How to Use Follow4Follow Strategy to Gain IG Followers in 2021


Is it an amateur strategy to use follow4follow to get clients from Instagram? A naive answer is yes or even no, however, it’s on the debate among experts. You may have seen some people use this strategy, and win it, and some use it, but lose it. So, this is about some hidden factors that if you use them with this strategy, it would burst your Instagram.

Thus, in this article, we are going to introduce methods which help follow4follow strategy works at its peak.

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1. Follow4Follow Doesn’t Mean You Should Chaotically Follow Others

In the first place, you’d better know that following without a plan can be harmful. So, What’s the plan? The idea is to filter those you want to follow. For example, you shouldn’t follow restaurant owners when you are among Instagram loan officers. So, the first important factor in choosing your targets is your niche.

You misuse follow4follow if your services or products need physical accessibility, and you ignore it. You need to follow those who are near your location. Otherwise, they will unfollow you after a while. So, another factor is your location when you want to select who to follow.

Sometimes, you need to follow your competitors or some special people with a good reputation in your niche. You can call these special people micro-influencers who are not celebrities but have the same impact.

The other thing which helps you find more suitable targets is to follow those who follow some specific hashtags. Finding these accounts may be a little challenging, however, you’re not alone.

Special Tip: AI-generated Targeting Is A Win-Win Method

AiGrow is an Instagram growth service that helps you have organic followers. Despite all of its features that you can see in this article, AiGrow can help you have smart targeting for free.

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

After signing up and adding your account without any card info, you can see AiGrow’s dashboard. Then, if you go for its growth, you will face a number of fields like the following picture.

AiGrow-Growth engine-targeting

During the sign-up process, you select your niche, and if you don’t, you can select it as a category here. Then, you should fill these fields to generate your targets using this magnificent AiGrow’s AI module. After that, you’ll surely know who to follow next.

audience targeting with AiGrow

As you can see, AiGrow helps this user find one million targeted accounts to follow.

2. You Should Create Consistent Content to Support Follow4Follow Method

Imagine an account follows you, you like its content, and you follow back. But, after a while, you understand that the account doesn’t share the content anymore. What will you do?

In most cases, if you are aware of such accounts, you will certainly unfollow them. So, it’s natural to lose followers when you don’t share your content, even if you mass follow people. That’s why people started the follow4follow method, and end up losing what they’ve earned. Tragically, they conclude that this method is not going to work.

Therefore, it’s obvious that you should create content and share them with people. But, can you do this without any plan? you may start content creation, but after a week, you might run out of content. On the other hand, you probably don’t have much time within a week to create posts. So, you should spend a lot of time and energy only to solve a piece of a jigsaw.

Special Tip: Schedule Your Content to Save Time & Energy

It’s where AiGrow shows up and comfortably can solve such issues. How? AiGrow can enable you to set your posts as feed or story to be published in the future. You can determine this future at the exact time on an exact date.

With this feature, you can spend only one day to schedule all the content you need for one week. To create and design your posts, you won’t need to use Instagram itself. You can use AiGrow’s dashboard on the web to prepare your posts.

The scheduling feature of AiGrow

As you can see, there are lots of things you can do with AiGrow when scheduling your content. For example, you can write your hashtags in the first comment in advance. Or, you can tag people, add locations, and many other things just as it’s on your phone.

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3. Hashtagging Is A Must-do along with Follow4Follow

There are two main aspects you need to consider when using hashtags: quality and quantity. For each post, don’t use more than 10 hashtags while you are allowed to have 30. There isn’t a formula to guide you to know how many hashtags you should add to your post. However, it would be annoying if you use it more than some amounts.

Try to make a special hashtag by combining your niche and your brand name. If you use this hashtag for bio and many of your posts, it can help your followers find you comfortably.

Special Tip: Don’t Mass Follow People When You Can’t Follow Your Hashtags

hashtag monitoring-AiGrow

If you can track down your targets by the hashtags you’ve used for AI-generating targets, then you’re ok. However, when you mass follow accounts, it would be too hard to do such analytics. So, the good news is that AiGrow gives you the ability to review the posts tagged by your hashtags. You can save these posts or repost them to awake your new followers that you are still there.

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4. Leave Comments, Like Photos, and Respond Your DMs to Keep Follow4Follow Alive

Acting like robots without paying attention to your audience activities will fail your follow4follow strategy. So, you should engage with your targets and followers to prevent them from unfollowing you. Moreover, engagement will help you build your brand faster than you can imagine.

The major activities on Instagram are liking, following, commenting, and responding comments and DMs. So, if you want to win this race, you have to do lots of these. But, why should you work so hard?

Special Tip: Account Managers Will Work for Your Engagement

AiGrow, As mentioned, can grow your Instagram naturally and organically. To be more specific, AiGrow helps your growth and engagement by real persons known as account managers. To escape from engagement overload, it’s better to leave it to its experts. These experts also design your content to be eye-catching and enticing.

To get familiar with how AiGrow can grow your Instagram account, watch the following video.

To use this feature, you will need to buy AiGrow’s packages. They are so affordable, and even you can pay only 1$ to use its ultimate features for 7 days. After that, you can decide whether to buy the whole package or don’t.


5. Nothing Can Merge With Follow4Follow Strategy Better Than Giveaways

When you use follow4follow or like4like strategies, you will always get new followers. So, the fastest way to engage with them and let them know that you are active is to run contests. Giveaways make quick and real engagements at the cost of your free or discounted reward. So, it’s somewhat an investment.

Special Tip: AiGrow Has Made A Brilliant Contribution for You to Run Contests Conveniently


As you might know, the rules of these contests are normally mentioning, liking, or some other actions like these. So, AiGrow has done a great job to make a template for your giveaway posts. You can find it in the scheduling section.

AiGrow-post and reward-feature

Final Insights

Follow4follow is a complete failure if you don’t do anything beside it. However, it’s the most powerful weapon that you can have on Instagram in case you combine it with other actions. AiGrow can leverage this strategy with its amazing features. So, why should you go the hard way when there is an easy one?

If you want a fast solution for your Instagram growth, use AiGrow for free now.

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