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Instagram Bio

Drive Traffic to Your Website with MyURLs.bio

Has your Instagram page started taking off, and you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website with it? 

As an avid user of Instagram, you are probably aware of the painful restrictions Instagram imposes on link posting.  Can you post links to your other social media accounts? No. How about driving traffic to your well-written blog posts by advertising them on your Instagram page? Still no. So what is the solution?

Enter MyURLs.bio, AiGrow’s finest feature.

So what is MyURLs.bio, and how exactly does it work?

MyURLs.bio is AiGrow’s smart solution to Instagram linking (or lack thereof) problems. It replaces your bio link with a custom-made one that can have the name of your account. Inside that link, you will get an organized page that can contain multiple links and link-friendly posts.

Let’s look in detail at what MyURLs.bio can do for you. 

MyURLs.bio Features

1- Link-friendly Posts

Every post that you make without driving traffic to your website is a missed opportunity. By default, Instagram doesn’t allow you to post links in captions and comments. So how are you supposed to drive traffic to your website through your Instagram posts?

Easy. With MyURLs.bio, you can make your posts linkable. Your followers have to click on each post to be redirected to your desired link. If you want a demonstration, here is an example of how it works.

To make your posts link-friendly, redirect your followers to your MyURLs page in your bio. They will click on the post with the identical picture and be redirected to your website. You can update your MyURLs page consistently to make all your Instagram posts link-friendly and drive smooth traffic to your website. Also, it’s important to make sure your website is hosted on powerful dedicated servers. Avoid paying too much to buy a server. There are lots of cheap dedicated servers like Hostnoc that offer premium servers while charging less.

2- Tag Multiple Products on One Post

With MyURLs.bio’s new integration, you can easily connect your store to Instagram and tag individual products on your MyURLs.bio posts!  Click on different parts of a picture to tag individual products. For example, you can tag different parts of a clothing set. You can also post a picture of multiple models and tag each one individually.

  Compared to other conventional selling methods on Instagram, MyURLs.bio is both efficient and user-friendly. Thousands of other users have already upped their sales with our service; it’s your turn to try now!

Sign up for your MyURLs.bio for free now.

3- Add your social media links to your bio

Advertising your social media accounts is one of the fastest ways of establishing yourself as a brand. Sadly, Instagram doesn’t allow you to do that. If only you could link your other social media accounts with the appropriate buttons, right?

Well, you are in luck. As you can see in the above picture, you can do just that with your MyURLs.bio link. Select a social media icon, then copy and paste your social media address. It will appear at the top of your MyURLs.bio page!

Watch this video for a brief guide on how to set up your free MyURLs.bio custom link.

4- Collect emails with an ’email me’ button

There are several advantages to receiving emails instead of DMs. Firstly, browsing through emails is much smoother compared to browsing through DMs. Secondly, emails filter out spam messages and advertisements automatically. Thirdly, you can organize and archive your emails for future use with relative ease, but you don’t have this option with DMs.Therefore, it’s only natural that you would prefer to receive emails instead of DMs, especially if your account is bigger than you can handle.

MyURLs.bio allows you to add an ’email me’ button to your bio so that your followers have a convenient way of contacting you through email. You can do one of two things: either the button shows them your email address, or it directly opens their messaging app and starts an email draft to your address.

5- Link it everywhere, Share everywhere!

Another good news is that you can use it anywhere you want, not Instagram only. If you run an online business, e-commerce, or do anything related to Instagram, you need to have a page to redirect your audience to it. 
With MyURLs.bio, you can do this easily; just put it anywhere you want, From Twitter and Youtube to TikTok or Facebook!
And you can also put any link you want, your merchandise store, your SoundCloud playlist, any link on the web!

This post was last modified on July 12, 2021 12:43 pm