How to track Instagram growth in 2022+Best tools

Over the last few years, Instagram has proposed many plans to adjust its algorithm and offer new features. The number of followers you have and gain on Instagram represents Instagram growth. While getting new audiences, you should consider many factors, including your engagement with your account, creating compelling content, targeting the right audience, and so more.

It could be rather difficult for businesses to maintain the growth of their accounts. So how should businesses handle it? Using the best strategies would help you keep up with growth as well. But how to use effective strategies and track Instagram growth? In this article, we want to discuss how to track Instagram growth and introduce the best tools for it. 

You can also try our professional and 100% human-powered services on AiGrow to grow your account rapidly without getting banned.

Why do you need to track Instagram follower growth?

The Instagram track follower growth rate is one of the most important parts of Instagram’s metrics. Follower growth indicates how many followers your Instagram account could gain or lose quickly. 

It shows how successfully your Instagram content performs or how many audiences you reached while they’re engaging with your brand. However, a steady increase in followers shows new audiences would like to discover and engage with your account. The rate at which that number of your followers changes is a great metric to track.

You should pay attention to how to track Instagram growth. Also, you need to consider how to track follower growth on Instagram. 

Look at your “total number of followers” and “net follower growth” to track Instagram follower growth over time. The number of new followers you’ve reached minus any lost is called net follower growth.

Key features of Instagram Growth Tracking

Instagram analytics refers to how you understand the performance of your posts and your account. Also, these tools let you see key metrics and all the data which show how your account is performing. So it’s very important to understand how Instagram analytics works.

To track Instagram growth, let’s check its most practical metrics feature.

Instagram account metrics

  1. The engagement rate: engagement rate is a metric that tracks the amount of interaction social media content earns divided by the total number of followers.
  2. Follower growth rate: The number of followers you gain or lose quickly in order to see how well your Instagram account performs.
  3. Finding a proper time to post: it means which time could be the most effective time for posts to get more responses.
  4. Target audience: A group of important data that help you know your audience’s interests can even help you look for the proper content which is more effective.

Instagram feed post metrics

  1. The post-engagement rate: The average engagement rate per post by followers on Instagram that you can easily calculate it manually, but good Instagram analytics tools will do it for you
  2. Instagram impressions: this part shows how well your account and content are getting a promotion. The impression is the total number of times that Instagram shows your content, whether a post or a story, to users.
  3. The post-comment rate: it’s the average number of comments as the percentage of followers. To build your loyalty and work much better, you need to count your comments separately from the overall engagements on Instagram.
  4. Instagram reach: The total number of unique people that see your content on Instagram. If you get more engagement on your posts, more people will see them.

How do you track Instagram growth?

Your first step marks a decision and shows you a direction, so you must consider it important.

It’s necessary to know Instagram’s marketing strategy in order to improve your Instagram performance. However, to track Instagram growth, you need some useful tools called Instagram follower growth calculators.

Let’s take a look at how to track Instagram growth on Instagram.

Use Instagram’s analytics tools to track followers.

Instagram Insights is a built-in analytics tool available for all Instagram accounts that are connected to Facebook. To access this tool, follow the next instruction:

  1. Open Instagram and tap your profile.
  2. Click on the three lines icon in the top right and tap “insights.”
 track Instagram growth on "insights.

Here are many sections where you can explore your profile’s statistics.

Use third-party apps to track Instagram growth.

Although Instagram analytics tools are almost good enough to track Instagram growth free, unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t offer any sophisticated functionalities.

For instance, You can’t set your own custom time period for the analysis, or there are no automated reporting features for each of your accounts.

In this case, we recommend using a reliable third-party app like AiGrow that saves you the trouble. AiGrow experts will grow your account manually and safely without using any bots. They also guarantee their actions and services and send you full daily activity reports.

You also receive weekly and monthly analytical reports for your account.

Best Instagram follower tracker apps

Knowing all parts of Instagram engagement is important because it helps you realize how to track Instagram growth better. For instance, when your Instagram engagement is down, you should find out what causes this and then look for the best solution to fix it quickly.

Suppose you’re looking for the top Instagram tracker apps or, in other words looking for a free tool to track Instagram follower growth. In that case, we will introduce some of them to you.

Spamguard App

Spamguard homepage

Spamguard App is a free app that lets you add many accounts as you want. You can see who unfollows you in addition to your insights. This app also included customizable options for users.



With this app, you’re able to boost your Instagram engagement and also get rid of commercial accounts. Another great option of GhostHunter is they protect your account from spam. 


Datajam homepage

Another great app is Datajam, which provides users with functional Instagram profile analysis. 

You’ll also receive up-to-date statistics about all activities on your Instagram profile. A great option that makes it more special is that they claim they do all of their activities anonymously.


growthoid homepage

The last one is Growthoid which is a great Instagram followers tool. They bring real followers to your account by using your direct targets.

Free tools to track Instagram follower growth

There are some free tools in the market that will make it easier for you to track Instagram growth. These tools will make the whole journey smoother too. Here you can find the best Instagram growth services, which also give you the ability to track your Instagram growth.

Some of those Instagram account growth tracker tools that we listed: 


The desktop app will bring satisfaction and show the total number of likes in your profile, the most liked photo, etc. It is also very practical in Instagram follower growth tracker matter. 

However, if you don’t mind paying, you can also unlock a feature that lets you create content and give promotions to increase followers on your page. 


This app, as the name also shows, provides information about your follower and is one of the best out there to track Instagram growth. 

This app has both Android and IOS versions which are downloadable on your phone. You can track Instagram follower growth free in this app.

You’ll be able to view your new followers and unfollowers. Your followings that don’t follow you back will also get caught!


If you need help with your branding matters, then this is the right app for you to get help from. Some of the biggest brands in the world, like McDonald’s, Asus, Macy’s, etc., use this app, which is 100% trusted by them. So if you are looking for an Instagram page growth tracker, this could be the right fit for you. 

How to track someone’s Instagram followers growth

There is one way for you to track Instagram followers growth, online analytics tools:

Online analytics tools like Social Blade

A great Instagram followers growth tracker is Social Blade. It tracks user stats on multiple platforms, In other words, this app monitors your social media account statistics.

social blade

The only thing you need to do is to enter an Instagram username in the search bar and then analyze the account. It could be the best Instagram followers statistics app that you are looking for.

How to track Instagram followers’ locations?

Tracking your followers’ location is a very necessary and beneficial thing to do, as when you come to track Instagram growth, you will see that it plays a big role in your followers’ engagement with your content. 

Making content based on your followers’ locations and gender is really beneficial as it gives you an idea of how your content should be and what kind of things you should be talking about. 

You can track your Instagram followers’ location when you use the “Insights” option provided on Instagram. 

track Instagram followers locations

How do I track my followers and unfollowers on Instagram?

There are certain policies regarding working with apps like Instagram. For example, if you follow someone, it notifies them that you have followed them, but if you unfollow them, they won’t be notified. That’s just how Instagram and other mediums prefer to do things. 

The easiest way to track your followers is to simply open your Instagram account and tap on Followers. Once it opens, you can search for a certain username in the Search bar to see if they follow you or not. Or, if you are sure of their name, you can look through the list to find out. 

But to check for the people that have unfollowed you, you can use third-party apps. 

Although it’s mentionable that most of them contain ads and don’t work most of the time. And typically, you can see who has unfollowed you after you have installed the app. 

Some of the good ones also offer other metrics, like your new followers, the people who you follow but don’t follow you back, and they could track Instagram growth too.  

The app we recommend using is called FollowMeter.

Using this app should be easy. First, you log into your account and select Unfollowers. Then you can view who recently unfollowed you. This app is provided both for Android and IOS users.

How to grow your Instagram following?

When it comes to growing your Instagram following and reach, you should consider many factors. First, you should calculate the Instagram engagement rate and analyze each detail that helps you improve your engagement and grow your account rapidly.

Once you optimize your account and make content that is adaptive to your followers’ needs and wants, you will see your account grow. Another question that may come to your mind is how to grow my reach on Instagram.

To have a better reach on Instagram, try posting at optimal times. Telling Instagram stories also could do its magic on your account growth. But if you don’t have enough time or are not eligible, we offer you AiGrow’s growth service to safely grow your following and reach on Instagram.


To make better content that is also adaptive to all the useful metrics, we need to use apps that track Instagram growth to gather information and make content that is suitable for your followers’ preferences.

 Where they live, their age range, and their engagement with your content are all important metrics you can find in the apps to make better, suitable content for your audience.


Are Instagram follower trackers safe? 

Because these apps hack their way into your account by storing your username and password in their systems and gaining permission as a third-party app to access all that information, they aren’t 100% safe. However, it’s notable that apps like FollowMeter are far safer to track Instagram growth. 

Is follower track for Instagram legit? 

Most of these apps have problems, and the most important problem is the matter of security and reliability. Even if you change passwords, there is a chance you will receive bad information. 

Can you see how many followers someone lost on Instagram?

You can see how many followers you lost on Instagram by using an app like Social Blade we’ve already mentioned. Keep in mind that your account should be public.

Can you see how many followers you had a year ago on Instagram?

The number of your followers and unfollowers on Instagram will be visible to you from the moment you use the Instagram followers over time trackers. 

Can you check Instagram followers history? 

It’s not possible to track Instagram growth from before you installed an app for it.

You can’t check the history of your followers on Instagram. The information about your followers and unfollowers is provided to you from the moment you track Instagram account growth with one of the apps we mentioned earlier. 

How can I track my Instagram followers growth for free?

You can always use the “Insights” feature on Instagram or some of the free apps we mentioned earlier. You log into your account and check different metrics if you want to. 

How do I check my follower growth? 

You can download FollowMeter on your phone to see how many people have followed and unfollowed you. Some of the apps can even show you growth charts. 

Does Instagram track my location?

Instagram tracks your location to keep your account secure. If someone else logs into your account from a different location, you can see it on your account. 

How to find Instagram follower growth?

You can use the “Insights” feature in your account to track Instagram growth. This feature lets you know everything you need to know about your followers and its growth. 

Is there a tracker for Instagram?

Yes, there are multiple apps to track Instagram growth. Iconosquare, Digimind, and InstaFollow are some of those. 

Which Instagram Tracker is best?

According to the customers, Iconosquare seems to work better than the others. However, each app has its own advantages. 

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