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Instagram Hacks

Instagram for Loan Officers: 10 Powerful Tips

There are always conflicts between traditional ways and modern ways. And, more often than not, modern ways win. It doesn’t mean that traditional ways are not good, but it means they are not good at this era. However, we mean efficiency by saying good. What are we talking about? We are talking about Instagram marketing that so many people think that it fails for so many businesses. And, we are going to show you 10 powerful tips about Instagram for loan officers specifically. 

Share Posts with a Reasonable Rate

It’s social media and you can’t escape sharing content (I would say you should embrace it). You may think you should start with plentiful content to be in front of your followers’ eyes. But it’s not always like this. Although there is no rule to say how often you should share your content, you may consider a fair speed. If you shared 10 posts within a week and the next week you shared 2 posts, it wouldn’t be nice. 

You should fulfill the expectations along with at least weekly visibility. And of course, it’s not an easy job. That’s why you will need AiGrow. AiGrow is an Instagram growth app with many features, and one of them is scheduling. You have too much information about types of loans to talk about, but there is no hurry. You can schedule your posts on only one day with an easy state of mind. And, even your audience gets your information as clearly as possible to apply the loan they want. Instagram for loan officers can’t be any better than this.

To see how to schedule with AiGrow, watch this video.

Tag Other Related Instagram Accounts Related to Loan Officers

Tag your clients, rivals, realtors, banks, and even institutions. This job helps you be more reachable, and then, grow your followers. You need to tag companies or people for each post and even stories. Remember, just tag people who are related to your posts or stories. 

Take a look at @mkristo.bruce, for example. He received a reward and posted it along with tagging the company related to his award. Based on this action, when people search for the mentioned company, this post probably will emerge.  

Use All Different Formats of Content on Instagram

People surely get bored if they watch only one type of post. You need to use different formats for your content. By doing this, you’ll get more chances to raise your engagements too. So, what are these content formats? You can share content with people through two main kinds of content: Posts & Stories.


Instagram enables you to share images and videos. You can use different kinds of videos. Though simple videos are up to 1 minute, IGTV videos are not limited and are best for lengthy content. If you want to explain your application process, these kinds of videos are best on Instagram for loan officers. 


Stories are divers on Instagram. You can use polls, questions, and so many other features that are along with stories. Using these features lets your audience feel the presence of you, and they can have an interactive relationship with you. Just search for #mortgage, and you will face thousands of pages using different kinds of stories. 

Well, with AiGrow, you can preview your stories and posts to make changes for any purposes you want. You don’t need to open your Instagram app on your phone. Besides, it’s free, and you can sign up for it now to check it yourself. 

Learn How to Find Right Hashtags for Each Post

There are very important issues about hashtags on Instagram for loan officers. One is that you don’t want to disturb your content with too many hashtags. There isn’t a secret behind how many hashtags you should choose. However, you should know a basic rule about it. Every hashtag you use is a topic you are attached to it. And then, you can come up with the search results about that topic. 

This little fact must help you understand many things. For example, you shouldn’t use a general hashtag like #loan, #loanofficer, and #mortgage for your posts. The reason is that there are lots of people around the world who use these hashtags. Watch this @financialadvisorkansascity’s post, for instance. #debtfreecommunity is something that can be more specific to your page. 

One of the tricks of using hashtags is making your own hashtag. It can be the same as your profile name on Instagram with loan officer suffix. This a combinational method that will be very helpful for branding. 

Another trick is using the AiGrow hashtags search engine. As you can see in the following images, you can add multiple hashtags to check your targets and analyze its worth. For a better view, you can put your hashtags in the first comment in advance. 

Create a Professional Profile

What is a professional profile? A professional profile is a summarized autobiography formed on Instagram features. Watch @mrwillroundtree profile for a minute. What do you see? He put his jobs, his works, and his website URL. You can see story highlights below the bio, letting people know his ideas better by one tap.

AiGrow helps you build a real professional profile on Instagram, especially for loan officers who may have different social media accounts. In the bio link section in the AiGrow dashboard, you can add numerous features for your bio. 

As a loan officer, you may have Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts and can add their links to the bio. You can add links in the form of CTA or action buttons to be more accessible for the arrangement of loan services. If you want to know more about how to use your profile, check this

Instagram Is for Loan Officers If They Know Localization

If you work in Seattle, a person in need of a mortgage in Portland can’t be your customer. So you want people in your location to see your content. That’s why you should add your location to your posts and stories. To be more specific, you can add your customers’ new home locations helped by your loans. It’s a very attractive alarm if people around your customers watch your posts with their locations. 

Get Involved with Your Audience to Make a Full Engagement

There are lots of ways you can find solutions on Instagram for loan officers. One way is to get your audience to share content for you. How is this possible? Well, it seems impossible, but it’s actually easy to do. When people tag you or mention you in their posts, your followers will rise a lot. But how can you do that?

It’s not bad at all to build a community on your page. It means that you shouldn’t share only the business part of your life. You can share personal content, and ask people to do the same along with mentioning your account. You can put these personal posts on an occasional day. So, you’ll need a calendar full of information about occasions, and AiGrow social calendar is exactly what you need. 

Run Contests for Giveaways

People always want discounts, and it’s a very good opportunity for people with financial jobs. Run contests to encourage people to like, share, and other stuff to award them a discount of loan interest. At first glance, it seems losing your money and profit. But, when your number of followers increases and you’ll get more customers, it means 100% success. 

AiGrow has something to do with giveaways too. In the picture below, you see you can arrange your rules for contests with many other features to set in advance. 

Using Influencers Will Be Helpful on Instagram for Loan Officers

Many marketers on Instagram think that influencers are just for business with products like cosmetics, jewelry, and clothes. But, influencing has a vast meaning on Instagram, even for loan officers. An athlete, who has bought a bodybuilding club recently by your loan service, can play the role of an influencer. Because many people know him and follow him for his position. 

Accompany with a Powerful Friend

Instagram focus is on photos, and people love to watch beautiful ones. You need to draw your followers’ attention by sharing high-quality photos and videos. The other way of having impressive visuality is your grid layout. Don’t underestimate the power of the class of attention to appearances. 

You may agree with designing your posts, but who has the time? That’s where the AiGrow management team comes in. The only feature which is not free using AiGrow is this feature: AiGrow growth. Unlike many other Instagram marketing tools, AiGrow uses real persons as your account managers. These people take control of designing your posts and your follower growth for your accounts. There are lots of tasks that you can assign to your account managers. To see how it works, watch this video.

If you are interested in a guaranteed way of having many followers, use VIP-managed and Pro-managed packages. In the following picture, you can see their prices. To check all packages, see this

Summing Up

This ending should be a great beginning for you because you’ve learned how to deal with social media. However, there are lots of tricks and secrets about social media that you’ll need to learn, but how about a free start? 

Go to the AiGrow website. Sign up for it without paying anything. Then, add your accounts, and put these 10 tips into practice. If you feel the change after a period, you can invest in better plans to get the full advantage of the Instagram potential. It’s as simple as this. Have a nice journey!

This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 3:11 pm