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How To Get 1k Followers on Instagram in 2020 in 5 minutes!

Your new Instagram account might have trouble gaining more followers and subsequently more sales. But, after a short period, you might face void wander on Instagram with no news on engagement. Then, you might think, “What did you do wrong?”, “Where is this good Instagram potential every one talks about?”. As a result, you would doubt Instagram marketing and might leave it too. You are completely wrong because you’ve opened the right door but you didn’t follow the right path. If you want to know miraculous tips on how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 2020, follow this article.

If you think this content is not useful for you, AiGrow is all that you need.

The 1st Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Share Content Consistently


Content is everything, but if you don’t keep posting regularly, your posts won’t appear delightfully on top. Besides, your customers want your daily news, and you can’t ignore them.  However, it gets annoying if you push so many feeds and stories to the public. There isn’t any formula for this, because people have different jobs, products, and services. But, you can’t argue with consistency. So, a day to day feed plus some stories will definitely work for you. Therefore, it’s a required task to make 1k followers on Instagram in 2020.  If you follow @eurosport, for example, you’ll notice a routine daily feed.


Instagram is about visuality and Top high-quality eye-catching images always work for you. So, don’t underestimate the power of perfect images. However, visuality is not about one picture. If you want to make the most of Instagram, designing your grid layout is getting necessary too. Take @starbucks for example, if you see their content in a grid view, you’ll see a background theme color. And, even if they want to change the theme, they use the mixing-color method.

Time-Saving Plan

Actually, you may think that following these procedures is time-consuming, and you are completely right. So, it’s the best chance for you to know one of the best Instagram tools helping you over this. AiGrow is more than something that we focus on in this article. So, you can search for the name, and find its features on the website, or you can click this for a full review. So, what is it and how can it help you with this problem?

AiGrow can help you with managing your content in advance. In other words, you can schedule your content to share it at the exact time that you want in the future. And, the really good news that it’s free and you can sign up for it now. Besides, you don’t have to install anything because it’s a web-based app. Thus, with AiGrow, you will know how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 2020. To see how you can schedule your content, check this video.

The 2nd Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Use Appropriate Hashtags (Both In Quantity & Quality)

Quantity + Quality

If you want to get 1k followers on Instagram fast, you can’t help using hashtags. And, people often use hashtags a lot. It won’t suit your look and attractiveness. On the other hand, note what your hashtags are. So, don’t irrelevantly use them. Because it can be confusing and get your account to nowhere. People search for hashtags because they want to see relevant posts.

Another thing which is very important for hashtagging is to use too generic notion. So, If you work for a restaurant, don’t use #food, #burger, or etc. Because the competition over such hashtags is like an alone soldier fighting in a world war.

So, to get 1k followers on Instagram in 2020, you can use the following tips:

  • Put your hashtags in the first comment
  • Use 5-8 hashtags for each post
  • Use relevant hashtags regarding the main theme of your account and the post particularly
  • Create Creative hashtags; for instance, if your business is a cafe and the name of the cafe is The Hood, you can use #hoodisyours.

AiGrow’s Help to Get 1k Followers On Instagram Over Hashtagging

If you sign up for AiGrow, through its easy-to-use dashboard you can see the hashtag monitoring section. Based on your business category, you can choose your hashtags and see how they work. Besides, you can schedule your hashtags to be put in the first comment.

If you think this content is not useful for you, AiGrow is all that you need.

The 3rd Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Make the Most of Instagram Videos

Although Instagram firstly focuses on photography, it does it now on videography too. There are 4 different types of videos you can use on Instagram.

  • One-minutes partitioned video
  • IGTV (=Instagram Television)
  • Story videos
  • Long saved story lives

The best advice is to use all these kinds of music to engage more people with your account. No accounts have ever reached 1k followers on Instagram in 2020 without using all of them.

The 4th Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Associate with Micro-influencers

Who are influencers? And, what’s the fuss about them? Influencers are famous people whose opinions and their appetite for products and services affect a large number of people. The purpose here is to partner with them to build your next level of followers. So, this is another way to get 1k followers on Instagram in 2020. However, reaching to celebrities is probably challenging for you. That’s why we categorize celebrities and we call more reachable ones micro-influencers.

You can recognize micro-influencers by two properties. The first one is that they are not celebrities. And, the second one is that they don’t have millions of followers. But, they are well known probably in a very specific field. For example, a taster or a critic of snooker in Sheffield can act as micro-influencers. Apart from reachability, these influencers may associate with you without earning any revenue. Besides, they have a massive impact on people in their specific field.

Growth Planning Based on Influencers

AiGrow has the ability to grow your followers organically. In other words, AiGrow assigns dedicated account managers for your account. They are experts in engagement, and they make your account growth goes like clockwork. Besides, they design your content too. And, another ability they have is to make your reach based on any influencer you want. So, they can work with them and takes your sales to the moon. If you want to start, click this.

The 5th Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Create Creative UGC

UGC stands for user-generated content and it simply means do something to make your followers create content for you. It gets widespread and you will face more followers than you could imagine. To show you how to get followers on Instagram in 2020, let’s get over an example.

@adobe starts a campaign to see people’s creativity in story creation. Then, it wants them to use #CreateYourStory for their content. What will happen? The next thing is that people start and create content for adobe. And, this mass of activities raises its engagements and even followers. As simple as that.

The 6th Thing You Need to Know How to Get 1k Followers on Instagram In 2020: Run Giveaway Campaigns

You can run special contests to like, comment, etc, and award the winners a discount or free product or service. This is a so-called activity on Instagram as you may know by, “Giveaway”. well, it raises your followers’ awareness and engagement. Furthermore, just imagine people think they can win and let their friends know about it. It means more followers, you know that.

The good news is that AiGrow has some special about giveaways. After signing up for free, you can find, “Post & Reward” in the scheduling section. Then, you can schedule the contests for giveaways with many features about this type of campaign.

What's the Deal?

There are more tips and tricks about Instagram marketing if you check AiGrow’s website and scroll down the blog. But, these are the golden ones and you can’t find better substitutes. Why? Because they are real and proven tricks to get even more than 1k followers on Instagram in 2020. So, don’t hesitate to walk through the door of Instagram. Especially, when you can use the accompany of such a wonderful tool and its experts as AiGrow. In the first paragraph, we told you not to go the wrong path and Instagram is the right door. And now, we tell you that AiGrow is the right path. Because it’s free and proven.

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