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Why you need an Instagram manager + where to find them

By Andie
February 25, 2021 2:27 pm

NOTE: If you are looking for a dedicated Instagram manager to boost your growth and make it easier for you to manage your account, AiGrow is all you need. Otherwise, keep reading to know everything about an Instagram account manager.

Who is an Instagram manager

As you know, Instagram is one of the most favorite social media platforms around the world. Being the favorite platform has made Instagram a great place to showcase your product/business or even influence people.

It’s no secret that social media marketing and especially Instagram marketing has its challenges and difficulties, especially now that the competition is tighter than ever.

So what is the solution? Maybe the best option is to have a couple of handy tools to make it all more comfortable for you or even a dedicated person that can guide you through this journey.

That dedicated person who has a decent knowledge about different aspects of Instagram marketing is the Instagram manager you need.

What does an Instagram manager do?

There are different types of Instagram account managers. Based on the amount of money you are willing to spend, you can expect various services.

In the following paragraphs, we are going through most of the services offered by a dedicated Instagram manager.

If you hope to succeed on your Instagram marketing truly, this is the type of manager you need by your side.

Instagram manager job description



Marketing is the key to attracting new customers and also keeping current customers. And an Instagram Manager is responsible for managing the social media marketing of the business on Instagram.


There are many responsibilities that the Instagram Manager has, including:


  1. Developing a content strategy
  2. Content creation
  3. Scheduling posts and stories
  4. Manual growth activities
  5. Engaging with new and existing followers
  6. Securing your account and solving any possible issues


Of course, not everyone offers a full package of these services, at least not at an affordable price. Although you don’t need to worry about it, we will introduce you to the best and most affordable Instagram management services in 2021.

The critical question that remains is, what are the benefits of having an Instagram manager, and is it worth it?

Benefits of having an Instagram manager

The benefits of having an expert in your corner are that they have the best scheduling tools to fit your needs. They can see which accounts are best for you based on the type of content, engagement level, or engagement type you are looking for.

When it comes to content strategy, it helps to have an expert to help you plan what you want to share with your audience. It is crucial to consider your audience’s age group or demographic when planning what you will share. A large part of marketing is knowing your audience and being able to reach them. There are various benefits of having a good content strategy. The main benefits are:

There is no need to hire employees, pay benefits, or provide benefits. The cost is lower because there are no staff costs, including benefits, taxes, or payroll. The price is also lower since the focus is on social media platforms and not real estate.

Last but not least, Instagram is still evolving every day, there are dozens of problems that may come across you along the way and put your account at severe risks.

Imagine being suspended, banned, action blocked, shadow banned, and dozens of other unexpected errors. By having an Instagram manager by your side, you make sure that you are prepared for any state of emergency.

Where do I find Instagram manager?

As we mentioned earlier in this article, there are different kinds of account managers, and you need to consider your needs.

If you need a dedicated person behind the wheel of your money-making machine (Instagram account), go for a real person.

A dedicated manager who does everything: creates a content strategy, creates posts, schedules them, and even engages with your audience, etc.

But if you just need somebody to schedule your posts or answer to DMs, using an Instagram management tool is far better for you.

Let’s discuss them both.

What is the best Instagram management app?

The benefit of this type of service is that you have control over the process. You can work at your own pace, schedule, and choose your own images and captions. There are no deadlines to meet, no managers to contact, no approvals to make, and no overall responsibilities.

There are dozens of Instagram management tools out here on the internet, but I bet you are looking for an all in one package with a reasonable price.

AiGrow offers a full package of all the necessary tools you may need in your journey.

These tools include:


  1. Feed & Stories Scheduler
  2. Repost Feed & Stories
  3. Reward Post
  4. Multiple Links in Bio
  5. Mention Monitoring
  6. Automated DMs
  7. DM to Email


All these services, along with a free trial package, make AiGrow an excellent option that is safe and worth trying.


Where do I find professional Instagram managers?

Finding an account manager is not hard. Actually, you can find dozens of services on Google and dozens of individuals on freelancing platforms. But finding a service/individual who is dedicated and truly worths the price is hard.

We have an article that has introduced top Instagram management services on the market. To keep it short and straightforward, AiGrow is the type of company that has a service for every one of your needs, including a management service.

By using our Managed package, you can have your own dedicated account manager who is responsible for:


  1. Manual Growth Activities (300+ New Followers/Month)
  2. AI-Powered Hashtags, Competitions, Locations Research
  3. Unlimited Use of all the features mentioned earlier
  4. Priority 24×7 Support


The good news is that you can have a trial week for only $5 that can almost be considered FREE.

After your 5-day trial, you can also use the coupon code “SAVE10B” for a fantastic discount on your first purchase on the platform.


Suppose you have many followers on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other social media channels. In that case, you may want to consider using Instagram as part of your online marketing campaign. Once you have the account set up, the responsibility for your Instagram campaigns will be entirely yours. Hire someone to manage your account and make sure everything gets done in a timely manner. You will have more time to concentrate on your other campaigns and activities.

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