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Top Instagram promotion strategies in 2021

With more than 500miliion daily active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms and has a leading role in digital marketing. You can find potential customers, advertise your work and build trust via Instagram, but first, you need to increase your followers. The best way to increase your followers and turn them into customers is by promoting your Instagram. In this article, we’ll show you some Instagram promotion strategies to be ahead of your competitors.

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What is an Instagram promotion?

Instagram promotions are similar to any other social media ads. You can promote your existing posts and stories into promotions to increase your reach. Let’s see how it works, but before that, you need a few steps to check:

Your account must be an Instagram business profile.

This feature is only available for business profiles. So if you have a personal profile, switch it to business. For switching your profile, follow these easy steps: 

  1. From your profile, go to Setting.
  2. Select Account
  3. Tap Switch to Professional Account
  4. Complete the wanted information.

Have a visually attractive Feed

To turn your profile visitors into followers, you need an attractive feed page. Use high-quality pictures as your posts, write good captions and use perfect hashtags related to your content.

Complete your bio

Even if you have a visually pleasing home feed, having no Instagram bio is kind of unattractive. That’s why you need to put some information about yourself or your business in your profile and have a high-quality profile picture. You can also add a clickable URL to your website, blog, YouTube channel, etc. By that, you can drive your Instagram traffic to other platforms. 

Note: You can add only add one link to your bio. If you want to learn how to add more than one, read this article: How to share a link in Instagram bio?

Now let’s see how to create an Instagram promotion.

  • Select the feed post you want to promote from your profile.
  • Tap Promote.
  • Instagram will ask you about your motivation to promote your post. Choose between More profile visits, More Website traffic, and More promotion views.
  • After that, depending on the last question, you need to an URL, select a profile or select your target audience.
  • Define your audience
  • Set your budget and timeline
  • Add your payment information.
  • Submit your promotion request.

Instagram promotion strategies

Up to here, we checked out Instagram promotions, which can be effective somehow. But that’s not the only way to grow your page and get your brand name in front of a new audience. Here we’ll show other Instagram promotion strategies that can be even more effective:

Use an Instagram growth service.

Instagram growth services can help you find real and targeted followers who are interested in your content. The best growth platform you can find is AiGrow. AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth with many features, including:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Up to +300 new followers in a month
  • Post and Story scheduler
  • Account monitoring
  • Hashtag monitoring

To use AiGrow’s growth tool, follow these steps:

1.Sign up on AiGrow’s website with your email address. 

2.Log in to your account, and from Dashboard, add your Instagram account(s). You can add more than 80 accounts and manage them together.

3.Select Manage account.

4.Click on the Growth button.

5.Set your targets; This includes related Hashtags, Locations, and similar influencer accounts.

6. After filling in the information, AiGrow finds a list of potential followers interested in your content. You can upgrade your plan to follow and unfollow them safely. Here are the different plans that AiGrow provides.


Instagram ads

To create ads on Instagram, you need to do it through the Facebook ads manager. So, make sure you have connected your Instagram to your Facebook business page. 

  • Prepare the post you want to include your ad and go to the Facebook ads manager.
  • Select create.
  • Choose an objective depending on your business. ( Brand awareness, Reach, Engagement, etc.)
  • Select Continue.
  • Fill in the details of your ad.
  • You can select Manual Placements and choose Instagram to have your ads appear on Instagram in the placements section. If you choose Automatic Placements, your ad will run across various Facebook Placements, including Instagram, to give you the best value for your ads.
  • Select Continue.
  • You can add links, formats, etc. Also, you can preview your post before submitting it. Once your ad has been approved, it will appear on Instagram.


Work with influencers

The power of influencers is not hidden to anyone today. According to a study, more than 60% of Instagram users buy a product after an influencer has introduced it. If you don’t have enough budget to work with famous influencers, you can start with nano and micro-influencers.


Run Instagram contests or giveaways

One of the best ways to grow your engagement rate and increase your followers is through running giveaways and contests.  You can set rules such as: tagging a friend, sharing the post in stories, like and comment, and more to increase your reach. As much as it is an effective method, doing it manually takes tons of time and energy.  That’s why AiGrow came with a solution. With AiGrow’s Post&Reward feature, you can easily set your giveaway rules, and it would check them automatically. Also, it can choose a random winner from those who have done the conditions.

Read more: Contests & promotions that generate social engagement.


Cross promotions with email

Another perfect way to maximize your social media reach and gain more followers is by combining your strategy with your email marketing strategy. This way, your email subscribers will reach your Instagram content, and you can connect with the engaged ones on Instagram.

Use Instagram Stories and Reel videos.

Many users don’t check their feed every day; they check Stories. By sharing eye-catching content on your story, you bring their attention to your profile. Also, the newest Instagram feature is Reels. Reels are similar to TikTok videos, which are very popular; By using them, you can put soundtracks on videos and stop users from scrolling their feed. 


Keep posting consistently

By often posting (at least once a day), you can create a strong Instagram presence, and your followers will remember your page. Also, based on Instagram’s new algorithm, you have the chance to reach the explore page and be seen by new users. One of the best tools that can help you with posting every day is Instagram schedulers.

AiGrow’s scheduling feature has a powerful auto-publishing tool that allows you to schedule your content from months ahead. 

Read more: Everything You Need to Schedule Instagram Posts.


Use the Swipe-up feature.

Whenever you reach 10,000 followers, you’ll be able to use the Swipe-up feature on your stories. You redirect your followers to a website, shop, etc. With the newest Instagram update, you’ll be even able to send them to an IGTV video. 

Repost content

By Reposting from similar accounts on Instagram and asking them too, and tag you, you can increase your followers. But Instagram doesn’t provide this feature for its users; that’s why AiGrow added a Repost feature to make it easy for you.

Note: If you are reposting content from another user, don’t forget to ask for the owner’s permission.

Don’t forget Hashtags.

Hashtags are like keywords for a search engine and help your content reach more non-followers users. Try to add more than ten related and top hashtags under every post. If you don’t want your caption to look messy, you can add your hashtags in a comment. 

To find the best top hashtags based on the service you are offering, you can use AiGrow’s hashtag monitoring tool. 

Read more: Hashtags and the Importance of Targeting


Instagram promotions are great ways to increase the number of your followers and engagement rate. This article showed you how to promote a post on Instagram that can help your growth. Besides that, we showed you some Instagram promotion strategies that would work effectively. Also, we introduced you to AiGrow, which is the best Instagram growth and management platform you can find.

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