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How to remove ghost followers from your Instagram?

Note: If you just want to find out about the best way to find and remove ghost followers from your Instagram, It is using an Instagram agency. The agency we recommend is AiGrow because of its dedicated account managers and also their great support team.

There is a big question mark about what are ghost followers, how to remove them, and how to identify them.

That’s Why Today we are going to tell you everything about Instagram ghost followers.

Things on Instagram have changed a little bit so let’s get into all of the steps necessary so you can understand why you should remove ghost followers in the first place and how you could do that to ultimately improve your engagement and your organic growth rate on Instagram.

so first of all, and before getting to the big question which is: “what are ghost followers?” you have to understand that each account on Instagram has a specific trust score.

let’s talk about the trust score first.

Ghost Followers, And Your Trust Score

You have to understand that every Instagram account has a specific trust score attached to it.

Many things are going into this whole equation:

First of all, the higher the trust score you have the more valuable you are for Instagram as an advertiser platform.

So, they’ll give you more reach they’ll give you better functions, for example, different updates that come and go.

You’re going to be one of those people that get the updates beforehand (even sometimes as a beta test).

There are multiple reasons why your trust score could be bad but this is not the point of this video.

I suggest you take a look at this article if you are interested to know more about the Instagram Trust Score.

we talk about Trust Score because the more of those low-quality trust score followers you have the more you stop your account from growing better.
and there is one more thing you should know about which is the Instagram algorithm.

Trust Score and the Instagram algorithm

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that whenever you upload a post on Instagram, in the first few minutes or hours it only shows your post to a very small percentage of your whole audience.

In other words, our post is only shown to a very, very small percentage of it.

And depending on how those people interact with your post, Instagram decides whether to show it to more people or not.

Why you should remove the ghost followers on Instagram

Remembering what we said earlier about Instagram Algorithm, you can already think about what type of accounts are considered ghost followers and why those ghost followers might be bad for your account.

if among those initial people that your post is going to be shown to, there’s a lot of ghost followers it means that your post can never get to the next phase even if it’s good content.

Your reach is just going to be less than 50% of what it could be because the data you feed to the algorithm is bad.

The algorithm thinks this is not a good post or this is not a high-quality Content so you get your reach number pushed down.

And the worse part for you is that you can’t grow organically because the metrics just don’t add up.

Spotting ghost followers

You already know about the most obvious one, you may have bought some fake followers and sometimes people don’t even know they have fake followers.

In our agency, we work with a lot of people and we are also removing those ghost followers for them.

Sometimes they have been part of a wrong agency that has used fake followers and bots to grow their account or have used some bad behaviors to manage their account.

first of all, if you have let’s say a low reach compared to your followers and you kind of feel like you should have a lot higher reach than you have, chances are that you might have ghost followers.

Now, you may be aware of their presence but how can you spot them?

Usually, there are a few metrics that you can use to spot most of them easily.

Accounts  with a high following number

This means people who follow just massive amounts of people like four, five, or six thousand people. that they follow.

Mostly the people who follow 4k, 5k, 6k plus are just mass following accounts used by apps or are fake followers and stuff like this.

We are not saying that all of the accounts that have 4k 5k 6k followings or necessarily ghost followers. Some real people follow so many people that take us to our second reason that you shouldn’t keep them:

how could the Instagram algorithm make sure that out of all the 6 000 people that they follow our post is being seen?

People who don’t have a profile pic

these are just the obvious ones.

People who have no posts at all, have just a few posts, or who have a lot of posts and kind of look spammy.

you know we are talking about accounts that post every five minutes or every hour or stuff like this with very low-quality pictures as well.

People who don’t have a bio or have spammy ones

For example, people who have weird links there in the bio.

remember, if an account has one of these, it does not necessarily mean that they are a ghost follower.

If you take a look at the big picture and put all of these things together you can see the accounts that have most of those in common or even a few of those in common are probably ghosts and will bring down your reach.

so how do you get rid of those ghost followers?

How to get rid of ghost followers?

There are a few methods to get rid of the ghost followers. In the following part, we go through two of the best methods to remove ghost followers on Instagram:

Get your hands dirty

let’s say you don’t have a large number of audience, for example, 1k followers, and you also have enough free time.

In this case you can go through your followers, check them one by one, and find the ghost followers.
After that, remove the ones who have some of the things we mentioned above in common.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that.

Important rules to remove ghost followers on Instagram

First of all, You don’t want to go ahead and block them all as most people tell you to do.

You should head to your follower’s list and tap on where it says remove.

This is very important because when you block a lot of people, You trigger the spam detection algorithms.

Because a person who blocks everybody is kind of a weird person and the algorithm understands that.

Also, when you remove those people you mustn’t just go ahead and remove 500 people at once.

this is bad again because of the spam detection algorithm.

So slow and steady wins the game, be slow be thoughtful.

this could lead you and your account to being compromised and being banned from

Instagram itself.

But what should you do if you don’t have the time for it?

Or you just don’t want to go through all these risks?

Use an Instagram Agency to remove your ghost followers on Instagram

You know the easiest way to achieve Your goal is to get an Instagram pro do that for you.

Let’s start with an example:

let’s just say after you do the analyzation process, you figure out that you have 115k ghosts. It is kind of a lot but it’s not unheard of.

In our agency, we’ve had clients that have had four, five, or even six million followers and I think we even removed 1 million ghost followers for a client.

Having a large number of ghost followers or being too busy is why you’re probably going to need an agency to do that for you.

These agencies have some kind of bots to take care of them, this is exactly where most people make mistakes.

Because if you have no idea how to choose a good agency and choose a company that uses bots without good knowledge about them, you probably will do more harm than good.


Our agency has developed an AI (which is 10x stronger than any BOT) that makes it faster, and much safe, It can easily remove all your Ghost followers on Instagram.

Another great thing about AiGrow is that it goes undetected by Instagram and doesn’t raise any algorithm flags.

We’ve had lots of clients and none of our clients have had any issues with that. (check Trustpilot for our customer reviews).

this process can take a while, maybe even a few months if you have a lot of ghost followers.

but it will be so worth it to slowly remove them because:

The engagement rate is going to be better and the algorithm is going to be a lot happier with you.

This leads to more reach and a better trust score.

What happens after you remove ghost followers on Instagram?

it’s not like a one-size-fits-all solution in terms of the Instagram algorithm.

Sometimes the Instagram algorithm takes a long time to adjust to the new information.

It also has a lot to do with your current trust score and the trust score you had before.

On the other hand, sometimes it actually could almost be instant, for example, some of our clients report a massive leap on engagement right after they remove their ghost followers on Instagram.

unfortunately, the Instagram algorithm works the other too, if you use a bot in a very bad way it could take months until you start to get hit.

So it’s essential to do it manually, or use an Instagram agency who knows the best tools to do it.


Having too many ghost followers has serious negative impacts on your reach and growth.

This is the main reason that you need to remove your ghost followers on Instagram.

There are plenty of different ways to identify most of your ghost followers:

  • People with a high following number
  • People who don’t have a profile pic
  • Accounts with no bio or spammy bios
  • Accounts with weird links in their bio

Of course, having one of these signs doesn’t necessarily mean the profile is a ghost. You need to look for more than one of these signs in every account that follows you.

Keep in mind that to keep your trust score high, you shouldn’t block them and use the remove option instead.

finally, if you don’t have a large number of followers and you also have time try to remove them yourself.

But if you have lots of followers or not enough time, you can use a reliable Instagram agency.

We recommend using AiGrow because we believe it is the only Instagram growth agency you need in 2020.

This post was last modified on February 22, 2021 1:19 pm