Save time and run more contests with the automated Giveaway Picker from AiGrow!

Say goodbye to spending countless hours sifting through mentions or hashtags!

Instagram contests are a great way to generate engagement and sales, but can take hours
to manage and pick winners. Now you can automate the entire process.

How it works

Paste your Instagram
contest URL

Specify the number
of winners

Specify whether you want to count users mentioned or hashtags used in your post

Specify a contest end date, or have the list generated on demand

Are Instagram giveaways effective?

“I run contests each month to giveaway a free spa gift to my followers. It used to take me hours to work through hundreds of entries and now I can generate winners in a matter of seconds!”

Make your Next Instagram Promotion as easy as A...b...c...

Whether you need to run a contest once, or run them regularly, get started today with one of our value added subscriptions

Designed to make your life easier, so You can focus on the things that matter most

Giveaway-Starter $9

  • Run a single contest
  • Upto 500 comments reviewed
  • Upto 5 winners & 5 substitute winners

Giveaway-Pro $19

  • Run upto 5 contests every 3 months
  • Upto 1,000 comments reviewed per contest
  • Upto 5 winners & 5 substitute winners

Giveaway-Advanced $59

  • Run unlimited number of contests
  • Upto 2,000 comments reviewed per contest
  • Upto 5 winners and 5 substitute winners
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