How to promote your Instagram account for free + Free tools

Promote instagram account free

NOTE: This article is a full guide on how to promote your Instagram account for free.

If you are only looking for free tools that help you to achieve this goal, they are AiGrow and Canva.

Canva can help you customize your account for a beautiful look.

On the other hand, AiGrow is the service that gives you an extra hand when it comes to growth. Instagram is changing, and now it’s a little bit different to promote your business on an Instagram account for free, and organically.

The good news is, it is still possible to grow an audience and a business using free Instagram strategies, and tools.

Today’s article is going to show you our favorite Instagram tipstactics, and strategies for organic customer generation.

By the end of this Article, you’ll be able to promote your business on Instagram for free, without buying followers or resorting to any other shady practices.

How to promote an Instagram account for free

Social media platforms have evolved so much from the days of just keeping tabs on your friends. It has also become a really important business tool.

Obviously, Instagram is becoming one of the best channels to get leads organically if you play it right.

Let’s get right into our first tip, which is essential to promote your Instagram account for free.

Building a content strategy

What you post and when you post it are the two most important elements of any good strategy, so here are some tips on how to create a content strategy that works.


If you’ve ever stumbled on some accounts that look great even if you haven’t even opened any of the images yet, that is what you call a good content theme.

You should stick to a theme to make everything cohesive just like this account: It can either have a color palette or well-thought-out and curated graphics that make it feel very cohesive like it’s part of a brand.
You can even use your brand colors or any other design elements to create templates for your posts.
After figuring that out, you also need to decide what kinds of content you’ll be posting.

Contents That Can Promote Your Instagram Account For Free

Deciding what to post takes the daily pressure off because you’ve already planned out everything.

The most important thing you need to consider is this:

Most people open up Instagram for entertainment, and they don’t visit your page to feel like they are walking in a shopping center.

Let us put it this way:

You should plan to create and publish a variety of content, not just product samples (at least not for now).

There are many different types of content you can mix up with the posts surrounding your product, here are a few examples.

Controversial Posts

Talk about your (or even your brand’s) beliefs and stand for the things you value most, even if it causes you to lose a few followers.

Yes! You heard us right, you have to talk about yourself or your brand, the things you value, and even what they stand against sooner or later.

Its greatest benefit is that by doing this you create a feeling inside your followers. a feeling that says you are alike and that’s a great feeling.

Funny Posts

What type of posts is being shared the most?

Funny posts, how many times have you sent a funny post to your friend or even received one?

Creating a funny post related to your field, can make your audience laugh, and this is what helps you to make them fall in love with you easier, and faster.

Educational Posts

This is another great value you can offer your followers to press that follow button.

By teaching them something, you give them a reason to come back to check your page out, and a great reason to keep following you for a long time.

UGC (User Generated Content)

There’s some good news, you don’t have to create all the content yourself.

The best strategy involves using at least some content that comes right from your audience.

What this does for you is, it creates a credibility boost for your brand, acting as social proof that other people have bought from you and liked what you had to offer them.

Not only can you then repost these on your account for your followers to see, But the people doing that original posting, their followers are going to see that post which increases your reach organically.

But the thing is, you can’t just pray and hope that this happens especially if you’re a small business you need to offer incentives to get this kind of thing going.

It could be a special offer or even a freebie of some kind or you can run a contest, in either case, you want to be very specific about what you want them to post.

Say post this type of photo, using this hashtag, and then tag us in the post to enter, and then as the posts start to come in, all you have to do is share them on your account.

User-Generated Content is the best tactic to promote an Instagram account for free.

All the mentioned content types can be mixed with posts about your product, behind the scene, unboxing, or anything else related to your product or service.

Another great thing is that these types of posts are considered highly shareable, and this is something that can promote your account for free.


What we recommend is to come up with three to five general types of posts that you can cycle between.

This way you’ll never be stuck for an idea, and your audience is going to come to look forward to the different types of posts that you become known for.

You can also use AiGrow to look for new content ideas, signing up on AiGrow is free and also has many more benefits that we will talk about later in this article.

Use All The Features To Promote Your Instagram Account For Free

If you are looking to successfully promote your account Instagram for free, you got to use every feature available.

You shouldn’t just be stuck with Instagram posts because they do not bring much engagement compared to other features Instagram offers.

Here we look through other features of Instagram and also tell you how you can use them to your benefit and promote your Instagram account for free.


Honestly, one of the best things that have happened to social media and marketing, in general, is that you can go live.

It lets you engage with your audience in real-time which is an amazing opportunity for any business. Live videos make your brand more real more relatable like a real human is being behind the brand.

You can do anything with the live video, you can do a live contest with prizes, you can announce a new product, a new service, or just a live Q&A where your audience can ask you anything.

You know if you’re a restaurant you can try doing a cooking show, do a tutorial, or teach a new skill through a live video.

If you’re a content creator who relies on engagement this is your big chance to get it all right.

Instagram Stories

If you’re not using stories yet for your business you should be paying close attention here.

There’s so much potential in generating leads through stories.

It’s another great way to announce new products, and highlight a new post, a photo, or a video that you’ve created.

What you want to do is to post compelling Instagram stories that make your audience engage with your content.

Basically, you can ask your audience a question in one story and then post their responses as follow-ups to that story or you can ask them to submit questions to you, and then you answer each one in a separate story video.

We love that one because it just basically keeps the conversation going, and it’s an endless content generator for you.

You can create polls can show video or audio snippets of your latest video or podcast episode. if you do that you can even repurpose your existing content into a short version of a video story.

There are so many options here, so just get creative.

In a store you can use up to 10 hashtags, and here’s a little pro tip:

You can hide your hashtags by blending the font with the solid background of your story.

So that way you have the benefit of being searchable, and that’s a great way to promote your Instagram account for free.

This way people can type in a hashtag, and you will still be found for it, But it doesn’t clutter up the look of your story.

Optimize Your Bio

Your Instagram bio is what your audience is going to see first, and that’s why it’s important to make the most of it.

The first thing you need to do is to convert your Instagram profile to a business profile.

Doing that is easy, just go to your settings, your business’s Facebook page, and then you’re good to go.

What exactly goes into an optimized Instagram bio?

First, you want to choose a photo that speaks for your business, branding is key here.

It can be your logo as long as it’s easy to read, and it’s adapted to that little round space dedicated to the profile photo.

If you’re a business coach or a personal brand just use a great photo of yourself.

PhotoFeeler can help you to find out whether you have chosen a good profile photo or not.

You can easily sign up there and share your photo on the platform.

people will rate it and even give you reviews to make it better.

Next, you should include keywords in your name or your hashtags in your bio description.

Then you want to drive people to your offer by putting your landing page link right in your bio.

The last thing is that You need to dress up your bio a little bit rather than saying something like we’re a catering company.

You want to say how you’re different from the other businesses in your niche.

The key here is getting specific, so tell the problem you solve or the transformation you bring to the table.

A really good thing to do here is to use emojis to your advantage.

The characters you get for your bio section is not very long and emoji can bring your bio to life.

Hashtag Strategy

Hashtags are a great way to promote your account on Instagram, and they are completely free.

They give you the chance to be found by new people who search for your topic.

What you want to do is to start by making a list of your desired keywords.

Then type them into the search of Instagram(Or use AiGrow), and that’s going to start showing you a lot of related tags.

It also shows you how many other posts are using it. this is going to give you a sense of the competition level involved.

The good strategy here involves using several tags from every level of popularity.

You are looking to use all these four kinds of Hashtag:

  • A few with maybe millions of posts
  • Some with hundreds of thousands
  • Some with tens of thousands
  • Niche ones with maybe a thousand or fewer.

Keeping that good healthy mix from all levels of popularity is what helps you get found in every stage.
The popular ones will get you found the second you post
The less popular ones will kind of keep you around for the long term
By following the strategies, and tactics we mentioned, you can promote your Instagram account for free.
The only thing that remains is a little bit of information about the Instagram algorithm that you usually don’t hear from everyone.

Instagram Algorithm

Having a good knowledge about the Instagram algorithm and the changes it’s going through increases your chance to promote your Instagram for free.

That’s because you already know the tips and tricks that they get money for to share with you.

Let’s jump right into it.

Ghost Followers

The Instagram algorithm works in a way that when you post a photo, it doesn’t show that photo to all of your followers.

It shows it to only 10-20% of them and waits to see if they engage with your content. The answer to this question decides whether more people are going to see your post or not.

You probably have guessed how important ghost followers are and the importance of identifying them, and getting rid of them.

You can also click here for a great article that helps you identify and get rid of them in a way that doesn’t hurt your account.

Action Limits

Since 2019, Instagram has been taking serious measures to stop spamming.

For that reason, it has developed a daily action limit.

Your actions are limited to a specific number per hour, and that enables Instagram to identify bots and spammers.

Read this article to get to know about the exact number of those limits and keep your account behind the safety lines.

The Unwritten Rule

Many different factors make Instagram decide whether to show you to more people or even send you on the explore page, But here is the most important one:

You should be considered an active person who creates content regularly on Instagram.

It’s essential to have at least 20 posts per month, and for the best results go for 30 per month.

The same rule applies to stories (1-3 stories/day is good).

What you want to do is to have both posts and stories frequently.

Free Tools That Help You Promote Your Instagram Account For Free

Some of the agencies or Websites offer only one of their features as a free trial.

But you probably don’t want to spend hours going through different platforms and to the next one.

The good news is, we have found 2 free services that can provide all you need.


You can use Canva’s drag-and-drop feature to easily create beautiful templates for your posts and stories.

We already talked about having a beautiful theme and how important they are, Canva makes it easy to do that.

Go to the website, type Instagram Posts, or Instagram Stories in the search box, and choose the template you like.

By using Canva, it’s like you have added a designer to your team, and everything looks professional.


AiGrow is an Instagram growth service. they basically are an all-in-one package of growth tools.

What makes it special is that they are offering a free trial package as well.

All you need to do is to go to and sign up for it.

The free package includes:

Post Scheduler

This amazing feature allows you to plan your posts and stories days or even weeks ahead of time. This pulls the pressure off your shoulders and allows you to focus on other things, like content creation.

Multiple Links In Bio

As you know Instagram doesn’t allow you to have multiple links in your bio.

It also doesn’t allow you to add links to your posts and stories unless you have a really large audience.

The “Multiple links in bio” is the ultimate solution to both of these problems.

Post and Reward

Using this feature, you can run contests or giveaways on your page and multiply your growth rate.

Free Email Support

AiGrow can play a crucial part for you to promote your Instagram account for free.

Not only does it offer all those amazing features for free, but it also offers free support through email.

You can email them and ask anything about their services or your account.

Hashtag Research

Just another great thing about AiGrow.

This growth feature allows you to easily examine dozens of hashtags that are related to you.

Instagram doesn’t allow you to search for multiple hashtags at the same time, this causes your hashtag research to take a lot of time. AiGrow has even solved this!


Although you don’t hear this from many people, it really is possible to promote your Instagram account completely free.

The truth is, you just need to set up your account properlycreate shareable content, and follow unwritten Instagram rules.

You may not believe it, But the only tools you are going to need are AiGrow and Canva. Both of them allow you to use so many features and can have a great impact on your growth.

What about you? Do you believe that you can promote your Instagram account completely free?
have you ever used any of the tactics we mentioned?

Or do you have something else to add to our list?

Please share a comment, and let your experience help others as well.

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