5 killer ways to use Instagram polls to get more engagement

Instagram polls



If you’re looking to engage with your audience and grab their attention, it should be noted that an Instagram Story can be a pretty powerful thing. Instagram poll is a great way to not only stop your followers from swiping past your story, but also to give you the opportunity to get more engagement.

What are Instagram story polls?

Instagram now has two different poll stickers you can add to your stories: the classic poll with two customizable answer options, and the newer emoji slider.

Instagram story polls are a fun way to increase clicks, grow overall engagement, and above all, they also create an opportunity to hear directly from your followers and customers.

Instagram stories unquestionably are of great importance, due to the fact that they boast 500 million daily users. So the more they engage your viewers, the more successful your brand will be.

5 killer ways to use Instagram polls

Whether you are asking for opinions or simply want to entertain your followers, we’re sharing 5 killer ways to use Instagram stories polls in your next story.

  1. Receive feedback through Instagram polls

Despite the fact that Instagram polls are crucial to raise engagement, it should be noted that they play an important role in making your audience realize that they matter to you.

Instagram Stories poll stickers are a great tool for businesses to crowd source ideas, collect product feedback, or find out what content your audience wants to see more of.

Consequently, This helps you build up a closer relationship with your followers who are getting more loyal to you.


 2. Have fun with Instagram polls

It is absolutely important to show your followers you’re approachable, and also there’s a real human behind your account. Make your followers believe that you care for their interest, joy, etc.

Keep in mind that the reason your audience is on Instagram is because they enjoy social media. So take opportunities to have a little fun.

For example, you can ask about their childhood memories, favorite holiday movies, or their nostalgic music band.

Instagram polls

3. Use Instagram polls to drive traffic back to your main website

Instagram has introduced the ability to add links to Instagram Stories, which made it easier than ever to drive traffic to a brand’s website.

To do so, first, you can ask your audience an intriguing question, and then you can share a link to your story, which is the only way for people to find out the answer.

  Consequently, you encourage viewers to swipe up the link that directs them to a website. This link is usually one that redirects to the users’ website, a blog, a YouTube video to increase views, or any external site that you may want to drive traffic to.

Notice that you can only add a swipe-up link just in case your business account is verified; you have 10000 followers or more.

In addition, you can run paid ads or simply add a link to your IGTV video if you do not meet the criteria above.

swipe-up in Instagram stories

4.   Educate the audience on your brand with Instagram polls

Using Instagram Stories polls is a great way to help your followers get to know your brand.

You can ask your followers good questions about what makes your brand unique and what hypes your customers up. Besides, you’d better keep the questions as short as possible in order to make the information you give them sticks to their mind.

5.  Use Instagram polls to learn more about your followers 

0ne of the easiest ways to get to know your followers’ likes, dislikes and also what they’d like to see more of from your account is clearly Instagram polls.

  Understanding your customers’ needs is key to developing an effective marketing strategy, and a quick poll provides instant insight into what your followers are looking for, what type of content resonates with them, and – most importantly – what they want to see happen next.

 How to add an Instagram poll to your story?

Adding a poll to your story is a perfect way to increase engagement while easy and exciting. So here is a step-by-step guide to make an Instagram poll.

  1. First of all, create a new Instagram Story
  2. Next, tap the sticker icon (smiley face)  and search “poll.”
  3. Now, fill in the question for your poll, type your prompt question and edit your answers, in case it is needed to do so.

  4. Finally, Place your poll wherever you want on your photo or video. Then share your story.

How to view and share results of Instagram Polls

sharing polls result

Simply view your own story and then tap in the lower-left corner where it says “Seen by X” viewers. That’ll open up a screen that not only shows you all the viewers, but who voted and how many votes you’ve gotten for each answer on your poll.

And see that “Share Results” button? Tapping that will open up the results in a way that you can easily share right back to your Story.

If the story has expired, by going to your profile page, then selecting the clock with the circle around it on the top right-hand side of your profile.

Questions to ask using Instagram polls 

You’ve got three options when it comes to polls

1.Ask questions that seek “yes/no” responses

First, explain an idea or show an image, then ask questions like:

Question 1: Do you like this?  Answer: Yes / No

Question 2: Would you buy this? Answer: Yes / No

Question 3: Would you wear that? Answer: Yes / No

2.Ask questions that seek to understand emotional response

So while polls only offer 2 possible answers, don’t feel limited to “yes/no” responses. To dig beneath the surface, here are some alternatives.

Question 1: What do you think of this green shirt?  Answers: Love / Hate

Question 2: How do you feel about polka dots? Answers: Winner / dud

Question 3: Should we add green beans and ham to our menu? Answers: Go / no go

3.Ask questions that seek to understand a preference

Another popular way to get more out of polls is to have followers to compare two choices you give them. This works best with products you can show side by side using a collage.

Question 1: Which do you like more? Answers: Right / left

Question 2: Which color is better?  Answers: Blue / red

Question 3: Which do you prefer? Answers: Silver / gold


To sum up, Instagram story polls are highly recommended to attract your audience’s attention and simultaneously, raise your account engagement.

Check out our 5 killer ways to grow audience and raise your Instagram  engagement by adding polls to your stories.



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