How to run a successful Instagram boutique account?

How to run a successful Instagram boutique account
One of the very first things people may think of when asking them where their most significant opportunity to build brand awareness is, where they can gain new customers, etc. Most of them respond on social media, including Instagram. So if you have decided to run a business such as a boutique, it is a good idea to take advantage of Instagram boutiques accounts.

Although there are other social media platforms that you can turn to, including YouTube, Facebook, etc., to promote your products, when we break down the most used social media sites on a daily basis, we come up with Instagram.

There are several reasons why most of the brand’s audiences have moved over to Instagram for their daily dose of social media. Stay tuned to figure out which features Instagram provides users with to make them prefer to use this platform more and more to boost their brand awareness, run their businesses, and generally speaking for marketing.

What is Instagram marketing?

Instagram boutiques-Instagram marketing

As we mentioned earlier, Instagram offers you a wide range of features to reap its benefits. When marketers use these Instagram features, tactics, and strategies to promote their business on the platform, they use Instagram marketing.

Simply put, Instagram marketing is a way of social media marketing in which business holders, shop owners, and all marketers have the opportunity to promote their products, brands, etc., on the platform. 

Suppose you have Instagram boutiques accounts and you are looking for a way to use Instagram marketing strategies to promote them. In that case, it should be noted that there are two main categories to use Instagram for marketing:

1- Paid tactics like advertising and implementing influencer marketing to help you reach a wider audience.

2- Unpaid tactics and doing everything yourself, like creating high-quality content (story, post, IGTV), liking and commenting on other users’ content to generate more leads and engagement.

Smart ways to run successful Instagram boutiques accounts

Bear in mind that running a successful Instagram account, for example, Instagram boutiques accounts, is not as easy as you may assume. Apart from spending a huge amount of time and energy, you need to be fully aware of many dos, don’ts, techniques, strategies, algorithms, etc.

Stepping through all these processes manually, from starting an Instagram account to turning it into a successful Instagram boutique account, would definitely be hard, tedious, and time-consuming.

But wait! It doesn’t end here. You can ask a trustworthy third-party app to give you a hand in the process of running your Instagram boutique accounts and take you through all ins and outs of Instagram marketing. One of the top-Quality apps you have the chance to make use of to do so, is AiGrow (Instagram management and growth app).

AiGrow's Homepage

Take me to AiGrow!

Let’s see how you can use AiGrow, and Instagram features hand in hand to your advantage to run your Instagram boutiques accounts with ease.

  • 1# Optimize your profile

One of the very first things people see is your profile; thus, the first impression is the last impression. So it is of prime importance to know how to use the 150 characters you’re allowed to use in your Instagram profile wisely to make a great first impression.

A business profile includes your name, your username, your website clickable URL (we will discuss it in detail below), category (tells people what you are all about), call to action button, and contact information (tells people where to find you).

Note: Don’t forget to choose the right profile photo.

Instagram boutiques bio example-

# link in bio

As the name (link in bio) itself says, it refers to a clickable URL that you can add to your profile. It should be noted that Instagram only allows you to add a single clickable link in the bio section of your profile.

This option (adding a bio link) takes followers to your website, product page, or some other important pages you’d like to.

Note: Due to the fact that you are only allowed to use 150 characters in your bio, you may not be able to give detailed information about your Instagram boutiques accounts in your bio. Instead, you can use your bio link to give your customers all the information they need. For example, your other social media accounts, your website, etc.

Generally speaking, the bio link will lead to a custom landing page with all the relevant links and information you want to share.

# AiGrow’s bio link feature

This AiGrow’s feature gives you the possibility to design a landing page in which you can add as many links as you want. Using an all-in-one bio link from AiGrow, you can turn your all-in-one bio link into a page that links to all of the things that matter most, such as linking your feed and story posts and linking all your social media accounts, capturing email addresses, and distributing coupons, etc. 

First of all, sign up on AiGrow’s website for free. Then, use the video tips below to see how this feature works and get ready to add a clickable bio link in your Instagram bio.

  • 2# Post high-quality and engaging content

Creating and posting visually compelling content for your Instagram boutique accounts is pretty important. Your posts have got to look great to grab attention. By looking great, we don’t mean that you need to be a professional photographer with top equipment, but your content (photo/video) needs to be well-composed, bright enough, high resolution, fitting your theme, etc.

Plus, your content needs to be exciting and engaging. Do you wonder what to post? Here are a few ideas and tips:

Note: Make sure to make the most of Instagram stories and lives for being provided with more opportunities to connect with followers and build relationships.

1- Showcase your product in a real-life setting:

The models and environment you use to showcase your product really matters. For example, if you’re unveiling your new fitness clothing collection, your photos should include a fit model wearing your product, working out in the gym.

2- Behind the scenes posts:

Instagram boutiques-behind the scene story

Your followers enjoy seeing who you and your team are, how you work, where you work, etc. So give them a look at your office, your clothing stores, or even the manufacturing process.

3- Post various content:

Don’t stick to only one thing to share. For instance, stop posting only photos on your feed; you’d better post videos (carousel video feed, IGTV, Reel) from time to time as well.

4- User-generated content:

UGC (user-generated content) is an undeniably important key marketing strategy since it prompts authenticity, creates trust, and convenience your audience to make purchasing decisions.

For example, ask your customers to share a photo of them showcasing one of your boutique’s collection clothing and share their ideas on their own experience using your product. 

Pro tip: Believe it or not, your consistent presence on the platform is an important part of running your Instagram boutiques. Do you want to know how you can keep your consistent presence on the platform all the time? Read on! The answer is right below.

# AiGrow’s Scheduler feature

The Scheduler feature of AiGrow lets you schedule your IGTV, story, and feed with ease. There are times when you might be busy with your daily life or other aspects of your business, etc., and you can’t find enough time to post your content. By scheduling your content, you can easily tackle this problem. Here’s how you can use this feature:

  • Sign up on AiGrow’s website for free.
  • After signing up, you access the dashboard. From the dashboard, click Add Instagram Account to add as many accounts as you’d like to the dashboard and manage them all together.

running Instagram boutiques-AiGrow-add Instagram account

  • Choose the Scheduler tab on the left. Then from the drop-down menu, pick the account that you’d like to manage. After that, click Scheduler again.

AiGrow-the scheduler feature of AiGrow-running Instagram boutiques

  • By clicking the green button, Schedule, you can choose what content you want to schedule, such as Feed, Story, IGTV.

AiGrows feed, story, IGTV scheduler

  • Once you choose each of the options above (IGTV, Feed, Story), you’ll be taken to a page where you can set all related details, including hashtag, caption, location, times, and dates for your content to be published on, etc.

Note: Watch the YouTube video below to see how you can simply schedule your content via AiGrow.

# AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing plans

Although AiGrow offers you a seven-day free trial to let you test all the features, once your trial is over, you have to purchase one of the plans to continue using these features. AiGrow’s Scheduler pricing plans are as follow:

1- Scheduler- Pro: $39 per month / 2- Post Plus: $15 per month / 3- Essentials: $7

scheduler plans AiGrow

  • 3# Establish your brand’s look on Instagram

Your Instagram feed and how it looks at the very first glance are way important to create the user’s impulse to follow you. You’d better plan before posting to make your pictures visually fit into your theme. It would be a great idea to plan an Instagram grid layout and stick to it. The more cohesive and stylish your feed is, the more likely you are to boost your engagement and followings.

AiGrow can also help you not only schedule your feed posts, but you can also take advantage of its grid preview feature that allows you to preview your layout and shuffle your scheduled posts to make sure your feed looks great once your upcoming posts are published. 

  • 4# write compelling captions

Despite the fact that Instagram is a visual-oriented platform, it doesn’t mean that you can neglect your captions. As you are running Instagram boutique accounts, write relevant, informative, and entertaining, or competitive captions related to your brand.

So an image isn’t effective without words to strengthen and support action. Use different tactics such as asking your audience to double-tap, tag friends, like, and leave a comment on your post to drive more engagement to your posts via your captions.

  • 5# Use the right hashtags

Instagram hashtags-running successful Instagram boutiques

Using the right hashtag strategy helps you create great visibility for your Instagram boutiques and increase your click-through rate. Make sure you use relevant, niche-related hashtags to reach your target audience. Moreover, the hashtags not only connect you with followers but your followers with each other.

We recommend using AiGrow’s hashtag generator tool to find and add trendy relevant hashtags and monitor them. Take the following steps to access AiGrow’s hashtag monitoring feature.

  • After signing up on AiGrow and connecting your Instagram account to the dashboard through the steps mentioned above, click the Scheduler option from the dashboard, then your desired account, after the Listening & Repost option.

AiiGrow-listening and repost feature

  • From the opened window, choose the Hashtag Monitoring tab to search and add related hashtags to monitor trending posts.

AiGrow-hashtag monitoring tool

Note: Don’t use irrelevant, repetitive, or banned hashtags otherwise you’ll end up having your account blocked, banned, or shadowbanned.

We’ve got an in-depth guide on Instagram-banned hashtags if you want to do a deep dive on the topic.

  • 6# Engage, engage, and engage again

Engagement on Instagram is a great key to guarantee your Instagram boutiques account’s growth. If you want to increase your engagement, you have to engage, too. Try to take action to interact with any other profiles, especially those which are closely related to your niche.

These target audiences are highly interested in what you share and why they can bring more engagement to your account.

Growing your account is not as easy as you may think since it needs a lot of experience, time, and energy. AiGrow is one of the best Instagram growth apps you can find out there.

Do you want to know how you can add at least 300 new organic followers per month? Read on to figure out how AiGrow helps you this way.

# AiGrow’s growth service

What makes AiGrow’s VIP growth service distinctive from most other Instagram growth tools is that there is no bot on AiGrow. As soon as you start using this service, a dedicated account manager is assigned to do everything within his/her power to grow your account organically on your behalf.

Note: The good news is that this service is available not only on desktop, but also on mobile. Download the AiGrow’s app from Play Store and start growing your account on your device.

In order to be able to take advantage of AiGrow’s growth tool, first of all, sign up on AiGrow’s website and connect your account to the dashboard, as we mentioned earlier. Then from the dashboard, choose Instagram Growth > Desired account > Growth Engine.

After that, you’ll be taken to a new window in which you can target prospective Instagram boutiques customers and followers using hashtags, locations, competitor accounts. Besides, you can select activities that you would like our growth team to perform to guarantee your organic growth without needing you to lift a finger.

AiGrow-VIP growth service

Note: Here’s the pricing plans of AiGrow’s growth service and other features.

  • 7# Run a contest

The purpose of the contests and giveaways on Instagram is word of mouth. These contests create buzz around your products, and that’s the most influential and effective marketing technique. 

In the process of running your Instagram giveaway, you ask the entrants to like your contest post, tag their friends, and follow you, etc. They all take you one step closer to generate more and more leads and brand awareness.

Pro tip: Use AiGrow’s Post & Reward feature to run your next Instagram giveaway contest and pick the winner automatically.

  • 8# Instagram ads

IGTV ads

Ads are a direct approach to Instagram marketing. You can run various types of ads, including image ads, video ads, story ads, shoppable posts, and IGTV ads. If you need a little push to generate some visibility and awareness, then Instagram Ads are one of the best ways to do it.

  • 9# Set up an Instagram shop

Creating your own online store within Instagram allows you to increase your customers. Bear in mind that this feature is only available for business accounts. By setting up your Instagram shop, business owners can showcase their products, add a view shop button that takes the audience to their website. 

Those business accounts which have set up their Instagram shop, can tag products in their posts. Users can tap on the post to see the product image, name, product price, etc.

  • 10# Try an influencer partnership

Social content creators can offer value to your brand. Working with an influencer can not only add credibility to your business but it can also bring new audiences and potential customers to your Instagram boutiques.

Instagram influencers’ loyal followers make purchases because of their recommendations. So it would definitely be to your advantage to ask these influencers to help you grow your audience and brand simultaneously. 


All in all, running successful Instagram boutiques accounts and every other big account has many ups and downs. You can pave this way by being fully aware of tons of dos, don’ts, algorithms, requirements, etc. Asking a professional third-party app like AiGrow for help can facilitate this process way much. In this article, we discussed some of the most important tips on how to run your Instagram boutiques accounts successfully, in addition to an app to help you manage your account with ease.


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