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How do I do a mass follow Instagram users?

Note: if you’re not interested in why you should mass follow on Instagram and just need a tool to start following right away, use AiGrow.

With a few clicks, you can begin automatically following all users who you target. Plus, as you continue to follow new users, it will automatically unfollow all users who don’t follow you back within a certain amount of time.

This way, you can keep a natural-looking follower/following ratio as you continue to grow.

Fortunately, you can also be rest assured that all your new followers are niche-specific and interested in your content.

Click the button below to start following right away, or read on to learn more about why should mass follow on Instagram.


If you are using Instagram as a tool for an internet business, undoubtedly the first thing you think about is gaining real followers.

Followers who are likely to become your loyal customers in the not too distant future.

But that requires a very powerful strategy. You might say that gathering followers is not a complicated task, and I can simply follow people and they will do the same thing and gradually I can attract more followers.

We have to say it’s a little harder to do, and you have to pay more attention to reach your goal.

Below we will give you some reasons And we’ll tell you some secrets about Instagram.

Follow others on Instagram: Following people on Instagram is restricted and Instagram only lets you follow so many people in one day (150 per hour) and the maximum followed allowed is 7,500 accounts. So what happens if you cross this red line? Instagram detects and blocks your account as a spam account. And on the other hand, If you want to do this manually, you have to spend a lot of time. And that’s not all! You might ask if I can mass follow Instagram users?

The answer is yes, we must say that you need a well-planned and intelligent tool to reach your goal.

Keep in mind, you need real and targeted followers, which means you must observe other Instagram rules including the right use of hashtags, locations, timely sharing of posts, and more. You must have enough knowledge to do them. As we said before, Instagram has rules that observing them require sufficient knowledge.

Designing a business page on Instagram can be likened to an engineer drawing a building map and you have to perform anything that he drew for your build to reach your goal.

The items on the  designed map for your Instagram include the following:

  • Hashtags: Hashtag, first of all, tells the current view of your photo and what is your motivates to post and what your message is about. The second usage of hashtag is to help Instagram better understand the content of your post.
  • Locations: When setting up a business page, for sure you will need to follow the followers from a particular country or city. Location does the same for you and attracts people from a specific location to your account.
  • Influencer Accounts: You can get good ideas by finding and following competitors. So remember not to ignore your competitors because their purpose is the same as yours.
  • Likes: Engage with Instagram users because this will increase your credibility and also increase your users’ trust.
  • Follows: Encourage others to follow you by following them. When you follow someone, he or she will also be curious to know more about you and will follow you.
  • Unfollows: When someone wants to follow you, the first thing to look at is the number of people who follow you, And also the number of people you follow. If the number of people you follow is much higher than the number of people following you, He thinks that by following others you want to increase the number of your followers and this will greatly reduce your page credibility.
  • Direct Message: This is very important because you can both receive orders and promote and interact with your customers and Instagram users.

These were just some of the things you need to do on a daily basis to improve your work.

The rest include post sharing, story sharing, and more, and should be done on a specific schedule on a daily basis.

Doing all this by yourself and on a daily basis requires two things:

  1. A lot of time
  2. A lot of knowledge about Instagram and its algorithm

Knowledge-based on an Instagram algorithm to prevent blocking your account or identifying your account as spam.

We know a tool in this area that can help you! All of the tasks mentioned above can be done automatically or by a dedicated account manager under your supervision.

At the bottom, we want to explain how you can mass follow Instagram users by using AiGrow.

what is the best Instagram mass follow and mass unfollow tool?

Can I mass follow the Instagram competitors’ followers?

The answer to this question will be very satisfying when you hear yes you can! Not only you can mass follow the Instagram competitors’ followers but also you can mass follow Instagram users and any number of people you want with ease using AiGrow, a smart platform designed to guarantee your Instagram growth.

To discover the secret of how to do this, you first need to sign up for AiGrow, and the good news is that you will not need to pay for it first, as generous management of the platform will allow you a three-day free use.

Update, October 2021

AiGrow has recently added the Content Creation service (PostMate) which is all you need to get custom content and design plans, plus a personal PostMate delivering weekly content creation and scheduling to keep your Instagram page fresh and relevant.

Click here to register. Clicking on the link will take you to the homepage of the site.


Click on the Get Started/Start Free option to start using the free package.

To create an account on AiGrow, Fill your basic information here and then click on register now.


You will now be logged into your dashboard page where you can add and manage multiple Instagram accounts.

Now all you need to do is add your Instagram account to your dashboard page.

Then you can easily manage it or even manage your account with a dedicated admin who gives you this platform!

Yes, you heard right, a dedicated page manager! Add your Instagram account to discover more secrets.

To add an account just click the Add Account option at the top of the page. Then enter your Instagram username.

On your new page, enter email, and your Instagram password and complete the signup process.

Your registration process is now complete and you can see the account you have added to your dashboard page.

Just click on the Manage Account option to start managing any of the accounts you added. After clicking this option you will see the following page.

On this page, you will find all the options we mentioned earlier.

You can set this up once to have all of this works automatically and daily for your account.

Now it’s time to answer this important question! How do follow a lot of people on Instagram at once? Now the answer is ready. You can also find your competitors on Instagram and AiGrow will follow all of their followers and even automatically send them a message that includes anything you want to tell them, such as introducing your products. Or, if there are specific people you want to mass follow them or their followers, just make a list of them and let AiGrow do it for you, even if they are private accounts.you don’t have to submit a request and wait for your request to be accepted.

You can target prospective customers and followers based on different filters:

  • hashtags that they use
  • locations that they are in
  • influencer accounts they are following

a great thing about AiGrow is that you can select any of these filters and combine them.

After you have adjusted all the options click on the start growth option to start. You can now watch TV and do your daily chores without worrying about wasting time.

With this smart tool, you can do many other things like liking people collectively, scheduling your posts to share in the coming months or weeks, building multiple bio links, joining large Instagram groups that It will increase the number of visits and attraction of followers for your page And many other things that you can do very easily and most importantly, by purchasing one of the VIP packages a page manager will be assigned to your account that will handle all of these tasks.

Summary: Setting up a business page requires special effort, knowledge, and even tools to help you with this. The AiGrow team, in addition to having enough knowledge in this field as well as smart tools that can monitor the progress of your page, will hire a page manager for your account that he will do all the tasks.

Update August 2020:

To avoid spamming Instagram has set daily limits on different actions you can perform on Instagram.

Tools Like AiGrow are aware of those limits and won’t cross Instagram’s limits but if you want to do things manually read this article to be aware of these limits.

this can help you keep your account protected and safe.

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