How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes [2022 Hacks]

Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes

Many Instagram users, especially the new ones, are looking for an answer on how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. But is this possible? 

This article shows you how to increase your followers with targeted and potential users organically. We will also introduce you to a professional Instagram management and growth tool that can help you save tons of time growing your page, AiGrow. At last, we’ll show a method to know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes without spending a penny. 

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How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes?

How to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes is a question that almost every new Instagram user is looking for its answer. In general, there are four main ways to get 1k followers on Instagram quickly. Read on to learn about each and decide which is best for you:

1. Use A Reliable Growth Service To Get 1k Followers On Instagram In 5 Minutes

The first solution on how to get Instagram followers in 5 minutes is by using an Instagram growth tool. You can find thousands of Instagram growth services that claim to bring you organic and real followers fast and easily with a simple search. But are they reliable? Do they work or scam your account? How to find a trusted one? We want to introduce you to an authorized service that can get you, followers, without getting banned, shadowbanned, or action blocked.

AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with all the essential features a pro-Instagrammer needs, including a strong growth AI engine. This service allows you to target your intended audience to have a high engagement rate and increase your followers. Let’s see how to use this tool:

  • First, signup on to the AiGrow website for free using your email address and log into your account.
  • Click “Add Instagram Account” to connect your page to AiGrow.
  • Select “Manage.”
  • In the “Growth” tab, you need to target your audience by “Hashtags,” “Locations,” and “Competiotors’ accounts.
target Instagram users with AiGrow
  • Scroll down to the “Activities” box and turn on “Follow” and “Unfollow.”
  • Click”Start Growth.”
get more Instagram followers
  • After a few seconds, the AI engine provides you with a list of targeted followers interested in your content. 
  • Next, you need to schedule and set a meeting time with your dedicated account manager to explain more about your business and the type of audience you are looking for. Then, they will monitor the list to find the best users.
  • After a few minutes, you will receive your followers.

The option that makes AiGrow unique and different from other grow apps is its powerful AI engine to help you receive high potential users. The followers you get are 100% organic, and there are no fake or bot accounts. Also, all of them are interested in your product, service, and content, so you’ll receive a high engagement on your posts and stories, and many of them will become your customers. 

2. Buy 1k Instagram Followers In Less Than 1 Minute

The next solution on how to get more followers on Instagram is buying followers. 

Although it’s the fastest way to get 1k followers on Instagram, and there are plenty of services out there, buying followers is not recommended. The followings are the reasons why you shouldn’t buy targeted Instagram followers:

  • Your account might be banned temporarily or closed by Instagram forever.
  • Purchased followers are just fake numbers and won’t add any value to your page.
  • Don’t expect more engagement because none of those 1000 followers will like even one of your posts.

At the end of the day, buying 1k Instagram followers only gets you a number. If you’re looking for quality, engagement, and real followers that stick around, definitely don’t use this strategy.

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3. Use Coin Apps To Get 1k Followers On Instagram – Fast But Risky

Coin apps are also known as follower trader apps or Instagram bots. They use the “follow for follow” method to get followers. This strategy wasn’t bad in Instagram’s old days, but it’s not recommended anymore!

Based on the latest Instagram algorithm and Instagram Help Center, if you use any automated third-party apps your account will be at risk of being banned. But if you still want to know how to get your 1000 followers on Instagram with coin apps, this is the general process:

  • Sign up free (in most cases)
  • Add your Instagram account to the app
  • Buy coins or follow unknown Instagram accounts or like unknown posts that your third-party app suggests and earn coins.
  • Spend your coins to get followers

Is It Recommended To Use Coin Apps To Get More Followers?

Absolutely not.

But what’s the problem with this strategy?

  • Fake Instagram followers (just numbers again)
  • There is no guarantee that your followers will stay with you (even for one week!)
  • You’ll get followers that don’t belong to your niche
  • Your followers won’t engage with your content
  • Risk of a temporary or permanent ban
  • They sell coins for money and then you spend coins to get followers. Wait a minute! Is there any difference between this method and buying Instagram followers?

So, what’s the point of using this method to get 1k Instagram followers?

If you are lucky and the bot likes your account, you might get a few Instagram likes from unknown IGs (new victims). But is it really worth putting your account at risk?

It’s your choice, but in our opinion, you’d be better off forgetting about purchasing coins to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes and using that money to buy Bitcoin instead.

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4- Instagram Pods

The Instagram engagement pods are approved groups or private discussions where you can trade likes, comments, and follows with other users. Also, for every like or comment on your Instagram post, the users of the pods will do the same for you.

It is true that Instagram pods may help you get more visibility, but they also have certain drawbacks:

  • In the first place, the account may be exposed to Instagram’s ban or suspension procedures.
  • Instagram engagement pods of excellent quality are really hard to come by
  • Because Instagram dislikes them, they are constantly being hunted down and blocked.
  • In most cases, they’ll provide you with fake followers
  • It isn’t always possible to get reciprocity back in return.
  • Your followers might not engage with the content you offer.
  • Participation consumes an excessive amount of time.
  • If you don’t like some posts, you have to like them.

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How To Get 1k Followers On Instagram Without Spending A Penny

As we all know, the only way that you can get 1k Instagram followers without spending a single penny is by relying on yourself. Generally, there are two main factors that will guarantee 1k or more Instagram, followers:

  • Creativity
  • Hard work

But is this a free strategy to get 1k followers on Instagram? Well, kind of! What you spend here is not money, but time. And we all know that time is money!

Even though manually growing your Instagram page can get more time from you, the followers and audience you receive are 100% organic, and you get a high engagement rate. However, to save time and be organized, you can try using Instagram management tools or rely on a dedicated account manager if you don’t have time for Instagram. 

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Best Instagram Tools to get Instagram followers free

In the last parts, we introduced you to AiGrow and showed you how you could get followers using its powerful AI engine. But this platform provides other tools and services you can try for organic growth. Here are some of AiGrow’s features:

  • Post, Story, and IGTV scheduler
  • Instagram hashtag generator tool
  • Reposting feature 
  • Content creation tool 
  • Automated DMs 
  • Multiple links in the bio tool
  • Instagram contest and giveaway tool
  • Mass delete Instagram posts
  • Directly converting videos from YouTube to Instagram  

AiGrow Pricing

AiGrow growth plans

AiGrow provides three different growth packages priced from 99 to 169$ per month. All of these packages have 24*7 support and can bring you more than 2k organic followers every month. Also, by purchasing your plan, you’ll be connected to your dedicated account manager to enhance your growth strategy. 

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To sum it up, there are four main ways to get 1k followers on Instagram. If you’re creative and have time to spend on your IG, do it yourself and use Instagram tools to get followers by posting better content. But if your budget has room for a dedicated Instagram account manager, AiGrow should be your first choice.

Spending money on coins or buying Instagram followers is risky and gives you nothing but fake, temporary numbers. Don’t fall victim to scammers; be smart! Get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes in the right way, with a reliable growth service or by doing it yourself.

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