10 Best Instagram growth hacking strategies in 2021

10 Best Instagram growth hacking strategies in 2021

Some essential elements can grow your Instagram account, such as the number of followers, engagement rate, etc. Instagram is becoming more and more popular. That’s why people are looking for innovative Instagram growth hacking to promote their company or brand, maximize their content marketing activities, and have the chance to make a fortune growing their Instagram account.

Suppose you are one of those who think it is impossible to conquer ever-changing algorithms on a popular social media platform like Instagram for growing your account. In that case, this article will show you some useful Instagram growth hacking that results in growth in followers, engagement, and profitability. 

What is Instagram growth hacking?

Instagram growth hacking

The term growth hacking refers to a set of tactics and strategies aimed at significantly increasing the number of your followers, boosting your engagement rate, and giving you the possibility to create influencing opportunities.

Instagram growth hacking is important for businesses since the more followers you have, the more chance you have to build your brand awareness on one of the most popular social media platforms out there.

Bear in mind that there are several important factors that you need to pay careful attention to when growing your account. These factors include the content, hashtag, direct messages, stories, lives, comments, page layout, giveaway contests, etc.

The question is how to boost Instagram growth hacking? Stay tuned to find the answer!

Before we get started, it is worth mentioning two ways to start growing your account. You can either do your Instagram growth hacking process yourself or ask a perfect growth hacker to help you. And these hacks are even great for those using Instagram for business.

Let’s check them both below!

AiGrow, Best Instagram growth hacking app

AiGrow's Homepage

AiGrow is a top-quality Instagram management and growth app. It provides you with all features you may need when managing your Instagram account(s). One of its unique features that guarantee your account’s growth is its VIP growth service.

What makes the growth service of AiGrow distinctive from other third-party apps out there is that human sources are working on your Instagram account(s). It means there is no bot-action, and all the growth actions are taken manually by dedicated account managers.

Using this service, you can target your prospective customers via hashtags, locations, and competitor accounts. Also, you can pick activities (like, follow, unfollow, etc.) that you’d like our managers to perform on your behalf to grow your following organically.

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

The good news is that you have 300-5000 real organic followers at the end of each month via AiGrow. This service offers you a 7-day free trial to let you make sure if the features work. Once your trial is over, you need to purchase desired packages to keep using the app.

Watch the video below to see how this feature works in detail.

AiGrow’s pricing packages are reasonable and affordable; sign up on the website and guarantee your account’s growth.

Sign up on AiGrow for free!

Tip: Be careful about Instagram rules and restrictions when growing your account; otherwise, you may put your account at the risk of being blocked, spammed, etc.  

Instagram growth hacking 1# Create foundation strategy for your Instagram growth hack

Having a roadmap is of great importance to get to the destination easily. On the road to growing your Instagram account, there are actually ups and downs. So it would be a good idea to sit down and define strategies and tactics that serve as a road map for accomplishing your Instagram growth goals.

Think of the kind of content you want to share on your account. People often follow accounts because they believe they are going to access exceptional content. You can ask graphic artists and videographers for help to produce a kind of content that appeals to your target audience. Moreover, you should include different types of content, including user-generated, customer-oriented, etc.

Note: Not all your posts should focus on selling. You need a kind of content that users find engaging as well.

Instagram growth hacking 2# Make the most of a landing page

Instagram growth hacking-designing a landing page

Believe it or not, your profile is essentially your first impression. So be careful about the profile photo you choose and every single word you write in your bio. More importantly, what really helps you add a link in your bio and other profile factors.

As you may know, Instagram allows you to use only 150 characters in your bio. If you’d like to use a clickable link, it should be noted that the number of links you can place in your bio is only one.

You (as a business/brand) may want to share lots of information and links with your audience. Then 150 characters and a clickable link are probably not enough. But don’t worry, it doesn’t end here. By adding a bio link (a link that takes users to a custom landing page with all the relevant links and information you want to share), you have the possibility to share all the desired links and detailed information with your followers.

Instagram growth hacking 3# pick a niche.

Instagram growth hacking-pick a niche

Understanding your account niches is a key to long-term monetizable growth on Instagram. If you mean bringing a cohesive vibe to your page, pick a niche and stick to it. You may ask what niche is. Read on to find the answer!

The term niche on Instagram means topics. Simply put, this word applies to the type of content you post in addition to whatever you talk about on the platform. For example, imagine you are into music and following a page that always posts content about music, concerts, musicians, etc. But suddenly, they start posting irrelevant content. What will you do as a follower? Most of the time, people will unfollow with the first irrelevant post.

Getting really specific on what you are posting on your Instagram account is of great importance if you desire Instagram growth hacking to gain more and more followers.

# How can a specific niche help you grow?

It is worth noting that there are two kinds of niches, broad and specific. Depending on whether your niche is broad or specific, the number of content consumers varies. For instance, more accounts create content about broader topics, but consumers are usually less passionate about general and broad topics.

So the more specific the topic is, the fewer accounts are creating content about it; therefore, you are more likely to be seen and followed by many passionate content consumers. Generally speaking, specific and detailed niches have a higher potential for Instagram growth hacking.

Instagram growth hacking 4# Create a feed that looks eye-catching

Instagram growth hacking-Create a feed that looks eye-catching

One of the very first things that make the first impression and let users decide whether they want to press the follow button or not is how your feed looks at first glance. By planning an attention-grabbing feed, you are more likely to turn a visitor landing on your feed into an interested follower.

Check our blog about designing your feed like a professional to dive deeper into how and how to make the first impression with your professionally designed feed.

Instagram growth hacking 5# Use hashtags strategically

Instagram growth hacking-using hashtags strategically

Hashtags are mighty weapons to achieve your goal on Instagram. They are great tools to help you create visibility and have more chances to grow your following rapidly. 

Even though hashtags are needed to build reach on Instagram, bear in mind that not all hashtags work. You’d better use trendy, relevant, and niche-related hashtags for making a success.

Once you search for hashtags, be careful about the banned ones; otherwise, you may put your account at the risk of being banned.

Note: Since finding the best hashtag is a little tricky and time-consuming, you can give AiGrow’s hashtag monitoring feature a try to facilitate this process.

Watch the YouTube video below if you’d like to get more detailed information about how this feature works.

Instagram growth hacking 6# Conduct Instagram giveaway contests

Instagram growth hacking-giveaway

Running a successful Instagram giveaway can have a direct impact on boosting awareness and engagement with your content. 

You have to follow some guidelines when organizing and supporting an Instagram event, such as giveaway contests. The guidelines of an Instagram competition are called Instagram contest rules.

For instance, there are several rules one may set to let users participate in the contest, such as liking the contest post, tagging others, following the contest runner account, etc. People will follow these rules to be qualified to enter the contest and will invite others to do so to have the chance to win. All these rules will take one step closer to generate more leads and exposure.

Note: Do you consider the process of running contests on Instagram and picking the winner a hard thing? Use AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature to manage your next Instagram contest, from setting the rules and scheduling the contest post to automatically picking the winner.

Give AiGrow a free try!

Let’s watch the related YouTube video below to see how you can run your next Instagram giveaway contest via AiGrow.

Instagram growth hacking 7# Use Instagram ads.

Instagram growth hacking-IG ads

By running different types of Instagram ads, including story ads, IGTV ads, video ads, etc., you can push to generate more visibility. It’s a kind of win-win situation. You and the platform both have the revenue sharing split; moreover, you have the opportunity to achieve your objective, which is getting more reach.

Instagram growth hacking 8# Create an Instagram influencer marketing

Instagram growth hacking-influencer marketing

Nowadays, by scrolling through Instagram, you can see influential users promoting brands and products. You can also work with influencers on Instagram but what really matters is to choose the influencer you want to collaborate with wisely.

You’d better pick influencers who are relevant to your niche (brand, campaign, etc.). Also, not only should they be creative and engaging, but they also should have significant reach.

Note: An effective way to grow your fan base is to team up with micro-influencers (up to 50000 followers). If you have just started your account, you may not be able to afford to work with influencers with more than 50000 followers. The cost of working with influencers varies from one influencer to the other, depending on the influencers’ follower size and the industry you’re in. That’s why you’d better ask micro-influencers to give you a hand. 

Instagram growth hacking 9# Post consistently.

Schedule Instagram content

Having a consistent presence on Instagram is vitally important to increase your engagement. Try to post various content (IGTV, story, feed, live) and stick to only one. 

Keeping this consistency is not as easy as it may seem because you need to spend time on other things, such as daily life, other aspects of your brand, etc.

We recommend using AiGrow’s Scheduler feature to schedule your IGTV, Story, and feed in advance. When the set time arrives, your content will be published automatically without needing you to lift a finger. 

Here’s the YouTube video to help you understand how this feature works in detail.

Instagram growth hacking 10# Cross promote your account

This is a kind of proven strategy to increase the exposure to your account. You can promote your Instagram page on your YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Plus, another terrific way to boost your IG account exposure is using emails.


Undoubtedly, Instagram has turned into a platform that some people depend on to earn money. The more popular your account is, the more likely you are to earn money. This article mentioned some tips on Instagram growth hacking to grow your Instagram account followers, likes, views, and engagement. More engagement equals growth. Besides, we introduced you to the AiGrow app to help you guarantee your IG account growth.

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