Path Social Reviews 2022 – Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy It

path social review

Nowadays, almost every Instagram user is looking for an answer on how to grow followers and get views. Many users prefer using Instagram growth services to grow their audience while saving time to spend on creating high-quality content. Path Social is one of the tools that claim to help you get real Instagram followers in a short time and boost your engagement rate.

This article will tell you what is Path Social media, how it works, and how to grow your Instagram account with it. 

What Is Path Social?

Path Social is an Instagram growth service focusing on growing users’ accounts organically using powerful targeting tools.

Users can create an account, select their interests, and target audience, budget, and it starts growing their account immediately. Or at least they insist on that on their official website!

Many apps and tools claim such things to grow your account with organic followers but do they really work?

Let’s see is Path social legit and really works, and then take a look at path social reviews. In the end, let’s find the best Instagram growth service you can try to boost your audience organically. 

Path Social Feature

Organic Instagram Followers 

Path Social uses an expert team and an AI targeting algorithm to find organic followers that are most likely to engage with your unique content and niche. They claim they work with real users, so there are no bots or fake accounts. 

AI Targeting Tools

To get the best results, Path social allows you to target the audience you want to receive. You can target Instagram users by age, demographic, location, gender, etc. According to their website, “At Path Social, we’ve built up an in-house platform of Instagram influencers and propriety AI targeting algorithm over the past decade. That’s how we reach organic users who are targeted, interested, and engaged.”

High Engaging Users

On Path social website, you check your engagement rate for free. Then they claim to grow it on the first month with your niche followers interested in your content. 

Path Social Pricing 

Unfortunately, the Path Social Instagram tool doesn’t provide any free plans or trials.

So the only way to check if Path Social is legit and really works is to purchase their plans.

They provide only two packages; The Instagram elite for 69$ per month, and Instagram core for 49$ per month. Keep in mind that only the elite package has a dedicated account manager and 24*7 support.

path social pricing

How To Cancel Path Social Subscription?

If you decide to cancel Path Social subscription, you need to know the process is not that easy.  Here is how to cancel path social subscription. 

  • First, let your account manager know (for elite users)
  • Then, contact the support team via email. 
  • Finally, they will reach out to you after seven days and cancel your plan. 

Path Social Pros & Cons


  • Beginner-friendly dashboard
  • Visible pricing
  • Free Instagram engagement calculator 


  • There are no free trial or free packages
  • Account Manager is only available in the elite package
  • Insecure payment 
  • Too many negative reviews 

What’s Missing In Path Social?

Account Manager

As we mentioned above, account managers are only available on their elite service. They don’t say how their core plan works but based on customers’ reviews and experience, they are using bots. So if you are thinking about using Path Social followers for Instagram we recommend you to try the Elite package. Otherwise, your account might get banned for bot actions. 

Support Team 

Checking Path Social website, you can see they only have a support team for their elite customers! However, by checking Path Social reviews, you can see many elite users are unhappy with customer support. It took hours for them to respond, and they don’t help that much either. 

Organic Growth Tools

The most important thing that is missing in path social is the organic growth tools. The only service Path Social provides is to get Instagram followers, but other than that, you need long-term plans and strategies to save your place on the Instagram algorithm. Path Social doesn’t provide you with any other tools except the growth tool. 

What Would Be A Better Alternative To Path Social? 

Now that you know everything about the path social and when it falls short, let’s see how an alternative can fill this gap. AiGrow Instagram management and growth tool is the best Path Social you can find in the market for many reasons:

  • Powerful targeting tools: You can target Instagram users and get ones on your niche.
  • Dedicated account manager: No matter what plan you try, you’ll be connected to your dedicated manager for organic growth.
  • Free plan: To test all the features, you can try the free plan and view the results.
  • Daily and weekly reporting: To monitor your growth, you will receive daily and weekly reports of your performance. 
  • 24*7 support: You can easily contact the support team via WhatsApp anytime you need.

Path Social Vs. AiGrow 

FeaturesPath SocialAiGrow
Growth plans
Account ManagersOnly on elite packs
Targeting Tools 
Hashtag generator
Analytical Reporting
Content Scheduler
Link in bio tool 
Bulk DMs
Giveaway picker 
Price$45, $65 $25, $49, $84, $126
Trustpilot score2.94.6

What Do Real Users Think About Path Social?

One of the best ways to find out is path social legitimate or not is by reading its customers’ reviews. Trustpilot is a reliable source which path social network is submitted there. Here is a summary of path social reviews on Trustpilot:

Path social reviews on Trustpilot
  • The first point you need to notice while reading path social review is that this service is flagged cause they’ve detected a number of fake reviews for this company and have removed them. 
  • Path Social has a 2.9 rating score which is very low for a service flagged for fake reviews!
  • 45 percent of users have reported that they are not satisfied with the results they receive.
  • Even though Path Social claims to get you 2000-3000 followers in a month, many users have reported they’ve received only 100-200 followers in a month.
  • According to Path Social reviews, most of the followers you receive by this platform are fake and inactive accounts. 
  • The support team takes so much time to answer and doesn’t help much. 

Path Social Reddit Reviews

Now let’s take a look at Reddit to view users’ discussions and experiences using Path social. Here are Path Social Reddit reviews: 

path social reddit reviews

“You’re paying for fake followers. They never engage with you, so you’re paying to lower your engagement rate.”

Path social on Reddit

“The only thing they provided to my account was fake followers that made my reach and my account ended up being shadowbanned by Instagram.”

What Do Real Users Think About AiGrow?

As we mentioned earlier, the best alternative to Path Social for real Instagram followers is AiGrow. Let’s see what Trustpilot users think about the AiGrow ig tool. 

AiGrow reviews
  • AiGrow has a 4.6 rating score among 450 reviews on Trustpilot, which shows this platform works perfectly.
  • More than 80 percent of users have reported that they are satisfied with this service.
  • According to users’ reviews, AiGrow has effectively increased customers’ followers with organic accounts.
  • Many influencers are using this platform to stay on the latest Instagram algorithm and grow their audience organically. 

Other than Trustpilot, you can check AiGrow’s website and YouTube channel to see what customers say about this IG followers tool. 

“The AiGrow team was amazing; I loved having access to them on WhatsApp and being able to just chat with them about anything that happened any news, or any changes I wanted. I started a brand new business and a brand new Instagram channel and I didn’t have the time to spend days and days liking, following, engaging, and gaining those followers. So I trusted AiGrow and I’m happy with the results.”


“I feel like artificial intelligence is now getting to the stage where it can really start creating positive results for your social media platforms. And what I liked about AiGrow is that it’s not AI, it’s also a human element. So it’s really nice to be able to talk with real humans and also that you have AI to optimize your performance. Also, I love the unfollow tool and how you guys are able to follow a lot of users without getting blocked. If I want to describe AiGrow in three words I would say easy, intuitive, and effective. “

How Does AiGrow Work?

As we mentioned, the best alternative to Path Social network that can grow your followers with organic users is AiGrow. Let’s see how to start using AiGrow and get free Instagram followers. 


Step 1 – Pick Your Plan

Check out AiGrow’s website to choose a plan based on your needs. All the packages connect you to your dedicated account manager and guarantee your account safety. You can also contact the support team and ask them for a demo. 

View All Plans. 

AiGrow team

Step 2 – Contact Your Manager

After subscribing tp your package, it’s time to contact your dedicated account manager and schedule your meetings. This is where you build out an expert plan for your page and receive strategy tips. 

Step 3 – Start Your Growth

AiGrow content planners, designers, and growth managers immediately get to work on your account. For the growth plans, they will start reaching out to you the same day. 

Step 4 – Monitor Your Performance 

Receive automated daily activity reports so you can see what’s been done on your account. Each week you’ll also receive a growth report ( Analytical Reporting). If you ever have questions, reach out to your dedicated manager via WhatsApp – anytime!

How To Get Started With AiGrow?

get started with AiGrow

First, signup on AiGrow’s website for free using your email address and log into your account.


Conect your your Instagram account to AiGrow. You can add multiple accounts here and manage them together.

AiGrow live demo

From your dashboard open the “Growth” tab to target your audience. You can target by hashtags, locations, and competitors’ accounts.


Schedule a meeting with your dedicated account manager on WhatsApp to analyze the list of followers and start your growth. 


With the rise of Instagram users, this platform became one of the best places for brands and businesses to grow their customers. That’s why everyone is now looking for a way to boost their Instagram followers. Path Social media is one of the platforms claiming to grow your followers with real and targeted users in a short time. In this article, we told you everything you need to know about this tool, is Path Social legit, Path social login, and Path Social cancel subscription process. Also, we introduced you to a better growth tool to increase your followers, AiGrow. 

You can try using AiGrow to grow your Instagram followers with interested users with the help of your dedicated account manager. 

Is Path Social legitimate?

According to Path Social website, you would say they are legit and their service is successful. However, by checking Path Social reviews, you can understand that many users are unhappy with this tool. 

How much is path social?

Path Social offers two pricing packages. Instagram elite, costs 69$ per month, and Instagram core costs 49$ per month. They don’t provide any free plans or trials. 

How do I cancel path social?

If you want to know how to cancel path social subscription, you need to contact their customer support team via email. They will respond to your request within seven days. 

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