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Instagram Hacks

The beginner’s guide to growing an Instagram account in 2021

By Andie
February 25, 2021 2:23 pm

Are you a new Instagram user? Do you want to know how to grow your Instagram account fast? Do you want to know how to get the maximum number of likes in a short time and have more followers on Instagram and be the first to be searched by Instagram users? Then you are at the right place; this is how to grow an Instagram account fast! This article will provide you with a brief introduction to the world of Instagram.

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Tips to grow your Instagram account

A number of the most successful online retailers and e-commerce businesses have utilized Instagram as a marketing tool. Retailers like Tjobs, Amazon, Wal-mart, K-mart, Forever 21, and many others have used Instagram to boost sales significantly. They have also used Instagram to substantially reduce their product line, offer coupons, and even provide customer service through live chat. So, why are these online businesses using it? Simple, because it has the potential to improve sales greatly. Here are some quick tips for growing Instagram account popularity:

Post creative content

When it comes to social media networks like Twitter and Facebook, it’s challenging to keep creating fresh and new content. However, there are times when you need to share the good stuff from your day-to-day life. For example, suppose you are in the process of creating a video to feature on YouTube. In that case, you may need to share a funny video worth sharing with your followers on a platform that allows you to do so without worrying about their viewing or sharing experience being negatively affected. You can also use Instagram schedulers to share content easier. One of the best Instagram schedulers you can find is AiGrow’s post and story scheduler. This tool is entirely automatic and publishes the content at your intended time. 

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Write good captions

The secret to creating an engaging and eye-catching Instagram account is to first write good captioning for your posts. Your caption will be the first impression of your posts, so it needs to do justice to what you’re writing about it. So how do you write good captioning? One of the easiest ways to write good captioning is to find followers who follow the same things as you. By following other Instagram users’ content, you can also build a network of highly likely followers to appreciate your captions.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are essential on Instagram only because it helps you identify the post, making it easy for people to read the post. By placing it in the right way, the following followers also get it. There are several ways through which an account can gain more followers through the use of trendy hashtags. For finding top hashtags, you can use AiGrow’s hashtag monitoring tool and add them in your posts’ captions.

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Tip: If you don’t want your caption to look messy, you can add your hashtags in a comment.

Share posts at your best times

So what is the best time to share Instagram posts? It is never a bad idea to encourage the growth of your account. The more people who visit your page, the more likely you will make sales and grow your business. With the introduction of the Instagram Home Page and increased engagement with the brand through the feeds, it makes sense that companies have started to look for methods to maximize the number of people who visit their pages. If you have not yet tested this out on your page, now is the best time to start increasing your customer base. You can find the best times when most of your followers are online and schedule your posts for it.

Repost content on Instagram

You can repost from similar accounts when you don’t have enough time to create your own content. Sharing and publishing other peoples’ content helps increase your following’s influence and audience and make Instagram an even more interactive platform. But Instagram doesn’t provide ant Reposting tools for its users; That’s why AiGrow came with a solution that allows you to re-share any content on Instagram.

Note: If you want to repost photos and videos from pages with similar themes, don’t forget to ask the owners for permission.

Interact with your followers

Social media is all about interaction and creating a community for your audience; interact with your followers on Instagram to generate that engagement. You can do it by replying to their comments or even starting your discussion on a particular topic, or answering the DMs of those who contact you. Being active on Instagram helps you develop relationships with the people interested in your brand or business. It enables you to build a relationship that will help you grow your audience on an organic and continuous basis.

Many users, especially business or brand owners who have lots of followers, don’t have enough time to answer comments and DMs. For this problem, you can use AiGrow’s dedicated account manager to fix everything for you. 

Run Instagram contest and giveaways

Running contests and giveaways will help you gain more Instagram followers and the potential of making more money with the help of feedback, recommendations, and vote. This is a simple method that helps you build trust amongst your followers and increase engagement and traffic to your page. There are two ways to participate and win the Instagram competition and giveaways: either by entering the contest through the interactive website or via the links provided in the participant’s feed. When you are using the links, make sure that they are working correctly for Instagram and leading to the right page. This way, you will increase engagement as well as traffic towards the Instagram explore page.

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Work with influencers

Influencer marketing is exploding. It seems as if almost anywhere you look now on social networking, a new influencer popping up and making big brand deals. A recent survey of online social media users revealed that more than 50% of internet users favor getting product info from other users and influencers instead of straight from big brands or ads. Below are some of the best ways to grow your Instagram page and connect with Instagram influencers to promote your products and services.

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Complete your Instagram bio

If you want to grow your Instagram account, adding a link to your site URL is a great way to make that happen. Why? Well, when you use a URL for your site URL, people see the link as a sign that you have control over your account and not just a random person following you because they liked what they saw. So, if you want to make sure that people who follow your Instagram account get verified, it’s essential to add a link to your website, blog, YouTube channel, and more in your profile.

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Use Instagram Stories and Reel videos.

The best thing to do when you want to promote your business using the social media platform is to use the Instagram Stories, and Reels feature to attract more followers. The Reel is a new feature that has been launched recently by Instagram and has drawn a lot of responses from users worldwide. However, before you start promoting your products and services, it would be better to use the new feature tools to get better results. Here is a simple guide that will help you understand how you can use the Instagram Stories and Reels feature effectively to enhance your online visibility and build a robust online presence. With this guidance, you will gain more followers regularly and quickly establish stronger ties with potential customers.


This article discussed how you could grow an Instagram account and increase the number of followers and engagement on your account. Instagram is fast becoming the go-to place for social media, especially for businesses looking to connect with their customers and drive more sales. In a year, it is estimated that Instagram will be the largest social network. If you haven’t started an Instagram account yet, I encourage you to do so right away. It will dramatically change your online marketing strategy and increase your sales!

This post was last modified on February 25, 2021 2:23 pm