IGdm vs. AiGrow – Which one has the best DM service?

IGdm vs. AiGrow- DM


Nowadays, most of the communication process is done over the Internet using social media applications. Instagram DM is one of the most frequently used ways to communicate online whether you are an ordinary user or a specialist. Above all, for those who use Instagram for running and promoting a brand or a product, taking advantage of Instagram DM services including AiGrow and IGdm pro appropriately is of great importance. 

Have you ever heard anything about AiGrow and IGdm pro? Read on in order to find out how you can use them to manage your DMs and to see which one is more efficient.

However, like anything, when official developers fail, third-party developers enter the scene and leave the official developers behind. Due to the fact that using the official Instagram app to manage your direct messages (DM) has some restrictions and also some difficulties, you may need some alternatives to meet your needs.

In this article, we’ll provide you with a full guide to figuring out which third-party tool works best to help you with your DMs, AiGrow, or IGdm pro?

 Why do you need to use Instagram DM not only for fun?

Keep in mind that Instagram DM offers much more than what you think. If you are one of those who use Instagram DMs just for fun content sharing, let’s have a look at the things below that it allows you to do as well. 

  • You can use DMs to communicate any information, including advertisements to offer your goods and services to the maximum number of users.
  • It helps you send notifications about the start of promotions and discounts, about the contests, news, and other announcements.
  • It gives you the opportunity to send welcome messages to whoever has just started following you and send them your gratitude. 
  • You can start cooperating with new advertisers, influencers, etc., to promote your brand effectively through Instagram Direct.

Now that the importance of DMS is crystal clear to promote your brand and product and increase your engagement on social media, it’s time to have a closer look at the tools to help you to do so.

Instagram tools

Instagram has become one of the most powerful social media platforms with a huge number of monthly active users. Thanks to its growing popularity, you can easily find so many available Instagram tools to make your marketing strategy a big success.

IG tools include lots of features and services in order to do whatever needed on your behalf to not only monitor your account but also to grow it.

Looking for tools to bulk message, manage your DMs, and even automate them with ease and save your time, increase the reach, and also boost efficiency all at the same time? Then it is of prime importance to choose the right tool.

We will let you know everything to decide which one is the best choice when it comes to DM service, AiGrow, or IGdm pro.

Let’s dive in to be familiar with these third-party tools up close to choose one.

All you should know about AiGrow 

AiGrow is undoubtedly one of the best Instagram management services you can use, thanks to its awesome features. Once you think of managing your Instagram DM on desktop, one of the best DM services you can think of is AiGrow.

It should be noted that AiGrow Instagram DM feature includes five different parts as follows. Each of these can be used for various purposes that we will explain below.

Note: To get started with AiGrow, all you need to do is to connect your Instagram account to its dashboard by creating your own account. After that, you are able to see your direct messages from your dashboard.

DM feature of AiGrow

You can use AiGrow’s DM feature to communicate either with your current followers or your new followers. This feature makes it possible for you to run contests, generate leads, reward followers, etc. 

Moreover, another upside of this feature is that it provides auto replies, automated messaging, and welcome messages to people who have just started following you.

The process of using this part is easy as A, B, C. 

How to start AiGrow’s automated DM  

  • First of all, think of your message and then enter it in the box.
  • Next, set targeting. There are five sections in this part including:

AiGrow-targetting DM

  1. Current followers: selecting this means that you mean to send your default message to whom are now your followers.
  2. New followers: If you choose New followers, you will send your automated DM only to your new followers from now on.
  3. Excel list: Once you tick the box of excel list, it gives you a sheet to fill. By filling this excel sheet, you can simply send your message to any people you want.
  4.  Followers of an influencer: This section provides you with generating more followers due to the fact that it gives you the opportunity to send messages to an influencer’s followers.
  5. Hashtag users: once you select this, you can search and add Hashtags. Then your Tag’s target will receive your message.

Note: The good news is that you can choose multiple items from all these categories.

  • At the end when everything is done, tap Start DM to send your message to those you have targeted.

Note: AiGrow’s automated DM is completely safe and secure since it does everything within the Instagram policy frame. It uses changeable messages for your content (hello, hi, hey)in order not to be recognized as a bot. 

As you may know it better Instagram will ban your account temporarily if you send one specific fixed DM message to a lot of people.

Do you want to send unique DM messages to a huge number of people and not to be banned? Let’s give AiGrow’s DM feature a shot.

Auto reply feature of AiGrow

There is a box placed here in which you can write your preset message. Once anyone sends you a message with more than three words will automatically get this response.

AiGrow's auto reply feature

Bulk DM feature of AiGrow

If you are looking for a way to send an automated  DM to a huge number of people in less than an hour, then it’s time to use AiGrow’s Bulk DM feature.

 DM to Emails feature of AiGrow

If you are looking for a way to not only receive but also respond to your Instagram DMs from your Email inbox of choice (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.), AiGrow’s DM to emails feature is all you need to meet your needs.

DM Inbox feature of AiGrow

This feature allows you to do whatever you would do from your mobile Instagram app virtually. You can search for DMs from specific users in addition to filtering your DMs by unread, sent, read, and all.

Plus, there is no need to respond to your DMs from your mobile, just type your message, attach photos or videos, and then hit Send.

AiGrow’s DM feature price

AiGrow offers you a 5-day free trial to make sure whether you have chosen the best or not. Once you are sure that you have chosen the best to manage your Instagram DMs, the pricing of AiGrow’s DM feature is given below. It costs you 23$ per month to use this feature.

AiGrow's DM price

All you should know about IGdm


IG:dm is a revolutionary Instagram application that allows you to continue your conversations from your laptop or desktop. This basically means that you can send DMs straight from your computer, just by installing the app, which is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There are times when your phone is not at hand, so you need to perform actions in the usual direct messenger using desktop IGdm.

Desktop IGdm allows performing actions in the usual direct messenger. Clients can send and receive messages, add images and emoticons to them, create chats and search for the desired user thanks to the search function by means of IGdm pro. Also, it provides the ability to quote different messages for easy structuring.

IGdm features

To put it in simple words, all IGdm does is to take most of the features found on the official Instagram app on your phone and operate them on desktop as well.


IGdm pro features include

  • Sending DMs including photos and emojis
  • Receiving DMs
  • Search for a specific user or a message
  • Unsend messages
  • Quote messages
  • Save photos and videos
  •  have access to a list of all the users who don’t follow you back

IGdm’s DM price

There are two versions of this app available to use. A free version and IGdm Pro. Both enable you to use all the above mentioned features. Besides, IGdm Pro comes with some additional features as follows.

  •  Proxy Support;
  • Instagram Chat online;
  • Multiple accounts;
  • Quick replies;
  • Dark theme;
  • Delete conversations;

All these features are ready for free 14 days of a trial period. After that, you need to decide whether to use IGdm or not. By the way, it costs 10 EUR. However, users are able to donate via pay pal.

 Above all, One of the downsides of IGdm is that the service may be unsafe as it has a free version. So, Instagram might block your account, and you may lose it forever. 

Now that everything is said and done, it’s time to choose either IGdm or AiGrow to manage your Instagram DMs.

AiGrow or IGdm?

Due to the fact that AiGrow provides you with some additional services and features mentioned above, such as more inbox customization, the ability to send automated, targeted DMs, powerful targeting(DM to new followers, current followers, people who use certain hashtags or from certain locations, followers of a competitor account or even an excel list of Instagram usernames), DM to Email and vice versa, etc. On the other hand, IGdm offers only messaging in direct, no additional services.

Furthermore, If you are looking forward to finding an all-in-one tool to manage your DMs as well as your Instagram account, have a look at all AiGrow’s features to have the chance to boost your account by using its excellent features.

  • Instagram growth
  • Scheduler
  • Listening and repost
  • Post and reward
  • Social calendar
  • Bio link
  • Bulk posts delete

Which one is a better alternative?  Try AiGrow for free to make sure that AiGrow would definitely be a better choice.

Final thought

All in all, choosing the best DM service is of prime importance since direct messaging on Instagram is vitally important to enhance your business. Based on the clarifications on how to choose between AiGrown and IGdm, we highly recommend AiGrow because of its comprehensive features in Instagram DM.


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