters in your Instagram username, including letters, periods, underscores, and numbers.

If you choose a new Instagram username and then decide to go back to the old one, you can do this within 14 days. However, if the old Instagram username has not been taken by someone else yet.

Also, keep in mind that you can change your Instagram name only twice in 14 days; if you want to change it for the third time, you need to do it in the next 14 days.

Instagram Rules and Regulations on Reposting

Things get a bit complicated when it comes to reposting others’ content (user-generated content) on your Instagram page. Because there are some unwritten rules around it that you need to follow! 

The fact is simply tagging the owner of content might not be enough; you need to ask for permission ahead of reposting their content, even if it’s something related to your brand and they already used your branded hashtag posting it.

What are Instagram Violations?

Instagram Guideline

You might assume that on the list of Instagram violations are only inappropriate content and copyright law violation, but in fact, it goes beyond that; let’s look at these violations according to Instagram guidelines:

Intellectual Property Violation

You need to make sure that you have the right to share all your content on Instagram. Sharing content you don’t own without permission violates Instagram guidelines; the owner can report you, and you’ll face the consequences.

Spamming on Instagram:

Sending unwanted emails, likes, comments, any form of advertising messages, and harassing people are among Instagram guidelines violations.

Publishing Illegal Content

 Instagram rules prohibit any kind of content promoting racism, terrorism, crime, hate, sexual services, selling drugs and firearms.

Depicting Graphic Violence

To keep the platform appropriate for everyone, Instagram may remove any content depicting graphic violence. However, you can post content to raise awareness or condemn the subject.

Using Bots and Buying Fake Likes and Followers

Instagram rules on this one are really strict, so violating it might put your Instagram account in serious trouble; that’s why you always need to be away from any fraud to gain more followers using bots and unreliable third-party apps

Is Nudity Allowed on Instagram?

Instagram community guidelines restrict sexual images and nudity, including any content showing genitals, fully-nude buttocks, female nipples, and sexual intercourse.

However Instagram rules on nudity have some exceptions; according to Instagram guidelines, nudity in creative or artistic photos like paintings and sculptures are okay, as well as images of scarring, post-mastectomy, and women breastfeeding.

What are the New Instagram Rules in 2021?

Following Facebook being under pressure on the effects of social media on kids’ mental health and safety, Instagram is also setting a new safety rule in this regard. For kids under 16, Instagram makes the account private automatically.

It also prevents adults, especially those who have shown suspicious behavior, from interacting with teens on Instagram.

Instagram new safety rule

How to Bypass Instagram Limits?

There should always be some ways to bypass any limits, and Instagram rules and restrictions are no exception. Don’t worry, I am not encouraging you to violate Instagram community guidelines; what I am talking about is using a trusted Instagram growth agency, to go through these limitations without breaking Instagram rules.

After all, it would be tough to do all the activities on Instagram manually and stay loyal to the Instagram guidelines simultaneously, especially if you are running a business and you need to be active on the platform.

Instagram used to be closed towards third-party platforms interacting with Instagram directly, but since 2018, you are now allowed to work with an official third-party platform like AiGrow, to promote your business on Instagram, managing all aspects of it and getting real results safely and securely.

You can set your desired actions, and they will be done by dedicated Instagram account managers and experts in the field. 

AiGrow’s Instagram growth service enables you to get more Instagram followers fast (at least 300 new followers per month in all of our growth plans). 

On AiGrow, we do all growth activities, follow, unfollow, and liking manually, with the help of an AI-powered engine and Instagram account managers. So there is no need to be worried about Instagram’s sensitivity to automation tools.

Sign up on AiGrow and try a 7 days trial of manual growth activities. There have been more than 280k Instagram accounts running by this service successfully.

Still, you can cancel your subscription at the end of this trial if you aren’t happy with the results. (By the 7th day, you can ask for 100% money back).

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It doesn’t matter if you are aware of Instagram rules and regulations or you don’t have any idea about them, the consequences of breaking Instagram rules would be the same.  Your Instagram account that you spent a lot of time and money to grow, might end up being shadowbanned or get suspended.

To avoid such situations, just stay within Instagram limits. Keep it as natural as possible, and if you need to be more active and Instagram rules and restrictions don’t allow you, just go for a reliable third-party platform like AiGrow.

You’ll get what you want while you’ll be at ease that your Instagram account grows in the right way.

Sign up for free now and see the results!

This post was last modified on December 19, 2021 9:08 am