15 Pro Instagram hacks you shouldn’t miss in 2021

15 Pro Instagram hacks you shouldn't miss in 2021

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As time goes on, the number of Instagram active users increases. The more popular this social media platform gets, the more important it gets to understand what Instagram hack is. One of the first things that come to your mind hearing Hack is getting around Instagram security and guidelines, logging into other people’s accounts, etc.

It should be noted that hack has another meaning. In this article, we provide you with some tactics and tips that any Instagram user can take advantage of in order to stand out and get the best results as soon as possible.

Yes, that’s what Instagram Hack means, proven tactics and strategies to help you stand out on Instagram.

Instagram hacks

The idea of Instagram hack can be used for several reasons. For example, you can use Instagram hack for your Instagram content, story, business, growth, etc.

Generally speaking, Instagram hack leads to your Instagram account’s growth due to the fact that these hacks help you best to create more engagement and gain more followers.

Instagram hack 1- # Highlight stories

Highlights are undoubtedly the hottest Instagram tips for 2021 since they can act as your mini-website. Before highlighting your stories, you’d better think about the idea behind your highlights. Think about what journey you want to take your followers on.

Bear in mind that the title, cover, and even the order of your highlights are important in the process of achieving your goal.

For instance, if you have a business account, your highlights should learn about what you do as clearly as possible to help you gain more loyal customers. As an example, the order of your highlights as a business account could be something like below.

  1. The story of your brand ( title: About Us )
  2. Services and products you offer (title: products & services )
  3. A complete list of your products prices ( title: pricing )
  4. Your customers’ admiration and praise DMs from your customers ( title: testimonials )
  5. Steps to buying from you ( title: how to buy )

What is an Instagram story highlight?

Instagram highlights are essentially past Instagram stories you want to save and feature on your profile permanently. To put it in simple words, even after the story disappears, you can still have it in your highlight safe and sound.


How to create an Instagram story highlight?

So creating Instagram highlights are of great importance due to the benefits mentioned above. Would you like to know how to create one? Then follow the simple steps below.

  • First of all, take the usual steps as always to create a story after you click the Your Story option in order to share your story. You can see another option just right there below Add to Highlights.
  • Tap  Add to Highlights and then Done.


  • Now go to your profile, and you can see the first highlight appears below your bio.


Note: You can add a title and also a cover to your highlight. Just go to your profile, tap the desired highlight to expand, then tap three horizontal dots at the bottom right-hand corner. By choosing Edit Highlight, you can edit the cover as well as the title. 

title/cover-story highlights

Note: You can also add highlights from the archived stories by simply tapping the plus icon next to the list of highlights on your profile.

add new story highlight

Instagram hack 2- # using and following the right hashtags

Just like how you follow a specific user, you can follow a specific hashtag, too. By following the hashtags you’re targeting, you take the chance to see all related posts in order to improve your content strategy. All you need to do is to search the desired hashtag in the search bar and then follow it.

Instagram hack-right hashtags

Believe it or not, the impact of using trendy relevant hashtags on your content is undeniably major. Try to use hashtags properly and wisely to get more reach and engagement.

If you have difficulties doing so, AiGrow’s Listening & Repost feature and  Scheduler feature as well are available with which you can track and monitor all your targeted hashtags. Also, you can even repost and schedule your posts using these two features.

Instagram management tool

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing

AiGrow provides you with 3 Scheduler pricing plans including Scheduler-Pro $49 (per month), Post Plus $39 (per month), Essentials $19 (per month).

AiGrow-scheduler plans-pice

Let’s sign up on AiGrow for free!

Instagram hack 3- #  clear your search history

Frankly speaking, we all have searched things on Instagram that we wouldn’t like to show anyone else. If you’ve searched for something embarrassing, don’t worry! Because you can clear your history in a jiff.

Follow this guide to access your search history: settings>security>Search History>Clear All

Instagram hack 4- #  never accidentally like a post

Liking a post that you didn’t mean to like can be an innocent mistake sometimes. If you want to cover your bases, first of all, let your Instagram feed load and then turn on your phone’s Airplane mode. This way, you can scroll through your feed; even if you accidentally like a post, it won’t actually show up as a real post.

Instagram hack 5- # filter comments on your posts

You can simply apply filters to your comments. Instagram allows you to block comments from special people, hide offensive comments, apply manual filter, and filter most reported words in order to get rid of spammy comments on your posts.

Follow the steps below to access your comments filter.

  • Open your Instagram, go to your profile, then tap three bars at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Choose Settings at the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Select Comments.
  • From the opened window, apply the filters you’d like.


Instagram hack-fiter-comments

Instagram hack 6- # turn off your public activity

We all get messages like “why didn’t you like my post?” or “why didn’t you reply to the DM I sent you?” from our contacts, once we are online. If you don’t want people to see the details of your Instagram activity( your online status ), you can turn off the public activity using the instructions below.

    • Go to your profile and tap the horizontal bars at the top.
    • Tap Settings>Privacy>Activity Status.
    • Toggle on Activity Status to turn it off.

Instagram hack 7- # muting posts and stories from specific people

If you want to stop seeing posts or stories from specific people, you can temporarily or permanently mute them in order not to let their posts or stories appear on your feed when they publish them.

Mute posts: Tap the three dots at the top of any of their posts and choose the Mute option.


Mute stories: Tap and hold the profile picture of anyone you want to mute at the top of your feed and select mute story.


Instagram hack 8- # zoom Instagram stories

You can easily zoom in Instagram stories with one finger. Open up your Instagram camera, then start recording something to share your story. Once you are recording, slide up, and down the screen, with the same finger, you began recording in order to zoom in and out. 

Instagram hack 9- # share stories regularly with polls (interactive stickers)

Instagram stories are a pretty powerful thing to grab your audience’s attention. Especially, when you add story polls to them and post them regularly, you are more likely to double engagement. 

If you don’t have the time to post your stories every single day to stay in touch with your audience and build the community around your business account, here is the good news. Take the chance to make use of AiGrow’s Scheduler feature to schedule your content story, feed, IGTV) in advance.

Instagram hack 10- # add links in your Instagram stories

Unfortunately, including links in your Instagram stories is only available to either verified accounts or Instagram accounts with at least 10,000 followers. But if you have the requirements, don’t lose the chance to add one to your story.

Using this feature on Instagram is a way to immediately link your followers to a product page or whatever else on another website. So it’s a great strategy of driving more traffic and engagement to a website.

Note: AiGrow’s Scheduler feature lets you connect your story to an external URL when you want to set the details of scheduling your post.


Instagram hack 11- # turn on notifications

There are some Instagram profiles where you would like to see their new content as soon as possible. But as you may know it better, seeing all following’s new content is not probable all the time. To put it in simple words, the more following you have, the less likely you are to see all their new content in your feed.

Here’s how to get notifications for new Instagram stories, posts, IGTVs, and lives.

  • Go to the Instagram profile that you want to enable notifications for.
  • Tap the notification icon (bell) in the top-right corner.


Instagram hack-notifications

  • Select the toggles next to each option to turn its notification on (off).

Note: There is another way to turn on posts’ notifications. Tap the three horizontal dots on the top-right corner, then choose Turn on Post Notifications. You can repeat the mentioned steps to turn it off as well.

Instagram hack 12- # run Instagram contests (giveaway)

There is no doubt that running an Instagram contest can create a buzz around your account and is a key to get more engagement.

Using AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature is highly recommended since it provides you with a full package from automating and scheduling your contest to choosing the winner on your behalf without needing you to lift a finger.

Instagram hack 13- # hide your posts without deleting them

Instagram archive feature gives you the possibility to hide your posts for whatever your reason is from the public eye without permanently deleting them. 

The only thing you need to do is to tap the three dots in the right corner and select Archive.

Instagram hack 14- # create instructional/educational content

You can simply increase your engagement rate once you post something to educate people rather than just your own selfies. An educational post helps your followers learn something new and gives interesting information about whatever related to the post you are sharing.

Besides, an educational content in comparison with straightforward selfies needs more clarification, and most people need to watch it again to fully digest it. Above all, if your followers find this post interesting, they’ll definitely share it with others.

So it ends up gaining more engagement. Comments along with shares are two important keys to engagement.

Instagram hack 15- # make the most of DMs

Instagram direct messages are absolutely important when it comes to building relationships with followers and starting warming up leads.

Managing your DMs can be easy to do on your phone when you have a smaller account. On the other hand, when you receive hundreds or thousands of DMs a day, managing them on your phone becomes a big deal. Even if you are not at this stage yet, managing your DMs on your desktop is easier to do.

Sign up on AiGrow for free and give its Inbox feature a try to see how you can automate and manage your DMs with ease. 

Instagram hack-AiGrow-direct message-feature

AiGrow’s DM feature pricing

AiGrow provides you with 3 DM plans pricing including: DM- Advanced $59 (per month), DM- Pro $39 (per month), DM- Starter $29 (per month).

DM plans of AiGrow


To sum up, Instagram hacks are of prime importance to not only grow your account but also to know how every Instagram feature works to be able to take the most advantage of this social platform.

In this article, we provided 15 Instagram hacks to you and also a super beneficial Instagram management and growth service, AiGrow. Let’s use them to perform better on this platform.


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