IGdm Review: The Best Way To Send Instagram Direct Messages Online?

IGdm-vs AiGrow

Nowadays, most of the communication process is done over the Internet using social media applications. Instagram DM is one of the most frequently used ways to communicate online whether you are an ordinary user or a specialist. Many Instagrammers use their Instagram DMs professionally to increase their audience, boost brand awareness, and grow their business. 

Have you ever heard anything about AiGrow and IGdm pro? Read on in order to find out how you can use them to manage your DMs and to see which one is more efficient.

Manage Your DMs On Desktop.

What Is IGDM?

IG: DM is an Instagram direct messaging app for the desktop you need to download and install on your PC. With this platform, you can bring your private conversations from the Instagram app to your desktop with all of its features such as sending voice messages, stickers, photos and videos, gifs, etc. Not only that, IG: DM adds more functions to help you use your DMs professionally. Also, they provide a two-weeks trial to test all the features and make up your mind before purchasing the priced plans. 

Features of IGDM

To put it in simple words, all IGdm does is take most of the features found on the official Instagram app on your phone and operate them on a desktop as well. So, to be honest, this platform is not much different from the Instagram website. However, here are IGDM features according to their website:

Search for users: Search for any user and start a conversation with them.

Save Videos and Images: Save photos and videos of the posts shared in conversations. 

Quote Messages: IGDM provides a custom and convenient style of quoting chat messages within a chat

Unfollowers List: Provides a list of users who don’t follow you back on Instagram. 

Disable Read Receipts: The platform provides a setting that allows you to prevent users from receiving read receipts. 

Features of IGDM Pro

As we mentioned, IG: DM doesn’t provide any special features and only provides Instagram app features on your desktop. However, to access more tools, you can try igdm pro with the unique features it provides. Here are ig dm pro top features:

  • Manage Multiple Accounts: Sign into as many Instagram accounts as you want and manage them from one place.
  • Proxy Support: With IGDM Pro you can log in through a proxy
  • 100 Conversations: IGDM pro will load up to 100 of your chat messages
  • Filter Chat List: Filter your Inbox messages based on read and unread.
  • Search Messages: Do a text search to look through older messages which would have otherwise been difficult to find.
  • Delete Conversation: Delete a conversation from your chat list. Just like you can hide a conversation from the mobile app.
  • Unsend Messages: Similar to the mobile app, you can unsend(read) messages.
  • Quick Replies: IGDM provides a quick-reply feature that allows you to save frequently used messages and re-use them with a few clicks. 

IGDM Pricing

There are two versions of this app available to use. A free version and IGdm Pro. Both enable you to use all the above mentioned features. Besides, IGdm Pro comes with some additional features as we mentioned. 

All these features are ready for free 14 days of a trial period. After that, you need to decide whether to use IGdm or not. By the way, it costs 10 EUR. However, users are able to donate via pay pal.

Is IGDM Safe?

To know is igdm safe, first, we need to read users’ reviews about this platform. Unfortunately, the name of this platform is not submitted on any platforms such as Trustpilot or G2. So let’s check the ScamAdvisr website to see is igdm safe. 

ScamAdvicer is a smart engine that checks different data points of a website such as the location of the server, ratings from other sites, malware reports, the source code being used, etc. 

Based on their analysis, Igdm has a low trust score and it’s not entirely safe to use. Here are the positive and negative highlights of the igdm.me website. 

igdm safe or not
  • The website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service
  • This website does not have many visitors
  • We discovered the website is served from a high-risk country
  • We detected cryptocurrency services that can be high risk
  • Anonymous payment methods were identified on this site
  • It seems this company is offering likes & followers on social media

IG:dm Alternative

Now that you know everything about IGDM and its features let’s introduce you to the best IGDM alternative with more features and better rating, AiGrow. 

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with all the essential features a professional Instagram user needs. Some of its main features are:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Manage multiple Instagram account
  • Multiple DM tools
  • All in one bio link
  • Contest and giveaway runner tool
  • Content creation service
  • More than 300 new organic followers every month

AiGrow, with a high rating score on review sites, has gained the trust of its customers. This platform doesn’t use any bots to keep your account safe and prevent it from getting banned. Instead, it relies on a smart AI engine to beat Instagram DM limits and grow your account. 

Why Using AiGrow DM Tool?

AiGrow provides four different actions on your DMs that you can use to get the most out of your Instagram account.

  • Auto DM: With this feature, you can send mass DMs to your targeted audience without passing Instagram limits.
  • Auto Reply: Reply to your messages when you are not online and let them know you’ll answer ASAP. 
  • DM To Email: Check your messages and reply to them in your email.
  • DM Inbox: View, reply, and send DMs on your PC/mac. 

With AiGrow’s mass DM tool, you can send bulk messages to the users you want without passing Instagram DM limits. You can use the targeting tools it provides to send your messages to your current followers, new followers, or followers of your competitors. 

The smart AI engine will change your message in different forms, so Instagram doesn’t detect bot or spammy actions. 

How to send bilk DMs on Instagram the easy way?

AiGrow Reviews

AiGrow is a safe igdm alternative with a high rating on reviewing websites such as  Trustpilot. Let’s read users’ experiences on AiGrow to decide which platform is better for you. 

aigrow review1

“ went from 5k-14k followers in Instagram! extremely helpful and attentive .”.

aigrow review 2

“ This app provides you with every single feature you may need in the process of managing and organically growing your Instagram account.”

aigrow review trustpilot

“ Easy to get in touch with the customer team on Whatsapp and yu will get organic followers in a short time.”

AiGrow Vs. IGDM

Now that you know everything about IGDM and AiGrow let’s compare them in this part to help you make up your mind and choose the best platform. 

Send and recieve messages: Available on both platforms. 

Share photos in DMs: Available on both platforms. 

DM to email service: You can access your DMs on your email using AiGrow. IGDM doesn’t provide this service. 

DM targeting: You can target your DMs with AiGrow. IGDM doesn’t offer such tools.

Search for users: Available on both platforms.

Disable Read receipts: Available on both platforms.

Automatic DMs: This feature is available on both platforms.

Delete conversation: Available on both platforms.

Filter conversations: Available on both platforms.

Quick replies: Available on both platforms.

Unsend messages:  This feature is available on both platforms.

Using on the phone: AiGrow provides a phone app too. IGDM is only available on PC. 

Mass DM tool: You can send mass DMs with AiGrow but not with IGDM. 

Safe to use: AiGrow is entirely safe to use. Some users experienced issues with IGDM. 


Choosing the best DM service is of prime importance since direct messaging on Instagram is vitally essential to enhance your business. IGDM is one of the most known Instagram messaging tools for PC that thousands of users use. In this article, we told you everything you need to know about this platform, is it safe to use, and what features it provides.

Finally, we introduced you to one of the best IGDM alternatives with better features, AiGrow. Based on the clarifications on how to choose between AiGrow and IGdm, we highly recommend AiGrow because of its comprehensive features in Instagram DM.

Try AiGrow Now!

Can you automate DMs?

The Instagram app doesn’t allow you to automate your DMs. However, you can use trusted third-party tools such as AiGrow to send DMs automatically. 

Can I send DM through computer?

Yes! Instagram direct messaging is now available through the Instagram website. You can also try using third-party tools to access your messages on your desktop. 

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