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Want to Outsource Instagram Marketing? Here’s a List of Top-Rated Social Media Outsourcing Companies

It’s no strange tale to start your business as a one-person or small-team brand and after a certain time, grow into a larger organization. Once this change takes place, entrepreneurs and managers need to work ON their business rather that IN it. To outsource Instagram marketing (or outsourcing social media marketing in general) is a wise decision at this point.

So if you’re looking to outsource Instagram marketing, this very article is a solid first step to take. WHY? Because it covers all the following for you:

  • Why you need social media outsourcing
  • What you need to do before outsourcing Instagram marketing
  • What are the best social media outsourcing companies to work with

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Why You Need to Outsource Instagram Marketing?

First things first, yeah? You’re going to look for some social media outsourcing companies (we have listed some of the best for you at the end of this article) and then invest a sum on them; so you must have a good reason for it.

Professional managers and marketers usually have three distinct motives to outsource Instagram marketing:

Value vs. Routine in Social Media Outsourcing

As the manager of an organization or brand, you’re naturally looking for opportunities to develop your business and make new connections; these action add extra value to your brand.

On the other hand, there are some routine actions and works that are required to maintain the usual growth of your business. If you outsource social media management (including Instagram marketing), you’ll have plenty of time to add valuable connections and developments to your brand.

Effort vs. Outcome in Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

It’s simple and basic math; some works need much effort, although they deliver modest outcome.

If you’re looking for areas to outsource social media management, this is an important factor to consider. Instagram marketing might be only a minimal part of your whole organization (for now); in this case, just outsource Instagram marketing and avoid all the hustle.

Weaknesses vs. Strengths in Social Media Outsourcing

Every person/organization has its own weak and strong spots. The strengths take up less time and add up more value while the weaknesses might take more time, delivering less value and outcome.

So in the case of outsourcing social media management, you should realistically evaluate your status and if need be, leave the project to an agency or a freelancer.

Preparations before You Outsource Instagram Marketing

As we discussed above, you’re going to outsource Instagram marketing to optimize your business and have better outcomes. If you want the whole process to be fully optimized, you should do make some clarifications before you start working with social media outsourcing companies.

Prepare a Detailed Description of the Project

Social media outsourcing companies and freelancers work best if you fully brief them. Otherwise, the outcomes they deliver will not be the same you’d asked for and other than wasting much time to make corrections, you’ll also spend more budget than you’d planned and even start having negative trends on your social media.

So before you consult any social media outsourcing company, make sure you know what exactly you expect from them.

How Much Do You Want to Invest?

As you’ll see in this article, most social media outsourcing companies and freelancers have an average hourly rate. We suggest you take a look at these prices and then make your mind about how much you really want to spend to outsource Instagram marketing.

This way, you will easily leave out the expensive or cheap options and find the suitable company faster.

What Exactly Will You Outsource?

When it comes to outsourcing Instagram marketing, there are many sub-tasks to be taken care of. It’s better if you have a clear mind about which parts you need to outsource; this way, it will be easier and less expensive to negotiate with social media marketing companies.

If you don’t know what tasks there are in outsourcing Instagram marketing, don’t worry. We’ve made a list of them for you.

Photography and Other Visual Affairs

Instagram is first and most a visual medium and much of your success or failure depends on this. You might be able to do all the work by yourself (or through your employees), but you don’t have a professional photographer or visual artist.

If this is the case with you, now you now where to start.

Captions and Copy Writing

Sometimes the brands that want to outsource Instagram marketing only need a copy writer to compose engaging and creative captions for them to attract more attention.

Researching and Benchmarking

When scheduling for future posts and plans, social media marketers need to keep up to date: what hashtags are trending and what are similar accounts doing.

This kind of accurate researching, although is absolutely valuable, needs a lot of time and a dedicated person to be consistent. One of the easiest ways to do this task perfectly is to use outsourcing companies.

Posting and Scheduling

Preparing the posts with high quality content is one thing and inserting them into an orderly calendar or schedule is totally another thing.

Sometime marketers that want to outsource Instagram marketing need the company to keep track of the calendar for them and consistently publish the posts.

If you start using AiGrow now, you’ll see that scheduling is one of the most used features it offers. It doesn’t matter if you’re using one or more than one account; you can prepare your posts beforehand and let AiGrow publish them any time you want on different accounts.

Interaction and Engagement

One of the challenges that some businesses face is consistent and constructive interaction with their audience on social media, especially Instagram.

You can easily outsource this part of your Instagram marketing to have all your comments and direct messages replied for you. This sort of human and regular interaction with your audience will build more trust between you, which in turn will have positive effects on your conversion rate and sales.

Top-Rated Agencies to Outsource Instagram Marketing

So far we have taken a look at the reasons you should use social media outsourcing and also what to consider before doing so. Now it’s time to see a list of social media outsourcing companies that have proven to be practical.

AiGrow: Economic Prices + Excellent Services

AiGrow is an expert team of social marketers and managers that not only help you grow on Instagram, but also maintain this growth and add to your followers organically.

It’s worth mentioning that the technical works are done via AI (Artificial Intelligence) in AiGrow, but all the accounts are managed by employees, not just bots.

One of the things that distinguishes AiGrow from other social media outsourcing companies is that it offers many full packages with different prices; these various plans offered by AiGrow are planned to meet the needs of all business from small to big.

AiGrow Services

Here’s a list of services AiGrow offers:

Managed Instagram Growth

Honestly speaking, keeping followers is a bigger challenge than getting them, and keeping the growth going is the hardest of all. AiGrow experts will use AI insights and research the Instagram for similar accounts, like-minded users, trending hashtags to maintain a steady growth rate.

You should know that AiGrow generates purely organic traffic for your page and uses human account managers; so rest assured that there’s nothing fake or robotic about it.

Link in Bio

You might be running a website or other social pages for your business that your users know nothing about. If this is the case, then your Instagram page is a great point to generate organic leads for your website. How?

Well, one of the very practical services that AiGrow offers is link in bio, which lets you share a direct URL to your website or other social accounts. This way you’ll not only increase your visibility but also be able to track the origins of these users.

Post Scheduler

Consistency is what makes things count on social spaces; if users see that no matter the engagement and number of likes, you keep posting useful or entertaining content, they will be surely interested.

The post scheduler that AiGrow lets you use is first of all desktop enabled, which means you can use it much easier as an editor. You can simply design your posts and stories and even plan reposts from other popular pages.

After that, leave the rest of the work to the scheduler. It’s also worth mentioning that this feature is not restricted for only one account; you can plan and share posts and stories on multiple accounts any time you like.

Post and Reward

Going viral is almost always a big challenge with businesses and needs much time and planning. With the post and reward feature, though, you can design customized rewards (such a coupons) and give them as rewards to the users who share your posts.

You can totally customize the ways users should engage with you to be qualified for reward. For instance, you can decide if they should post a content or comment for you, whether they should tag a certain user or not, use any specific hashtags or follow you.

You simply tick on or off these options and AiGrow designs your message and contest. It will also automatically send messages to the winners.

AiGrow Packages and Prices

As I said above, AiGrow offers seven different packages with different prices to accommodate all sizes of businesses.

You can easily see all that a package offers by simply looking at it and the prices are publicly put there so there’s transparency in the work. You can see all the packages with prices below:

Free Plan

Post Plus


12 Month Pro Pack

6 Month Pro Pack

3 Month Pro Pack

Pro Managed

Sachs Marketing Group

Sachs Marketing Group is a US based company that is suitable for outsourcing Instagram marketing, especially if you’re looking to connect your Instagram account to a website and make data-driven decisions.

SEO is one of the biggest strengths of this company. It has an hourly rate of between 100 to 149 dollars and has been in the field since 2010 with almost 50 employees.

Before seeing what Sachs has to offer, it’s better to see what this organization is mainly focused on:

Sachs Marketing Group Services

If you’re considering to work with Sachs, you might find a list of its services useful:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Development
  • Website Design and Development
  • Google + Paid Ads Campaigns
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Development


If you’ve really made up your mind to outsource Instagram marketing, Socially-in is a good option in the market for you. Why? Because it’s been specifically dedicated to social media marketing since it was founded it 2011.

Socaillyin also costs 100 to 149 dollars per hour and is based in the UK; moreover, you can see below what this company is focused on:

Sociallyin Services

This organizations offers the following services:

  • Social media content creation
  • Social media community management
  • Social media strategy
  • Social paid advertising (PPC, Facebook and Twitter ads)


Socialistics believes that social content matters to a great deal and can revolutionize the growth of a given business; from designing campaigns to paid ads, Socialistics offers many services. You can see an overview of the copany’s focus on different matters here:

Socialistics Services

Here’s a complete list of the services offered by this company:

  • Content Services (social media content, photo/video, publishing/management, channel branding)
  • Paid Services (A/B testing, custom audience creation, weekly ad optimization, 24/7 live results dashboard)
  • Campaign Services (product/service launches, events, re-brands, lead generation)

Any Thoughts on How to Outsource Instagram Marketing?

Take a moment and think about the time you just started to read this article. How much of the mentioned information did you have? Were you clear about what you wanted? Are you now?

If you are, it means we’ve achieved our objective! Of course it’s almost impossible to cover EVERYTHING about outsourcing Instagram marketing in just one article; so have you ever outsourced any projects? How did it go?

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