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Social media is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of today’s people’s lives. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with over 600 million active users. This app is no longer only a platform to share the moments of your life with your friends. The more popular it gets, the more brands, businesses, and people join it in order to make a fortune from this social media platform. That’s why currently, to gain Insta followers without survey comes to be an increasing trend.

Believe it or not, the number of your Instagram followers is of prime importance since it is one of the very first things people consider when deciding whether your account is credible or not.

Also, as your Instagram followers count increases, you can get more popular on the platform, you are more likely to increase your brand awareness and ultimately your revenue, etc.

Now, without further ado, let’s get started to see how you can get free and guaranteed Instagram followers without survey. Read on to figure it out!

Ways to get free Instagram followers

Let’s start all of this by saying that you have two ways to stay ahead of other Instagram users by getting more and more Instagram followers. You can start growing your Instagram account (increasing the number of your followers, likes, comments, and your engagement in general) either by doing everything yourself (manually) or by turning to third-party apps.

Most of the time, users don’t have enough time or even knowledge to grow their Instagram accounts on their own and they prefer to ask third-party apps for help. But it should be noted that not all these apps are authorized. Some of them may not work and might put your account at the risk of being suspended.

So, do research and pick an app that guarantees your Instagram account growth and safety.

Gain Insta followers without survey

We mentioned possible ways to get free Instagram followers above. You have the opportunity to take action and do everything by yourself to gain Insta followers without survey using the Instagram growth hacks that we’ll share.

Moreover, you have the chance to use Instagram growth apps out there to gain Insta followers without survey. 

Now we are going to discuss these two ways in detail below and help you find out which one will fulfill your wishes and ensure that you’ll get the fame you need.

1- Gain Insta followers without survey # using third-party apps

There are so many apps available to gain more followers, likes, etc., on your behalf by facilitating and accelerating the process of growing your Instagram account. If you’ve been cracking away to grow your IG, pouring countless days, weeks, and months trying to move the needle, but you haven’t achieved any of the objectives yet. Then make use of one of the third-party apps below to do so.

  • AiGrow – The Best service to gain Insta followers without survey

AiGrow is a top-quality Instagram management and growth app that helps you gain Insta followers without survey. What makes AiGrow distinctive from other similar apps is that it is an all-in-one app providing you with every single feature and service you may need while managing your account.

Some of its features are as follow:

1- VIP growth service

2- Instagram content scheduler

3- Automated and bulk DM

4- Dedicated account manager

5- Instagram giveaway and contest management

6- Bulk delete Instagram posts

7- Repost Instagram content

8- Designing a bio link

9- Account monitoring

The Instagram growth service of AiGrow doesn’t use any bots or fake accounts to increase the number of your followers. Instagram is sensitive to bot-actions and detects them quickly. Once you violate Instagram rules and exceed its limits, you’ll definitely have your account blocked. AiGrow doesn’t break any of these rules and pays careful attention to all Instagram guidelines and terms of use.

It uses professional, dedicated account managers who perform actions such as likes, follows, unfollows. etc., on your behalf. Also, they target your prospective followers using specific hashtags, locations, and big competitor accounts.

Moreover, to explain more about your Instagram goals, you are free to schedule an online meeting with AiGrow’s Instagram account managers and make sure they will go on the right path.

Note: AiGrow gives you the chance to use its seven-day free trial to test all its features and services for deciding whether you want to keep using it or not.

Take me to AiGrow!

Let’s watch the video below to be able to use this service with ease.

  • Growthoid

Growthoid is an Instagram marketing agency that doesn’t use any bots or automation tools. Wondering how it works if it’s not automated? It basically takes over your Instagram growth by working manually, just as you do. 

After signing up on the Growthoid website, you’ll be connected with your dedicated account manager to provide your targeting instructions.

Then the rest is on your dedicated account manager. He/She will help you save your targets and work on your engagement to gain new targeted followers.

  • Upleap

Upleap pairs you with an account manager to find and engage with your target audience organically. It helps you gain more Insta followers without survey. These followers are all into the content you share so that they can bring huge engagement to your account.

Upleap gives you the possibility to ask your dedicated account manager to get Instagram followers who live in a particular place, people who have a particular niche, or people who have liked particular posts or followed particular people.

It should be noted that Upleap’s one and only feature is gaining followers, and it doesn’t provide you with any other features as AiGrow does.

  • Combin

Combin is a platform that centers around Instagram account management. It doesn’t artificially drive up the number of likes, comments, and followers. Simply put, when you use Combin to grow your account, your account’s growth depends on the frequency and quality of your interaction with the right targeted audience.

  • Social buddy

The last Instagram growth service that we’d like to introduce to you is Social buddy. This service guarantees authentic and organic Instagram growth. They claim that they grow your Instagram following and engagement naturally by targeting factors (hashtags, location, competitors or influencers in your niche, etc.).

2- Gain Insta followers without survey # Using Instagram growth hacks to grow your account organically by yourself

Although some users may prefer to use shortcuts to boost their followers’ count, users would still like to grow their Instagram accounts by themselves using hacks.

If you are one of those who want to boost their engagement and consequently the number of their followers, follow the Instagram hacks below.

  • Define your target audience

After creating your account, one of the very first things you’d better focus on is to find the answer to this question: who would you like to give you a follow on Instagram?

The number of your Instagram followers is important, but the number of followers who are truly in love with your niche is more important since these followers can bring you more and more engagement.

So keep focused on the needs of your target audience and create a kind of content that makes them encouraged to keep following and interacting with you for the long term.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile

Your profile is of prime importance since it can make the first impression when a user visits your Instagram profile for the first time. Here are some tips on optimizing your Instagram profile.

1- Choose a simple, recognizable, and easy to find username.

2- Pick an easily searchable business name.

3- Use an eye-catching branded Instagram profile picture.

4- Use 150 characters wisely to write an informative and intriguing bio.

5- Design a bio link landing page.

6- Include a call to action.

7- Use Instagram story highlights.

8- Share quality content

  • Use relevant hashtags to reach new users

Hashtags are great ways to get followers on Instagram for free. Instagram Hashtags appear in Instagram search and make your content more discoverable and categorized.

Instagram users can easily access thoughtfully hashtagged content through different ways, including searching the relevant Instagram hashtag, clicking on a hashtag from another relevant post, and following desired hashtags. So these ways make it possible for your hashtagged content to appear in feeds of people who do not yet follow your Instagram account.

Note: Once you add hashtags to your content, be aware of banned Instagram hashtags; otherwise, you may have your account blocked.

  • Design an attention-grabbing Instagram grid

Every single post in your Instagram grid needs to be of high quality and visually engaging enough to encourage the visitor to click the follow button. Because the more engaging your grid is, the more content your audience wants to see. In fact, it’s that wanting more that inspires a new visitor to click follow.

Read more: Design your Instagram grid like a pro.  

  • Promote your Instagram account on other networks

Cross promoting your Instagram account is a proven strategy to increase the exposure of your account. Make it easy for people to find you on other social media networks (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) by sharing the link to your Instagram profile and giving your existing social followers a reason to check it out. That reason could be something like an Instagram coupon code, event, or contest.

All in all

All the above-mentioned hacks and apps help you spark growth and get guaranteed Instagram followers either by yourself or a dedicated account manager.

AiGrow guarantees you to gain 300-500 real organic followers per month, and more importantly, you have the chance to use its seven-day trial to test the service and gain Insta followers without survey.

Watch your Instagram account’s growth using AiGrow! Sign up now!

This post was last modified on September 19, 2021 9:47 pm