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Instagram Contest

5 Killer Instagram giveaway templates + giveaway tool

Believe it or not, running a giveaway or contest on Instagram is beneficial for both small business owners and professional marketers. They help you create a buzz around your brand, boost your audience engagement, and drive traffic to your website. Using a good Instagram giveaway template can give you a hand in the process of running a contest or giveaway on Instagram to give you the best possible result.

But the question is, do you think all giveaway contests give you your desired result? How would you do it right?

The professionally designed Instagram giveaway templates provided in this article help you save time and make your next giveaway contest a success.

If you are ready to go, let’s take a look at 5 of the most effective contest templates you can use to achieve your business goals.

What is the meaning of giveaway on Instagram?

Instagram giveaways are promotions in which brands promise to give away different things, including their new product or service, or every other valuable thing to more or one lucky entrant within a limited period of time.

5 Instagram giveaway templates

A good Instagram giveaway template can come in handy, so try the Following Instagram giveaway templates we will share for your business, then choose the one that works best for your brand. Here are the 5 killer Instagram giveaway templates below, in addition to a super beneficial tool to run your giveaway with ease.

  • Instagram giveaway template:1#Vote contest

Suppose you are looking forward to finding a way to find out more about your customers and interact with them. In that case, vote contests give you the ability to know more about your customers’ interests, buying habits, and general habits.

Here are some examples of vote contests and how they can benefit your business.

  1. Imagine there is a particular product you are looking to sell at a particular time. You can run a vote contest with 5 of the products, and then the products with the most votes will be given to the people who voted for them at half price.

It not only increases the visibility of your products but also encourages others to take part in the process of voting to win something.

     2. Imagine there is a festival to showcase your products in, then you can ask your customers to create a design for the upcoming festival. After that, run a vote contest to ask your customers to post their own designs for the festival.

 The most voted-on designs will win free tickets to the festival. Actually, it helps you take advantage of user-generated content and increase your brand engagement at the same time.

  • Instagram giveaway template:2#Photo contest

Another great way to increase your engagement on Instagram is to run a photo contest. Nowadays, most people are professional photographers due to the fact that they all carry a camera in their pockets.

Moreover, people enjoy taking photos and sharing them with the world. This contest not only provides you with brilliant user-generated content but also every entrant promotes their own photos and therefore your contest and your brand.

Here’s how a photo contest works:

  • Participants upload a photo to your contest page, and then by entering their details, they can submit it.
  • The contest runner checks to make sure if the photos are within the contest guidelines.
  • Participants encourage their friends to vote on their photo.
  • The participants whose photo has the most votes end up winning the contest’s prize.

  • Instagram giveaway template:3#Sweepstakes giveaway contest

This Instagram giveaway template is one of the most popular contest types. Due to the fact that entering this contest is easy and is the simplest to create, they have a large number of entrants.

All the participants need to do is to enter their email address and name to immediately enter a competition and have the chance to win the prize.

Note: Make sure that the prize you are offering is desirable only to your target market. Otherwise, if you offer something like cash or an unrelated product, you will have lots of entries who are interested in the prize and are far less likely to be potential customers.

Note: It would be a good idea to reward more people, for example, winners in the second or third places,

Five primary components of these templates

Despite the fact that there is a large variety of this kind of Instagram giveaway template (sweepstakes), the one we are going to provide you with below is the most commonly used one.

  1. A large image at the top in which you can feature your prize as well as an eye-catching piece of text.
  2. Add the headline and action words (like enter to win! Win your prize today!)
  3. A small image of your product to feature your product one more time or a model using it.
  4. The form fill and CTA button where entrants can enter to have the chance to win using their Email address.
  5. The body copy, where you describe the details about the contest.

Note: the details of your contest include its duration, the steps entrants need to take to get their chance to win(like to enter/ tag or comment to enter/ follow to enter/share to enter, etc.)

  • Instagram giveaway template:4#Instagram hashtag promotion contest

You may have noticed that hashtags are very popular on Instagram; actually, they are one of the easiest ways to categorize posts and increase your reach and followers with ease.

So this Instagram giveaway template can help you generate fans and create a big community around your contest and brand as well.

All the entrants need to do is to post their photo on Instagram and then tag it with a campaign-specific hashtag. You can then tell the entrants what kind of image you would like them to post (theme, showcasing the product, etc.). 

Plus, as soon as someone tags their image with your contest hashtag, the picture will automatically appear on your Instagram hashtag page. Then you can choose your favorite hashtagged images based on some criteria and email the winner.

Using this Instagram giveaway template is of great importance since it gives you tons of fantastic user-generated content you can benefit from for future social media marketing campaigns.

Instagram hashtag promotion contests also increase virality thanks to the likes these hashtagged posts bring you with. Besides, it can boost engagement and followers.

  • Instagram giveaway template:#5 Launch countdown

Instagram countdowns are exciting enough on their own; just imagine you double this excitement by running a giveaway using this Instagram giveaway template.

Once you decide to use this Instagram giveaway template, you can ask your audience to post your countdown on their stories, and tag or mention friends to be more likely to win the prize, which can be a product related to your brand or a discount, etc.

What is an effective giveaway tool?

In Spite of the fact the process of running a giveaway on Instagram is not easy at all, there is a super easy and beneficial way you can use to run one easily as A, B, C. That’s where AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature can come in handy.

This AiGrow’s feature can automate a contest or giveaway, schedule a post and set the criteria, and at the end, reward the winner automatically via DM.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow

AiGrow is an all-in-one app that provides you with all the features you may need in the process of managing your account. When using its Post and Reward feature to manage your Instagram giveaway contests, all participants need to be checked to make sure if they have followed all the rules of the contest or not.

Once AiGrow checks all the giveaway entrants to make sure if they are all qualified to have the chance to win, here comes AiGrow’s giveaway picker to pick the lucky winner of the contest randomly without needing you to use other apps to pick the winner.

Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker

How does AiGrow’s Post & Reward work?

We will bring you up with some simple steps to take in order to be able to see how AiGrow’s user-friendly dashboard works to help you post and schedule your next giveaway easily.

  1. Sign up on AiGrow and add your Instagram profile to it.
  2. Once you open its dashboard, choose the account you would like to manage and click Manage Account.
  3. Choose Post & Reward and click Schedule a Contest.

    4. Upload a photo or video

Note: You can also enter a YouTube video URL for uploading a YouTube video directly to your Instagram profile without downloading the YouTube video.

    5. Set the rules for your contest.

    6. By scrolling down, you can set other details such as editing your caption, adding hashtags, location, and multiple accounts to share your post in them at the same time.

    7. At the end you can post your giveaway post at the time or schedule a specific time to post it in the future.

   8. When you are done with everything click Submit and leave the rest to AiGrow from running your giveaway to choosing the winner at the end.

AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing

The Scheduler pricing plan of AiGrow consists of three packages. Scheduler-pro($49), Post plus($9), Essentials($29).

Final thoughts 

To sum up, making use of an Instagram giveaway template that suits your contest is highly recommended due to the fact that it increases your brand awareness, followers, leads,etc. You’d better take the chance to use AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature to let it do everything on your behalf to make your next giveaway a big success.

It’s time to give AiGrow a shot for free!


This post was last modified on June 6, 2021 1:02 pm