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Free Instagram Marketing Tools with Awesome Features in 2021

Social media marketing is getting weird nowadays since it should bring money but it takes money away. The reason is that many marketing companies or agencies try to monetize a lot. Then, they empty your budget. So, what’s the solution? That’s why we are going to introduce some free Instagram marketing tools. However, they may not be completely free but they should have notable free features.

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First View

AiGrow is undoubtedly one of the best free Instagram marketing tools that you can find. The website design is simple, professional, and handy. In other words, you can see everything in its place, and you won’t get confused about what you’re looking for. For instance, they’ve simply partitioned FAQ, blog, solutions (features), pricing, etc. Besides, you can find multiple useful videos as you scroll down the main page.

AiGrow is a web-based app, so you don’t need to install anything or use any special OS. Don’t fear at all if you want to click the “start free” button. Because you don’t need to fill in information about any kind of card. After you click the button, you can create a simple-setup-processed account. Then, you would see AiGrow’s easy-to-use dashboard and can add your Instagram accounts.


Free Instagram marketing tools must have applicable free features, and AiGrow has them in abundance. To separate them generally, you can find 3 main categories of features on AiGrow. They are growth, scheduling, and special features. So, briefly, you can see them in the following lists.

Growth features:

  • Smart targeting (niche, hashtag, location, and influencer targeting)
  • Dedicated account managers: They are experts in designing content and all engagement activities (follow, unfollow, like, comment, etc)
  • Accounts analytics and reports

Scheduling features:

  • All kinds of content scheduling (feed, story)
  • Downloading (or listening to) competitors’ or generally the others’ content to repost them
  • Hashtags and accounts monitoring
  • Special post formats for running giveaways
  • The social calendar for a glance view of what occasions are going to happen in the future

Special features:

  • Adding uncountable URLs to your bio
  • Creating arbitrary CTA or action buttons
  • Making connections to other social medial platforms by adding them to your profile
  • DMs sending and responding via your email

Packages & Pricing

Almost every feature of scheduling and special categories are free. So, it’s not irrelevant if you find AiGrow as one of the best free Instagram marketing tools. Meantime, the prices are very fair and affordable. The most expensive package has a wonderful discount if you buy it for 6 months. However, it only cost you 83$. To see all packages, click this link.

If you think you don’t need to read this article, use AiGrow for free by clicking the following button.

The 2nd Instagram marketing tool: Buffer

First View

Buffer is an Instagram marketing tool that helps you in many ways. Firstly, the website is really cool, and you can find anything you want. But, they don’t have a FAQ part which is a little strange because every other thing is flow and nice.

Features & Pricing

Unfortunately, it’s rare to see a life-time free plan like what AiGrow has, and this is right about Buffer. This means Buffer allows you to use the free plan only for a limited time that is 14 days. However, it’s not bad if you check it and see how it is and how it works.

Instagram marketing tools like Buffer don’t have growth-like features but they have other stuff. For example, they have publication and analytic features. Here is a summary of them:

Publication features:

  • Scheduling content or posts
  • First comment scheduling
  • Encouraging followers to your sales via your bio
  • Alerting at the time of your scheduled post

Analytic features:

  • Multiple accounts analytics
  • Different separated social platforms metrics
  • Measuring stories, hashtags, and content
  • Audience analysis


As mentioned before, you can use the free plan for two weeks. So, it’s completely fair to account Buffer as one of the free Instagram marketing tools. However, after spending 14 days, you should buy one of its two plans. They cost 35$ and 50$ monthly.

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The 3rd Instagram marketing tool: agora pulse

First View

You can use agora pulse many features for free, and this is not very common among Instagram marketing tools. At first glance, it’s interesting to see that they insist the name agora shouldn’t be capital. At second glance, the website view is astonishing. Almost all of the information you need is well categorized on the top. However, you won’t find how many days you are able to use the free plan. Apart from appearances, let’s start with features.

Features & Pricing

The features on agora pulse are not very different from other Instagram marketing tools. However, they are very solid in detail. To sum up the most significant features of agora puls, it’s not bad to see the following list.

  • Managing your DMs on a simple box
  • Scheduling all of your content
  • Carousal scheduling
  • Hashtag management and scheduling
  • Unified calendar for different social platforms
  • Posts listening and downloading
  • Reporting and analysis

15 days are economically fair to use agora pulse for free on the medium plan. Moreover, you can really use the features, and it’s not a dashboard viewing plan. However, you have to buy the plans when the deadline for the free trial comes to the end. They start from 79€ (93$) to 399€ (470$).

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The 4th Instagram marketing tool: Awario

First View

Similar to agora pulse, Awario is not capital in the title when you check the homepage. Apart from a very simple and flawless website design, Awario clearly approves that the free trial plan is only for 7 days. Of course, it’s somehow bad news, but it is so frankly and trust-making. Besides, the FAQ part is missing from the top, but it’s not that annoying. Overall, Awario is a competitor platform for free Instagram marketing tools.

Features & Pricing

Awario enables you to work on not only your Instagram account but also your Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit accounts. So, Awario generally can be among the free social media marketing tools including Instagram.

If you go for its free trial, you can’t deny that the process of signing up is really easy. But, what can you do with it? To answer this question we bring all features that Awario has in the list below.

  • Monitoring your account mentions through all over the web
  • Powerful sentiment analysis
  • Influencer analysis
  • Language and location targeting
  • Analysis and reports
  • Special chat inbox
  • Accessible for many interfaces (like web, app in your mobile phone, etc)

Awario free plan doesn’t contain many features like almost all metrics and measures. Besides, its pricing is not low at all, and they range from 29€ (34$) to 299€ (352$).

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The 5th Instagram marketing tool: Crowdfire

First View

If you are a fan of free Instagram marketing tools, then Crowdfire is a top choice. The web design is good however, the info tabs lack some things a little. It won’t be too hard for you to set up your account, but it’s not easy either. After doing so, you would face a good, simple, and heading-subheading dashboard. Above all, the features speak for Crowdfire.

Features & Pricing

The Crowdfire features related to Instagram are in categories of publishing, analytics, and mentions. Like all free Instagram marketing tools, all of the features are not included. However, the following features lists are regardless of the free plan features.

Publishing features

  • Scheduling content
  • Audit scheduling (scheduling for all platforms from one place)
  • Posts previewing for different platforms
  • Best-time diagnosis for posting
  • Active estimations based on the number of the scheduled content within a week

Analytics features

  • Reports and report customization
  • Rival analysis
  • Overview analytics

Mentions features

  • Mention, reply, and content tracking
  • Instant reply automation for all mentions

Considering low applicable features on the free plan, you have to purchase other packages. They start at 7.48$ and end at 74.98$. In the following picture, you can see them all.

What’s the Best Instagram Marketing tool With Free Features?

As long as you don’t pay for any feature, all Instagram marketing tools are perfect. So, what’s the point? If all these tools are equal for empowering you to use some features, judging is useless. But, we all know that we should judge to choose a better tool. So, the question is how free features help us to distinguish better tools.

The point is how much trust you can gain through the capability of the features. If an Instagram tool or platform lets you have a free plan to view its dashboard, then it’s not a feature at all. Trust comes with love, and love comes with free giving. So, If we put AiGrow in the first place, it’s because it pleases anyone with its free giving. Thus, you can trust it, and feel guaranteed to buy its features too.

If you think you don’t need to read this article, use AiGrow for free by clicking the following button.

There may be dozens of free, amazing tools to use for Instagram marketing like a free influencer marketplace.

What do you think? Do you know any fantastic and free tools? or have you tried any of the tools above?

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