The ultimate guide to running an Instagram contest in 2022

Instagram contest

Instagram, with more than 1billion active users, is one of the most popular social media platforms. Whether you own a big brand or just starting your business, Instagram can help you find customers and run your business. One of the best ways to increase your followers, likes, and comments are by hosting Instagram contests and giveaways. In this article, we’ll show you how to run an Instagram contest as easy as pie and grow your page.

What is an Instagram contest?

Running Instagram contests helps gain more followers in a short time and increase sales and awareness for your brand. You need to choose a prize, time limit, and some conditions for your contest. You’ll then ask your followers to do the requirements, and when your giveaway time is over, you pick a random winner. Well, everybody loves winning free stuff! That’s why they participate in your contest to win something! 

 How to run Instagram contest and giveaways?

By running a successful Instagram contest, you’ll be able to increase your followers by up to 70%. In the next steps, we’ll tell you how to do it.

1.Choose the prize of your giveaway

Your contest prize should be related to the service you are providing; you can do it in different ways depending on your business, such as: giving free products, offering free service, or a huge discount code. Also, providing lots of money as a prize is another option that brings so much attention. 

2. Set your contest conditions

Setting rules for your contest is for limiting the visitors to gain the prize. In fact, you are separating potential followers from regular visitors who are not interested in your products. Here are some ideas for your giveaway rules:

  • Follow your page and like your recent posts; This brings your instant follower boost. But after the giveaway is over, you may lose some of them.
  • Tag a friend in the comments( or more than one); This will increase your content reach. New users will discover your page, and if they are interested in your content, they may follow you.
  • Repost your content on their page( post or story)
  • Add your specific hashtags under their posts.
  • Ask them to send you photos of themselves using your products. These user-generated contents help you build trust for your brand.

3.Choose the Right Hashtags for your giveaways

Hashtags are like keywords for a search engine; by adding hashtags to your caption, you can increase your reach. Also, since 2019, users can follow a hashtag and see its posts in the home feed. So, users who don’t even follow you can reach your content.

Here are some of the best hashtags you can use in your Instagram contest to increase your entries: #contest #giveaway #competition #giveawaycontest #prize #instagiveaway #contestalert #freegiveaway #givingaway #epicgivaway 

You can also use your unique brand’s hashtags. 

4.Set a time limit for your contest

 Time-limit is what creates a sense of urgency for your visitors to participate in your giveaway. If it’s a daily contest, you can do it through Instagram stories and highlight it. If not, create an eye-catching post to announce your giveaway.

Instagram rules for running a contest

Based on Instagram promotion guidelines, before announcing the contest, you have to decide any include the below information in the caption:

  • Who is eligible to enter? (How old they need to be? Where can they live? etc.)
  • Determine the start and ending time
  • Clearly announce the prize. 
  • Make it clear that Instagram is not involved in the contest. Promotions on Instagram must include the Acknowledgement that the promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram.”
  • Mention in your caption when and how you’ll pick a winner
  • Do not encourage your followers to incorrect tagging. It’s ok to ask your followers to tag friends or branded hashtags but, you can’t ask them to tag other brands or influencers.

How to manage an Instagram contest?

By now, we showed you what aspect you need to consider before announcing the giveaway, and it’s time for running it. Checking that each user has done the conditions and picking one of them manually needs tons of time and attention. That’s why we will introduce you to the best tool for running Instagram contests and giveaways. 

Instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow

AiGrow is an all-in-one app that provides you with all the features you may need in the process of managing your account. When using its Post and Reward feature to manage your Instagram giveaway contests, all participants need to be checked to make sure if they have followed all the rules of the contest or not.

Instagram giveaway picker - AiGrow

Once AiGrow checks all the giveaway entrants to make sure if they are all qualified to have the chance to win, here comes AiGrow’s giveaway picker to pick the lucky winner of the contest randomly without needing you to use other apps to pick the winner.

Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker


AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth platform with many features that help you grow your Instagram page fast and efficiently. Some of its main features are:

  • Post and reward feature
  • Dedicated account manager 
  • Up to 300 new followers in a month
  • Post and story scheduler
  • Designing a bio-link landing page
  • Repost content on Instagram 
  • Hashtag and account monitoring

Let’s see how to run an Instagram contest using AiGrow’s post and reward feature:

1.First, you need to signup on AiGrow’s website, which is entirely free and takes less than 2 minutes.

2.Next, sign in to your account. From the Dashboard, click on Add Instagram account and log in to your Instagram account(s). You can add more than 80 accounts here and manage them together.

3.Click on Manage Account.

4.Select Post and Scheduling.

5.Click on the Post&Reward button.

6.Here, you can see your upcoming contests or schedule one by clicking Schedule a Contest.

7.In the opened tab, you need to add your contest’s information, such as: Setting your rules, adding your caption, adding your hashtags, etc. You can also write a DM message to be sent to qualified users to give them a discount code for entering the contest.

8.After adding your information, you can post it immediately or schedule it for later.

What to do after running the contest?

By now, you’ve done the essential parts and shared the giveaways post; But still, there are a few steps left, like increasing your entries and picking the winner, etc.

Cross-promote on other platforms.

To maximize the number of your entries, you can announce the giveaway on other channels, so those who don’t follow you on Instagram will notify and participate. When you promote it on different media, don’t forget to share a link to your Instagram contest post. For that, you can use AiGrow’s bio-link tool that not only works for Instagram but also you can use it on every other social media platform.

Pick the winner

If you used AiGrow’s Post&Rewars feature to run your contest, picking the winner is very easy. When the time limit is over, this tool picks a random winner from the qualified users, and that’s it!  You have a winner now, so you just need to announce it. 

Announcing the winner

You have to tell your audience who is the winner at the date you determined; this will make a good impression of your brand. Design an eye-catching post and tag and congratulate the winner in it. 

Make sure your prize delivers to the winner; After that, you can ask him to send you a UGC photo or video using the product. You can share it on your page to build more trust for your brand. 

“According to Ruban Selvanayagam of house sale company in the UK: “make sure that things are kept completely transparent. There have been contests in the British real estate industry where winners have been presented with ridiculous conditions, such as to swap their own house with another!”


By running Instagram contests, you can gain more followers and increase sales and awareness for your brand. This article showed you what conditions you have to check before and after running the giveaway. Also, we introduced you to AiGrow’s Post&Reward features that help you host contests and giveaways as easy as pie.

Try AiGrow for free

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