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Instagram Contest

Creative ideas for your next Instagram giveaway+tools

June 6, 2021 1:03 pm

Hosting an Instagram giveaway is a great way to increase your brand awareness, engagement, ideal followers. more importantly it will undoubtedly bring new traffic to your account. That’s why a thorough understanding of ideas for your Instagram giveaway is vitally important.

If you find it difficult to grab your followers’ attention and connect with them effectively, in a word, host a giveaway.

Before we discuss some of the most creative ideas for Instagram giveaways, let’s take a deeper look at the concept.

What’s an Instagram giveaway?

Instagram giveaways are limited-time promotions in which brands promise to give away a product or service to one or more lucky entrants according to a specified set of criteria.

Creative Instagram giveaway ideas

Instagram giveaway ideas can differ depending on the end goals you want to achieve through the campaign. It depends not only on the budget you have for the reward of the giveaway but also on the goals you have set to achieve at last.

  • Challenge

This one is one of the common giveaway ideas. It gives the participants a challenge to fill out. Despite the fact these challenges may vary, they are all very effective.

Bear in mind that the funnier your specific challenge is, the more engaging it will be for your followers whether to take part in or even invite others to join your challenge.

  • Like, comment and share

One of the simplest Instagram giveaway ideas is to encourage participants to like your post, leave a comment on it, or even share it on their own profile.

By getting your post shared you can easily increase your brand awareness and consequently get flooded daily with follow requests from new visitors.

  • Follow to win

Some people might be keeping track of your Instagram account without hitting the follow button. Why don’t you start a follow-to-win giveaway to encourage them to hit that button? 

  • Tag a friend

Believe it or not, some people even don’t think about sharing their favorite posts unless they have a reason to do so or are asked.

The tagged users can also tag their friends to participate in the giveaway, this process will continue and leads to a huge social awareness of your account as well as its growth.

  • Photo contest

You can ask your audience to post selfies, pictures, and videos (typically with a specific hashtag and tagging your brand) showcasing your product or your brand for your benefit.

This kind of Instagram giveaway idea is very popular since it gives your audience the opportunity to generate whatever they desire, and it absolutely provides you with user-generated content.

  • Create a caption

If you have a funny photo, don’t lose the chance to post it and ask your followers to create their captions and leave them in the comments.

Being humorous and fun is unquestionably important to grab your audience’s attention sometimes. This will not only help increase engagement, but some of your followers might also tag their friends to share the fun with them.

  • Scheduled giveaways

You should also note that creating buzz and excitement amongst your followers is the key to success; a scheduled giveaway idea is beneficial due to the fact that it creates that buzz.

Announce your Instagram giveaway campaign in regular intervals since it gives your audience something to look forward to, and it might turn some of your audience into loyal followers.

Why should I host an Instagram giveaway?

There are several reasons why Instagram giveaways are vitally important; the impact of running them is undeniable in the process of your business’ growth.

The biggest upside of doing Instagram giveaways is that they build brand awareness and potentially generate more followers. In fact, accounts that run Instagram giveaways can grow their following about 70% faster over three months than accounts that don’t do giveaways.

Another major advantage of running giveaways is that they simply increase engagement. If you think your posts haven’t been performing well and you’re looking for a way to inject some engagement back to your posts, all you need is definitely hosting a giveaway.

What’s more is that when you reward the winners of giveaways with samples of your products, they’ll get drawn to your brand. If they enjoy using your products, they might turn into your loyal customers. Apart from this, they may recommend your brand to others.

Instagram giveaway picker of AiGrow

AiGrow is an all-in-one app that provides you with all the features you may need in the process of managing your account. When using its Post and Reward feature to manage your Instagram giveaway contests, all participants need to be checked to make sure if they have followed all the rules of the contest or not.

Once AiGrow checks all the giveaway entrants to make sure if they are all qualified to have the chance to win, here comes AiGrow’s giveaway picker to pick the lucky winner of the contest randomly without needing you to use other apps to pick the winner.

Try AiGrow’s giveaway picker

How to pick a winner on an Instagram giveaway?

When all the things have been said and done about your giveaway campaign, it’s time to pick a winner. A truly random winner selection process is vital to avoid accusations of favoritism or fraud.

The entire process of hosting a giveaway on Instagram requires a lot of time, energy, and qualifications. If you are looking for a tool to do all these things on your behalf, we suggest using AiGrow’s post and reward.

Let’s take a look at how to use this service.

  1. Sign up on AiGrow for free to log into your account.

2. First of all, from its dashboard, select “add Instagram account,” then add your Instagram account’s information.

3. Select “Manage Account”

4. Now, select “Post and Reward”

5. Click “Schedule a Contest”.

6. In this opened window, you can set the details such as uploading a photo, choosing the publishing date, setting conditions, etc.

7. When everything is ready, you can post it immediately or schedule it.

It should be noted that when everything is done with the giveaway contest and the time arrives, don’t worry about how to pick the winner because AiGrow platform picks a random winner from qualified participants.


To sum up, we discussed the effects of running an Instagram giveaway on your account’s growth in detail. Also, we showed you some creative ideas for your next Instagram giveaway, and more importantly, we introduced you to one of the best tools to automate your giveaway. Just sign up on AiGrow to run your giveaway easily.

This post was last modified on June 6, 2021 1:03 pm