How to share a link in Instagram bio?


By sharing a link on your Instagram, people can easily access your websites, videos, publicities, and more. As a result, you can directly share the clickable URL website with your followers, and with all people only if you put the link in your bio.

Different ways are letting you share a link in the Instagram bio. This article will teach you to add a link in your Instagram bio, which is a terrific way to increase your Instagram viewers.

You had better consider the fact that Instagram does not let people share a link in their posts since these links are not clickable. As a result, people prefer to add a link in Instagram bio to access the content with just one click.

Adding the clickable link in an Instagram bio does not only make it easy for Instagrammers to promote their website, blog, and other social media accounts, but it is also accessible for those who view your Instagram page; actually, they access the other page just by one click.

In this modern world, people search for the easiest way to find information about a brand or product on social media. In this way, they use that company’s link in bio to learn more and decide. So keep reading if you also like to learn how to put a link in your Instagram bio.

Instagram Bio

Instagram bio plays a prominent role in introducing your profile page to your followers and viewers; actually, the first information one has gained comes from here.

The Instagram bio includes the summary of the Instagram profile, such as contact information, interests, activity, occupation, and a website URL link of the page owner. This section provides people with an excellent opportunity to seek the page’s recent changes.

As a result, this information would be updated frequently. In what follows, we are going to teach how to add a link to the Instagram bio.

How to add a link in Instagram bio?

Now, we know how important it is to add a link in Instagram bio in order to gain better attention in the Instagram world. Let’s look at the best ways that help you to add a link in your Instagram bio.

You would be confused when you want to add a link to your bio because, unlike the rest of social media, Instagram does not have a clear guide in this area. You can add a link by following the steps below:

  1. Open your Instagram account and go to your Profile page.
  2. Going to your profile page by tapping the home icon
  3. Tap “Edit profile” on the top of the screen  
  4. Copy and paste the link in front of the Bio
  5. Finally, tap don on the right top of the screen to save the changes.

Instagram bio link tools

It is displeasing that Instagram does not let you add more than one link in Instagram bio, and you have to use Instagram bio tools for adding multiple links in Instagram bio in just one URL, which is altered by your field of work.

Indeed, these tools enable you to link all links you want to share with your Instagram viewers in just one clickable link on top of your profile screen.

The following are some of the best tools you can try for adding multiple links in your Instagram bio. We try to introduce the best ones. So, do not miss them.

1. AiGrow

AiGrow and growth strategy sips

Along with all these tools, if you search for a fast solution, AiGrow provides the best tool for adding multiple links in the Instagram bio. AiGrow assures you that your followers would find what they’re looking for in the blink of an eye.

There is a simple way to get this solution; it’s enough to follow the below root. After that, you can share multiple links in your Instagram bio.

Create your own account on AiGrow, then visit your bio link creator page, and enter a desire page name and click claim. In the end, you have a link you can share in your bio, which contains all links you want to share with your followers. For a better understanding of this root, you can watch this video.

Among all Instagram bio tools, I Like Aigrow the most because Aigrow Instagram bio tool offers the best feature such as:

  • Links For Bio(Unlimited )
  • Social buttons (Unlimited )
  • Feed and Story Linking (Unlimited)
  • Request Coupon Buttons (Unlimited)
  • Email Me button
  • Tracking (Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel)
  • Product Tagging to Feed Posts (Unlimited)
  • Custom Contest & Reward Buttons

A good Instagram bio tool lets you add unlimited links; however, other tools have some limitations in the number of links. 

The visual effect is one of the most important issues that should be taken care of in the Instagram world. AiGrow offers this feature for free.

  • CRM
  • Custom Themes
  • Deep Analytics

A useful Instagram bio tool allows its users to measure their links productivity and choose a substitute strategy if necessary.

AiGrow offers all these features for free. The pricing of Aigrow Instagram bio tool is given below;

AiGrow package

2. Brand ID

Brand ID homapage

With Brand ID, you’re able to make your professional brand that would attract more customers to your business. With your creative mind, you can infuse your ideas to make your logo or brand special. You only need to follow three steps, including giving information about your brand, choosing templates among various kinds of templates, and creating your content by also adding your links in your bio.

3. ShortStack


This tool provides you with an opportunity to optimize your account in marketing campaigns. By using ShortStack as your Instagram bio tool, you can target your Instagram followers. You can get started with this tool by pricing below.

Shortstack pricing

On the other hand, AiGrow provides you with better options for free, so I would choose Aigrow as my Instagram bio tool if I were you.

4. Skedsocial


Skedsocial lets you optimize your Instagram traffic by linking to websites or other platforms you want your viewers to visit. The pricing of Skedsocial is given below;

This tool enables you to work it for free for seven days, which allows you to know whether you are ok with it or not. Don’t forget that other Instagram bio tools offer a more reasonable price, and AiGrow offers the best features for free.

Final thought

Adding multiple links in just one clickable link in Instagram bio is one of the most significant Instagram users’ concerns. That being said, I would definitely recommend Aigrow as the advanced solution because not only it provides Instagrammers with the best features, but it also offers all its features of adding multiple links in bio free. You can use it now and experience it the fastest way; check the link below.

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