The Right Way to Use Follow Unfollow on Instagram

Follow unfollow method is a popular strategy for growing an Instagram account. It’s like you can have enormous growth in follow and unfollow on Instagram until you consider some essential points.

However, it can get your Instagram account banned if you don’t know what you’re doing.

In this post, we will discuss the follow unfollow Instagram method for Instagram growth, and how to use the Instagram follow and unfollow method correctly in a nutshell.

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What Is The Instagram Follow Unfollow Method?

If you’re not familiar with the follow unfollow Instagram method, as simple as the name suggests, it’s following and unfollowing Instagram accounts regularly to gain IG followers on your account. 

In other words, the follow unfollow Instagram method is when people follow lots of accounts only looking for a follow in return and after that unfollowing the users who do not follow back and even the people who do follow you back.

If they don’t receive a follow back in a certain amount of time, they’ll unfollow you. Even if you do follow them back, the majority of the time, they’ll still unfollow you. People use follow unfollow method Instagram to grow accounts rapidly. 

There are a lot of negative sides to the follow and unfollow method on Instagram to gain followers, but also positive sides. Even so navigating sides is important, we can not ignore the upsides.

But the question is, how does following and unfollowing work on Instagram? 

Does Instagram Follow Unfollow work?

After mentioning what is follow unfollow Instagram, we now specifically want to discuss how does the follow unfollow method work?

Fortunately, this useful method works very well and people can gain a lot of followers in a very short time. 

However, there are other possible ways to get more followers on Instagram quickly. 

The goal is to follow lots of people in your niche daily and wait for them to follow you back. Also, be hopeful they keep following you and will enjoy your content. 

But after a few days, you unfollow them regardless of whether they follow you back or not. Doing this regularly helps you clean your Instagram feed and account clean. Finally, you’re able to manage your account well.

First and foremost, you can prepare your account by creating compelling content.

It would help you attract more followers at first sight when they check out your profile.

As you see how effective follow unfollow Instagram method is, it has its downsides.

Is Follow Unfollow A Good Strategy?

The most prevalent “hack” for Instagram growth is the Instagram follow unfollow strategy. Needless to remind you, if you want to run a business and expand it, you should put follow unfollow strategy Instagram ahead.

Instagram follow unfollow has been used for years to swiftly boost accounts. And the truth is that Instagram follow unfollow method is effective. This method has helped some accounts get hundreds of followers per week and a lot of social proof quickly. 

But follow unfollow strategy like every other strategy has upsides and downsides. In order to follow or unfollow Instagram, you should know what mistakes will completely ruin your strategy. 

Follow unfollow hypothesis

Here are the Common Mistakes You Must Avoid While Following And Unfollowing On Instagram:

Mistake 1: Following Random People

You don’t want to follow anyone, but only targeted people are the ones you want to follow. So instead of following random Instagram users, follow the ones who are in the same niche as you. Normally, people who follow accounts that are similar to yours. For example, if you’re a travel account, you should also be following accounts that follow other travel accounts.

Mistake 2: Following Inactive Accounts

To ensure you don’t do this, always follow Instagram accounts that have engaged with the last image on the account in your niche. Go to your profile in your niche and look at the people who liked the last image posted; those are people you want to follow because they’re active users. This could be the most common mistake in follow unfollow Instagram.

Mistake 3:  Overusing The Feature

You need to know the Instagram following limit. You can follow a maximum of 200 people an hour and a thousand people a day. Also, you can unfollow a maximum of 200 accounts in a day.

This is too much and will lead to your account being banned or disabled! So, instead, follow a maximum of 50 people an hour and around 300 new people each day as a maximum. Literally, you can follow a little bit more than specified numbers but make sure not to exceed taking any actions. You should know if your account is new, don’t follow & unfollow more than 150 accounts daily.

Mistake 4: Unfollowing People Too Fast

You should know the Instagram limitation for unfollowing per day. For the Instagram unfollow limit per day, wait at least a week before you unfollow the people you follow. So, don’t do it on the same day. It will look odd to Instagram as they are aware of every action you make. However, you can perform a mass unfollow on Instagram if necessary.

Those are the four mistakes that you don’t want to make. If you wonder how to follow unfollow on Instagram without making mistakes, you should consider the following tips and grow your followers’ number with the follow unfollow Instagram method:

  • Follow people who are in your niche instead
  • Make sure they’re your active users
  • Don’t follow more than 300 people a day
  • Don’t unfollow people too fast

A Safe Follow Unfollow Strategy

You may wonder how do you do follow unfollow trick on Instagram?  Here we want to show you follow unfollow Instagram strategy step by step.

In the following section, we give you a safe strategy to use follow unfollow to your benefit without risking your accounts’ safety. The first one is follow for follow method, which is more common.


  1. Go to Instagram and search for a page that is in your niche.
  2. Go to the most recent post because you want to make sure you follow the most active accounts.
  3. Follow 25 to 100 people who have liked that post.
    If you have over 500 followers, you can go and follow 50 to

Remember if you have a new page, then you should follow 25 people or fewer but not more, and you can do it twice per day. Be careful with follow/unfollow Instagram limits. Reaching Instagram limits puts you at risk of having your Instagram account banned.


Of course, you can unfollow people who didn’t follow you back or don’t have enough engagement. You can unfollow everyone on Instagram either manually (by yourself) or automatically (using an Instagram third-party app). But for automatically, you should know the best Instagram unfollowers app.

Use the safe mass unfollow tool of AiGrow now.

Unfollow Everyone On Instagram Manually

To answer the question “how to follow and unfollow on Instagram without getting blocked.” we should tell by following all those tips carefully, you don’t need to worry about getting your account banned. However, make sure that your account is not new cause Instagram will analyze all your actions regarding whether it’s a bot or not.

Why unfollow everyone on Instagram

In order to unfollow someone on Instagram on your own, you need to simply search for the username of the person that you want to unfollow. Then navigate to their profile and tap on Following. Finally, tap on Unfollow once the navigation drawer is opened.

  • You need to know your Follow/Unfollow limits.
  • Warm-up your account. What we mean is that don’t just unfollow 200 people on the first day. Instead, start with 50 people a day and add another 50 every week.
  • Start with the “Least interacted with” list. This list is literally made for unfollowing people.

What is the best follow unfollow app for Instagram?

As we mentioned how to follow unfollow Instagram manually, let’s check some apps which facilitated this action for us. Among all these apps for Instagram tool follow unfollow; only one of them is the all-in-one app that offers the best services worth trying. Here we listed some safe follow-to-unfollow apps.

AiGrow homepage

Automate The Follow Unfollow Instagram Cycle With AiGrow

The first and the most reliable follow unfollow Instagram app that we want to introduce is AiGrow.

We recommend you outsource the work, which means not doing follow unfollow yourself. Instead, use the safest and best Instagram follow unfollow app, AiGrow, to figure out how to follow unfollow on Instagram with ease.

There are two reasons why you’d better use a follow unfollow Instagram app:

Firstly, If you’re a busy person it can be hard to be consistent with the follow/unfollow Instagram method. Therefore, having it automated will save you a lot of time as following hundreds of people a day is time-consuming.

Secondly, if you have the work outsourced to a program professional software you can be sure that everything is done correctly and as smoothly as possible.

How Does AiGrow Work To Help You With The Follow Unfollow Instagram Cycle?

We are going to provide you with a full guide on how to unfollow everyone on Instagram with the best follow and unfollow Instagram app to unfollow everyone on Instagram without being blocked. Literally, you can improve your follow/unfollow method on Instagram with AiGrow quickly.

Let’s dive in!

Note: You can add as many accounts as you’d like to the dashboard by clicking Add Instagram Account.

  • From the dashboard, select “Instagram Growth.” After that, choose the desired account. Then, choose “Growth Engine.”
AiGrow dashboard
  • From the opened window, you can toggle on Unfollows.
  • Now select your unfollow cycle. We recommend you choose 1500 for a safe experience.
AiGrow follow/unfollow service
  • Click “Start Growth” once you’re done.

Note: What makes AiGrow distinctive from other Instagram third-party apps is that this app doesn’t use any bots. All the activities (liking, following, unfollowing) are done by the professional dedicated Instagram account managers working on your account to keep it safe. As you see, you don’t even need to waste your time on follow unfollow Instagram actions.

You have the chance to schedule a meeting with your dedicated account manager to review and talk about all the actions that you’d like our experts to perform on your behalf.

Use the AiGrow VIP Growth service now.

Instagram management service
AiGrow’s Unfollow Pricing Plans

AiGrow offers you 2 pricing packages for its Instagram mass unfollow tool. Here is how you can access the pricing plans.

  • Click the Upgrade button on the top of the dashboard.
AiGrow dashboard
  • From the drop-down menu, choose “Unfollow Plans”.
Bulk Instagram unfollow
  • Now you can view and buy one of the two mass unfollow packages.
AiGrow Mass Unfollow price

 Give AiGrow mass unfollow tool a try now.

Guaranteed Followers

Follow to unfollow Instagram could be much easier only if you use AiGrow professional services.

As Instagram has terminated any automated growth activities, using Instagram bots can lead to users being shadowbanned (even getting removed forever!).  To solve this issue AiGrow has come up with a great option for its users to grow their IG accounts in terms of Engagement and Followers 100% guaranteed. 

AiGrow’s experts will take care of your activities on your behalf regularly. They log into your Instagram account and perform activities based on the Instagram algorithm.

Try AiGrow VIP Growth service now.

Note: With AiGrow, you have a lot more options in addition to its mass unfollow feature. You can schedule your Instagram posts, Stories, and IGTV, and grow your engagement (likes+comments) with this amazing tool created for Instagram. By using AiGrow, you’re saving yourself many hours each week, plus you can be sure that the job is done right.

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2- SimplyMeasured

SimplyMeasured app

Another great follow unfollow app is SimplyMeasured. You can use this free service for your Instagram accounts with up to 25,000 followers. This app also provides Instagram analytics reports, including average likes, comments, and so more.

3- InstaFollow

Instafollow app

You may have heard InstaFollow, which is an Instagram analysis app. By using this easy-to-use tool, you can get pieces of information about your followers, unfollowers, and so many things. This free app is only available for iPhone and Android devices.

4- Union Metrics

Union Metrics app

Union Metrics would allow its users to get metrics and statistics about their Instagram accounts. This app supports Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. According to its features, Social media analytics, measurement, monitoring, analytics, public relations, and so on.

5- Crowdfire

Crowdfire homepage

The last app we want to introduce is Crowdfire which is a social media management tool for all types of Instagram accounts. This free analytical tool allows users to determine their followers’ activities, customize posts, pre-schedule their content, and use follow unfollow trick Instagram. Corwdfire supports iPhone, Android, and PC devices.

How do I track follow unfollow Instagram?

After using follow for follow strategy which helps you gain more follower you now need to check Instagram followers who don’t follow back. But The question is should you unfollow someone who unfollowed you? 

It depends on your account condition absolutely. You need to analyze every piece of your action and see how your engagement is going. You can calculate your Instagram engagement to see what’s going on with your account. Although you can track Instagram growth and following/unfollow through some third-party apps, tracking it manually might be easier and more accessible. There are two ways to track follow unfollow Instagram manually:

Check through the Instagram follower list

  1. Open your Instagram and tap your profile in the bottom right.
  2. At the top, tap “Followers” to see all your followers.
  3. Then enter any usernames in the search field that you suspect might have unfollowed you.
  4. You won’t see their usernames if they’ve unfollowed you, but if they’re still following you, their usernames will show up.

Check through another user’s Direct Message

  1. Open your Instagram and go to your Direct message in the top right.
  2. Type any usernames you want to check if they’re following you or not in the search field.
  3. Afterward, tap their profile.
  4. If they’re following you, Instagram will show you the message “You follow each other on Instagram,” but if they’ve unfollowed you, you’ll see the message “You’ve followed this Instagram account since…” 

Note: If neither of you is following the other on Instagram, you’ll receive a message “You don’t follow each other on Instagram.”

You can also see your common following.

Does unfollowing on Instagram affect algorithm?

Another subject is the impact of unfollow Instagram.

Before getting into this, let’s check the Instagram algorithm completely.

The Instagram algorithm has been changed many times to improve it finally. It ranks your content which helps you get more engagement over time. 

In other words, the usage of the algorithm is for when more people see the right content, and it makes people stay on their app a little bit longer. But there are some downsides that if you overlook them, can totally ruin your account. For instance, the impact of follow unfollow Instagram on your growth. You probably want to know how does it affect the Instagram algorithm?

When you do unfollow or follow on Instagram, but if people don’t engage with your content, this will affect your Instagram algorithm ranking.

Let’s check some reasons why this method is not useful all the time.

  • You can lose trust.
  • Showing disrespect for other people.
  • You may lose a majority of your followers, it affects the Instagram algorithm.
  • If people don’t engage with your content, your Instagram algorithm ranking will be damaged.
  • This method is obsolete for the newest algorithm.
  • It will turn your interactions meaningless.

Can you get banned for following and unfollowing on Instagram?

Yes indeed. When you follow/unfollow too many accounts, Instagram will recognize these actions as spam and bot. That’s the reason why Instagram restricted these activities to avoid chaos. 

As you may concern, bots and spammers can ruin the entire Instagram algorithm and user experience. So when you keep doing follow/unfollow game frequently, your account may get banned temporarily.

But no need to worry if it’s the first time you got banned. 

Keep in mind if you don’t pay attention to Instagram alerts and take action against the Instagram community, you should better say goodbye to your account.


We explained what follow unfollow Instagram is and explored a few useful solutions for it. You can simply use follow unfollow strategies to grow your account rapidly but remember not to rush. 

However, you need to be aware of unsafe Follow/unfollow apps which can damage your account heavily. So here we recommended our perfect and trustworthy services, AiGrow that save you trouble. By taking AiGrow’s experts to help you don’t need to waste your time growing your account difficulty. Let’s give it a try!


What happens if I follow and unfollow someone on Instagram?

By following someone on Instagram, their content will appear in your Instagram feed. But when you unfollow them, you’ll no longer be able to see their content in your feed. Even so, doing follow unfollow Instagram repeatedly can affect Instagram’s algorithm.

If you follow and then unfollow on Instagram do they get a notification?

People will notice when you follow them on Instagram, but if you unfollow them, they won’t get a notification.

How to follow and unfollow on Instagram?

To follow unfollow Instagram you need to go to the profile of the person you want to follow/unfollow. Tap “Follow” to follow them, and to unfollow them tap “Following” again.

How to mass follow on Instagram without getting suspended?

The only way to do this is to use a tool like AiGrow’s Instagram mass following. 

Should I follow back on Instagram?

When you use follow unfollow Instagram strategy, you need to consider some tips. You can follow people back, but if it helps, you get more engagement. Anyway, there’s no expectation of following back.

What is follow and unfollow on Instagram?

It means you target some accounts and follow them, then after a while, you unfollow them to clean your feed and get more followers quickly. This method would only help you grow your account rapidly.

If I follow someone on Instagram then block them, will they know?

If they search your username in the search field and don’t see your account, they’ll find out that you’ve blocked them on Instagram. But blocking someone on Instagram won’t send them a notification.

What to do if someone unfollowed you on Instagram?

By using follow unfollow method, this may happen, but don’t worry. If someone unfollows you on Instagram, you can also unfollow them if you don’t need to see their content.

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