All you need to know about Instagram mass follow + tool

All you need to know about Instagram mass follow + tool
Instagram has undoubtedly become one of the most beneficial one when it comes to social media platforms. There are millions of people taking advantage of this platform for different purposes. The more popular Instagram becomes, the more supreme effort users make to grow their Instagram account. One of the very first things that really matters in the process of growing your account is the number of your real followers. That’s why Instagram mass follow is of prime importance.

It should be noted that putting Instagram mass follow strategies into action is not as easy as it may seem. There are so many different dos and don’ts in addition to some difficulties.

Growing your account with Instagram mass follow techniques is crucial to promote your Instagram account and gain as many followers as possible. 

In this article we provide you with a super beneficial tool to help you grow your Instagram organically with gaining a guaranteed huge number of followers. All you need to do is to give AiGrow a try!

What factors should you consider while following Instagram accounts?

As we said, gaining real followers is vitally important especially if you are a business holder who is trying to turn the followers into potential customers, an influencer, blogger, etc.

Following suitable Instagram users is a crucial key to getting more and more followers. By targeting the right Instagram user, you are absolutely much luckier to continue increasing your Instagram followers.

Apart from targeting the right followers, we bring you up some other essential factors to increase your followers in the right way.

  • Niche related accounts

Once you follow accounts with a niche related to yours, you can have more chances to hack more new Instagram followers. Having a related niche increases the followers’ interest so that your Instagram content will resonate well with them. It may turn them into loyal followers.

  • Accounts with high level of engagement rate

Another important factor is to follow Instagram users who have a high level of engagement rate. In this case, you have more possibilities to be followed back since Instagram users with high levels of engagement usually build a good relationship with followers by posting regularly, getting lots of comments, likes, followers, etc.

  • Hashtags 

Using a relevant hashtag to your post or brand is essentially important because not only it categorizes your content on Instagram but also it helps you reach a target audience and more importantly, it helps your target audience find you more easily.

  •  Locations (geotags)

Adding a location to an Instagram photo or video helps your engagement rate on Instagram. It also gives you more exposure and attracts customers from a specific country or city where you are in.

  • Targeted Influencers

Another great way to gain Instagram followers is to collaborate with others through partnership or Influencers campaigns and accounts. Finding and following competitors and their followers gives you great ideas due to the fact that they have the same purpose as yours.

  • Direct messages 

Using direct messages correctly can generate leads, build trust and enhance the community with your followers. Your followers will definitely enjoy being valued by responding to their DMs or even sending them DMs to grow your relationships.

  • Follows 

When you follow others, and they find your content interesting enough, they’ll be encouraged to follow you back to find out more about you and your content. The more you follow, the more others may follow you back.

  • Unfollows

The very first thing people pay careful attention to decide whether they want to follow you or not is the number of your followers, not your followings that much. If the number of people you follow is much higher than the number of people following you, it shows that you only follow others to encourage them to follow you back, and your content is not that engaging. By the way, It reduces your page credibility.

Note:  some other factors are also important to notice, including creating high-quality content to share on your stories, feed, IGTV channel, etc. Moreover you need a certain plan inorder to create your content as well as posting them regularly on a specific time.

Believe it or not, putting all the factors mentioned above into action by yourself to reach Instagram mass follow is not easy at all. This process requires putting a lot of effort, time, and energy.

Besides, Instagram has some algorithm that makes you work within its rules frame. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted, banned, or spammed. So you must have sufficient knowledge about all Instagram algorithms and strategies.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time, knowledge, etc., to be able to mass follow on Instagram; because AiGrow is a well-planned intelligent tool available to help you achieve your goal and make a big success.

AiGrow does all the above mentioned tasks automatically with ease under your observation.

 Here’s good news!

 Let’s give AiGrow’s 5-day trial a shot to see how it works.

Instagram follow rules 

Instagram has imposed some restrictions and limitations for users’ activities such as following, unfollowing, liking, etc. It only allows you to follow/unfollow a certain number of people per day. If you cross Instagram red lines, you’ll definitely be blocked.

The number of people it allows you to follow/unfollow per day is 150 accounts. This number varies when you have a newly created account to 100 accounts per day.

So the question is how you can mass follow on Instagram without being restricted or banned?

All you need to get around the Instagram restrictions is an automation tool like AiGrow

AiGrow – the best Instagram marketing platform

AiGrow is an Instagram marketing platform that offers you super beneficial packages to do everything related to your Instagram account safely and simply. 

It’s an all-in-one tool that provides you with brilliant features as follows.

AiGrow – the best Instagram mass follow tool

Using AiGrow’s Growth Service gives you the opportunity to reach your purpose Instagram mass follow and guarantees your account’s growth using its knowledgeable, dedicated account managers.

Plus, as soon as you sign up on AiGrow and connect your Instagram account to its dashboard, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to do whatever is needed to grow your account organically.

The whole process of growing your account is done naturally with a group of real people working on your account without using bots to end up being banned by Instagram.

You can also call AiGrow’s CS (customer service) to explain your goals and objectives to your dedicated account manager.

AiGrow’s team uses every piece of information you give them, such as hashtags, locations, targeted influencers, and followers, to increase your followers (at least 300 new real followers each month).

More importantly, they guarantee your growth and followers increase, so you have 100% money-back guarantee.

How to use AiGrow’s growth service to reach your purpose Instagram mass follow?

 We will let you know how to sign up on AiGrow and discover the secret of how to use its Growth Service to get organic Instagram followers, step by step below. Read on to find up.

First of all, go to the homepage of AiGrow and click on Start Free to be able to use the free package.


You can fill your basic information here in order to create an account on AiGrow. After filling in your information, click on Register now.


Once you register, you’ll be logged into your dashboard page. From here, you are able to either add or manage multiple Instagram accounts.

manage/add account-AiGrow

Now tap Add Instagram Account at the top of the page and enter your username to add your Instagram account to AiGrow’s dashboard.


After entering your Instagram username, you’ll be taken to a new page where you need to enter your Email and Instagram password to complete the signup process.

When you register successfully, you can see your added account on your dashboard page. Just click on Manage Account to start managing any accounts you have added.


Choose the Instagram Growth tab.


You can simply target users from the opened page by all the factors we mentioned earlier, such as Hashtags, Locations, and Influencers accounts.

growth-targeting followers

Then just right there below, you can select activities (like, follow, unfollow, follow cycle, etc.) that you would like our growth manager to do on your behalf in order to grow your following.

Finally, when you are done with everything, click on Start Growth.

Note: By scheduling a meeting with our managers, you can explain whatever needed about your goals and targets.

AiGrow-schedule onboarding

AiGrow’s Growth Service pricing

Here’s good news, if you buy the 12-month full growth package now, you actually pay $7 per month otherwise, the price will be $129 per month. Using this package you can save $840. Let’s take the chance till it exists.

Instagram growth pricing

Final words

All in all, by choosing the right tool like AiGrow to manage your Instagram growth, you can mass follow on Instagram without being blocked. A right tool is one which uses all the above mentioned factors wisely and does all things within Instagram rule frame to guarantee your growth. Choose the beneficial one and watch your followers and account grow naturally and easily.


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