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How to get your first 1K Instagram art followers? +Growth guarantee

Nowadays, Instagram has turned into a unique social media platform for marketing. If you are an artist just starting on Instagram who wants to share his/her art on Instagram with other people out there, you have a long road ahead. Believe it or not, having just tons of followers doesn’t necessarily mean growth and success on Instagram. You need tried-and-true strategies to make your Instagram art account a big success.

Marketing on social media, especially via Instagram, has become an essential practice for businesses and can also help you as an artist. Using specific strategies and tools are vitally important in the process of targeting and gaining followers, reaching new potential collectors, growing your audience, and making a huge profit.

In this article, we share in-depth coverage about how to get your first 1K Instagram followers. Besides, we will introduce you to AiGrow’s growth service to guarantee your Instagram art account growth.

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Steps to end up getting your first 1K Instagram art followers

Did you know that more collectors and art lovers turn to Instagram to find new art? This way, they can associate with your art, judge it, and even turn into one of its biggest fans. Having a bunch of followers who are mostly your friends, family, and relatives definitely won’t level up your Instagram art business.

Follow the steps below to level up your Instagram art account and get more art fans and customers. Let’s dive in!

  • Picking a niche

Having a particular theme (niche) on Instagram is of prime importance when it comes to attracting your target audience’s eyeballs. A niche is definitely something that aids your growth on Instagram since it helps you attract those audiences who are really into what you share and do.

To put it in simple words, niche means posting your content under a certain topic or category that might seem interesting to a certain part of the platform’s audience.

The key point is to know that not everyone is supposed to like what you make and share. Pick your account’s niche, and don’t stray away from it. Then you’ll attract a crowd that loves your content so that they easily get engaged with you.

By looking at the photo below, you can easily guess what the defined niche of the account is. Let’s see and guess!

Yes, the consistent theme of the content says that this account belongs to an artist who uses watercolors to paint autumn and cozy things.

So, take your time to define your niche, and then you’re ready to grow your following.

  • Completing your Instagram profile

It should be noted that the very first thing potential viewers see when they happen upon your Instagram account is your profile. So, make sure your name, picture, bio, and profile link are all in tip-top shape.

First of all, aside from your actual name, try to pick a niche-related username to help people identify your Instagram art account. For instance, you can use your real name combined with the name of your art business or any other keywords you’d like to.

Then, choose an image that fans can identify with; it can be a close-up of you and your art. Then, you have 150 characters to your advantage, so write something wisely that makes you, you. 

Tip: don’t forget that the first thing you need to mention is that you are an artist. If you want, you can specify which type of artist you are.

Finally, include a link to your art shop, website, or other social media accounts. Instagram only allows you to add one link in bio, so use it as wisely as possible.

Tip: Use AiGrow’s bio link tool! If you would like to share more bio links with your followers, use the link of a page in which you can upload more links. In other words, you can create your desired landing page for free!

Tip: Make sure to make use of one of the best Instagram hacks Highlights to get the most out of your profile. Story highlights tell the story of your art journey and learn about you as well as what you do as clearly and classified as possible.

  • Stepping out onto the Instagram business platform

Converting to a business profile is highly recommended since you will get access to very important analytics that help you decide when and what to post to gain more views, engagement, and followers.

Along with the analytic that a business account provides you with, a contact button will also appear on your profile. It gives you the possibility to put your email address in, to let your followers get in touch with you.

After converting to a business profile, it would be a great idea to create your Facebook page and connect it to your Instagram. This way you not only get verified on Instagram, but Instagram also understands that you are a real artist not a spammy account reposting others’ images. 

Tip: Log into your Instagram art account on the computer, and choose the box that says select similar accounts. It suggests your account to those who follow accounts with the same niche as yours to gain more followers.

  • Interact with other accounts

Instagram suggests some users based on your contact list, your followers, posts you’ve liked, etc. One of the best ways to increase your Instagram art followers is to follow these suggested users that are commonly galleries, art lovers, art consultants, fellow artists, etc.

Don’t worry if these accounts don’t follow you back; start liking and commenting on their posts from time to time. The goal is to be sociable enough to encourage these accounts to check you out.

Tip: To find suggested accounts, go to a similar artist’s profile that you enjoy their art, then tap the triangle icon next to the Following button. Choose the accounts you like from the drop-down list and follow them.

Tip: You can also type a relevant hashtag to your niche into the IG search bar and then follow the most relevant ones. Using this way, you can go to the accounts of each one of these posts in order to interact with them via comments, likes, etc.

  • Tips to posting on Instagram

Your posts are the most important part of your Instagram art account. That’s why we will provide you with some beneficial tips for posting on Instagram below.

  • Post regularly

Knowing how often to post and when to post is pretty important to beat the algorithm. Posting frequency has an undeniable impact on engagement but it doesn’t guarantee your engagement since it depends on other elements as well. 

The number of times an Instagram art account posts on Instagram heavily depends on their new content, the amount of time they can spend creating content, and what their followers want.

If you want to have a consistent posting plan and stick to it, you can take advantage of AiGrow’s Scheduler feature. This way, you have the opportunity to schedule your Instagram content(feed, story, IGTV). Then when the time arrives, your content will be published automatically.

Here is how this feature works to schedule and publish your Instagram content by taking some simple steps.

  • Consistency or frequency?

As we said, your posting frequency depends on you, your goals, your followers, and the amount of time you can dedicate to your Instagram marketing efforts.

Bear in mind that it is vitally important to stick to your habit of posting, for example, if you make a habit of posting 3 times a day and then transition to 3 times a week, you may lose followers and engagement per post.

Generally speaking, the best posting frequency on Instagram is one which you can keep up consistently.

  • Post at the right time

Instagram analytic helps you understand which days and time are best to post. If you have an Instagram business profile, you can access your insight data. From your insight homepage, you find the opportunity to see impressions, number of views, likes, and comments, and more importantly the number of new followers/visitors you have gained at the time you posted.

  • Spice up your posts

You can be unpredictable from time to time by posting a photo of yourself, your workspace, and a blog post image. 

It would be a great idea to have a notebook in which you can write all your Instagram art ideas down. This way, when you run out of ideas to post, you can simply browse your notebook to get new ideas.

  • Use location tags (geo-tags)

You don’t need to put the exact location. Just tag the city in which you stay in order to let people find you and boost your exposure and reach in your own city.

  • Watermark your Instagram art

There are some people on Instagram who conveniently post your work of art on their account without tagging you as an artist. It’s not fair because these accounts gain more and more followers using your art, but you’re gaining none.

So, by watermarking your posts, even if these accounts forget to tag you, people who really love your work will search for your account to follow you.

  • Use stories

Your Instagram art stories amplify your visual content strategy and help you and your audience understand each other so much more.

On the one hand, feed content is ideal for gaining more reach, followers, and brand awareness. On the other hand, stories(unlike the feed) offer many features to invite interaction and increase engagement.

Tip: Don’t forget to use story polls, emoji sliders, question boxes, etc to build the sense of being friendly to your followers and that their opinion matters to you.

  • Add the right hashtags to your posts

Not every hashtag works when added to your post. You need to use at least 15 of the most relevant and trendy hashtags.

Try to use a mixture of general and specific hashtags both on your posts. When you use a popular hashtag like #art with 789M posts under it, you have less chance of being found because after a second your post will be buried under a thousand others using the same hashtag. Therefore, use more specific hashtags to stay longer in the top posts of the relevant hashtag.

The longer you stay in the top posts, the more likely you’ll be to be discovered, and being discovered ends up increasing popularity, reach, your Instagram art account awareness, etc.

Let’s take a quick look at the number of posts shared with general and specific hashtags below.

Tip: You can include up to 30 hashtags on a regular post, and up to 10 hashtags on a story. If you try to add more, your caption or comment won’t post.

If you don’t know how to find trendy, general, specific, and relevant hashtags, use AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool to do so. From the dashboard, first, choose the Scheduler tab, then from the drop-down menu select Listening & Repost. Finally, from the opened window choose the blue button that says Hashtag Monitoring.

If you’d like to know how this feature (Hashtag generator tool of AiGrow) works, watch the video below.

  • Building relationship

Bear in mind that, your followers are real people not just robots liking and commenting on your posts. Connect with them and build relationships because you need them to feel your art as an artist. 

Do you want to know how you can do that? Follow the steps below!

  • Comments

The more comments your Instagram art posts get within a few moments, the more likely your posts are to be realized popular by Instagram. It simply means you have more chances to automatically rank higher in the hashtags you’ve used.

In order to encourage your audience to leave a comment on your post, you must have a specific call-to-action with each post you create.

Tip: Commenting and liking other accounts’ posts is of great importance due to the fact that it helps you be known.

  • Call-to-action examples

1- Ask your audience to tag someone

2- Ask them to comment on your posts

3- Ask a question that is related to the post

4- Ask them to share their experience about the post or caption you have shared

 Tip: Responding to comments is highly recommended since it not only tells Instagram that you are engaging, but it also doubles your engagement. So, keep replying, at least for the first thirty minutes. 

  • Go live

Get creative and go live from time to time to establish a sense of rapport. People love to see that there is a real human behind your Instagram art account.

There are so many different things you can do when you go live. Along with answering your followers questions, you can show them the behind-the-scenes of your workspace, show them the tools you use, and show them how you create your work of art in some small scenes, etc.

  • Running contests and giveaways

Hosting an Instagram art contest helps you increase your brand awareness, engagement, and ideal followers. So, when you hold contests, the most important reason is gaining followers.

Make sure you ask your followers in the description of your contest to do the following. They can be the conditions of the contest.

1- Follow me(only users who have followed you, are qualified to be a part of the contest.)

2- Like the posts(ask your followers to like some of your posts, this boosts your posts’ popularity.)

3- Tag 2-3 friends(it simply results in a chain reaction because when your followers tag their friends to enter the contest, their friends will also tag theirs to do so.) 

Choose the winner and then edit the caption of your contest post to tag the winner and write the Contest closed

AiGrow the best Instagram management service

We have included top Instagram growth tips that actually work to help you get your first 1K Instagram art followers.

Believe it or not, growing on Instagram is not as easy as it may seem. It needs a lot of time, effort, and of course, experience. That’s why we want to introduce you to AiGrow (a top Instagram management service and growth)to help you guarantee your Instagram art account organic growth.

AiGrow provides you with every feature you may need in the process of managing your Instagram account from scheduling your content to growing it with ease. Let’s have a look at its super beneficial features below.

AiGrow’s growth service- the best follower generator

The most important thing about AiGrow that makes it different from other Instagram growth tools is that there is no bot on this service. As soon as you start using its growth service, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to do everything within the Instagram algorithm frame to grow your followers organically without having your account blocked or shadowbanned.

Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, it has every tool you need to manage your account, so it is a kind of all-in-one app. Here’s how Instagram growth service AiGrow works.

  • Sign up on the AiGrow website for free using your email address
  • Once you open the dashboard, click Add Instagram Account to connect your Instagram account to AiGrow’s dashboard using your username, which takes less than a minute.
  • From the dashboard, choose the account you’d like to manage and click Manage Account.

Note: you can add an unlimited number of Instagram accounts to AiGrow’s dashboard to manage them all together.

  • In the growth tab, you can simply target users to find the ones interested in your niche. All you need to do so is search Hashtags, Locations, and Competitor accounts.

Tip: In the tags box, click Search and Add then, enter a keyword to let our AI engine search the trendy relevant hashtags. After that, choose the ones you prefer and add them.

  • Just right there below, there is a box in which you can select activities that you would like our growth team to do for your account to grow your following, including Like, Follow, Unfollow, etc.

  • Then you are able to select a category for your business.

  • The good news is that by AiGrow, you have the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our managers to explain more about your objectives and targets you intend to reach.

  • When everything is done, tap Start Growth.

AiGrow pricing and plans

AiGrow offers you several packages with different features and of course reasonable prices. Let’s have a quick look at its Growth service pricing plans.

12 Month Pro Pack: $99 per month, 6 Month Pro Pack: $109 per month, 3 Month Pro Pack: $129 per month, Pro- Managed: $199 per month.

AiGrow’s growth service for Android users

AiGrow’s growth service is now available on mobile devices to help you manage your Instagram account growth on your mobile. This app provides you with all the growth features that we mentioned above, such as having a dedicated account manager, organic growth, searching and targeting hashtags, locations, etc. And of course, no bots or spammy actions, just like the desktop version.

Tip: You can now download the app on Play Store.


All in all, finding an Instagram management service that actually works is highly recommended since it helps you sit back and watch your account growing safely. AiGrow’s growth service is available for you on both phones and desktop to help you get real organic Instagram followers.

In this article, we introduced this pretty useful app as well as some strategies to help you get your first 1K Instagram art followers. Let’s go for it!


This post was last modified on May 15, 2021 3:30 pm