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How to Sell on Instagram Without a Website

You are lost a bit, aren’t you? You see many accounts that make money and sell on Instagram while you think you’re stuck with no plan. Is it possible to monetize on Instagram even without having a website? Can an Instagram account be profitable for any business? 

All markets have their own flaws, but it doesn’t mean leaving them, especially in this era. The practical solution is to know better what Instagram is and what its features are. Based on them, you will surely find the best strategies to sell more and more on Instagram as others do. 

Thus, we’ve brought you some excellent tested tips to leverage your Instagram as a marketing strategy

Top Tips to Sell on Instagram

If you try these tips and can’t sell on Instagram yet, blame us. We’re sure about them because they are proven tips. 

Set Up Your Business Account

First of all, try to turn your account into a business one. Doing that requires some taps or clicks on the relevant button. Besides, it’s better to attach your Facebook account to it. After these two steps, the real question is, why? 

What you achieve by turning your account into a business one is helping you sell more on Instagram. For example, if you check your profile, you will see two new buttons; Promotions and Insights. 

The Instagram Insights is a simple analytic tool helping get information about your engagement and followers. In comparison, the Instagram Promotions are a little more complicated than Insights. However, it’s a mechanism to run ads on Instagram. 

Besides, attaching your Facebook account will help you create a catalog to sell on Instagram without exiting the app. 

Create Content Consistently to Sell More on Instagram

One of the main problems that most Instagrammers have is to create content without a plan. So, if you want to sell more on Instagram, you need to plan your content. What’s this plan? 

The plan is up to you, but you should consider several things. For example, the number of posts you should share or the time of sharing it during a day. 

It’s obvious that you probably don’t have time for handling such a task. That’s why you’d better use a scheduler. AiGrow is one of the top Instagram post schedulers in the market. To use it, just simply sign up in it (for free) and add your Instagram account to your profile. 

Follow the below direction to schedule your Instagram feed post, story, and IGTV.

If you want to know more about how to do it, watch the following video.

With AiGrow, you can take time just for a day or two and schedule your content for all days in a week. 

Apply An All-in-one Link to Your Instagram Bio

As you might know, Instagram doesn’t allow you to have more than one external clickable link in your bio. The reason is that Instagram doesn’t want Instagrammer to leave the app so often. However, for a business marketer who wants to sell their products on Instagram, it’s quite a hurdle. 

The good news is that AiGrow has solved your problem. With AiGrow’s all-in-one bio link, you can legally have any number of links to your bio. 

The procedure to complete this feature for you is as straightforward as the below:

1) Create your AiGrow’s profile for free and add your Instagram account there

2) Select the blue Manage Account button 

3) Tap on the Bio Link tab

4) Claim your URL

5) Add your other social media account pixels, buttons, and e-commerce posts to it by drag-&-drop

6) Have fun

If you want to know more about this great free feature, try watching the following video.

Running Ads Will Increase the Sell on Instagram

Another good strategy to increase your chance of success on Instagram is running ads. If you want to do it, you should link your Facebook to your Instagram. After that, you need to identify your targets, gender, and age. Paying the price to Instagram will start your ads. 

Use Different Kinds of Content Formats like Instagram Reels

More leads mean more followers, and more followers mean more sales. So, the key factor is creating and generating new leads. And to do that, you’ll need to try the full options of Instagram content formats. Many people know them, such as feed posts, stories, lives, IGTVs, etc. However, many don’t get so familiar with the last update of Instagram as Instagram Reels

One aspect of using various formats is psychological. Many of your visitors don’t like a fixed pattern of feed post sharing. So, a different but planned structure of content will avoid boring them and even cause excitement. 

For example, Story highlights can work as a series of slides to introduce your goals and community. On the other hand, you can try Instagram Live to show your behind-the-scene work with joy and fun. 

Thus, all in all, it’s a proven strategy to use different formats. 

Sell Your Products on Instagram by UGC

User-generated content is the factory of generating more leads. However, how can you provoke people to create content for you? 

This is a post by @over to encourage people to create content and add its hashtags to find them easily. Are you looking for more Ideas?

Partner with Proper Influencers

Let your Influencers sell your goods on Instagram. Is it really strange to partner with an influencer? Of course not. Many people think of Brad Pit or Christiano Ronaldo when you talk about Influencers. However, we have several types of Influencers. 

Despite minor differences, micro-influencers are accounts with these factors:

  • They have a specific niche like beauty, foods, sports, etc.
  • They have between 1k to 100k followers.
  • You don’t know them unless you search for posts with related topics.
  • They don’t take so much money to cooperate with you.

Instagram Tools Will Help You Get the Goals Faster

Instagram marketing is something that you probably want to do with yourself. However, it’s a little impossible in real life unless you outsource it to others. But, what others?

AiGrow is more than a multi-link provider app or a scheduler. With AiGrow, you can grow your Instagram organically and at the same time as fast as possible. Some other AiGrow’s features are:

1. A 7/24 dedicated account manager

2. AI-powered targeting including hashtags, locations, influencers, competitors, and niche

3. Monthly analytics

4. Hashtag and account monitoring for downloading or reposting

5. A complete guide for creating content using AiGrow’s social calendar

6. Automated DM and response

7. DM targeting and archiving

8. Auditing accounts

You expect a free trial and a free plan from a reliable tool, and AiGrow has them both. The free trial is available for every pack but for seven days with paying 1$. You can see the packs with prices in the following pictures. 

Last Word: Sell on Instagram Like A Pro 

To sell your services or goods on Instagram is something you cannot keep doing without a perfect guide. If you know people with knowledge of everything about Instagram, like its daily limits, then you’re lucky. If you don’t, it’s better to use some experts’ experiences that great companies like AiGrow can introduce to you. So, try the rational way. 

Type your comments if you think there are other winning strategies that we didn’t mention.



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