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Growthoid review and alternatives – To use? or not to use

With the elevation of Instagram growth tools around the web, today, we’re looking at Growthoid alternatives against AiGrow.

Today we all know the impact of Instagram in our lives. Instagram has brought millions of people opportunities. It definitely is a trendy app that everyone wants to be a part of.

Do you want to expand your business through Instagram?

Do you want to get more followers for your own personal blog or brand and become the new face?

Then I have to say you can not do it all by yourself! 

However, thanks to technology, many Instagram growth tools are designed worldwide to help you achieve what you want. 

To make things easier for you to choose the best service, we came up with another comparison and review on two Instagram growth tools.

On this topic, we will talk about AiGrow alternatives and Growthoid, alternatives, two Instagram growth tools that guarantee a real follower growth count with no room for bots.

Take me to AiGrow!

What is Growthoid?

It is an organic Instagram management tool that helps you expand your Instagram engagements and grow your Instagram followers. Growthoid provides you with an account manager who does activities on your behalf based on your niche.

Growthoid Reviews and Alternatives

It does not offer a free trial; you have to pay to try the service. They offer a 14-day money-back in case you didn’t want to continue the service. 

This is one of Growthoid’s cons. Not being able to try any service for free is quite a bummer!

I have gone through review sites such as Trustpilot, and I came across many comments and issues on the “14-day money-back guarantee”. The majority of customers appeared to be complaining about not getting a response to their refund request.

In some cases, the Growthoid team did respond to the customer’s refund request. However, the refund process seemed very slow.

You can read about The Growthoid pros and cons on the website.

Growthoid Features

Growthoid is a manual Instagram growth service that provides you with an account manager who will grow your Instagram account organically by learning about your brand and niche.

By purchasing Growthoids, you will be getting.

  • A dedicated account manager.
  • No bots or automation

Growthoid Maintenance and Support

In case you come across any issues, reach out to the FAQs section of the website, or send an email to the Growthoid team.

Growthoid Pricing

Growthoid offers two packages, standard and premium.

The prices might be considered to be high due to the service they offer.

Some of the features are not available in the standard package, and this package is more suitable for you if you have a small business.

The price list  for Growthoid packages is as follows:

Best Instagram Growth and Management tool

With AiGrow, you will get a dedicated account manager who develops your account based on your business, niche, and point of interest and will also grow your Instagram followers and engagement (likes & comments).

This service is combined, with multiple fun and new features that make everything easier for you, from sending automated DMs to scheduling your posts! And so much more. Everything runs faster with AiGrow.

So let’s jump right in and learn about the features!

  1. Dedicated Account Manager:

The provided account manager will follow users based on your niche that could become potential clients or active followers.

In terms of safety, our team is very acknowledged by Instagram guidelines and terms of use.

Our experts guarantee 100% safety!

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

  1. Automated DMs:
  • Sending automated DMs to the followers of an account, people who use certain hashtags, a list of uploaded usernames, or your new followers.
  • Getting your receiving DMs to be forwarded to your Email of choice and responding to them within your email. It makes your life super easy.
  • Auto response to your DMs when you are not available.
  1. Feed & Story Scheduler :

With this feature, you can post your content ahead of time, months, or weeks in advance.

  • Schedule your posts on multiple accounts as well.
  • Categorize your captions and hashtags.
  • Scheduled your posts to be deleted as well.
  1. Bio-link

This feature allows you to connect all of your social accounts to your IG bio and let people see you on multiple platforms easily.

  • Connect all or any of your feed and story posts to external pages: When you refer to a product, a Youtube video, blog, etc.
AiGrow Maintenance and Support

Access to us is effortless. You can quickly find us at your service by sending us an email. 

You can also find the answer to your question by going to the FAQ section.

AiGrow Pricing Packages

The list is as follows, and the 6-month pro pack is suggested.

AiGrow discount code

You can use the SAVE10B discount code on your first purchase to get 10% off on all the packages. The code will expire by the end of 2021.

AiGrow Reviews

As you see below, AiGrow showcases the high number of customers who are happy with the service around the world. 

It is the best and most complete service that grows your followers organically at a high pace. No bots! The real deal.


Growthoid only offers one feature: gaining organic followers, no trial, and the lack of options on pricing packages could be the cons of the service.

On the other hand, AiGrow is the best alternative for its variation in pricing packages, diversity in its features that make working with Instagram more convenient, and its safety that does not put your account at risk.

If you are interested in our service, try AiGrow for free.

This post was last modified on October 26, 2021 2:45 pm