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Instagram Messages

How many Instagram DMs can I send per day?

On Instagram, there are caps for both user and sandbox actions such as like, comment, follow and unfollow. There is no publicly known limit on DMs. There is also a limit for the number of actions per hour and per day. However, the best way to test the cap for DMs is to go on AiGrow and set up your personalized, automatic DMs. Then sit back and let it work on your behalf 24/7. You will then be able to track it over the next 7 days, for instance, and get an average of it over this 7 days. Based on my personal experience of working with 7 Instagram accounts and having the DMs set up on AiGrow for a while, the daily cap usually varies between 100 to 150 DMs per day.
UPDATE: If you need a tutorial on how to DM online using your PC, click here to read a full walkthrough for any operating system.

Disclaimer: Notice that if you send one specific type of fixed DM repeatedly for a while, you can guarantee you’ll get banned by Instagram temporarily. However, Instagrowths has developed some cool features that allows you to send a DM in many different forms as long as you use the following syntax, in as many places as you want, in your message:      

{Phrase 1 | Phrase 2}

Meaning you can paraphrase a sentence or a word and place them in brackets to cycle between them in consecutive messages. Here is an example:

Hi {@Username},

{How are you doing ? | Hope all is well}. I am reaching out to say {thanks | cheers | appreciate } for you follow.

This means you will send 3 messages in a row as following:

DM 1:

Hi Paige,

How are you doing ? I am reaching out to say thanks for your follow.


Hi Justine,

Hope all is well. I am reaching out to say cheers for your follow.


Hi Peacoks,

How are you doing ? I am reaching out to say I appreciate your follow.

This syntax/format allows you to send different versions of a DM and dodge a spammy behaviour in the eyes of Instagram algorithm.

AiGrow has a DM and Inbox feature which has a lot to offer and which streamlines your DM activities.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 3:02 am