Combin Reviews 2022 – Is Combin Good For Instagram?


When it comes to increasing your online presence, it’s critical to have a large following on Social media. Contracts, sponsorships, or collaborations can only happen if you have a growing audience.

But if you want to stay up, you’ll have to do it the modern way. Instagram growth services are readily accessible, and there are many of them. Combin is one of these Instagram growth tools that claim to grow your followers with organic and real users. This article will show you everything you need to know about Combin, its features, and users’ reviews. 

What Is Combin?

combin homepage

Based on the company’s website, its services are advertised as an “Instagram Marketing Tool for Quick and Safe Growth.” Also, when a service is referred to as a “marketing tool,” you can assume that it will be of top quality.

On the other hand, in its own words, the Combin Instagram growth tool describes itself as a “smart tool for skyrocketing your Instagram marketing.” According to their claims, they only work with real people. 

In other words, Combin is a desktop app that must be downloaded and installed on your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer. Now, let’s take a look at Combin features, Combin review, and a better alternative to it. 

Combin Features

Real and Organic Growth

Get more Instagram followers and build a loyal community with Combin growth tool using powerful features for audience targeting, analysis, management, and engagement. 

Content Scheduler

Schedule your posts and stories for auto-publishing and creating a beautiful Instagram feed.

Multiple Accounts Management

For those who have multiple Instagram accounts, you can add them in one place and manage them together in Combin. 

Combin Pricing 

There are three main packages and pricing ranges available for Combin; The Starter, Personal, and Business. However, despite the reasonable cost of Combin, you do not receive a lot of features in return.

combin pricing plans

Starter – Free

  • 1 Instagram Account
  • 50 Search Results for Posts
  • 50 Search Results for Users
  • 250 Daily Action Limits

Personal – $15/Month

  • 1 Instagram Account Management
  • 1000 Instant Search Results for Posts
  • 1000 Instant Search Results for Users
  • Search Results Refresh Option
  • Unlimited In-App Actions

Business – $30/Month

  • 5 Instagram Accounts Management
  • 1000 post searches
  • 1000 user searches
  • The ability to refresh your searches
  • Statistics and analytics
  • Unlimited daily actions

Combin Pros & Cons


  • The scheduling and commenting features are time-saving. 
  • verified payment gateways


  • Downloading the application is required before you can use it.
  • To use it, you must join the email list.
  • In most cases, a bot is being used to perform all the tasks.
  • The dashboard can only handle five accounts.
  • It enables you to leave many comments and set up an awful lot of likes which can lead to getting your Instagram account flagged.

What’s Missing In Combin?

  • The absence of a 24-hour customer support service.
  • There are fewer options available with the free trial.
  • No valid reviews on their site
  • The program is largely manual, so you’ll have to do most of the work yourself.
  • It can set up comments and likes for a group of people which can be detected as spammy action by Instagram. 

What Would Be A Better Alternative To Combin?

Are you disappointed in hearing their cons? Wouldn’t they meet your needs?

Well, there are better Combin for Instagram alternatives. Our pick is AiGrow, and here is why.

AiGrow, with a 24*7 customer support team, tries to grow your Instagram account sagely with real and targeted users. Other than that, it provides you with all the essential features you need for growing your page over time. 

Combin VS AiGrow


What Do Real Users Think About Combin?

combin reviews on Trustpilot

Here, we’ve supplied you with a straight user review on Trustpilot so you can see precisely what other people say about them. Combin has a 3.1 rating score on Trustpilot, which is the most trustable reviewing website. Here is the summary of the reviews:

  • 42 percent of the Combin reviews are from users who are satisfied with the service
  • The Combin scheduler tool works perfectly and automatically publishes your posts
  • So many users have reported that their account got action blocked, banned, or flagged after using the Comib growth service  
  • Checking the reviews, you can see some customers are unhappy with Combin’s customer support 

What Do Real Users Think About AiGrow?

AiGrow reviews

There are multiple places you can check to see what customers say about AiGrow; You can check Trustpilot, AiGrow’s website, and AiGrow’s YouTube channel. Here is a summary of customers’ reviews on Trustpilot: 

  • AiGrow has a 4.6 rating score on Trustpilot, which shows almost all the customers are satisfied with the service many influencers have reported that they’ve used AiGrow to increase their followers.
  • AiGrow is a helpful tool for brands and businesses to manage their content and interact with their customers. 
  • The support team is always available ( 24*7) in the case of any questions or problems.

You can also watch what some of our users thought about their experience with AiGrow on their YouTube channel.


“I found AiGrow on google when I typed in top Instagram optimization platforms. I feel like artificial intelligence is now getting to the stage where it can really start creating positive results for your social media platforms. What I really like about AiGrow is that it’s not just about AI, It’s also a human element. It’s really nice to be able to talk to real humans and then also you have AI to optimize your performance. I loved the unfollow how you guys are able to follow a lot of people. 

If I want to describe this service in three words I would say AiGrow is easy, intuitive, and effective. “

“I would really like to recommend AiGrow; I like the super high-quality service which helped me a lot with growing my Instagram. I’m so happy that I found them so I can say I highly recommend them.”

How Does AiGrow Work?


Step 1: Pick Your Plan

After signing up on AiGrow for free, you need to pick a plan based on your needs. All of the plans guarantee your account’s safety and have 24*7 customer support. You can also contact the AiGrow team for a demo and your customized plan.

Step 2: Meet Your Manager

After subscribing to your AiGrow plan it’s time to meet your dedicated account manager. Your manager is an Instagram expert who helps you build a winning strategy to grow your account organically. Also, AiGrowdesigners and content planners will take care of your posts.

Step 3: Start Your Growth

AiGrow team starts growing your account the same day, and your manager will take action on your behalf to grow your page safely. 

Step 4: Monitor Your Growth

You can reach out to your dedicated manager anytime you want on Whatsapp in case you have any questions. Other than that, you’ll receive daily activity reports of what your manager has done automatically. To have a better look at your account’s performance, you’ll also receive Analytical Growth Reports in your email every week.

How To Get Started With AiGrow?

  1. Use your email address to signup on AiGrow for free.

2. In the “Growth” tap target your audience based on hashtags, locations, and competitors’ accounts.


3. Schedule your meetings with your dedicated account manager to analyze your performance, receive strategy tips, and review your list.

Grow your account with real and targeted followers.


Despite the fact that Combin has a number of excellent elements, we would not suggest it. Combin doesn’t seem to be a good value in comparison to other similarly priced Instagram growth tools that provide greater capabilities. This software isn’t anything unique, and it appears to take a long time to learn how to use.

In contrast, AiGrow is an all-encompassing platform with a wide range of features that can help you expand your Instagram account. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, AiGrow will reward you generously. Also, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use website, this one is for you.

Is Combin safe to use?

Combin introduces itself as an Instagram marketing tool for quick and safe growth. However, checking the customers’ reviews, you can see almost half of the users are unhappy with the results they’ve received. 

Is it safe to use Combin for Instagram?

Combin offers two different features for managing your Instagram account; The growth servoce and content scheduler. Combin scheduler is totally safe to use, but we don’t recommend using the growth service since there are so many negative reviews on Trustpilot. 

Is Combin app free?

Combin offers three different packages; Starter, Personal, and Business. The starter pack is totally free and you can try it to test all the features. 

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Annika Daugherty
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